Canapii Review (2024): The Best Event Management Software

Canapii Review 2024:

Are you looking for the best event management software, and are you having trouble finding one? Then you should rest assured as today we will take a look at what is probably the best event management software in the business right now. Having a pre-made system/software is really useful to have as it allows you to easily create different live events and workshops in no time. You also have a lot of useful tools at your disposal, so you aren’t limited in any way.

The software that we are talking about is Canapii which aims to completely change the event management market. We are going to take you through all of its features, pricing plans and tell you whether you should buy it or not.

What is Canapii?

Canapii is an event management tool that is end-to-end and has a virtual event platform alongside a mobile app. It supports the following types of events:

  • In-Person
  • Virtual
  • Hybrid

This event management software has been in development for quite some time now. Through this software, planners can manage every aspect of an event. You can host really great digitized events through Canapii. There is also the mobile app that features full integration with the virtual platform. You get excellent features like live chat, Q&A, etc. There is also customization available as well.

canapii home

Planners have access to Canapii’s robust analytics that helps them to increase the ROI to stakeholders, etc. They also have a team of experts that guides you through every step of the process.

Why Canapii?

The event management platform provided by Canapii allows the organizers to manage each and everything. You get total control over managing everything from the registration to analytics. Planners can set up different ticket types and assign different values for an event. There is also built-in translation and subtitles present on Canapii through a powerful machine learning method. The number of languages supported by Canapii is about 71.

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The networking features present on Canapii are also beneficial. You can customize a lot of different things depending upon your taste and the event. You also get really good sponsorships on Canapii. There are designated pages present for sponsors. The robust analytics also help to increase the ROI as well.

Feature Categories:

1- Content Delivery:

Canapii supports the following type of content:

  • Live Sessions
  • On-Demand Content
  • one too many meetings
  • Live Workshop
  • Breakout Sessions

There is the AWS infrastructure that is utilized for live-streaming of the sessions, which allows it to work in China too. Other virtual event software doesn’t provide this type of functionality due to the strict regulations of China. There is also the capability of integrating with other third-party apps as well. When doing a breakout session, you can get 16 people on video while 250 people in that particular session.

You also get options like displaying the breakout sessions to everyone or only a select few. You can also choose to make live-streamed sessions into On-Demand ones and store them on this platform.

2- Customization:

The structure of Canapii is really similar in all of the events, but you can make a lot of personal changes like changing the color scheme, or you can also upload custom images as well. You can completely change the look and feel of the homepage by adding images and colors. You also get the option of reorganizing things by using the drag and drop method. There is a lot of customization present on Canapii. You, as a planner, can choose to show different things on the homepage depending upon the event.

3- Engagement:

All event management software should have engagement features that allow everyone to interact with the organizers. Canapii even allows you to add live polls during a live session which is pretty amazing. You also have the option of setting up a Q&A session, and if the moderator chooses to make everything public, then all of the questions will be visible to everyone. The participants can then like your questions as well.

If there is a most popular question, then it will be automatically present at the top. The mods also have the option of showing only a couple of questions and prioritizing the ones they want to answer. The attendees can also connect more with each other on this platform as there is some gamification options present.

4- Event Management Platform:

All of the things that Canapii provides are powered by its Event Management Platform. It has direct integration with the virtual platform, so if a change is made in the backend, it is automatically applied to the front. Planners can use this powerful software to set up events, change various permissions and customize it the way they want.

5- Analytics:

Canapii also provides you with analytics that can help you increase and prove the ROI to your sponsors.

6- Customer Support:

The dedicated support team present at Canapii is there to help organizers when they are planning an event on this platform. There is no production support offered here, but every client gets their very own account manager who is responsible for guiding them to all of the processes. They will also provide you with consultation on various aspects of an event.


Canapii is a potent event management software that provides the followings benefits:

  • Different Types of Events
  • AWS Infrastructure provides increased Reliability
  • Translation and Subtitles through AI
  • Excellent Customers Support
  • Lots of Customizability
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Dedicated Account Managers

Pricing Plans:

There are four types of Pricing Plans present at Canapii:

  • Free:

You can sign up on Canapii totally free and manage events free of cost. The maximum support of this plan is up to 75 people. All of the core features are present in the Free Plan as well. You can set up an unlimited number of events, but their length will be limited to only 4 days.

  • Motivator: ($149/month)

This is for the people who want to manage small events that only have people up to 250. There are a lot more features present in the Motivator price plan. The number of events is unlimited, and the limit is still up to 4 days. There is also a registration rollover of 2 months. You can pay the amount through a Credit Card.

  • Driver: ($599/month)

If you want to host large events and want an upward of 500 people, then the Drive price plan will be perfect for you. It contains every feature that Canapii has to offer. The event length is also increased from 4 days to 7 days to host longer events. The registration roll-over period is also increased to 3 months, and you also get 8 admin places.

  • Professional:

For this pricing plan, you need to contact Canapii yourself as this plan provides you with custom functionality. You can custom select everything according to your needs, like the number of registered people, event length and the number of admins, etc.

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Is Canapii Worth It?

Canapii is, without a doubt, one of the best event management software in the world. It offers excellent functionality and features. You can customize everything according to your needs. There are a ton of features available that will help you in organized an event in the best way possible. If you want to manage a virtual event, then you can easily use Canapii for that purpose.

There is also excellent customer support present. Their experts will help you every step of the way. The real-time analytics also help you check your progress and increasing the ROI. The live sessions will also work in China as Canapii uses an AWS infrastructure.

Final Verdict:

There isn’t much event management software present that can compete with Canapii. It provides a ton of useful features that provide planners with a lot of functionality. There is also the mobile app which makes everything much easier. If you want to host international events, then there is translation and subtitles present that are powered by Artificial Intelligence. All in all, if you are looking for event management software, then Canapii is one of the best and is totally worth buying.

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