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10+ Best Ad Fraud Detection Companies For Publishers in 2022

Best Ad Fraud Detection Companies:

The ecosystem has become so complicating day by day and scammers and ad frauds taking befits of this situation and hide beyond the bush. But now ad fraud is not only a concern of advertisers but for all ad-tech networks. Marketing has become complex now by the technology and the scale where deals are being completed.  Now, Marketers have to clean out clicks due to zero ROI. And for doing so they get a partnership with advertising fraud and scam detection organizations. 

Marketers or advertisers must make sure that their ad spend is using by real people so that they can make their digital campaigns successful. Either we want to accept this or not but it’s a reality that ad scams do occur in the digital ecology and not every fight against it is handled by humans.

A Digital ad scam is a considerate action that avid the appropriate transfer of ads to the targeted spectators, or in the projected spots. Most often taking the custom of bots, or domain tricking, scams increase by tapping off money from marketing transactions. It can appear in various forms like playing to be humans surfing the internet or showing cheap inventory wrong as good quality.

Warnings Of The Sign Of Fraud:

  • Lack of performance
  • The on-site analysis would be poor
  • Analysis of the Date center of IP address which shows viewers of your site is from a hosted server instead of a local computer.
  • Click through rates (CTR) will be unrealistic and abnormally high.
  • Lists of Unrecognizable sites 
  • Meaningless spreadsheets from the service provider

In the last few years, scammers have made themselves unbeaten power who can chomp any technology system which inhibits their tasks of internet spoiling. 

On the other side, associations like IAB Tech Lab, Digit rust, and MRC are trying to establish an actual electric ad chain.  Like Viewability Metrics, etc. but publishers cannot wait for the blockchain to erase the bar. Now, they can be a partner with detection program companies in the marketplace for ad frauds and can maintain their ad revenue and income. Advertisers are eager to wage for good inventory with different clicks and traffic.

If you are a publisher or a marketer and if you don’t know much about ad fraud technologies so here we summarize the list. so you can find easily few best companies.

Best Ad Fraud Detection Companies 2022:

Here is the list of 10+ Best Ad Fraud Detection Companies For Publishers in 2021 and 2022.

  1. White Ops. 
  2. Integral ad Science (IAS).
  3. Pixalate.
  4. Double Verify.
  5. Trust Metrics.
  6. FraudScore
  7. Singular
  8. Branch Metrics.
  9. Adjust.
  10. Machine Advertising.
  11. TrafficGuard.

1- White Ops:

White Ops



White ops established in 2012 and have been advancing as a “BOT FIGHTING” organization. White ops give protection to the web. It has partnerships with many ad technology platforms like ideology and trade desk companies.

Besides ad technology, it has a variety of cases which include healthcare and Education, etc. it works for financial services and web security as well.

Though, it is a cybersecurity organization so it provides protection to its marketers and publishers from different threats and scams.

Offers for adtech:

1- Fraudsensor: it offers visibility into sites and sources of bot stream of traffic through a JavaScript base finding tag.
Key Features:
  • It is actual-time alerts
  • Provide extensive reports.
  • Offer a campaign overview.
2- Media Guard: This service is API-based which uses Fraud Sensor’s sensor and device learning to exactly indicate the scale with bots.
Key Features:
  • Provide Post-Serve Analysis, 
  • Support Custom APIs
  • Offer SSO technology

2- Integral ad Science (IAS):

Integral Ad Science (IAS)

IAS established in 2009. It is very useful for advertisers, publishers, different brands, and agencies. It offers you a stream of confirmation and 

Optimization tools. It has been a partner with popular companies like Adobe and googles etc.

You can convey authentic inventory to marketers whereas continually enhancing return, improving income, and reducing IVT

Key Features:

  • It is a Real-time Solution
  • It Decreases Impression Waste
  • Offer Easier Implementation.

3- Pixalate:


Another inclusive ad fraud detection company which fight against probably more than 10 kind of ad scams and optimizing over fifty millions URLs.Pixalate is the very first company that get qualified by MRC for detection and to filter out of fake traffic.

It is a scam intelligence organization dealing with advisers and publishers to protect against false traffic and magnify the quality of ad inventory. Their services are open and you can avail them via video platforms and apps. 

Moreover, it has been affiliated with well-known tech vendor OpenX.

Key Feature:

  • Blacklisted and URLs 
  • Real-time decision-maker, 
  • It maintains the Seller Trust Index.

4- Double Verify:


It offers a medium to verify the advertisements by ensuring that ads are safe for brands and scam-free.

As double verify claims that it screen URLs about 99.5% and clean out most probably about 99.7% non-human traffic. MRC accredited BV for screening and detection for SIVT.

Double verify is connected with many popular names like SpotX, Yahoo, and AppNexus, etc. it provides all types of detailed analysis to publishers and advertisers through its comprehensive dashboard which improves its quality of inventory.

DV Pinnacle can provide observant metrics for supplied ads which include that ads can be view by humans.

You can have double verified to stop straight deals with quality brands as you are showing the profiles can be seen and get impressions of human impressions and safe at one drive. Also, it benefits you to improve your CMPs and develop corporations with side-buy.

Key Features:

  • Support Viewability, 
  • Provide Brand Safeness.
  • Campaign Management.

5- Trust Metrics:

Trust Metrics

One good ad fraud detective company gives competition to other detective companies by offering a periodical analysis for marketers and publishers to detect and optimize standard inventories contrary to different industries. It benefits publishers in decision-making like brands contracts, spread inventories, and advancements.

Trust Metrics allocates scores to the different sites after the first scanning process and also recommends techniques to enhance the score. Trust Metrics connects with famous brands, organizations, and networks, for instance, MasterCard and Red Bull, and many others.

Investment In Ad Fraud Detection Tools:

If you are a moderate publisher with a viewability of 80% and can complete a handsome deal with different brands then the answer is yes, you must invest in ad fraud detection companies. But you have to get some more metrics to optimize CPMs r for partnership with a good marketer. Well, it all depends on your income goals and your website matter. 

Without any question, Marketers must have to use scam prevention tools to get a reliable ROI. If you can provide them without the support of scam detection companies then you are better to set out on the journey.

Final Words:

Well, it’s an endless fight between online ad scammers and technology detective companies trying to avoid these kinds of scams – parallel to the battle between hackers generating PC viruses and companies making antivirus software.

Ad fraud is a severe problematic issue in using the marketing industry and causing the rise of steeply damages. At the same moment, the tools to sense scam are typically vain. But we can’t say that promoters should just pitch in the towel. There are numerous advanced technologies permitting advertisers to discover, check, and indicate definite kind of fraud:

Still, in spite of the improvements in the technology, ad scams still seem to be a trouble that would remain for years because of constant growing digital ad spend — though, ad impostors follow the currency but still there is hope might we can overcome ad scams in the future with advance sensor technology. 

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