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20+ Best VPN For PC in 2022

PC users are always surrounded by thousands of useful software tools to overcome their problems. Being a PC user is always a blessing because there are so many activities you can perform on your personal computer with the help of a vast variety of different tools.

Take VPN as an example. There are countless VPN providers for PC users providing Virtual private networks for PC but all of them aren’t surely reliable and do not include several features. Therefore, we bring you the best available VPN for PC according to your fit.

Are You in search of a VPN that can fulfill your needs with advanced features and great pricing? Do you want to stay hidden from Internet services provide while surfing on the world wide web? We got you covered with our list of best virtual private networks for PC in 2021.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a great source of securing online data with advanced privacy and security features. A VPN masks and hides your IP address from the government, ISP, and hackers. A VPN does not let trackers track your location. A VPN is your best friend when it comes to online security.

A VPN always covers your back, so that you can become untraceable while surfing online. A hacker always keeps his eyes on the user data, so that he can access and damage the user’s property. In that case, a VPN stops hackers with its advanced encryptions and protocols providing kill switches and many more features to make sure that the user’s data is completely safe.

User’s data is confidential because it includes information that nobody should know about. It can be your credit cards information, passwords, browsing history, passwords, etc.

Does a VPN Actually Work?

A paid and high-rated VPN works pretty well in securing your private data online by hiding your identity online and by using different advanced protocols and encryptions.

On the contrary, several beginners buy a VPN with no reviews and positive ratings on the internet because of having no knowledge about the working of a VPN. In this scenario, there is a chance that user data might get stolen because of poor VPN services.

There are also users who cannot pay for a VPN on a monthly or yearly basis, so they try to get free VPN trials or free VPN services, which results in data loss and vulnerability against different types of threats.

However, there are many free VPN providers allowing their users to protect their sensitive information against hackers without paying any charges.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a VPN?

Everything comes with some great benefits alongside several vulnerabilities. A Virtual private network gives you security against attackers and trackers online. At the same time, there are also many disadvantages that are necessary to be mentioned.

Before choosing a VPN for your PC you can have a look at the advantages & disadvantages of the virtual private networks mentioned below to make sure that the VPN, you have chosen fits your needs properly.


  • Equipped with advanced encryption methods to provide the best safety
  • Get rid of annoying ads and protect your system against hackers
  • Unblock any website within no time
  • Geo-blocked content can be accessed easily


  • Speeds can become very slow when surfing online
  • Expensive packages.

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Best VPN For PC in 2022:

Here is the list of 20+ Best VPN For Windows PC in 2022 and 2023.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. SurfsharkVPN
  4. CyberGhost VPN
  5. Fastest VPN
  6. PureVPN
  7. IPVanish VPN
  8. TorGuard VPN
  10. ZenMate VPN
  11. Speedify VPN
  12. Strong VPN
  13. Windscibe VPN
  14. Hotspot shield VPN
  15. VyprVPN
  16. Private Internet Access VPN
  17. CactusVPN
  18. zone VPN
  19. Norton Secure VPN
  20. ProtonVPN

1- Surfshark VPN:


An award-winning VPN, that is a cure to the vulnerabilities of your internet, and a VPN that can secure your digital life in no time. Surfshark VPN lets you enjoy the internet services with extreme internet security and enables you to browse online without having an issue with the threats wandering around you. It hides your location by changing your IP address and keeps your confidential data safe and secure.

It comes with exclusive benefits to make your life easy. It lets you protect your identity alongside your family online. It offers connectivity to several devices at once. An easy-to-use app with an intuitive user interface design. It reduces the number of ads appearing before your eyes when surfing on the internet, which is quite a good feature that is not provided by many top-notch brands.

Any type of malware can be blocked with the CleanWeb service of the VPN. Add an additional layer of protection when using public Wi-fi. Convert public networks into private networks in no time. Surfshark prevents tracking of user data and allows organic searches and results. The most wanted feature in a VPN app is unblocking geo-restricted content. We are glad to inform you that the Surfshark VPN can unblock all the geo-restricted sites you want, and it can also unblock different streaming libraries of Netflix and other entertainer apps.

It allows digital freedom when traveling to countries that are internet-restricted. All of the censored material can be unblocked easily with a great VPN like Surfshark. It lets you watch content without restrictions and without having an issue with the threats on the internet. So, if you are looking for a VPN that is suitable for your PC and matches your needs, you can always go for Surfshark VPN. It won’t disappoint you.

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  • Equipped with the latest encryption methods and protocols
  • Malware blocking is made easy with the help of CleanWeb
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unblock geo-restricted content anytime
  • Geo-restricted IPTV access is made possible


  • It does not support live calling to the customer service

2- ExpressVPN:


ExpressVPN is currently the best VPN available out there with more than 160 locations. ExpressVPN operates in 94 countries to make sure the user data is end-to-end encrypted and safe from cruel eyes. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can test it and out and can go for other options if it doesn’t match your desires.

But, as far as you are looking for an all-in-1 Virtual private network that can be used for gaming online, or if you want to unblock different libraries of several entertaining and streaming applications, you can go always have a consider ExpressVPN as the best available option. VPN is based on high-speed servers and is incredibly fast. It puts you in complete control over your privacy while surfing on the internet online.

ExpressVPN comes with a simple but eye-catchy user interface. It doesn’t even require any additional configuration. Simply click and connect to your favorite location and enjoy the best VPN services without having an issue with your privacy. ExpressVPN claims to be the best in safety providing, securing confidential data, and hiding users’ identities on the web.

It doesn’t let the trackers track your location when buying through e-commerce websites. Also, if you are sitting at a café and using a public Wi-fi, it creates a shield around your connection, which means that public Wi-fi is not private and nobody can have control over your data and cannot even trace your IP address at all.

ExpressVPN is available to download on all devices including Firestick TV, Windows, and iOS devices. As a PC user, you can always go forward and can get great virtual private network service providers. But, ExpressVPN is a complete package for you, if you want to secure your data on the internet, looking for a VPN that can enhance your gaming experience, or if you want to get access to the geo-blocked website and streaming apps. Yes! the ExpressVPN can also unblock Netflix libraries for its users so that they can enjoy a safe browsing experience while sitting on their couch.

ExpressVPN works on powerful encryption and advanced protocols. VPN also provides great customer support, with the facility of live chat anytime. You can always get rid of your issues with the help of the cooperative and amazing customer support of ExpressVPN. Also, the 30-day money-back guarantee leaves you tension free.

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  • PC app is super clean and intuitive
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Safe and secure browsing experience
  • Optimized for speed


  • ExpressVPN is expensive.

3- NordVPN:


NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN, which shows that the privacy and protection of the VPN are immense. NordVPN is considered to be the juggernaut and the best VPN to keep your data safe and sound against all threats. NordVPN competes in the category of the best premium virtual private networks available out there. NordVPN is equipped with advanced technology which makes it a safety giant that doesn’t let any tracker or even your ISP know your actions when surfing on the internet. It comes with 3 plans. A yearly plan, a 2-year plan, and a monthly plan. NordVPN claims also claim to be no.1 in terms of unblocking geo-restricted information from different countries.

A VPN is equipped with WireGuard protocol, which is an advanced and super-fast protocol for safe browsing. The app of the VPN comes with great features and is fully customizable. NordVPN also provides a multi-hop technology which is rarely seen in any VPN. It includes a split-tunneling option also. NordVPN comes with the feature of adblocking. Yes! it is extremely easy to block annoying ads while browsing. Like many other top-notch VPN brands, NordVPN is available to download on all platforms. You can secure up to 6 simultaneous connections at once, which means you and your family are always safe and are browsing privately when connected to NordVPN. NordVPN comes with a great server group across 59 countries.

NordVPN offers more than 5,600 servers that are super-fast, and above all, it can unblock geo-restricted content on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime videos. Now, simply connect NordVPN to your devices and enjoy a more open and safer internet. NordVPN is equipped with a Kill switch that protects your privacy online when your connection is interrupted.

Get NordVPN 72% Off Deal


  • Kill switch included
  • Strict no logging privacy policy
  • Military-based encryption is used in the VPN
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use app


  • Premium price range VPN, but completely worth it

4- CyberGhost VPN:


Another awesome VPN to safeguard digital information. Usually, VPN providers give a money-back guarantee of 30-days, but the CyberGhost VPN comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee option, which isn’t very common. With more than 15 years in the field, CyberGhost has become a top-notch brand providing an extra layer of security on your data to make sure that your data is protected. CyberGhost is available for all platforms. The app for the VPN is extremely handy and super-fast. UI is simple and easy to navigate. Simply download the VPN connection to your system and start browsing anonymously without having any trouble.

It lets you browse anonymously and avoid the tracking of the Internet services providers and the government. Nothing can track down your history or searches on the world wide web when you are connected to the CyberGhost VPN. There aren’t any borders when you surf online when connected to the CyberGhost VPN, as it can unblock all the streaming services and geo-blocked content for your region with a simple click so that you can enjoy lag-free and HD streaming while lying on your bed. This premium range VPN is totally worthy of a try and we can assure you that it won’t ever disappoint you. The VPN is based on 7000+ servers in more than 91 countries, making sure the availability of the VPN worldwide.

As a PC user, you can always count on the CyberGhost VPN. It is ultra-fast and will give no lag when gaming online. Change the server to whatever country you want and enjoy a different and unique gaming experience. The VPN is equipped with AES-256-bit encryption and is super safe by providing a strict no-logging policy to its users. It claims to be safe in terms of no user data stored by the VPN. The VPN is packed with everything you need, depending on your decision you can go for CyberGhost, and still if you are not satisfied with the product, you can choose NordVPN or ExpressVPN.


  • 7 simultaneous devices can be connected
  • 7000+ servers across 91 countries
  • AES-256-bit encryption
  • Geo-blocked content can be accessed


  • There aren’t many payment options available

5- FastestVPN:

Fastest VPN

When visiting different places, you do not always carry the internet in your pocket. Many people prefer using public Wi-fi when traveling. This can put their personal data at some risk because there are always in search of trying to steal your data on the web. In this case, a VPN like the fastest VPN is great. It can keep your data private and can make sure that none of your confidential data is compromised by anyone. It hides your IP addresses in a way that it becomes impossible being tracked them. Your ISP always keeps your data under tracing, and it can always sell your data to anybody. Vulnerable data on public Wi-fi is being encrypted into private and secure data that cannot be tracked or traced by attackers or ISPs. You can get FastestVPN at low prices on different occasions like a Cyber Monday or a Black Friday.

A user always thinks about his/her family first regarding anything. FastestVPN gives you the option of connecting it to multiple devices at once. Now you can connect the VPN to your home and family devices so that they can also have secured data and information online. FastestVPN is available for all platforms, including iOS, Windows, Fire TV, Android, and Mac devices. All the devices cannot be mentioned here but the VPN is available on more than 20 platforms, which makes it a VPN giant with high-speed servers and protection on all platforms.

Equipped with AES-256-bit encryption and advanced protocols like IKEv2, and WireGuard, FastestVPN provides faster speeds and secure connections. Access Netflix content that is prohibited to access in your region. You can also unblock the content of different countries’ libraries with the help of FastestVPN.


  • An automatic kill switch
  • Advanced protocols like IKEv2 and WireGuard
  • User-friendly app
  • Unblock different libraries of Netflix and Hulu


  • Occasionally some bugs are reported

6- PureVPN:


PureVPN is a VPN that comes with some great features and up-to-date security. It has more than 6500 servers and it operates in more than 140 countries in the world, covering almost half of the world with its services. It can be a great companion of yours on the internet by securing and preserving your data online. It includes a no-logging policy to make sure no user data is being recorded or stored by the company. PureVPN is a self-handled company providing millions of users its services with super-fast servers. You can always download, stream and unblock geo-restricted content when connected to PureVPN.

Your internet traffic is routed through the PureVPN servers to make sure nobody is keeping an eye on your data. It masks your IP address and hides it from the reach of Internet services providers, the government, and hackers. With its amazing encryption methods, your confidential data is always secured and nobody is allowed to intercept your data online with its abilities. It keeps your online privacy at any cost. It secures public Wi-fi to make sure the stability of the communications between you and the servers and your transmissions are protected against everyone.

The VPN is available for almost all platforms. You can download and get the benefits of PureVPN anytime and on any device you have. The VPN comes with dedicated Peer-2-Peer servers in the regions where the government has allowed file-sharing.


  • AES-256-bit encryption keeps your data secured against attackers
  • Friendly and always available customer support
  • Automated Kill switch
  • Advanced protocols


  • Automatic connectivity takes time

7- IPVanish VPN:


Every VPN website’s Home Page is always made to show the admiration of the VPN from different users and also there are some reviews posted alongside the features provided by the VPN. IPVanish VPN does the same with its home page, but we can assure you that it has more potential than that. It can provide the best internet security you can ever have with the help of a VPN. It is equipped with rich protocols and encryptions to make sure user data is protected from all sides. IPVanish can be a great source of securing data online with its simple and eye-catchy user interface design. You do not have to do enough when first logging into the VPN, simply connect the VPN with simple steps and enjoy the best surfing experience on the web.

It comes with more than 40,000 IP addresses to make sure that the user data is protected on different routes. It is important to mention the server count of a VPN when reviewing the VPN. So according to the company claims the server count is 1,900 across 75+ locations. The best thing about IPVanish VPN is that it allows unlimited connections at once. Now you can safeguard your data online on your laptop, desktop, Android, or IOS, and at the same time, you can provide security to your family as well. It comes with a dedicated kill switch that takes care of your data when the connection gets interrupted.

The company claims to be having a strict no-logging policy, which means no user data is being tracked or stored by the VPN company. However, it can be questionable. The company also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee, which makes it easier for the users to test the VPN and test the features provided by the VPN.


  • Equipped with rich protocols, IKEv2 and WireGuard included
  • Kill switch included
  • No logging policy
  • Unlimited connections at once


  • Expensive renewing cost

8- TorGuard VPN:


TorGuard VPN comes with different services, like business and anonymous services. Mentioning the anonymous service which is the perfect fit for your PC, you can have the best VPN service for your PC that will take care of your data and information without any issue. Nobody on the internet can track down your data on the internet because user data is transmitted through an encrypted tunnel that doesn’t let anybody track down your activities including your Internet services provider. You can get the best satisfactory experience with the very best like TorGuard. On a public Wi-fi consider TorGuard VPN as your best friend. It will give you security and satisfaction of mind.

TorGuard comes with unlimited speeds alongside unlimited bandwidths. It consists of 3000+ servers across 50+ countries in the world. It allows 8 simultaneous connections at once to make sure everybody inside your family is protected from the evil eyes of the digital world. It comes with an Internal Encrypted DNS and allows a port forwarding feature too. There are dedicated IPs provided by the VPN and a multi-hop feature to make sure that your data is in double protection. You can always access from anywhere without having the fear of data stealing and you can always contact customer support regarding any queries. They are always available to assist you in a kind manner.

The company has made sure of the availability of the VPN on almost all platforms including PC and Apple devices. It comes with giant protocols like OpenVPN, WireGuard, OpenConnect and it can also be used as a browser extension. It can unblock any type of content on the internet that isn’t available to watch or access in your country or is prohibited to browse in your country. Block ads and do not allow anybody to attack your information with the amazing features of TorGuard and enjoy open and safe internet anytime.


  • Simple and amazing mobile app
  • It can block any type of malware
  • Browser extension
  • No logging policy included
  • Super-fast servers


  • A dedicated IP address is needed to be purchased, in order to enjoy Netflix content



User safety is always on top of everything because it contains important information about the user. The information can be in form of passwords, banking information, cookies, or important files on your computer. If a hacker is allowed to access your computer, he can harm your personal data and confidential information. Therefore, to protect your data against different threats IVACY VPN can be considered as one of the best in the business. It provides great security features and protects your data against all types of threats. It hides your IP address and takes care of different attacks from hackers and it changes your location according to your will as many other VPN providers do.

Equipped with AES-256-encryption, it makes it impossible for hackers and trackers to access your information. It has some advanced level protocols which are highly up to date according to the security needs. All the cyber attacks can be controlled and stopped with a VPN like IVACY. Giving you the best public Wi-fi experience while having a logs policy is a great combo, to be honest. You’ll be protecting your privacy from unknown threats and at the same, your history is not being recorded by the VPN provider.

With the super-fast servers of IVACY, you can always enjoy streaming in HD without any lag. However, if you are not satisfied with the product’s features you can always find better solutions. The VPN comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee allowing users to quit any time within the first 30 days of the subscription. IVACY masks your IP address in a way that the internet service provider throttling is denied. It gives you all the freedom you need within a reasonable amount of money. You should definitely consider IVACY as one of the best virtual private networks for your computer.


  • Automatic kill switch
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Lightning-fast speeds with AES-256-bit encryption
  • Split tunneling is allowed


  • Connection drop issues are found sometimes, however, overall connectivity is strong.

10- ZenMate:


With a single click and your connection is secured with the most advanced encryption and protocols. You can protect unlimited devices at once with the help of ZenMate VPN. It comes with lightning-fast speeds with 79+ global server locations. ZenMate follows a strict no-logging policy as the VPN is made in Germany. ZenMate is available for all platforms, you can download the app on all devices and can enjoy a safe internet browsing experience with super-fast speeds. ZenMate is a great VPN for your PC as it can unblock streaming services and keeps no logs and is encrypted with the latest AES-256-bit encryption.

An amazing feature provided by the VPN it comes with an option of bookmarking your favorite servers. Now, you can easily bookmark your favorite servers and connect to them easily with a simple click & go feature. A dedicated Kill switch is provided by the company to make sure the safety of your data with unexpected connection dysconnectivity. It can block your internet traffic to make sure that your identity is still hidden from the attackers.

ZenMate is also capable of unblocking streaming services of Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Player, and Amazon Prime videos. Yes! It is extremely easy to unblock geo-restricted content when sitting at your home without paying any additional charges to the VPN provider or Netflix. You can unblock US-based libraries with a secure connection so that nobody can trace you or know your location when you are getting entertained lying down on your bed.


  • Hides IP addresses and prohibits unusual attacks
  • It can unblock streaming libraries of Netflix and Hulu
  • Super-fast with advanced encryption (AES-256-bit)
  • Unlimited connections at once


  • Lag issues

11- Speedify VPN:


Protect yourself and your family at once with the help of a highly-recommended VPN like Speedify VPN. Your data on public wi-fi is always protected when connected to Speedify VPN. It brings stability with the internet, security for your whole family, and enormous speeds. It can provide you with all the features at once. It can establish a circle of trust for your online data to make sure that you are protected from prying eyes. You can keep all the passwords, emails, and banking information safe from prying eyes with the help of Speedify VPN.

Speedify allows 5 simultaneous connections at once, allowing you and your family to protect themselves from unknown threats on the internet. Speedify allows streaming of different apps while unblocking all the geo-restricted websites and Netflix content of UK and US-based libraries. And for the gamers and streamers, who are in search of a VPN that is perfect for streaming services, they can go for Speedify VPN. It optimizes audio and video streams to make sure you are having the best streaming experience online.

Speedify is equipped with a bank-grade encryption technology, which provides great safety against attackers and there is another feature included in the VPN that is called channel bonding technology that makes the overall browsing experience online. You can combine Wi-fi and internet connections to maximize the performance of your internet connection. Add stability to the videos you watch. Enjoy all the videos with a lag-free experience and buffering-free experience.


  • Combine multiple connections to make a single strong connection
  • Bank-grade encryption
  • Best for live streaming
  • Private Dedicated server for better services


  • Not enough payment methods included

12- StrongVPN:

Strong VPN

StrongVPN is the first-ever VPN to have the most advanced protocol. The “WireGuard Protocol. Yes! StrongVPN is one of the few VPN providers that comes equipped with advanced protocols and the best encryption technology. It can deliver industry-leading speed, performance, and data security. StrongVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which is amazing and is available for download on all platforms. It is packed with more than 950 servers located in 30+ countries around the globe. One of the most amazing features included in the VPN is the connectivity to the best available location. It detects your location and automatically connects you to the nearest and fastest server available, which is pretty satisfying so far.

StrongVPN offers a zero-logging policy to make sure no user data is kept in the servers. You can download the VPN on your windows operating machine or you can download it on any other famous platform having no issue with all the apps. StrongVPN offers 12 simultaneous connections at once to make sure you and your family are safe from unknown threats and attacks online.

StrongVPN comes with 950+ servers in 35 countries and 59 cities and includes 50,000 static IP addresses. Above all, it has no speed limits, which means you can have the best experience when connected to the StrongVPN. It is one of the best VPNs out there for gaming purposes and it comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee. Customer support is very supportive and is available 24/7. The company accepts all the major payment methods like PayPal and crypto-payment methods.


  • It includes a strong DNS
  • AES-256-bit encryption with WireGuard protocol
  • No-logging policy
  • Available on all platforms


  • US-based jurisdiction

13- Windscribe VPN:


Windscribe claims to be the best VPN to take care of your digital privacy. You can take your browsing history to your grave and nobody will ever know it if you are a user of Windscribe VPN. It encrypts your online data and blocks ads with the built-in adblocker provided by the company. You can also gain access to entertainment content that is not available to watch in your region due to government policies. Stop all the trackers and threats against your data and enjoy a safer and open internet browsing experience anytime anywhere. Windscribe comes with a free version which is a great choice for people who cannot pay for a VPN on monthly basis. It gives you 10GB of data every month for free. The best thing about the free version is that you can use it as long as you want, there aren’t any restrictions.

Masking Your IP addresses, Windscribe gives you access to the websites that are illegal to browse in your country. You can have the news of the whole world at your doorstep by doing nothing. Windscribe comes with a strict no-logging policy which assures you that your data is not being watched or stored anywhere. Windscribe also gives the surety of not leaking the DNS information.

Windscribe is a great VPN if you want to speed up your browsing experience on your PC. No VPN boosts the actual speeds, they make it smooth and enhanced by removing different annoying ads and by pushing the trackers away. In addition, Geo-restricted content unblocking is allowed in more than 30 countries.


  • No-logs policy
  • Get rid of attackers and threats
  • Compatibility with all platforms
  • Unblock Netflix content


  • The free version does not provide the security it claims

14- Hotspot Shield VPN:

Hotspot Shield

It a very quick is super-fast and is best for torrenting purposes. Become an anonymous person on the internet through Hotspot Shield VPN. It is packed with some amazing features and advanced encryption technology. It works on some of the best and most advanced protocols available out there, including the WireGuard protocol OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocol. You can surf through thousands of websites without getting watched and track down by the ISP or attackers. An RTC blocker is also provided by the company that does not allow any website to steal your data online. It masks your IP address like many other virtual private networks and hides your IP address in a way that nobody can track down your activities online.

Hotspot shield has become a very well-known brand for many years and it has more than 600 million downloads on all platforms. Getting the best browsing experience is hard but, with the help of Hotspot Shield VPN, you can always have a great scrolling experience on social media apps. The company also offers a free version of the VPN which is available on the play store and it can also be downloaded on the Windows operating system from the official website of the VPN. The free version gives you data of more than 500MBs per day, which is enough for a single person’s usage. You can always buy premium plans if the VPN attracts you with the features provided.

As a PC user, you can consider Hotspot shield VPN as your best friend because it can unblock all the streaming content in no time and you can have the access to the geo-blocked content of any country. Customer support is great when compared to other competing brands in the top-notch VPN category. You can always contact them through email or live chat and they can assist you with their best interest in no time.


  • Equipped with AES-256-bit encryption
  • Supported by all platforms
  • RTC blocker included in the premium version
  • The free version gives you 500 MBs per day


  • The free version shows annoying ads that cannot be removed

15- VyprVPN:


Protect your data online just like 2 million users of VyprVPN. You can access the world wide web with ease when connected to the VyprVPN. It is available to download for all devices including iOS and Mac devices. VyprVPN allows 5 simultaneous connections at once, protecting you and your family against attackers of different kinds. It allows you to connect safely where ever you want with a simple click. Being able to protect your privacy is a blessing in the modern world of digital chaos, where at every step, there are thousands of threats for you. VyprVPN uses the best encryption protocols which include WireGuard protocol as well. There are also many features including a kill switch that is extremely important for your VPN connection.

VyprVPN does not allow any data sharing with any third party with their strict no-logging policy. VyprVPN lets you enjoy safe and secure internet on the go and it can also unblock streaming libraries for Netflix of different regions. You can bypass the combat censorship and can have access to the geo-restricted websites that aren’t available to access in your country. The company keeps upgrading its servers with new hardware installation and updates. VyprVPN has more than 300,000 IP addresses and is currently operating in more than 70 countries of the world. VyprVPN is quite old in the VPN business and knows what is required to please its consumers.

VyprVPN allows bypassing internet restrictions. The major benefit of using VyprVPN is that it also works in China, Russia, and the Middle east. When streaming online, online security is a top priority for a user. VyprVPN lets you enjoy streaming services with no lag, advanced security and provides the best possible experience.


  • The company claims to be storing no logs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works in China, Russia, and the Middle east
  • More than 300,000 IP addresses


  • A limited number of servers

16- Private Internet Access VPN (PIA):

Private Internet Access

A VPN is a great option in mid-range virtual private networks. A great VPN in the standard VPN category provides all the necessary features and benefits to its users. It allows you to access websites that are geo-restricted or banned by the government of your country due to some privacy reasons. PIA is a trusted VPN and is mentioned multiple times in different magazines and big websites. PIA claims to be 100% authentic and provides great security by masking out your IP addresses from the servers. It works like a charm and provides the best user experience to its consumers. The company always keeps improving the applications for desktop and Android devices to make sure that the users are getting the best VPN experience out of it.

The company keeps a no logs policy to make sure that no user data is being stored or sold to third parties. A mediocre VPN with some flagship-level features with great customer support too. Your sensitive data like media files, photos, passwords, cookies, emails, and banking information is always protected by the VPN. As the second most important use of a VPN is unblocking geo-restricted Netflix and other entertainer app libraries, you can always count on the PIA VPN, which can unblock all the content that is geometrically prohibited in your region.

For a PC user, there are some better options available to use. But, as far as you want to unblock some websites and you are willing to buy a VPN that can unblock censored content outside of your region, you can have a look at the Private Internet Access VPN. It can provide you with all the necessary benefits you need in less amount than many top-notch virtual private network vendors. Customer support of the VPN is very cooperative and supportive all the time, you can access the customer support in no time.


  • PC app comes with a simple and eye-catchy user interface
  • Value for money VPN
  • Super-fast
  • Servers are operating in more than 78 countries


  • Security is questionable

17- CactusVPN:

Cactus VPNAn amazing VPN for all platforms, which comes with a ton of security & safety features. CactusVPN hides the user’s IP address and leaves it untraceable and uncrackable for hackers at any cost. When using public Wi-fi your data and history become exposed to threats of different kinds. CactusVPN stops those threats making the public Wi-fi network into a safe and sound private network.CactusVPN makes a secure connection between you and the VPN servers in a way that Government and Internet service providers can no longer track your activity and can sell your data to other companies for their own benefit. The VPN also allows some of the best torrenting services and you can also download movies and videos without having to call any threats upon you. Keep your private data secured and keep your confidential information hidden from the prying eyes on the internet.

End-to-end encryption makes this VPN extremely powerful and reliable. It is packed with advanced AES-256-bit encryption to make sure that nobody can steal the user data or can manipulate the user information. CactusVPN works on some of the advanced protocols out there to make sure the user’s data is safe and hidden from everyone online. Cactus VPN operates with a large number of servers in 22 countries.

A VPN that works on all platforms including Firestick TV, personal computers, Mac, and iOS devices. CactusVPN allows its users to connect multiple devices to make sure the safety of their family and themselves at all costs. Customer support is collaborative and cooperative in terms of problem-solving. You can contact customer support to solve different queries.


  • A powerful VPN with advanced security protocols
  • Equipped with advanced encryption technology
  • No limits while gaming online
  • Cooperative customer support
  • Customer support is available 24/7/365 to assist you


  • Not the most reliable VPN

18- Trust.Zone VPN:


Trust.Zone is a Seychelles Islands-based VPN, and it is a VPN working on its own. It is not possible to force Trust.Zone VPN to share any user data with anyone. Trust.Zone VPN operates in more than 98 zones over the world. It is based on ultra-fast 188 servers which are always active and provide a great user experience at all costs. Become a ghost in the world of digital chaos and don’t let anybody manipulate your data and activities online with the help of Trust.Zone VPN. You can try the VPN for free if you want and can check out all the features and claims of the company. It hides the user’s IP address and location without keeping any logs. Yes!Trust.Zone is the most trusted VPN in terms of keeping no logs and user data.

Stopping the annoying ISP from getting your information is super-easy.  All the cyber-threats and cyberattacks can be denied access with the help of Trust.Zone VPN.Trust.Zone VPN is equipped with Military-grade encryption to keep the prying eyes away from your confidential information. Trust.Zone also enables you to unblock the geo-blocked content for Netflix and Hulu streaming services. There are some advanced protocols working in the VPN to make sure the VPN is working properly and the user data is in safe hands. Trust.Zone VPN also enables you to use the kill switch feature to make sure that your data is kept safe when the connection to the VPN is interrupted.

Simply connect the VPN and become invincible against hackers & snoopers all the time. ISP and the government aren’t allowed to access your data because your data transmission is carried through different encrypted tunnels.


  • Away from the surveillance of 9 eyes, and 14 eyes
  • Availability for all platforms
  • Based in Seychelles Islands
  • More than 98 servers


  • The refund policy is questionable

19- Norton Secure VPN:

Norton Secure VPN is a great choice for PC users. It has on-the-go access which means you can connect to the websites and videos when you are at your house or if you are moving somewhere.  Norton’s Secure VPN can detect insecure networks and can automatically convert your internet connection into a safe & private internet connection. It keeps your activities hidden and you become anonymous on the world wide web. It helps in protecting your data through encrypted channels and masks the activities you perform online. You can block annoying ads, hackers, and mobile carriers from tracking your confidential data online.

The latest version comes with a dedicated kill switch which enables the VPN to automatically disconnect from the Internet if the connection to the VPN drops. In this way, your privacy is hidden and kept secure at all costs. Norton Secure VPN also claims to be 100% authentic and keeps no logs of the user data and activities online. Split tunneling is also an incredible feature provided by the company to keep your sensitive data safe. But, the main drawback of the VPN is that the Split tunneling is available for android and Windows users only.

As a PC user, that uses Windows as the main operating system, you can always count on the Norton Secure VPN because it has unlimited features at reasonable prices. It works on advanced encryption technology and protocols to keep the user data protected against different threats. You can also access the content that is geometrically blocked in your region. You can access all the geo-restricted sites too.


  • Encrypted cloud storage facility
  • Keeps no logs
  • Connectivity with 10 devices at once is allowed
  • A VPN on-the-go with amazing and advanced protocols 


  • Expensive premium plans

20- ProtonVPN:


Get high-speed Switzerland-based ProtonVPN for all of your devices including Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux operating machines. A great VPN that sends your traffic through different encrypted tunnels to make sure your data isn’t leaking. Your confidential information is very important for you and your family, that is why you definitely need a VPN to keep your information secured and private against all threats. From now on, you can have the best browsing on public Wi-fi because ProtonVPN converts a public Wi-fi into a safe & secured private network. As a Switzerland-based VPN, ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN providers that do not share any user information with any third parties.

There is no surveillance of your data and browsing history.ProtonVPN is a great way to earn the freedom that you deserve online, it can bypass all the censorship barriers to unblock all the geo-blocked content for you. ProtonVPN is also available for free use. And, unlike many other VPN providers, ProtonVPN does not keep any logs or user data for its own benefit. The company has made sure that no user information is shared among third-party apps and websites on the free version.

ProtonVPN is simple & easy to use because of its simple and enhanced user interface. There is also a VPN accelerator technology provided in the VPN that boosts the speeds over 400% on your internet connection. The VPN has 10 GigaBit servers with unlimited bandwidth and supports Peer-2-Peer file sharing also. You can simply connect up to 10 simultaneous devices to protect your loved ones with yourself.


  • P2P support is available
  • It gives you unlimited bandwidth
  • Geo-blocked content unblocking is easy
  • 10 simultaneous connections are allowed


  • There is no live chat support for the users


Here are the 20 best Virtual Private Networks available to download on your personal computer. To keep yourself ready & up-to-date against Cyber-threats, these VPN providers can assist you at all costs. These VPN services will protect your PC against hackers and threats, that are not visible to naked eyes.

You can grab any one of these tools and can access the global content in no time, unblocking all the sites and geo-blocked streaming services at your home. Stay hidden from the prying eyes of the ISP, hackers, and snoopers all the time. Keep your VPN active all the time and enjoy a safe & ad-free experience on the web when surfing online.

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