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12+Best Customer Review Platforms in 2024 (According to Experts)

Best Customer Review Platforms:

Almost every company/brand in the eCommerce industry looks for tactics to build a positive reputation, attract new customers and increase sales. Customer Review is one of the best ways to gain the customer’s trust as well as increase the businesses’ success rate. It helps to create a level of transparency between the brands and customers.

Amazon launched Customer Reviews on its website for the first time in 1995, and initially, it was viewed as a suicidal act for the company. But the reviews and ratings helped Amazon to grow into an eCommerce giant. The review also assists in bridging the gap between customers and brands.

Not to mention, consumers read others’ reviews about the product offered by your brand before buying it. According to the customer review platform Wiremo (which we will discuss shortly), 80% – 90% of customers read reviews before buying any product.

Consumers usually reveal their contentment or disappointment related to a particular product in the review section, and brands can use this information to learn and develop. Businesses also require customers’ positive and most relevant comments to grow the brand name, increase loyalty, and enhance conversions.

The services for collecting and displaying reviews are offered by customer review platforms that enable you to add a customer review option on your website. The online market is flooded with hundreds of customer review sites, and choosing the right one is quite a difficult job.

You don’t need to worry because we have compiled a list of the best customer review platforms for eCommerce. But before leaping to the details, let’s discuss what a customer review platform is?

What is a Customer Review Platform?

The customer review platform provides a medium for consumers to give their feedback/reviews about the product on the company’s website. In addition to reviews, the platform also offers some other features, such as a star rating option, space for comments, adding photos of the product, and the ability to share reviews on social media platforms.

Additional benefits of the customer review platform are:

  • Offers various tools, like Reporting, Media monitoring, Management, and many more
  • Gives you a chance to improve your products or services
  • Increase company’s reputation
  • Enhance conversion and sales
  • Improve Google Seller Ratings

Best Customer Review Platforms 2023:

Here is the list of the Top 12 Best Customer Review Platforms for eCommerce that you can try in 2023 and 2024

  • Wiremo
  • Trustpilot
  • Yotpo
  • Bazaarvoice
  • Power Reviews
  • Stamped
  • Feefo
  • Loox
  • TurnTo
  • Verified Reviews
  • eKomi

 1- Wiremo – The #1 Customer Review Platform:

Wiremo Home

Wiremo is our top pick for the best customer review platform for eCommerce due to a variety of reasons. It’s a fast-growing and powerful platform used to build up transparency between consumers and businesses. The platform helps to automatically collect, systemize, and display the best reviews on your sites to foster the consumer’s trust, improve engagements, and enhance sales. When consumers buy any product, emails are automatically sent to them with an invitation to provide a review. The fresh and unique content by consumers increases the chances that Google or other search engines will show your brand more often.

One interesting thing about the platform is that it offers an Additional Question feature to ask your consumers for rating, upload images, recommendation questions, and much more. The photos uploaded by the consumers in the review help to increase conversions by up to 25%. Wiremo’s Ai-powered analysis tools analyze the reviews to find out the most used keywords, thus allowing your consumers to sort out reviews via keywords.

Moreover, the Wiremo Carousel widget can be inserted anywhere on your site to show messages to your consumers. Plus, with the aid of the Triggers feature, you can encourage your loyal customers and reward them with promo codes or bonuses automatically.

The ARR Statistics feature helps monitor feedback, campaign performance, number of reviews, and many more. Additional features offered by Wiremo include an intuitive dashboard, multilinguistic capacity, eCommerce plugins, app integrations, 24/7 customer support services, etc.

Price: Wiremo offers 14-day free trial with all features and also has three paid plans: Essential ($16.99/month), Professional ($42.49/month), and Premium ($170/month)

Try Wiremo For Free

2- Trustpilot:


Founded in 2007, Trustpilot is a powerful customer review platform that builds trust and transparency between companies and customers. It is based in Copenhagen and offers services in 50+ countries across the globe. The platform takes pride in more than 120+ million reviews, 6+ billion monthly impressions, and over 500K website reviews. It provides a perfect forum to collect the consumer’s reviews and helps to build the reputation of the company or business.

The platform aids in increasing traffic, driving conversion, and improving sales. Moreover, it assists consumers to shop without any hesitation. Trustpilot consumer reviews also aid businesses to improve the services they offer and earn the trust of customers. Interestingly, it helps to send invitation emails to your customers for reviews.

Additionally, the platform has a TrustBox widgets feature to display reviews on your website. Trustpilot’s Analytics tool enables you to track your performance, like the number of reviews, impressions, engagements, and much more. Also, a built-in image generator makes attractive images of your best reviews and helps to share them on every social media platform.

Price: Free basic plan/ Standard plan starts from $199/month

3- Yotpo:


Yotpo is one of the best eCommerce customer review platforms with plenty of review tools. The platform helps businesses to generate a huge number of reviews, gather more traffic, enhance conversion, and improve sales. With Ai-powered solutions, it turns the user-generated content into sales by collecting customers’ reviews, ratings, images, and more. The in-mail technology automatically sends emails to customers to ask for feedback.

It also allows you to turn your review into Facebook ads, which will help you attract more visitors and generate more impressions. Moreover, the platform also enables customers to share their content on social media, and with the aid of the Social Push tool, you can share your best customer content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Additionally, the platform offers a customizable display so that you can easily tailor the looks to match your brand. With Yotop, you can easily show star ratings in on-site search to drive shoppers and increase revenue. Further, an easy-to-use analytics tool is also available to monitor your performance.

Price: Free/ Paid plan starts from $19 per month

4- Bazaarvoice:


Bazaarvoice is a well-recognized review platform that helps reach new customers, foster engagements, increase loyalty, and boost sales. The platform focuses on collecting user-generated content and displays it on a global scale. According to Bazaarvoice, it connects 11,000+ popular brands with their consumers, generated 50+ million reviews, and 6+ million reviewer community members.

Like Wiremo, it emphasizes eCommerce sellers and automatically sends emails to customers to request for review. Various management and analytics tools offered by the platform help monitor the performance so that you can improve your products and reduce return rates. It aids in building consumers’ trust by responding to their questions and amplifying the content.

Let customers share images along with reviews and drive more conversion by using visual content. Moreover, the tool can be integrated into a wide range of eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Salesforce, Magento, and many more.

Price: You need to get in touch for a pricing plan

5- Power Reviews:

Power Reviews

Power Reviews is another powerful platform specialized in collecting and distributing user-generated content to expand the business effectively. The platform emphasizes building the consumer’s trust, maximizing conversions, and enhancing sales. It allows users to collect information on reviews, ratings, images, videos, and social curation.

It provides every tool you need to capture and showcase the best reviews to maximize buyer confidence. Moreover, Power Reviews helps the brands to achieve 92% more sales, 65% higher conversion rates, and 108% more traffic. Along with this, it offers displays with accurate designs and a 3.2X faster load speed to attract more traffic and generate sales for your business.

You can extend your content reach to various other platforms, such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and many more. An advanced analytics tool helps analyze the influence generated by every single review and your competitors’ content to improve your business.

Price: 14-day free trial/ Paid plan ($75/month)

6- Stamped:


Stamped offers a variety of eCommerce marketing solutions to increase brand loyalty. It enables you to grow your business by engaging more visitors, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue. The platform helps to know what customers really think about your products to make informed decisions for the future.

The loyalty and reward feature offered by Stamped aids to encourage your loyal customers and makes them come back again. It allows you to add user-generated visuals to your websites or ad campaigns to increase engagement and awareness of your brand. Moreover, you can share your best customer content on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

It can be integrated with all the eCommerce platforms, like Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Neto, and more. Stamped has an AI-powered analytics tool for comprehensive analysis of all the reviews.

Price: Basic ($19/month), Premium ($39/month), and Business ($99/month)

7- Feefo:


Feefo is yet another customer review platform for eCommerce that offers strong features to improve SEO via gathering more traffic and increasing engagements. Like other platforms, it automatically sends emails to request feedback.  The powerful ‘Insight’ tool helps monitor your performance, the number of reviews, and conversions.

Moreover, the Smart Themes feature assists consumers in finding the most relevant feedback instantly. With Feefo Hub, you can respond to reviews, tailor reports, and generate campaigns. Plus, it allows you to add the best reviews to your Facebook advertising.

Additional features offered by Wiremo include a user-friendly dashboard, eCommerce plugins, app integrations, and 24/7 customer support services.

Price: You need to get in touch for a pricing plan

8- helps to collect text, photo, and video reviews from consumers and display them on your website, Google, Bing, and social media platforms. The platform launched a variety of new features, including SMS collection, social proof, video reviews, and much more. Various Email templates are also available to invite customers for feedback.

It offers an easy-to-use Social Proof tool to convert the best review into high-impact content. With the Video Review tool’s aid, you can easily collect and display customers’ video reviews. Moreover, is partnered with Google, which means that the feedback through the platform improves your seller ratings.

Zendesk tool enables you to manage and respond to reviews in order to increase customer satisfaction. Also, can be integrated into various e-commerce sites (Shopify, Magento, etc.) and allows sending order updates to your consumers via Facebook Messenger. They have a highly rated 24/7 customer support service.

Price: Paid plan starts from $135/month

9- Loox:


Loox is a unique customer review app with full-packed features to collect user-generated content such as reviews, photos, videos, etc. and helps to beautifully display the best reviews. It offers various review plugins for eCommerce sites. The app helps to increase brand awareness and enhance conversion rates.

For showcasing happy customer content, it has a wide range of eye-catching widgets, such as layouts, carousels, popups, review sidebars, and a wide range of themes. It helps to encourage your customers with incentives and referral discounts. The app can be integrated with PushOwl, Google Shopping, Recart, Facebook, Klaviyo, Aftership, and other e-commerce sites.

Additional features of the app include multilinguistic capability, textual product reviews, inline SEO, a happy customer page, 24/7 customer support, and much more.

Price: Loxx has four payment plans;

  • Basic ($9.99/month)
  • Advanced ($29.99/month)
  • Pro ($59.99/month)
  • Unlimited ($99.9/month)

10- TurnTo:


TurnTo is an all-in-one platform with various user-generated content solutions for eCommerce. One interesting thing about the platform is the SpeedFlex feature that gives full control for customization of ratings, reviews, and community Q&A. It helps to deliver the right type of customer content to drive traffic and increase conversions.

Moreover, the in-house Inbox Submission option enables customers to send reviews right from the email body. The Visual Reviews feature helps customers to upload images of products from their smartphones easily. Plus, the Checkout Comments feature aids in gathering consumer content for new products instantly.

Additionally, an advanced reporting tool provides information about reviews, ratings, multi-site customers, and more. TurnTo’s support team is ready 24/7 to solve your issues. Further, you can share your best customer content on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Price: You need to join for a quote

11- Verified Reviews:

Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews is a verified third-party, offering a complete set of solutions for collecting, analyzing, and publishing reviews from consumers. The platform is trusted by more than 6000 popular brands, including Chairish, Trusted Tech Team, Carolina Rustica, and many more.

The platforms help the brands achieve 48% more organic traffic, a 17% increase in CTR for Ad campaigns, and an over 270% increase in conversion rates. The platform collects the reviews and displays them on your website or social media accounts to enhance your online reputation, improve SEO, and boost sales.

Price: Paid plans start from $99/month

12- eKomi:


eKomi is one of the best feedback services that focus on growing your business. More than 15,000 companies worldwide use eKomi to increase traffic and improve conversion rates. The platform has generated over 41+ million customer reviews and provides services in 48+ countries across the globe. Some of the popular eKomi’s clients include Air Direct, ClickCease, CoverQuest, Bild, etc.

Interestingly, eKomi can be integrated into AdWord, Google Shopping, and other eCommerce sites. Moreover, an experienced feedback management team personally screens every single review collected to ensure reviews’ authenticity before sharing on your website or social media platforms.

Price: Paid plan starts from $65/month

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has given you some good knowledge about which customer review platform you should choose to build customers’ trust, improve conversion rate, and boost sales. All the platforms mentioned in the list are reliable and trustworthy. But keep in mind before choosing any platform that most eCommerce customer review platforms offer different features. So, always look for:

  • Cost and the features offered by the review platform
  • Management and analytic tools
  • Return on investment
  • Integrations
  • Email support

Most platforms offer free-trial, which you can try to understand whether the review tool fulfills your requirements or not.

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