15+ Best VPN For Mac In 2023

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Although the Mac operating system is thought to be extremely safe, security threats of all kinds can nevertheless affect the system. Therefore, if you possess a Mac, then you can utilize a VPN to fully shield the Apple device from online risks. Finding the best VPN for Mac is the first step to obtaining the highest level of security technology that can ultimately safeguard your browsing habits. This is no longer a good idea to downplay the significance of VPNs. You may still obtain a VPN service to protect your Mac even on a limited budget (or no money at all).

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Do you require a Mac VPN?

Macs are so much secure than Windows computers. And even though that is still the case, having the added security and privacy that VPNs provide above and above Mac antivirus is still beneficial. You will, of course, require a VPN for your Mac in order to access the other features of VPN, such as viewing international TV streaming service catalogues and unblocking blocked websites in your workplace or other nations (you’d be shocked at how helpful a VPN for China is).

How does a Mac VPN function?

It’s a broad question with a rather complicated answer, which we cover in more detail in this essay on how VPNs function. Simply put, your VPN establishes a secure channel where your data is encrypted while in transit to prevent access by outside parties, such as malevolent hackers or a nosy government trying to monitor your online activities. This indicates this because when the VPN is enabled, all data sent and received to and from your smartphone or computer is routed through this secure tunnel. Furthermore, even if someone were to successfully hack you, they would not be able to fully exploit the data. The top VPNs for Mac will be discussed in this article. Along with excellent premium VPN options, we’ve included free Mac VPNs. We will also discuss the numerous advantages of using the best VPN service for the Mac system.

Best VPN for Mac 2022

Here is the list of the 15 best VPNs for the USA in 2022 and 2023:
  1. NordVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. Atlas VPN
  4. IPVanish
  5. PureVPN
  6. Private VPN
  7. ExpressVPN
  8. Vypr VPN
  9. HMA VPN
  10. Ivacy VPN
  11. PIA VPN
  12. CyberGhost VPN
  13. TunnelBear VPN
  14. Hotspot Shield VPN
  15. Proton VPN

1. NordVPN:

The top Choice for Mac is NordVPN, which also includes fantastic macOS software which doesn’t skimp in any of the cutting-edge capabilities that are available elsewhere. They continue to uphold their standard of excellence. Numerous updates have been made to the app, and this development doesn’t appear to be losing momentum. The NordVPN Mac client offers a kill switch that disconnects your whole connection to shield you against IP leaks. There is also the threat prevention feature, which guards your Mac device from malware and protects you safe from online criminals. The fact that they only included a Presets function in their macOS apps is also unusual. You can use it to set up presets for the server types you want to connect so you can fast reach them from the home screen of the app. In this manner, you can instantaneously connect wherever you desire with only one click. There are two variants of the app—one that can be downloaded from its website and the other via the App Store—should also be noted.

Try NordVpn For Free


  • Outstanding SOCKS5 proxy P2P servers results in speed tests
  • Independent auditing of the no-log policy
  • 24-hour live chat


  • Mac apps don’t have a free version.

2. Surfshark:

Since its programme has been specially tailored to blend into the main macOS user interface, Surfshark is a fantastic VPN for Mac. Its inclusion in the top 3 isn’t just a result of how it appears. This VPN contains a kill switch and employs military-grade encryption for security. Additionally, it provides the amazing speeds and great options for WireGuard and IKEv2 tunnels protocols. In every way, Surfshark is quite competent. Regardless of where you are, it unblocks the majority of streaming media websites. It has a rigorous no-log policy to preserve your privacy, and you may use it with torrents client to conceal your download. The majority of their rivals are left in the dust by the results of their download and upload speed tests. Finally, Surfshark looks after your data even when your connection has been lost. You can established real-time data breach notifications to keep an eye out for your emails, ID, or credit card details on the dark web if any personal information is ever compromised. In this manner, you will be made aware in time to prevent any potential harm.

Try Surdshark For Free


  • Good results on speed tests
  • Low cost of subscription
  • Possesses browser add-ons
  • Strict no-logging guidelines


  • The Mac app lacks Shadowsocks and Whitelister.
  • No limitless version for free

3. Atlas VPN:

Atlas is a quick VPN that delivers a fully-loaded macOS version with great safe-browsing tools. Despite having a fleet of much more than 750 sites spread across 37 server locations, Atlas VPN nevertheless had no trouble connecting to all the major streaming platforms and torrenting. You won’t experience any problems with high-definition content thanks to the quick and secure WireGuard protocol, which also provides exceptional speeds. However, the security here is the real game-changer: the SafeBrowse function will block harmful websites, protecting you from virus attacks. While you are connected, SafeSwap will continue to change your IP address. Because your internet usage is now linked to numerous anonymous IP addresses, it is now even more difficult for someone to track you. Atlas VPN supports an unlimited number of concurrent connections and is compatible with virtually all VPN-enabled devices, including Macs. Finally, Atlas VPN is really inexpensive as well. It’s a fantastic value choice for anyone seeking for a cheap Mac VPN for just $2.05/month. You always have a 30-day revenue guarantee in case you decide to change your mind.

Try AtlasVpn For Free


  • Most streaming websites are unblocked
  • High-quality browser security features
  • Real-time client service
  • Super quick guaranteed 30-day money-back for the WireGuard protocol


  • United States-based
  • Limited number of servers

4. IPVanish:

With its superior security, quicker speeds, and unique customization options, IPVanish is a very fast Mac VPN that stands out from the other services on this list. You can configure your Mac to automatically establish VPN connections using the On-Demand option, for as by turning it on just when using less secure distributed Wi-Fi networks. If you’re searching for such a VPN to safeguard your Mac while functioning in cafés, hotels, or other public spaces, this makes it a great feature. If the high cost of iCloud storage on a monthly basis discouraged you, IPVanish has another trick up its sleeve. It provides SugarSync, a storage solution with AES-256 encryption. You could employ this VPN to save some of your data and documents in a secure cloud with up to 500 GB of storage; an incredibly practical option is to upload them via email. How much does all this cost? The entry-level long-term IPVanish plan is $3.99 per month. You have access to the 30-day money-back assurance if you choose a yearly plan, so there is no risk involved.

Try Ipvanish For Free


  • Automatization choices that unblock the Netflix Connection
  • Service for safe cloud storage
  • Fantastic value for the money
  • Wonderful performance


  • Once a year, prices rise.
  • Unblocks some streaming services but not others

5. PureVPN:

Excellent performance and strong security features make PureVPN a terrific addition to the existing secure Mac ecosystem at a price that is very reasonable. IKEv2 and L2TP/IPSec tunneling protocols, and also kill switch, split tunneling, and port forwarding functions, are all available in the app’s macOS edition, allowing you to tailor the VPN connection to your needs. But PureVPN really shines in terms of security, as it is the only VPN available with an ongoing security audit. This gives you the most amount of peace of mind possible because an impartial third-party business continuously analyses the security safeguards and security of this VPN. PureVPN yet manages to be incredibly cost-effective despite offering all these premium services; a long-term plan only $1.99/month, which represents fantastic value. Overall, PureVPN is an affordable premium macOS VPN. Some VPNs’ macOS versions are frequently less feature-rich than their Windows equivalents. Not Atlas VPN, though; this quick VPN delivers a fully-loaded macOS version, complete with some great secure browsing tools.

Try PureVpn For Free


  • An adjustable kill switch
  • High-quality security measures
  • Most streaming services are unblocked
  • P2P-compatible


  • MacOS doesn’t include WireGuard.
  • MacOS 11 as well as later is necessary.

6. Private VPN:

With an easy-to-use macOS client, PrivateVPN will serve as a helpful ally in protecting your online activity and gaining access to all major streaming providers. Speaking about capabilities, PrivateVPN offers you a good number of practical functions. With that as well, the Mac client gains support for HTTP as well as SOCKS5 proxies, port forwarding, which enhances torrenting, and the obfuscation tool, which allows you to bypass geo-restricted content. In addition, accessing Netflix’s international libraries is a simple process—speaking of getting around restrictions. But here, fun isn’t the only thing that matters. Your browsing on macOS will be protected with either 128-bit or military-grade encryption while using PrivateVPN. To increase network security and speed, you can also choose between L2TP/IPsec and the OpenVPN tunnel. Overall, PrivateVPN provides options that are quite comparable across all operating systems. PPTP tunneling, DNS leak security, and the option to disable certain apps when disconnecting from a VPN connection are all absent from the macOS application.

Try PrivateVpn For Free


  • Unblocks all significant streaming services
  • Forwarding ports
  • Adaptable encryption scheme
  • Disambiguation function
  • Proxies that support HTTP and SOCKS5 over P2P


  • For macOS, there is no DNS leak protection.
  • WireGuard tunnel absent

7. ExpressVPN:

On Mac, ExpressVPN is the finest overall VPN (and iPhone). The company’s dedicated app is simple to use and fairly intuitive, with some complex choices and a one-click connection option. You also receive a fantastic iOS app and a Safari browser extension, giving you a full Mac VPN experience. Both US-based customers and users from other countries can benefit from this since the ExpressVPN Mac programme supports a wide range of languages, includes German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and many more. Additionally, the Mac client has split tunneling and a kill switch for protection, and ExpressVPN’s unique Lightway protocol offers some of the best speeds available. True, this company is more expensive than the majority of other VPNs. However, its fantastic features give Mac users the ideal experience. The deal just got a whole lot better with the addition of a full year of unrestricted cloud security backup with Backblaze (worth about $60). A 30-day money-back assurance is also included so you can test this out risk-free and choose for yourself whether it’s the best fit for you.

Try ExpressVpn For Free


  • Simple Mac application
  • Extremely rapid rates
  • Fantastic 24-hour Mac-specific support
  • Free cloud backup for one year


  • Not the most affordable supplier

8. Vypr VPN:

A well-known corporation with a focus on offering private, safe, and open internet solutions, Golden Frog powers the VPN service VyprVPN. To further safeguard users’ privacy, VyprVPN was created. The popular security protocols supported by VyprVPN include OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, as well as its unique Chameleon technology, which makes use of the unaltered OpenVPN 256-bit protocol. The VPN provider raises the bar for security and privacy. In actuality, VyprVPN is among the few VPN providers that owns and operates its own VPN network and VPN server infrastructure. One of the most reliable VPN apps now accessible for Mac users is the Mac VPN service provided by VyprVPN. Mac computers running OS X 10.10 or later are supported by VyprVPN. For its Mac VPN, the VPN service uses L2TP/IPSec and Chameleon OpenVPN. Over 700 servers make up the quick VPN network provided by VyprVPN. In addition, as was already said, VyprVPN runs its VPN network independently of any third parties. Three days of the free trial are more than enough time to evaluate VyprVPN’s entire service offering.

Try VyprVpn For Free


  • Try a free Mac VPN.
  • Improved Chameleon Technology on the OpenVPN protocol
  • Controls the VPN servers


  • There is no money-back promise.
  • File sharing via P2P is not supported


What a private VPN is about something that has essentially been described by this VPN service. The VPN provider has been in business for so long that it is widely regarded as one of innovators in the provision of personal quality VPN service. Avast Software owns HideMyAss!, which has its current headquarters in the UK. HideMyAss! VPN remains one of the top VPN services available right now. All users of the VPN service will be able to experience complete online anonymity thanks to the service’s fully loaded VPN capabilities. A vast variety of VPN servers are available from HideMyAss!, and they are spread throughout 190 different nations. As of the time of writing, the VPN service offers over 700 VPN servers. All necessary tunelling protocols, including OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP, are supported by HideMyAss. AES 256 bit encrypting is employed by this England VPN service to guarantee that all VPN communication is impenetrable by hacking threats. HideMyAss! The VPN plan is not unlike from that of its rivals. The cost of a subscription for one month is roughly $12. Additionally, HideMyAss offers savings on multi-month subscriptions. HideMyAss access for six months costs $48, while an annual plan charges $84.

Try Hidemyass For Free


  • Robust VPN servers
  • 5 connections are active at once.
  • Speedy VPN access


  • User activity logs

10. Ivacy VPN:

This Hong Kong-based VPN service provider offers secure and trustworthy Vpns that are on par with the top Mac VPNs available today. Your one-stop shop for completely unblocking the internet is Ivacy VPN. For all of your needs, this VPN service provides the greatest VPN service. Ivacy enables torrenting activity and also performs admirably for streaming operations.  Users can browse the web with confidence thanks to a zero log guarantee, knowing that their VPN provider would never spy on them Advanced 256-bit encryption is used by the VPN service to completely shield its users from hackers and data snoopers. Ivacy provides better prices compared to its rivals in terms of pricing. Ivacy’s monthly package is only $9.00, which is significantly less than the normal $12 charge from competing brands. But wait, there’s a Mac VPN offer that’s even better! Users of Ivacy receive a tremendous 76% discount on their 2 year VPN package, which costs just $55! Additionally, there is an annual plan available for $42.00. Ivacy has more than 450 servers spread across more than 50 nations.

Try Ivacy For Free


  • Cheaper VPN packages
  • Encourages P2P activity
  • No logging is allowed


  • The Mac VPN client programme is incompatible with earlier OS X versions.
  • Response times from customer support are too long

11. PIA VPN:

Another great option if you’re seeking for a Mac VPN that balances top-notch service with unbelievably low prices is Private Internet Access (PIA). Why would you pick PIA over a few of the other options on this list of the best Mac VPNs? It has more servers, to start. They know the current number is about 10,000, despite the fact that it no longer releases its exact figure. When compared to NordVPN’s 5,000 and ExpressVPN’s 3,000 servers, that number is astounding. Users are struck by how popular it appears to be among its users as well. For instance, compared to many other services available on the App Store, its iOS app seems to have a higher rating. It is clear that perhaps the PIA engineers put a lot of effort into making a wonderful desktop client and translating that to its mobile apps. There are a lot of intriguing features in Private Internet Access, like integrated ad filtering, a dependable kill switch, and channel forward that is useful for torrenters, and a variety of encryption options. 1 Month of Private Internet Access is US$11.99/mth

Try PrivateInternetAccess For Free


  • Outstanding across clientele
  • Nicely priced
  • Strong iOS app store rating


  • Various variations in server speeds
  • Interested in seeing an audit

12. CyberGhost VPN:

If you’re looking for a Mac VPN with a simple, user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with macOS, CyberGhost might be the one for you. Even better, it also has outstanding functionality hidden away. With performance numbers over 850Mbps, CyberGhost even outperforms other VPN services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. As a result, the security programme will operate as smoothly and quickly as Apple’s laptops as well as desktop PCs. It’s a terrific tool for anyone wishing to perform any heavy-duty work online, from viewing to gaming and torrenting, thanks to the amazing connection speeds. With speeds like this, there’s no question that when you’re connecting with one of a CyberGhost’s 8,000 servers, there won’t be any lag. It’s an excellent option if you want to unlock any of the popular streaming services. With CyberGhost, you can get around geo – restrictions and access US Netflix (but not Netflix from other countries), Amazon’s Prime Video, as well as BBC iPlayer. But it’s necessary to acknowledge where it can be improved. Since this has become standard among leading providers, they would prefer to see an improved support site as well as a thorough security audit.

Try CyberGhostVpn For Free


  • Several features
  • Speedy performance
  • Simple, intuitive interface


  • No security assessment
  • Better support website design

13. TunnelBear VPN:

A Canadian-based VPN provider called TunnelBear provides just as good VPN services as the leading brands in the sector. When it comes to offering privacy and protection to users around the world, this VPN service takes it seriously. A straightforward VPN service with amazing speeds and dependable VPN connections is Tunnelbear, the VPN provider. Users looking for a reliable VPN to unblock the full internet may rely on the Bear to protect them from any online security risks. Using AES 256 bit encryption, Tunnelbear uses the OpenVPN as well as IPSec security protocols. To avoid “Man in the Middle Attacks,” it also uses data authentication (SHA1). All popular platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, as well as Windows, are supported by Tunnelbear. Users can easily set up Tunnelbear on such a Mac system by downloading the specific VPN client, and users should be using the VPN under no time. Users can take use of Tunnelbear’s free VPN on Mac service, which is great. The “Little” bear plan provides 500MB of bandwidth without charge each month. Now, if you require and over 500MB, you can select the $10.00/month “Giant” bear plan.

Try Tunnelbear For Free


  • Log policy of none
  • No cost VPN trial.
  • User-friendly client app


  • Typical speeds
  • No live chat assistance

14. Hotspot Shield VPN:

In 2008, this VPN service initially appeared on the market. AnchorFree, a software provider well known for its safe web browsing solutions, runs the VPN service. Standard tunnel protocols including PPTP, L2TP, as well as OpenVPN are supported by Hotspot Shield. The VPN service provides the best methods for unblocking websites, achieving anonymous browsing, and obtaining cutting-edge technology for safeguarding user information from various cyberthreats. Many platforms, including Mac, are compatible with Hotspot Shield VPN. The Elite premium package or FREE VPN access are the two ways to obtain Hotspot Shield VPN. Hotspot Shield provides a seven-day trial period without any obligations or actual costs. To avoid being charged for a month’s supply of Elite professional VPN services, make sure to cancel your account even before free VPN trial expires. A monthly VPN package from Hotspot Shield is available for €16.00, which is the equal of USD20. If Mac VPN users want to sign up for the multi-month plans, they can also benefit from discounts. The cost of using Elite VPN for 6 months is approximately €65 (USD 90), and the cost of a yearly plan is approximately €84 (USD 116).

Try Hotspotshield For Free


  • Free trial access
  • A 45-day refund policy


  • Extremely costly

 15. Proton VPN:

For a private and secure internet, download Proton VPN app for macOS. The app has undergone a third-party expert audit and is open source. It also provides a number of beneficial security features. They offer complete transparency, unlike other VPN providers, so you can see who is in charge of the service. They have a solid reputation for enhancing Internet privacy and security. Given that even the finest VPN has limitations, they will always be honest with you about what your VPN can and cannot protect. They support openly sharing the threat model when this comes to security. Insecure encryption levels and protocols are not used by Proton VPN. The security expertise developed while creating the largest secure communications service in the world is useful for Proton VPN. When it concerns security, they have a solid track record. Quality always comes first, whether its utilizing 10Gbit networks overall performance or running their unique Secure Core server for privacy. Popular Proton VPN Plus service is available for 4.99 euros per month.

Try ProtonVpn For Free


  • Optimum free subscription
  • Several cutting-edge privacy technologies
  • Staunch support for customer privacy
  • Sleek, reachable customer
  • Superior speed test results


  • Awkward implementation of Chrome OS
  • Complex pricing structure


Make sure to only pick the most reliable VPN service providers when selecting which VPN for Mac to purchase. You can eventually safeguard your Mac from illegal access with the correct VPN provider.

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