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boredDevOps Review 2023: 

When it comes to Web security and other Web-related services, one tries to choose a company that can help to meet the required task within the budget.

Are you searching for a company that can offer your desired Web services at the most affordable rates?

If you are worried about the security of your websites and searching for a Web expert team, then you should read this article.

In this article, we will provide the details of the services provided by boredDevOps and will compare its features with other companies. We will also introduce you to the useful features of “boredDevOps” that can become your trusted Web expert.

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What is boredDevOps?

boredDevOps was founded in June 2018 by Mr. Bohdan Maksymenko in Ukraine. boredDevOps team includes more than 10 systems and network infrastructure experts having master’s degrees in computer science. 

They also have 10 years of practical experience in Linux systems administration. The team of boredDevOps works effectively in providing different Web services like Cloud Management, Continuous Delivery, HIPAA/PCI Compliance, Code Migration, and Cloud Migration

boredDevOps is a company that provides excellent Web services related to customers’ needs. It offers an infrastructure about cybersecurity and tries to maintain it under all conditions. In this modern digital world, it is impossible to maintain the security of websites from hackers, but boredDevOps make it possible in a very effective and efficient way. 

It also assures fast and secure Web services from developers to customers. It makes innovative and special arrangements for protecting the websites of its customers. It can also perform different functions of Information Technology as well, like IT management services, IT solutions, cloud consultation, and cloud management


boredDevOps generally works on Kubernetes technology, and this Kubernetes or Docker is its preferred working technology. The team of boredDevOps develops a microservice architecture, containerizes it and forward them to Kubernetes either on bare-metal servers or on cloud solutions and services. 

Thus it helps you to get your entire infrastructure defined as code and maintains the confidentiality of your website data.

The description of your infrastructure is always according to the given specifications. The customer has to choose its servers, such as VPS servers or Amazon Web Services cloud; the company will select optimal systems and infrastructure architecture for your business. It tries to describe it with Terraform / Puppet / Chef / Ansible / SaltStack.


It not only helps to containerize the project but also deploys the test infrastructure. The configured delivery of code is also sent to different environments.

It provides Continuous Deployment that involves Assembly, Delivery, and Deployment. It assures the fulfillment of your application in any format. It also provides Pipelines for any CI / CD solution. It assures on-time delivery of your application to the customers, whether it is in any language for web development. It also assures the exact delivery of your services to the customers.


The specialty fields of boredDevOps include:

  1. High Availability and Performance 
  2. Network security consulting

boredDevOps focuses on process automation for the fast delivery of secure software and the best product development. It also helps to fine-tune and optimize heavily loaded web servers and building high availability multi-data centered structures

boredDevOps builds dozens of modules across multiple clouds that are used freely worldwide. It also provides services related to mobile applications. 

The important work fields of boredDevOps are as follows:

  1. Industries.
  2. Consulting.
  3. Gaming.
  4. Information Technology.
  5. Internet.
  6. Software.


boredDevOps is actively using 18 technologies for different websites. It uses all Active technologies, including Website Tech Stack by BuiltWith. These include

  • Viewport Meta
  • iPhone / Mobile Compatible
  • Google Analytics.


The main aspects of boredDevOps include:

  1. Service lines.
  2. Cybersecurity.
  3. Web Development.

The most significant Skills used by the boredDevOps team include:

  • MySQL
  • Puppet
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux
  • MQPacker
  • Elasticsearch
  • GitLab
  • Amazon
  • Web Services
  • Kubernetes
  • Redis
  • Cloudflare

How Does It Deal With The Clients?

  • The client needs to clearly describe the infrastructure according to the given specifications.
  • Depending upon the type of web services the client chooses, either VPS servers or Amazon Web or Services cloud, the team of boredDevOps will select the optimal systems infrastructure architecture for your business.
  • The team will describe the infrastructure with Terraform / Puppet / Chef / Ansible / SaltStack.
  • The team will release the production infrastructure.
  • It will cover everything with metrics. 6-The team will select Technical stacks of the project from any of these options PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Prometheus, Grafana, and Kibana.
  • The team will provide a scalable production environment.
  • It will also take responsibility for Infrastructure audits.
  • The team will provide professional recommendations according to clients’ relevant standards and best practices.
  • Finally, it will implement the changes according to the clients’ business needs.
  • The team helps clients to migrate and keep their products stable.
  • The platform is needed to migrate from its own environment to a Kubernetes-based AWS infrastructure.
  • The team of boredDevOps also helps provide a scalable platform environment.

Why Should You Choose boredDevOps?

There are many reasons to choose boredDevOps as your Web assistant. Some of them are listed below:

1- Focused Services:

boredDevOps always offer focused services related to Network & System Administration, Information Security, and Other – IT & Networking. 

2- Economic:

boredDevOps allows cost-saving on AWS servers up to 70% and generally has low rates that any company can afford. 

3- Autoscaling:

boredDevOps performs Autoscaling for high-load traffic events and helps change the resources used depending on traffic load dynamically.

4- Migration:

boredDevOps helps any platform migrate to AWS using Kubernetes infrastructure to automate deployment, scaling, and management.

5- Maintain Stability of  Product:

The most important feature of boredDevOps is that they help their clients to migrate and keep their products stable during the process. 

6- Connection with Kubernetes:

boredDevOps allows the website of clients to always remain online with Kubernetes. 

7- Applications:

boredDevOps boosts IT infrastructure productivity and helps to deploy and run applications more efficiently

8- Stress-Free New Versions:

boredDevOps has made possible the development of a new version of an application/software into production to become stress-free.

9- Good Choice for Small Scale Business:

boredDevOps is a good choice for small-scale businesses if they do not have enough resources to host their own crew.

10- Time-Saving:

The decision of choosing boredDevOps as the Web services manager not only helps customers to save cost but also save time.

11- Expert Team:

You just need to describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and technologies used. Their team is an expert in web services and maintains the scaling of your products.

12- High Availability:

By designing and implementing fault-tolerant and high-loaded computing systems, boredDevOps helps to maximize the availability of services for its clients and satisfies them with its services

13- Monitoring:

boredDevOps sets up monitoring and notification of resource availability. We provide 24/7 critical case

14- Customer Care:

boredDevOps also provide the facility of 24/7 support to its customers. Their team can solve your problems within a few hours.

15- Long term support:

boredDevOps can provide long-term support for any kind of server and server-side services if necessary.


boredDevOps also takes responsibility for a complete analysis of the work. It efficiently conducts audits of the infrastructure to check any bottleneck, security breach, or where resources optimization is required.

It also provides professional recommendations according to relevant standards. It offers best practices and gradually implements the changes according to customers’ business needs.

Data Security:

The main feature of boredDevOps is to maintain the data security of websites. The team efficiently deals with problems related to servers and data security.

They provide Data security in the following way:

  1. Configure your systems for certifications (e.g. HIPAA / PCI).
  2. Configure DDoS to protect your resources.
  3. Fix and close vulnerabilities in your system
  4. Protect websites from hacker’s attacks
  5. Organize fast and secure delivery from customers to their users.


  • It is always willing to solve your Web-related problems. 
  • It can also solve infrastructure problems. 
  • It can easily solve the problem whether they contain difficult and specific architecture. 
  • It always assures the Quality of the work. 
  • It provides excellent services regarding Web security. 
  • It works on very low rates as compared to other companies of its type.
  • Live 24/7 technical support. 


  • It always tries to complete work in time, but there may be a slight delay from the deadline because some tasks need more time.
  • Mutual coordination is necessary between client and company so that client can explain its requirements fully and the company can achieve the target goal.

How to Contact boredDevOps For Any Project?

There are the following requirements for connecting with boredDevOps

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Write about your project. 

Provide your name, your email, and the details of your project then the team will call you and consult you about your project.

Contact Details: 

In order to contact the team of boredDevOps following are the details:

Who Can Contact boredDevOps?

boredDevOps can help provide services to

  1. Very small businesses.
  2. Small businesses.
  3. Medium businesses.
  4. Large businesses.

It uses multiple languages, which are as follows:

  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • English

Final Words: 

Visit boredDevOps

The main focus of boredDevOps is on “Delivering Business Value”. boredDevOps allows its customers to focus on delivering business value instead of spending energy on upgrading systems infrastructure. boredDevOps has boosted the IT infrastructure productivity of its customers. 

It also helps to deploy and run applications more efficiently. boredDevOps offers the Best DevOps practices for your business. Their job starts from migration from a self-managed environment to AWS with Kubernetes infrastructure for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications

boredDevOps has an excellent team of systems and network infrastructure experts who perform their assigned tasks very efficiently. boredDevOps provides high-performance services and network security consulting.

The main work of boredDevOps is the automation process for delivering fast & secure software and the best product development. boredDevOps also provides optimization of high-quality services for its customers. We recommend you choose boredDevOps if you want reliable Web security and other Web-related services for your business. 

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