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Chatwee Review 2024 – Is It Best Live Chat Software?

Are you seeking an app that allows you to talk and send instant messages? Chatwee is the finest alternative for you; it is extremely useful for virtual events, team collaboration, and building an online community.

Chatwee is propelling your online community forward. With their powerful chat widget, you can provide a more engaging user experience. They also provide custom creation of new features and capabilities, with a track record in this area.

Chatwee Introduction:

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Chatwee has been providing live chat and instant messaging services since 2012, and it has gained a large number of clients and users. They’ve served tens of thousands of websites, connecting people from all over the world. Chatwee has more than 70,000 registered websites, 30,000,000+ chat users, and 100,000,000+ messages sent.

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How Chatwee’s Team Goes About Their Work:

Team Chatwee is made up of various individuals, each with their own set of skills and duties. They joined forces to create this group chat app in response to the demands of numerous online groups whose members want to engage in real-time.

Team Chatwee is self-sufficient and does everything in-house, which is one of the cool things about them. They are very crucially aware of every aspect of their product, allowing them to respond to customer input as quickly as possible.

They are deeply familiar with their product’s facets, which makes responding to user feedback as efficient as possible.

What can you do with the Chatwee?

Chatwee is a JavaScript-only chat room that you can quickly embed on any website. If you want to use the chat in a Single Page Application or control it in real-time, use their JavaScript API.

If you have a PHP/Java/HTML website, you can utilize their PHP SDK to integrate with the Chatwee HTTP API. You may also test the Chatwee chat plugin for the most popular CMS like WordPress, MyBB, XenForo, and many others on their Integrations website.

Chatwee is here to help you grow your online community:

Chatwee is here to assist you in the development of your online community.

Their live chat ensures that users remain involved through a range of engaging features, whether a gathering of enthusiasts, a community support session, or a virtual event.

Chatwee is used for more than just fun. It’s a legitimate social platform that you can use to acquire and retain a dedicated audience in the long run.

They already have many features in their live social chat, but they’re open to and experienced in custom development if you have any special requests.

Using Chatwee, You Can Encourage Your Community/Audience To:

  • Get social, meet new people, and collaborate. Form long-term friendships or commercial relationships.
  • Engage and share their passions, worries, and ideas with others who share their interests. Make your voice heard.
  • Observe, contribute, disrupt, and ask questions. Come up with original ideas or be inspired by what others have done. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.


Live chat plugin to spark your community:

Improve your website visitors’ experience and transform them into community members.

Extensive customization options:

Make Chatwee an ideal match for your website. You can remain on top of things with a variety of personalization options. Allow your various online community members to find their niche and make themselves at home in it.

Messenger-style group conversations:

Despite geographical distances, your site’s close-knit members can now stay even closer together. Users of Chatwee can approach each other to communicate in private and keep track of their conversations.

Offline messaging:

Never miss a message again! You can now contact other chat widget users even if they aren’t currently online. Chat users can share clickable links, photos, animated gifs, and downloaded files directly from their devices.

Multiple login methods:

Decide who will participate in the live chat. People from Facebook, Chatwee and even anonymous users are welcome to participate. Have you had the site open in several tabs? Don’t be concerned! Chatwee synchronizes automatically to keep the conversation going.

Four Pillars of Chatwee:

Utilize everything their chat software has to offer and watch your community grow.

High user capacity:

At any given time, your chat can have up to 4,000 individuals logged in. Most communities and hybrid and virtual event organizers who may purchase pay-per-use plans tailored to their needs will be satisfied with the limit.

Multiple chat rooms:

Set up different rooms in your chat to channel the conversation and keep things organized. Create additional chats in your account for the many tasks you’re working on.

Extensive customization:

Chatwee allows you to customize the layout to a large extent. From the way the app is displayed to the color of even the tiniest of elements, their engineers can help you create a unique design that meets your goal.

Loads of features:

Their live chat software includes many cool features, many of which were built in response to consumer input. They’re made to create a fun environment that people want to be a part of.

Users of Chatwee Live Chat:

Their chat app has proved to be particularly useful for:

  1. Online communities
  2. Virtual events
  3. Providers of mental health support
  4. Team communication
  5. Live trading
  6. Church services
  7. Educational webinars
  8. Live video streaming
  9. Online gaming

1- Online Community:

Instead of always striving to gain new customers, an online community is a terrific method to keep them engaged and persuade them to spend more with you. In this piece, I presented five steps for creating a long-lasting digital community:

  1. Determining the goal
  2. Ascertaining ownership
  3. Improving the customer experience
  4. Making regular contributions
  5. Selecting the Best Platform

With these sorted out, you’ll be able to start and grow an online community that will stand the test of time while allowing your company to thrive. Now it’s time to get to work!

2- Virtual Events:

Fortunately, with today’s technologies, event planners aren’t completely cut off from the action.

  • Many companies have altered their schedules and moved their conferences, trade shows, and other business gatherings online.
  • Your online event mustn’t be merely a one-way feed but also include opportunities for social engagement.
  • Your project, including Chatwee, a powerful instant messaging and chat room app, adds a whole new level of user experience.
  • You can sign up for the account using the form below and start exploring the possibilities.
  • They provide monthly subscription plans as well as a pay-per-use option, both of which are accessible through your Chatwee Dashboard.

3- Mental Health Support:

Alcohol and drug misuse, eating disorders, depression, self-harm, anxiety, and bipolar illness are among the reasons why people seek mental help. Help is needed not just by people who are directly impacted but also by those who care for those suffering, as they are under a great deal of mental stress.

Turning to the internet for assistance provides a lot of advantages, including:

  • Accessibility
  • Preventive medicine
  • Treatment
  • Diagnostics
  • Analysis
  • E-documentation

To provide the greatest possible experience for all parties involved, it includes chat rooms, private conversations, and chat rooms.

4- Team Communication:

So, in light of everything I’ve just said, how does Chatwee fare? It has a bevy of features that cater to project team members and remote workers.

All you have to do is install Chatwee on your company website, and you’re good to go.

How does Chatwee fare in comparison?
  • Users of Chatwee can communicate in public chat rooms, which are similar to channels and can be set up for specific themes, projects, or departments, group chats for specific employees working together, or private one-on-one talks.
  • Users can also share clickable links and files and upload images and gifs shown right in the app.
  • Text-based communication is here to stay, so take advantage of it while you can.

5- Live trading:

It’s time for you to speak up; you surely have to!

Here at Chatwee, they are always willing to listen to what their chat users have to say. While I have your all attention, I’d like to ask you what other features that they haven’t yet implemented now that you think would come in handy? A live trading chat room or any other live chat, for that matter?

Live trading chat room’s social aspect, based on the ability that’s how it meets other business-oriented users, creates added value to a member account.

6- Church services:

They always provide a unique experience for their customers by using live chat, and most live chat widgets are responsive, meaning they work well and adjust to different device screens such as smartphones and tablets, allowing the faithful to participate in your church ministry from wherever they are.

Any faith-based institution or ministry must alter and adapt to new conditions in order to remain in business, to use a vulgar word. Allowing people to communicate with you and others online is one approach to stay on top and connect with a rising number of followers.

7- Educational webinars:

Overall, live social chat is a fantastic way for students to communicate with one another and with libraries and professors. It has many advantages, such as being an up-to-date solution for knowledge transfer in the educational process and providing critical information in real-time.

8- Live video streaming:

To be clear, Chatwee is not a supporter of digital piracy in any way, shape, or form.

Internet users expect information to be given as quickly as possible, and they value the ability to participate in live events and interact with other people who share their interests.

If you have any issues or questions, send them an email, and they will respond as soon as possible.

9- Online gaming:

There’s no stopping the internet gaming sector from expanding. Gamers expect games to be more advanced, provide a more realistic experience, and allow them to engage with other players.

In addition, gamers are typically consumers with significant purchasing power and a willingness to spend. You may use live chat to reach out to them with a specific offer.

The Top Features of Chatwee includes:

  • Unlimited chat messages
  • Customizable chat widget
  • Security rules
  • Chat history and transcripts
  • File transfer
  • Trigger-based alerts and actions
  • Analytics
  • Visitor tracking



There are five simultaneous users, 1 chat room, and the 14-day time limit of history messages in their free package.


The Standard package includes 25 users, three chat rooms, one moderator, a 14-day message history limit, and CSS customization support.


With the Pro plan, there are 150 concurrent users, 10 chat rooms, three moderators, and a 30-day message history available. On top of that, there’s CSS customization, single sign-on, and message premoderation as well.


The maximum number of simultaneous users is 300, with 25 chat rooms and 10 moderators, and a 90-day message history limit.


Enterprise Simultaneous users are up to you, and chat rooms, moderators and days of message history are up for discussion as well. There are also certain extra features such as White labels and Feature on Demand.

Pay Per Use:

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for an event chat or only want to utilize Chatwee for a short while.

Paid Plans Come Fully Equipped With These Chat Features:

  • Responsive chat
  • Customization options are extensive
  • There are multiple chat rooms available
  • Resizeability with a click and drag
  • Chats, both public and private
  • Message received while offline
  • Sharing of files and media
  • Moderation with sway
  • Filter for profanity
  • Versions in several languages
  • There are several ways to log in
  • History of public chats
  • Analytics
  • Tab synchronization


  • Credit cards and PayPal are accepted as payment alternatives.
  • At any time, you can cancel, upgrade, or reduce your subscription.
  • Chatwee is a cloud-based service that may be used with any website.
  • Your user-friendly Dashboard allows you to customize everything.
  • Single Sign-On is a feature that Chatwee provides to help your site’s members save time.

Why Chatwee is the best so far?

Chatwee is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution and the setup is quite simple and does not necessitate any programming knowledge on your behalf. To activate their live chat, add a line of code to your website. They handle server maintenance, updates, and regular upkeep to keep the implementation costs to a minimum.

Final Words:

Chatwee is certainly one of the greatest programs for talking and sending instant messages out there. You may find them on social media by following the links in the site’s footer, which are shown below. It’ll brighten your day and encourage them to keep working to enhance the product.

I appreciate your interest thus far, and they want to welcome you on as soon as possible!

If you’d like to give it a shot for free, sign up now and make yourself even more accessible to your clients.

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