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Ad Networks VS Ad Exchange 2024-According to Experts

At the beginning of internet publicizing, distributers and promoters looked for approaches to effectively deal with their purchasing and selling requirements. When advertisements were accessible on a worldwide scale in a commercial center as large as the web. There arose the need for such networks that could simplify t for them. Along these lines, ad networks and ad exchanges came into place. One isn’t superior to the next; truth be told, practically all sponsors utilize a mix of both.

What Is An Ad Network?

An advertising network is an online network that goes about as a middle person among sponsors and distributors. It links the publisher’s traffic with needs originating from advertisers. These networks help advertisers who were attempting to gather stock from an apparently limitless number of sites and distributors.

Advertisers didn’t have the opportunity or assets to carefully choose promotion impressions from every site, so advertising networks connect the advertisers to the right publishers, having enormous assets of stock so that they can make the most out of their business.

What Is An Ad Exchange?

An advertising exchange is an online commercial center where both the publishers and suppliers shop directly without any delegate or you can say a linking platform. Ad exchanges utilize an ongoing offering innovation to offer stock to the most noteworthy bidder based on impression-by-impression. They enable publishers to decide the minimum cost and assist them with selling clicks to the advertising units.

Ad Networks VS Ad Exchange:

Both ad networks and ad exchanges help distributors to sell leftover inventories, thus generate great incomes. Things being what they are, are there any contrasts between advertising networks and advertisement exchanges? However, there is a number of contrasts that you must hit before choosing anyone or utilizing the coordination of both. They seem similar but aren’t.

Here are the differences between Ad Networks VS Ad Exchange in 2023 and 2024

Key Difference:

If I simply differentiate the Ad networks and ad exchanges, ad networks are fundamentally the places that help advertiser to get inventory from the publishers, so the main distinction is that an ad network aggregates inventory so they get a bunch of different websites and they give it to the advertisers and this is typically more of a company.

Whereas, An ad exchange is an open market place where you can directly connect to a large number of publishers, so basically you don’t have to pay a markup to an intermediate platform. The impressions cost is according to market competition.


Using an ad network means you are buying inventory space from some limited websites, so it means there is a certain cap on the number.

Whereas the ad exchange is a technology that serves you open market place so there is no cap on the number of publishing websites, you have access to an unlimited number of publishing units.

Small And Premium Entrepreneurs:

Ad networks are good for small entrepreneurs who are at the initial steps of their business journey. They give good CPMS to starters.

Whereas, middle or Big entrepreneurs like publishers having millions of impressions per month should go for ad exchanges to hit great income opportunities.

CPM And Fill Rates:

Ad networks, however, claim to give 100% fill rates but its rare and not always up to the standard. CPM becomes lower in attempting to get a 100% fill rate.

Whereas, Ad Exchange gives you a 100% fill rate for your inventory for sure. They provide higher CPM than the ad networks.


While availing services of ad networks advertisers don’t know their ad is going to be published on which websites and publishers also don’t know the owner of products.

Whereas, ad exchanges work more transparently and advertisers and publishers both are in contact with each other. Moreover, you have the opportunity to better optimize your ads

Ease Of Configuration:

It’s very easy to set up with ad networks, you have to go through a few easy steps. So, if you are an advertiser or a publisher, the signing process is not troublesome for you.

Whereas, the signing process is somewhat is complex as you have to configure Ad Servers.

Key points

Ad Network

Ad Exchange

Main Difference Company Technology
CPM Lower Higher
Transparency Advertisers and pubs don’t know each other Advertisers and pubs know each other
Pricing Higher Lower and can set their own
Set up easy A bit complex

Final Words:

We have tried to summarize the key distinctions between an Ad Networks and Ad Exchange. And we hope so this article would be up to your mark. Ad networks and ad exchanges are not very similar things, they may be compatible however both have their very own upsides and downsides. A definitive choice is up to you. Besides utilizing DSP, you can utilize both at the same time. On the off chance that you might want to develop reliably, we encourage you to focus on the income and client experience also.

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