Best Free Plagiarism Checkers for Web Content Writers

Free Plagiarism Checkers:

Are you Looking for Best Free Plagiarism checker tools that work in 2021?

If you are a web content writer and looking for Plagiarism checkers to check copy content for free, you’ve come to the right place.

Here in this article, I will share with you 3 best Plagiarism checker Tools that are available online for free.

Plagiarism refers to adding someone else’s work into your writing without proper reference and citation. It is something that can give a red sign to your academic or research work.

Sometimes writers do it intentionally and sometimes it appears into the work without consent or unintentionally. It is important to learn and know the consequences as well as the effects of plagiarism on web content writing.

There are multiple online plagiarism checker tools available that provide specialized features about content checking and give an opportunity to remove the copying content ratio. 

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Why it is important to use plagiarism checker tools?

The plagiarism checking tools provide an effective and advanced way to find out and remove the copying content ratio from the articles and web content.

It is a serious offense to include someone else work without references or citations. Sometime intentional writers may commit that offense to include the same content as it was published early.

So to avoid the risk of allegation due to copying content it is important to go with a suitable plagiarism checking tool. The software will help to find out and highlight the exact content that is found plagiarized, which makes it easy to remove and avoid.

Some applications are specialized with an advanced feature that provides the similarity with its percentage. As well as with the application your content will run in comparison with the maximum database available online to check the article with possible content to make sure, content evaluation.

As well as through software you will be able to generate a proper report that will be attached with your content report as proof. 

Best Free Plagiarism Checkers 2021:

Here are the best free plagiarism checker tools available online that will not only help to identify the copying content but also provide a proper report as proof. 

  1. Prepostseo.
  2. Softo
  3. Unicheck

1- Prepostseo:


Prepostseo is an advanced level SEO tool that provides free online plagiarism checking, grammar checking, SEO services, article writing and rewriting as well as paraphrasing and reserve image search tools. With the help of this online tool, a person can easily evaluate its web articles or content against the database to find out the possible plagiarism in the respective content.

It is quite easy to check the document through online Prepostseo, simply just copy the content and paste on the website and run it against the database and within a few seconds’ application will show up the results. The software will provide data security as well as readability and accuracy of data evaluation. 

Its 100% free tool and anyone can avail it by simply log-in directly from the website and check your document. As well as now its free chrome extension is also available for your server that makes it easy for you to run your document. You can write quality content through Prepostseo as well as evaluate the word count and line count with the plagiarism of content.

For students and researchers, it is a feasible option because it’s completely free and a person does not need to invest to get it. As well as it provides a maximum database of the updated and published content that makes it easy to find out the maximum possibility of plagiarized content. Through this, it is easy to make content unique and attractive.    

2- Softo:


Plagiarism checking software makes things easy for the students and academic institutions to not only check the document against a possible database that is available online in a published form. Softo plagiarism checker is another free version of checking and finding content similarity probability from the web article.

Students, researchers, articles or blog writers, and content managers use this platform to not only check their document but also to make sure the quality and accurate piece of writing for the audience. 

It provides accurate results in less time with a cost-effective source. It is one of the best alternatives to any of the paid plagiarism checking software that is easy to access and to use as well. You simply have to put your document on the site online and get the results within no time.

It helps to highlight as well as show the percentage of copying content and highlight the references and citations as well. It is an effective solution for the universities and school personals and researchers to evaluate their working as well as reduce or remove the risk of copying content. 

3- Unicheck


Unicheck is a cloud-based plagiarism checking software that helps to find out the content similarity, references, and citations in the article. It is used for academic content checking and over 300 plus universities used this platform to make sure the plagiarism-free web content or academic work. As well as blog writers and content managers also utilize this software to make sure to write uniqueness and information for the readers. 

Unicheck not only provides facilitation to check and evaluate the factor of copying content from the writing as well as it easy to use and quick report generation provides authentication of results and feedback about a certain piece of writing. It is specifically designed for the researchers and students who have to write research web article is or dissertation and to allow to add someone else work without references and citation.

The software provides the authenticity of research with the maximum database of published research articles. You simply have to put your content on the software and it will run the document with the relation of the database that is associated with the software to evaluate the references, citation, and possible copying content percentage.

You can get its add on for google chrome and make an online account that is completely free. The company who build this software has an association with the top universities of America, Spain, Belgium, and Australia. This platform considered one of the authentic with the accuracy of results that will benefit students and researchers, who will not able to get a paid version of any plagiarism checking software.   

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Final words!

Plagiarism is a serious offense and that is not acceptable for the quality and unique content requirement. We know the purpose of the research is to contribute value addition in a concept or idea and with the copying content and plagiarized material it is not possible.

It almost ends the purpose of research, in academia only 15% or sometimes 25% content similarity ratio is allowed with proper references and citations only. And if a student and researcher do it without referring it to its author it considered an offense or maybe the work will not be accepted by the authorities.

So, it is important for the researcher to understand well about the plagiarism and the ways through which it is easy to evaluate and remove the risk of plagiarized content ratio from the article or from any research work.

Plagiarism checker tool is an effective and easily available solution to not only find out plagiarism as well as it will highlight the content, which makes it easy to remove the issue. Prepostseo is an appropriate and free plagiarism checking tool that is easily available and easy to use as well. Through this, you simply copy and paste the document and be able to generate a report within no time.  

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