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Bright Data Review 2024 – Is It The Best Platform For Proxy Services?

Bright Data Review 2024 – The Best Platform for Proxy Services:

In the current business world, data plays a crucial role in every sector. If you have the right data at the right time, you can make the best decisions that help your business succeed in even the direst situations.

You can collect data from multiple sources, but you can never be sure about the authenticity and accuracy of this data. The worst part is how much time it can consume and delay the decisions that you could’ve made sooner.

Now, you are in luck because there are platforms out there that collect a mass amount of data using their modern technologies to provide and help businesses collect important data from millions of websites worldwide.

So, if you are looking for such a platform that solves all your problems and worries, well, we are just about to discuss the leading data collection platform available.

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Bright Data:

Bright Data home

Bright Data is a proxy service providing a network that is strictly aimed at businesses that require the collection of online data automatically. It provides them all the tools necessary for getting access to data-driven business that is up to date and are specially tailored according to the needs of their company.

It helps businesses research the market and collect competitive intelligence. It also helps them make vital decisions based on the collected data to achieve protection and brand recognition. Bright Data makes itself different from its competitors by providing a P2P network with millions of real mobile IPs and residents from around the globe.

These IPs being real, never get blocked by target websites. Hence, they allow companies to access sites from multiple countries and gather all the necessary data efficiently without running into any hurdles. It can be utilized to leverage the IPs of consumers (after getting their consent) to perform traffic on residential IPs for purposes related to business.

Bright Data comes equipped with multiple features, and we just about to discuss some of them below.

Key Features of Bright Data:

1- Exclusive or Shared IPs:

You can utilize both the shared and exclusive IPs for collecting data for your business. The shared IPs are shared among many users, while the exclusive IPs can only be used by you for your targeted websites. The exclusive IPs are equipped with a cool-down period, making sure that your IPs are never used on any targeted website for a specific number of days before you purchased them.

2- Open-Source Proxy Manager:

The LPM (Bright DataProxy Manager) can be used across Linux, Windows, macOS, and Docker as a cross-platform package. You can also create and attach proxies to your own- or third-party bots or crawlers to scrape data. Bright Data maximizes its success rates while minimizing the cost using waterfall routing. It is a method where each request is first passed through the data-center network and then the residential networks, and if it still fails, it is passed through the mobile network.

3- The Unblocker:

The chances of a website blocking you have reduced the minimum thanks to the P2P IPs belonging to genuine people. And even if it still ends up happening, you get 100% assurance from Bright Data that a normal URL request will result in complete success.

All of this is made possible through unblocking technology, which utilizes cookie management, IP priming, fingerprint imitation, IP rotation, and multiple other techniques that make sure each website always remains unblocked.

4- Chrome Extension:

You can surf the web using the chrome extension, which will open pages through the Bright Data proxy addresses. So, you can easily deploy user-agent spoofing by rotating networks right from within the web console.  Even though the free proxy add-on lets you serve the internet for personal use, you cannot use it US Netflix and get paid residential IPs. It has also been researched that the chrome proxy extension does not use WebRTC (IPv6 or IPv4), IPv6, or DNS (IPv6 or IPv4).

5- API:

Bright Data provides an open-source API for the customers to utilize in the proxy networks. It can be used by developers to integrate it into their apps to use covert different devices into exit nodes for Bright Data. You can only utilize the SDK when the device is idle, and the network has been opted-in by a peer, connected to a WIFI, and has enough power in the battery to last for a while.

6- A support team of available 24/7:

The Bright Data website provides its user helping files and extensive documentation, and a huge library of tutorial videos and FAQs. Additionally, a personal account manager is assigned to you upon signing up, which provides you all the required assistance either via skype or Email. This one-on-one assistance for skype and email can also be accessed 24/7 using the web interface. So, in a nutshell, it can be said that Bright Data provides its customers with one of the best support systems.

Why Choose Bright Data Over Others?

Now you might be thinking that what makes Bright Data different from others. Below we will discuss why you should choose Bright Data over its competitors.

The leading IP network in proxy services:

Bright Data has earned the title of the largest IP network globally because of the huge number of proxies that it is providing to businesses. It already has more than 35 million residential IP addresses in its use and besides this has more than 2 million proxies for mobile along with a good number of proxies for data centers.


Bright Data  provides its users a unique feature, even though they already provide proxy in all the major cities and countries around the world, they improve their services further they give you the ability to choose all the proxy locations that you want so that you can tackle all the websites that have placed geo-restrictions on the content of their website.

Completely secure and legal:

The thing that makes Bright Data stand out is that all of its proxies are completely legal, unlike other proxy service providers that use malicious methods to get a hold of residential IPs without the consent of people.

Top-Notch Scaping Performance:

Residential IPs are mostly used for crawling and scraping data from websites. Therefore, these websites usually place smart security measures in place so that people can’t steal their data. But Bright Data uses modern technologies to get through all of these security barriers and give you access to all the useful data that you want for your business.

Great Customer Support:

Bright Data is ranked among the best when it comes to customer support. Even if you are having trouble understanding the dashboard, help, and information is always available through the FAQs and blogs. Additionally, if you are still can’t understand something, you can always reach out to their 24/7 live chat that connects you with the customer representative.

Different Type of IPs:

Unlike other proxies, Bright Data provides a wide range of IP types; it can provide you a proxy that works best for your needs, which includes datacentre proxies, residential proxies, and mobile proxies. Additionally, the residential proxies are further divided into shared IPs, Exclusive IPs, and Static Residential IPs


  • It provides its customers with the proxies of the fastest residential IPs around the globe
  • It is currently the largest network having more than 35 million addresses spread across more than 200 regions and countries
  • The P2P provides a completely secure and legal residential network
  • It uses genuine IPs, so you never get blocked or run into problems while researching
  • It comes with multiple packages for usage
  • The Bandwidth is unlimited at Bright Data
  • The fail rate is meager, while the uptime of the website is 99%


  • The dashboard can prove to be difficult for some users.
  • It can be a bit expensive for some businesses

Bright Data Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan for Bright Data is as follows:

Type of Services:

There are basically two types of services when it comes to Bright Data.

1- Proxy Infrastructure:

Bright Data provides the following kind of proxies and has a separate pricing plan for each of them

  • Data Center Proxies
  • Static Residential Proxies
  • Rotating Residential Proxies
  • Mobile Residential Proxies

2- Data Unblocking:

Bright Data provides the following kind of services for data unblocking and has a separate pricing plan for each of them

Bright Data Details:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Or Lenchner
  • Founded: 2014
  • Industry: Computer and Network Security
  • Specialty: Proxy Services for Data Collection
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Company Size: 51-200 Employees
  • Head Office: Grater Tel Aviv, Israel
  • uCompares rating:9/5


Try Bright Data For Free

After going through the entire review and reading all the features, pros, and cons of Bright Data. It would help if you had a clearer idea of its worth; data plays a game-changing role in the current business world. A platform providing access to this useful data with ease through genuine IPs can play a pivotal role in the decision-making of your business.

If you have the right data at the right time, you can make more efficient decision-making for yourself and your business. Therefore, there is no reason for you not to give it a shot and then decide if it is worth it or not. Because speaking from our research, we really believe you will turn into a long-term customer once you see how much it has to offer for your business.

We hope our review has helped you make a better decision for your business. We have tried our best to research and look into everything about Bright Data. Our team wishes you the best with whatever decision you end up making!

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