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20+ Best VPN Services in 2022

Getting the best tool that fits your needs is always difficult. There are some people who want to keep their business information secured and there are some people who may find a site blocked in their region and they want to unblock it. In this way, they find it extremely hard to choose the best VPN for their business or individual use. In these scenarios, you don’t have to worry about choosing a VPN.

Here, we bring you the 20 best VPN services that can assure your permanent safety, security and can unblock geo-blocked content for you. You don’t have to choose. You will be easily able to make your browsing experience safe and secured. Our recommendations are based on the pricing of the VPN, its features, and the benefits it can provide to you or your business.

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Now, What is a VPN?

While browsing or searching for something online, several types of threats circulate around your data. User data is always sensitive and no user wants to share their personal information like credit cards information, passwords, and browsing history. To keep your data hidden from any type of hackers or attackers who are always there to get a chance and steal your data, you must take some necessary precautions before going online on the world wide web to keep your data and identity hidden from the online world. In this case, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is your best partner and companion to save all of your data against all the situations mentioned above.

A VPN hides your IP address while browsing online so that nobody can access your data. It gives you data leak protection with its end-to-end encryption technology. A VPN simply creates a layer of security while you perform different online activities. It hides your IP address against your ISP and the website you are connected to. That’s how it keeps your identity anonymous on the world wide web. You appear to be in another location while connected to a VPN.

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN uses advanced protocols like WIreGuard and encryption technology such as AES-256-bit encryption. A protocol is simply a set of instructions given to the computer to tell the machine how it is supposed to communicate with the server. The VPN uses tunneling protocols to convey your information to the site you are connected. On the way, the information you provide is encrypted and gets decrypted while reaching the VPN server. Then it is sent through a virtual tunnel and your IP address of yours is converted into another IP address. So, it becomes harder for the ISP and trackers to track your activities online.

Does VPN Actually Work?

There are many VPN providers that do not claim to be 100% legit. That is why we will be guiding you about the Virtual network services that are 100% legit and work according to their claims keeping your sensitive information online protected and secured against different types of threats.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a VPN

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a VPN are mentioned down below:


  • AES-256-bit encryption makes all the
  • Netflix libraries can be unlocked instantly
  • Access geo-blocked websites with one click
  • Your browsing experience will be smooth and super secured


  • Internet speed lags and does not remain constant.

Best VPN Services in 2022:

Here is the list of 20+ Best Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services in 2022 and 2023.

  1. Surfshark VPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. IPVanish VPN
  4. Ivacy VPN
  5. Fastest VPN
  6. CactusVPN
  7. NordVPN
  8. CyberGhost VPN
  9. TorGuard VPN
  10. Pure VPN
  11. VyprVPN
  12. ProtonVPN
  13. Private Internet Access VPN
  14. Hotspot Shield VPN
  15. StrongVPN
  16. Speedify VPN
  17. TunnelBear
  18. Zone VPN
  19. FrootVPN
  20. Windscribe

1- Surfshark VPN:


A great and stable virtual private whose availability is for all devices including Mac and Linux-based devices. Not long enough the company has been introduced to the world but now, Surfshark’s VPN has become one of the most known VPNs in the world.  With more than 1,700 servers, Surfshark has spread its services across 63 different nations in the world.

One major feature provided by the company is that the VPN supports unlimited connections allowing the users to unblock Netflix and other streaming services alongside all the geo-blocked sites in your region. As the VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands it becomes extremely reliable and secure for its users. Surfshark company provides different tools like VPN and private search tools as well.

The company received the first approval seal back in 2019. Since the release, the VPN has done enough to get its name written in the best list of virtual private networks in 2020. This VPN tool uses the advanced 256-bit-encryption which makes it secure from all sorts of hackers and attackers online. It comes with the most advanced protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN. The company has also allowed torrenting and tunneling through the VPN which is not often provided by many VPN providers.

Surfshark allows its users to stream HD Netflix content from a US-based library which is a plus point of this VPN. Many people just buy a VPN because of its ability to unlock geo-blocked content in their region. So, if you want to enjoy Netflix or you are willing to make your company’s or your data super secured and safe from hackers and attackers on the world wide web you can give this VPN a go and it will provide all the security to streaming features in lesser price than many other Virtual private networks.

An additional feature added by the company is the use of Multi-Hop technology which simply routes the user data from two different servers to make it more secure and less open to threats.

Get Surfshark VPN 81% Off Deal


  • Advanced features like Multi-Hop technology make this VPN a game-changer
  • Lightning-fast with advanced security features
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure
  • Allows Netflix content unblocking
  • Equipped with AES-256-bit encryption.


  • The renewal fee is high

2- ExpressVPN:


ExpressVPN is the oldest yet the best VPN. ExpressVPN has been providing its services to 90+ countries. As many VPN companies do not provide their services in many countries such as China. Because of their strict policies against virtual private networks.

ExpressVPN claims that the VPN works in China as well which is a highlighted feature of the VPN. According to the tests we conducted, we have received speeds up to 120 Mbps, which means your browsing experience is going to be super-fast. The VPN is easy to use because of its interior design. Yes! the UI of ExpressVPN is extremely easy to understand and navigate. The VPN is available for all types of devices. Whether you are a Mac user or a Windows user, ExpressVPN got you covered with its ultra-fast desktop and Mac applications.

ExpressVPN Is equipped with AES-256-bit encryption, which means your activities on the worldwide web are transmitted through secured channels with advanced tunneling protocols. ExpressVPN is a great choice if you want to use this VPN for Multiplayer online gaming services because its servers are lightning-fast and the VPN allows gamers to connect to their desired location in no time and assures that there will be no lag while playing games. ExpressVPN can also unblock Netflix content of US-based libraries which is simply amazing.

Now you can enjoy Netflix movies and shows that are not available to watch in your region. Not all VPN providers come with these types of amazing features that can enhance your security, gaming, and unblocking geo-blocked content as well

ExpressVPN is also famous because of its strict no-logging policy which assures a user that its data is not stored or stacked by the company. The company keeps no logs and provides the best security alongside a kill switch and tunneling protocols. Customer support is friendly and cooperative in all cases. Get the assistance through live chat or through email option according to your desires.

Get Express VPN 85% Off Deal


  • Simple user interface
  • No logs policy
  • Split-tunneling
  • Open-sourced browser extension.
  • Netflix can be unblocked using this VPN


  • Not available to download in Indian Playstore

3- IPVanish VPN:


IPVanish is one of the top-notch VPN providers that are facilitating people with cheap and affordable prices. The company Is based in the United States it assures safety as the company is under the command of 5 eyes. Now you can enjoy the lightning-fast IPVanish VPN which has more than 1,600 servers across 70+ locations on the map.

If you want a VPN that provides All-in-1 features like security, safety, secured information, and unblocking geo-blocked content on the internet you can always go for IPVanish VPN because, this VPN comes with advanced encryption techniques, having the ability to unblock Netflix content of UK based library and It can unblock any website that is not accessible in your region.

The simple user interface is always eye-catchy. That’s why most of the big brands keep their applications simple and attractive. Whether these applications are desktop-based applications or are used for Mobile phones. IPVanish keeps its application super clean and highly attractive to the user’s eyes. The company has also made sure that its tool is available for all devices. Yes! you can download the application on your Mac, Linux-based system, Windows operating system or you can download the VPN app from the play store or Apple’s Appstore depending on your system.

The tunneling protocol strategies are helping the VPN to overcome the speed issue while playing online games or while browsing. As speed is the main concern for many people who browse on the world wide web while connected to the VPN. Several vendors do not reach their claims on the VPN speed as it slows down the internet connections and ruins the overall user experience. IPVanish is a customer-driven company that is maintaining its virtual private network speeds according to its claims.

As far as customer support is the main concern, they are a very well-mannered and supportive team available 24/7 to assist their customers.

Get IPVanish VPN 88% Off Deal


  • Advanced and reliable VPN
  • No logs policy
  • Super-fast and easy to use
  • Netflix geo-blocked content can be unblocked easily
  • Reasonable prices


  • Under the command of 5 eyes.

4- Ivacy VPN:


The Internet is always dangerous and unpredictable when it comes to the privacy of its users. There are a lot of data grabbers and malicious websites online that are willing to steal a person’s data and can misuse their data. So, to stay safe from the websites like these you surely need a VPN like Ivacy VPN, which is one of the best VPNs in the VPN race to protect your data and keep your data safe from hackers.

Ivacy lets you access the geo-restricted data that is not available to access or watch in your region. That content includes Netflix streaming or unblocking Netflix libraries that are blocked in your country or it can be a website that isn’t available to access in your country. Ivacy lets you enjoy all these services anytime or anywhere around the globe.

Ivacy gives unlimited bandwidth with split tunneling and limitless speeds. Ivacy’s kill switch makes it more popular for its users. Ivacy allows 10 simultaneous connections at once. You can add 10 devices at once and can get rid of logging into VPN again and again.

Isn’t it just perfect for someone who takes the device connections on the highest priority? Founded in 2007, Ivacy is concerned to make the digital world more secure for everyone. This VPN will provide your data the safety and integrity your need.

Get IVacy VPN 87% Off Deal


  • Easy to use and equipped with advanced protocols
  • Includes the strict no-logs policy
  • Extremely fast speeds
  • Easy to navigate and ease of use


  • For Mac users sadly, there is no kill switch option

5- Fastest VPN:

Fastest VPN

This amazing VPN is new in the race for the best virtual private networks. Most of the time, a user’s data is hacked because of connecting to a public WIFI or in a public place. FastestVPN keeps the user data private from harsh eyes. There are many platforms that are unable to get VPN services thoroughly, but FastestVPN is available to use for all devices including Mac devices, iOS-based devices, Android, or Fire TV.

FastestVPN has made sure of its availability on more than 20 platforms which creates absolute ease for its users across the whole world. Applications for all the devices have the same features.

In case of traveling the world while sitting at your home, FastestVPN can be your best friend and it can take you on a world tour without a flight by simply unblocking all the geo-blocked content. Connecting to the VPN is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to open the application and connect to the desired server. The VPN configures itself automatically and lets you enjoy a more open internet through your favorite server.

FastestVPN comes with a 3-year plan, 1-plan, and 1-month plan. You can simply save a lot of money when buying this VPN because it can provide you with all the features that you need at a very reasonable price. You can have the 3-year plan at a price of as low as 1.11$ per month save up to 320$. You can contact customer support when needed through live chat or email. They are extremely cooperative and friendly.

Get Fastest VPN 90% Off Deal


  • Super-fast and easy-to-use
  • Company made it available for all the platforms
  • 3 year-plan is extremely cheap


  • A good choice, but surely not the best one

6- CactusVPN:

Cactus VPN

Protect your privacy online with the help of CactusVPN, a very well-known famous brand that does not keep any logs while hiding the IP address of its users. It stops advertisers from tracking the user data and blocks them before they can even get close to the user data. With advanced encryption methods like military-grade encryption, CactusVPN users can hide their identities online from all the hackers stalking their data and trying to get their passwords from the users. It hides the IP address of the users from the ISPs and country agencies as well. It simply masks the original IP address and creates a virtual IP address that appears to be in another country to confuse the ISP and the government of the country.

With the help of CactusVPN, all the banned websites in a country can be accessed in no time. According to the company claims, more than 340 geo-blocked websites can be accessed with the help of CactusVPN. Using the CactusVPN Netflix libraries in the US can be unblocked and watched easily in HD quality.  CactusVPN can also unblock site content of Disney+, BBC sports, Amazon prime video US, HBO, Hulu, and many more countless websites.

CactusVPN has lightning-fast servers in 22 countries around the Globe. CactusVPN is also available to download on all platforms like Windows operating system, Mac OS, Linux or you can get Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser extensions to make the overall browsing experience smooth and steady.

Get Cactus VPN 72% Off Deal


  • It can give access to 340-blocked websites
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Available for all platforms
  • Netflix US can be unblocked easily
  • Browser extension for Mozilla and Chrome-based users


  • Not all servers provide the torrenting facility

7- NordVPN:


One of the best in the business when it comes to great features with advanced security protocols. NordVPN can also unblock streaming content. The headquarters of the VPN is based in Panama. NordVPN has more than 5500 servers in around 65 countries. Since the release of the VPN, it has grown a great reputation as the user count of this VPN is more than 10 million across the whole world. NordVPN comes with great speed and you can upload and download files without any lag alongside streaming Netflix in HD.

NordVPN comes with an advanced encryption technique called military standard encryption. With shared IP addresses, the user can connect 6 devices simultaneously. Not many VPN providers give you such specifications. That is why NordVPN is currently the best VPN out there. You can simply go anonymous on the internet with the help of NordVPN in simple steps. NordVPN gives you great security and user experience. If we observe the overall performance of a VPN, NordVPN can be mentioned on top of the list as it is the best multi-purpose VPN that can be used to access geo-blocked websites, geo-blocked streaming content like Netflix and Hulu or it can be used to secure one’s connection.

You can get the NordVPN deal of 3 years, 2 years, 1 year, or for a month depending on your need. You can enjoy an extremely powerful VPN at a low price. It lets you enjoy a safer, open, and secure internet without having any problems with privacy and security. Go and get this amazing VPN and enjoy the best VPN services. One thing that is necessary to be mentioned is Customer Support of the product. As it provides the best technical team who are experts in problem-solving of the customer and are super supportive towards the problem of any kind. You can access customer support through live chat, emails, or phone calls directly.


  • Premium quality VPN
  • It comes with a no-logs policy
  • Equipped with Military based encryption
  • Simple and easy to use


  • None

8- CyberGhost:


As the name represents, CyberGhost is a powerful VPN that uses amazing AES-256-bit encryption to make your data secure while browsing online. It has more than 7,300 VPN servers across 91 countries of the world.  CyberGhost comes with a kill switch and supports live chat as well. CyberGhost is providing security and safety to its users. The app comes with a simple and easy-to-use user interface which makes it a favorite of every user within no time. You simply need to select the desired server and connect to it with a single click and boom! You are ready to go anonymous in the online world of chaos. There is a large set of security tools provided by the company to increase the performance and security of the VPN and make it super-fast and reliable.

CyberGhost also allows its users to stream Netflix content or play games online having no lag issues. CyberGhost was first released in 2004 and now it has evolved to a new level because of advanced features added by the company. The company is always determined for the best user experience, that’s why they keep adding new features through updates and patches. But the question is can we trust CyberGhost VPN? According to our operations on this VPN, it’s a Yes. CyberGhost is highly trusted and has made its reputation neat and clean since the release and provides the best security features like AES-256-bit encryption. If you are in search of An 1 VPN, you can go for CyberGhost as it is the most trusted VPN that has amazing reviews by its users.

Protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard make this tool a top-notch brand. Customer support is extremely friendly and helpful all the time. You can get assistance through live chat or email, depending on your time and need. CyberGhost CS is always available 24/7 to assist you in any case whether it is about connectivity or the Subscription plan renewal.


  • It includes a split-tunneling feature for its android users
  • The no-logging policy for the VPN is strict
  • AES-256-bit based encryption
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable prices for the premium plans


  • The android app needs improvements

9- TorGuard VPN:


TorGuard is extremely fast when it competes with other VPN giants in the top-notch category. It has more than 3000 servers spread around 44+ countries of the globe. The main hub is situated in the United States of America. The most unique features that a VPN can offer are included In this VPN. TorGuard is equipped with a kill switch that enables its users to keep their data safe and secure while connected to the internet or while browsing on the world wide web. TorGuard is also equipped with the best encryption techniques like AES-256-bit encryption, which means you are simply anonymous on the internet while browsing online or doing anything online

TorGuard VPN is able to unblock UK-based shows but, in order to perform these operations, you need to pay some additional charges to the company. As there is a dedicated IP address provided by the company on paying additional charges for Netflix which can easily unblock Netflix UK-based content. You can watch all shows and movies that are available on Netflix to watch. So, we can conclude that the TorGuard is the VPN that can be your backbone in performing any type of activities you want while using a VPN. It can unblock Netflix and it can also protect your data from hackers and attackers. What else do you need? Go and grab the TorGuard VPN deals and get a safe browsing experience on the world wide web. The VPN also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee as well. The company always keeps improving the android and desktop applications through updates so that users can enjoy the best VPN experience.


  • VPN is equipped with AES-256-bit encryption
  • Full protection against all types of threats
  • Reasonable prices for premium plans
  • Configuration is easy


  • To unblock Netflix, you have to pay more

10- PureVPN:


Enlisting the best VPN services is the main purpose of this article, that’s why we choose PureVPN as one of the top 20 VPN providers that comes with great tools and features to provide benefits to its users. PureVPN can easily unblock Netflix content, Amazon prime videos and can also unblock Hulu movies. You can always count on PureVPN if you are in search of a VPN that can unblock the geo-restricted content in no time. PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN which makes it ultra-secure and reliable because neither 5 eyes and neither 14 nor 9 eyes are in charge of the enforcement of this VPN. PureVPN provides a kill switch that keeps checking the traffic and stops the internet connection when the VPN gets disconnected from your computer to keep your data safe and secure when the VPN is not connected.

Split tunneling is a major feature of PureVPN that benefits its users when needed. The most important factor while choosing a VPN is its security. As the main concern of getting a VPN is keeping your data secured on the internet so that none of the hackers or bad eyes can interact with your data. The data can be the credit cards information that you have stored on a website or can be sensitive passwords you have set on your social media accounts. PureVPN claims to be a 100% threat removal tool and according to our tests, this VPN actually is a mind-blowing VPN. AES-256-bit encryption makes this VPN a threat-defying tool that enhances security and boosts the overall browsing experience of the user. Also, you get a built-in adblocker that blocks the ads when they appear on your screen while browsing the internet.

As far as our test on the customer support, they were super calm and cooperative regarding any problem. And they are always available to assist you when you need it


  • No logs policy of the VPN is strict
  • Simple user interface
  • Technical support is helpful and supportive


  • App crashes on android

11- VyprVPN:


VPN that is protecting the data of 2 million+ users across the globe. As the most user-friendly VPN, VyprVPN comes with a clean record. The company has made this VPN available for all devices including Mac and iOS devices. VyprVPN allows 5 simultaneous connections at once which is a point that needs to be highlighted when talking about VyprVPN. The VPN safeguards the user data with its advanced multiple encryption protocols, which include the latest WireGuard protocol. VyprVPN also carries a strict no-logging policy, which means no user data is stored by the vendor.

VyprVPN is equipped with a kill switch option as well which means if your connection drops from the VPN, you are still in a safe space where your data is secured and safe from harsh eyes. Apart from the security protocols and advanced security encryption techniques, VyprVPN guarantees the unblocking of geo-restricted content in your region. With the help of the global network servers of VyprVPN, you can easily unblock Netflix streaming services. With the help of lightning-fast VPN servers. you can watch Netflix content in HD to enjoy your free time.

As the government of some countries restricts some websites due to security reasons, you are not able to browse those websites. But, with the help of VyprVPN, you can unblock all the websites and can also unblock the streaming content. In addition, you can unblock apps that are not allowed to download and use in your region. VyprVPN servers are upgraded timely to keep the user experience ultra-fast and smooth. More than 70 countries are hosting the servers of VyprVPN and the VPN includes more than 300,000 IP addresses to mask your location. You can always change servers within no time and can connect to your favorite server rapidly. VyprVPN can be bought at cheap rates on these Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and the company is also offering a money-back guarantee of 30 days as well.


  • Customer support is friendly and cooperative
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • A kill switch that takes care of your data if the connection drops
  • AES-256-bit-encryption enabled VPN


  • Mediocre speeds several times is the only con we witnessed.

12- ProtonVPN:


A well-trusted and well-optimized VPN that is providing its services to millions of people across the world for many years. ProtonVPN secures the traffic of the user’s internet through some encrypted channels to keep your sensitive information super secured and safe from everyone. Nobody can access or watch your data, not even your ISP and nobody else. ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland and the company has a strict no-logging policy which means no user data is kept or stored in the database or servers of the company. The company has a clear record of no data leakage over the years.

For the first time, ProtonVPN was created for journalists and the people who were using ProtonMail. In this way, the journalists and other people were able to get the geo-blocked content of any country they want by breaking down the barriers of the censorship of the internet. You can access Netflix as well with the help of Proton to open the geo-blocked content of Netflix. You can watch American-based Netflix libraries with the help of ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN is a customer-driven VPN that is always concerned about the user’s privacy while browsing online. And the VPN till now succeeded in helping millions of people by securing their browsing and searching experience on the world wide web.

ProtonVPN is very simple to use and its server speed when combined with the unique suite “the VPN accelerator” crosses 10 Gbps. This means it can Improve the overall speed up to 400% thoroughly. ProtonVPN also makes sure the availability of the VPN on all platforms including Linux and Mac-based systems.


  • VPN accelerator boosts the overall speed
  • 5 simultaneous connections are allowed
  • VPN is equipped with AES-256-bit encryption


  • No live chatting service is available

13- Private Internet Access VPN:

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access VPN AKA PIA is privacy and safety-focused VPN allowing its users to protect their sensitive information digitally online, putting no restrictions on the users. Users can keep their data secure and private with the restricted free browsing experience of the PIA VPN. Currently, PIA is available at an extremely cheap rate, the company is offering 78% off on its premium plan of 3 years. As privacy is extremely important online, and to enable a secured and safe VPN experience, we need to go anonymous on the internet first. This can be done by hiding the IP address from the ISP and all other people. PIA hides the IP address of a user in a way that nobody Is able to access data.

PIA keeps no logs of the user data which is a great feature and proves to be beneficiary to the end-user because no data of the user is kept in the servers of the VPN while browsing online. With the help of PIA VPN, you can get access to geo-blocked content while sitting at your home and you can enjoy an unlimited number of shows and movies without paying any extra penny. There are no restrictions at all on watching or streaming any Netflix content as well.

PIA is an old fella in the VPN race with more than 10 years of expertise in the VPN field. The VPN has crossed a user count of 15 million as well which is massive. PIA VPN claims 100% transparency with the open-source software as well. As far as customer support is concerned, you do not need to worry about that, their support team is available 24/7 to assist you regarding any query or problem.


  • It has everything at a reasonable price
  • Easy to set up on all devices and easy to use
  • Operates in more than 75 countries


  • No free version is available

14- Hotspot Shield VPN:

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the best VPN vendors out there with years of expertise in user safety and security. You can disguise your online identity within a matter of seconds using the very best Hotspot Shield VPN. You can bypass the censorship easily through the hotspot shield VPN and can get access to geo-blocked content. Hotspot Shield lets you enjoy safer internet alongside Netflix streaming and unblocking different Netflix libraries that aren’t available to watch in your country or in your region. Hotspot shield can easily secure all the activities of its users online and keeps no track of user data. Yes! isn’t it great that your favorite Hotspot shield is equipped with a no-logging policy? It certainly is.

VPN like Hotspot shield gives you great features to use as a free version. The company is offering a free version for its users and that free version is available forever. But it does not consist of all the functionalities that a premium version provides. So, if you want access to all of its features you need to buy the premium version for yourself which is not that expensive when compared to other VPN vendors.

Hotspot shield offers great customer support to its users. Any query regarding the VPN will be solved in no time through email. They guarantee customer satisfaction. One of the most highlighted features of the Hotspot Shield VPN is malware and phishing protection, which means if you visit a site that is not safe for your data or it can send different types of malware to your system which are not good for your system, Hotspot shield gives you an alert about the issue that the website is not trusted or is trying to access your data.


  • Cost-effective and easy to use
  • Malware and Phishing protection against harmful websites
  • It comes with a free version
  • Adds value to the user’s experience.


  • Questionable logging policy

15- StrongVPN:

Strong VPN

Equipped with FireGuard Protocol which is the fastest protocol available for VPN leads your VPN connection with amazing speeds. StrongVPN is known as the first VPN which offers the lightning-fast WireGuard protocol that is leading the VPN industry with its speed and security. But the question is what are the benefits that the StrongVPN provides? And what are the features that can take this VPN to the list of best VPN services? We will tell you that.

First of all, the VPN is available to download on all platforms. So, if you are a user of any platform, you can download the lightning-fast StrongVPN and can set up the best VPN in no time. Also, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the annual plan of the VPN. Not only these features are included in the VPN. The VPN is operating with 950+ around 30+ countries in the world. This means you can connect to the server of your desire in no time with a simple 2 to 3 clicks. Additionally, the VPN offers you the best available location option as well and connects automatically to that location to give you the best experience.

As the name represents, the VPN’s policies are also strong. It provides a zero-logging policy to its users and claims to be 100% accurate in providing all these features. The VPN comes with the protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN with a StrongDNS included in the package. It assures the user security on public WIFI too. So, a user can easily browse through the internet without having an issue with data leakage.


  • 30-days money-back guarantee on an annual plan
  • There is no speed limit on this VPN
  • All the credit cards are accepted and the payment can be done through PayPal as well
  • Operating in 59 cities and 35 countries with more than 950 servers
  • Connect up to 12 devices at once


  • Some packages are overpriced

16- Speedify VPN:


The only VPN that combines different internet sources to a single bound super-fast connection. Speedify lets you enjoy stable and secured internet sessions through its abilities. Speedify is also used in gaming and unblocking Netflix content as well. Like many other top-notch VPN providers, Speedify is also available to download on all platforms like Mac, Windows, iPhone, Linux, and Android phones. You can easily download the web app from their official website and you can download the android version from Playstore. The company also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the services the VPN provides you can always look for other VPN providers that can provide better services and better performance at reasonable prices.

As far as we have tested, the VPN allows you to use multiple connections to get an extreme performance boost.  Through the channel bonding technology of the VPN, you can easily combine connections like Wi-Fi, Cellular data, Ethernet, Tethered phones, and satellites into a single yet powerful connection. Speedify works perfectly on streaming apps like Twitch or YouTube live. Speedify is equipped with Bank-grade encryption that enhances its ability to protect user data and secure the user data on the internet while they are browsing online.

Combining the multiple connections into a single bounded connection maximizes the overall performance of the VPN and increases the speed of the VPN. For the gamers who are only concerned with gaming, Speedify VPN is a good choice as it is super stable, ultra-secured, and lets the gamer connect to any location he/she wants.


  • Live streaming is optimized very well
  • Unlimited data bandwidth
  • 5 simultaneous connections are allowed
  • Equipped with advanced Bank-grade encryption


  • No browser extension

17- TunnelBear:


By encrypting the internet connection and by using different tunneling protocols TunnelBear keeps the user data private on all networks. TunnelBear is a very simple-to-use VPN application that gives safer and more open internet at a low price. The VPN app is extremely easy-to-use, you simply need to open the app, select the desired location and connect to the VPN. TunnelBear users are increasing day by day and now they have crossed millions of users across all platforms. TunnelBear provides its users the safety and data protection against hackers. All the user-sensitive data is protected and held unidentified online. What hackers usually do is try to get the credit card and passwords information of the user to get access to its credentials.

TunnelBear allows its users to access geo-blocked content by changing the virtual location of the user. As we know, many countries do not allow some popular websites. In this case, a VPN is always helpful. TunnelBear can give you access to the geo-restricted content in no time and at the same time protects the user rights and gives privacy to the user data.

There are many social media sites that track the browsing behavior of a user to show the advertisements accordingly. TunnelBear stops them from getting the user information and blocks the ads to make the overall user experience smooth and enhances the browsing speed.


  • Strong encryption methods are applied
  • No logging policy
  • Availability for all platforms
  • Comes with a free version


  • Located in Canada, which is a Five eyes country

18- Trust.Zone VPN:

Trust.Zone is another great VPN to keep your identity hidden while surfing online. It hides the IP address of the user in such a way that no attacker or tracker can breach the user data. is a trusted VPN that says no to data logging like many other VPN vendors. You don’t need to worry about your privacy at all. It will keep you safe in the digital world of chaos and, it will also keep no user data in its pocket. VPN stops the ISP from monitoring your activities online and doesn’t let it track the movement you did on the world wide web.  It encrypts all the internet traffic and protects its users from incoming threats whether you are on public wi-fi. VPN turns the public wi-fi into private secured connections for its users to keep their browsing experience safe and sound. is supported by all known platforms and is also available to download on android and iPhone. A dedicated kill switch is also included in this VPN to make sure the user’s privacy if the connection drops or disconnects. The company claims that Peer-to-Peer traffic is not restricted at all.  According to the queries concerning payments, all the payment methods are accepted by the company. If you are willing to pay through bitcoin, you can get a discount of 10% on its premium plans.

What are you waiting for then? go on and grab the awesome VPN that is equipped with the encryptions like OpenVPN & L2TP encryption.


  • 5 simultaneous connections.
  • Super-fast and secured with advanced protocols like OpenVPN and L2TP.
  • There are no limits on bandwidth.
  • Easy to use.
  • There is a free version available and the VPN provides a 30-days money-back guarantee.


  • The server count is in a small circle when compared to others.

19- FrootVPN:


FrootVPN is available for platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android-based systems. When it comes to the best security techniques, FrootVPN keeps your data secured from threats and advertisers. It has super-fast servers to make sure that the user is experiencing the greatness of the VPN. FrootVPN leaves the attackers behind with the help of advanced encryption techniques. You become untraceable in the world of harsh eyes and absolute chaos, where everybody is trying to steal the data of internet users for money and fun.

The company claims that they keep no logs of the user data to give the best user experience to their users. Torrenting and Peer-to-Peer are allowed by the VPN with a kill switch. The company gives an unlimited bandwidth limit to its users and allows the users to connect 5 devices simultaneously. Which gives you the independence over logging in and again & again. Strong encryption techniques are used with the best protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP Protocols. There is also a 30-days money-back guarantee on the annual version of the VPN. FrootVPN claims to be 100% completely secured and provides user freedom.

FrootVPN operates in 35 countries and it is equipped with more than 150 servers across the world.


  • Claims 100% security.
  • Geo-blocked content can be accessed easily.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Supports torrenting.


  • Customer support is not as strong as the features.

20- Windscribe:


Windscribe is spread across 63 countries in more than 110 cities. It blocks the IPs and also can block advertisements of all types so it won’t annoy and ruin the overall experience. The company claims to be 100% strict in its no-logging policy. Windscribe is equipped with AES-256-bit encryption which assures the user’s safety while browsing online. Windscribe offers great protocols like WireGuard, SOCKS which are configured for all devices. As the company generates big revenue every year, they are also providing a free version of the VPN, which includes many features but is for people who have a low budget. For the people who can pay more for better benefits, the company offers some great deals on its premium plans so that the users can enjoy the lag-free, super-fast and ultra-secure VPN.

IPs on some servers are not meant to be changing because they are made to stay static all the time. Windscribe also offers its users the port forwarding facility sot that they can have the access to the internal resources securely. The VPN is available for Mac and Windows users only till now. Both of them include the split tunneling feature so that the apps that can go over the VPN can be customized and chosen accordingly. There are a ton of features that are not possible to be enlisted here. You can go check out the VPN on their official website and can get the best information about the VPN as well.

One of the best features of the VPN is that it comes with an auto-pilot system that will connect to the best location available for you in no time. Multi-hop technology routes the data from 2 different servers which makes it difficult for attackers to locate the original IP address and information.


  • Built-in adblocker
  • Multi-Hop technology is included
  • Port forwarding facility
  • Free version


  • Canadian jurisdiction means the VPN works under the five eyes

Final Verdict

A VPN is a great source of securing your data online and keeping your identity hidden with advanced encryption techniques and protocols. Although VPN does not completely secure your data from Cyber Crime it can protect your data in many ways. We have enlisted the best VPN vendors that can be very helpful in securing your data by hiding your true identity on the world wide web. You can go for any of these VPN brands and can use their services.

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