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Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Review 2024: Is It Worth?

Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Review 2024:

Do you want to share your PR story on websites to get more leads? Are you a publisher looking for ways to earn through your blog?

Have you been wandering here and there looking for a good crypto ad network? Are you a beginner and have no idea about how ad networks work when it comes to crypto?

Do you wish to have multiple options for ad formats? Do you know nothing about cryptocurrency advertising networks and how important they are? Are you an advertiser or a publisher looking for innovative monetization solutions? Are you afraid of scams? Do you want a crypto ad network that can help you generate targeted traffic? Do you want to get your leads generated through painless ways?

Well, if the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you have knocked at the right door. This article consists of everything you need to know about the best cryptocurrency advertising network. You would definitely be able to understand how important crypto ad networks are and what wonders they can do for your business. If you’ve been searching all across the web, your search will definitely end at this page for you’ll no longer have to switch pages to clear your doubts about the cryptocurrency world.

What is Cointraffic?

Cointraffic HomeCointraffic is a crypto advertising network that was founded in 2014 and is currently headquartered in Tallin, Estonia. It is the best choice that you can ever make as an advertiser as well as a publisher. It works equally best for them both. It has been providing state-of-art advertising and monetization solutions ever since it was founded, which is exactly why all advertisers and publishers always end up choosing Cointraffic. You do not have to walk out of your comfort zone in order to join hands with them.

You can easily do that and can be purchasing Crypto ads if you happen to be an advertiser or sell Advertising Positions if you’re a publisher. You can get your Cryptocurrency website monetized and can start serving ads literally in no time through their self-service tool. One of the best parts about Cointraffic is that they do not stick to the old needs of the market but continue updating all of their features understanding the new market needs of all the users of advertising networks.

Since Cointraffic is a crypto advertising network, only the sites that are related to cryptocurrencies get approved by it, for example, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, etc. They have been providing cutting-edge Ad formats in the crypto advertising field that effortlessly catch the attention of your target audience, leading to more leads.

They believe in building a strong relationship between their advertisers and publishers by constantly adding new formats and services. Cointraffic consists of more than 400 publishers which are enough to understand how advantageous it is for the publishers and has more than 1000 advertisers making it the best choice for them too. Many well-known clients have been a part of Cointraffic including KuCoin exchange and Paragon.

Try Cointraffic PR Service

Key Features of Cointraffic:

There are many key features of Cointraffic that make it the best crypto advertising network in the market. There may be many crypto ad networks but there obviously is a reason why all the well-known advertisers and publishers always choose Cointraffic!

  • Multiple formats:

You have got to make sure that the ad formats that you’re going to be using for the marketing campaign of your projects related to cryptocurrency or bitcoin are actually worth it! For that, Trafficoin has quite a list of ad formats to make all of your marketing campaigns successful!

  • Banner Ads:

Banner ads have always been the first step when it comes to marketing campaigns. They have never lost their importance and will always be as beneficial as they’ve always been. They do not only bring direct links but are also very helpful in bringing more traffic from multiple channels. This is how you gain leads and customers.

  • Press Release Distribution:

Do you want to communicate with your target audience in a better and more effective way? Well, you can do so by using PR Distribution offered by Cointrafic. It allows you to connect with your target audience through cryptocurrency media outlets. It is extremely important to be so good at content that it should be enough to grab the attention of your target audience and this is what it does.

  • Native Ads:

Native Ads refer to organic advertising formats. They have been made in such a way that they fit on your website design that it actually looks like they’ve been made just for that. It actually blends with the entire idea behind the website design which increases website traffic. It makes sure that any user enjoys scrolling through the website.

  • Anti-Fraud:

Have you always been afraid of scams and it is the biggest thing holding you back? You no longer should be so since Cointraffic makes sure that you stay away from all kinds of scams by coming up with Bot filter solution. No only that, you can also get rid of any harmful traffic on your website.

  • Targeting:

The best part about Cointraffic is that you do not have to worry about getting useless traffic that has nothing to do with your business. The only traffic that you would be getting is your desired audience. The only audience that will get the approval would be related to Bitcoin or Crypto.

  • Reporting:

It is very natural for all of us to wonder how everything has been doing. Cointraffic understands all of the concerns of their clients and has made it very easy to keep a check on whatever they have been up to. You also get provided with performance reports literally every day which makes it easier for us to count on them.

What is Press Release Distribution?

Press Release Distribution, in simple words, is all about distributing all the press releases of your brands to platforms through which their target audience can easily come across them. It consists of everything that the business of the client has to offer including all of the products and services. The press release is not just about increasing viewership but there is a lot more to it. They are very important to also keep all of your current customers updated about whatever new service you launch or any new feature that you come up with.  Many people are unaware of the importance and purposes of PR distribution due to which they think it is overrated or not as important as others think it is.

What is Cointraffic’s Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Press Release Distribution about?

Crypto and Bitcoin PR distribution at Cointraffic allows you to share your stories on more than 300 websites that are related to cryptocurrency. Many people complain about PR distribution not doing any good to them. Out of many, one major reason is your choice of websites. It is extremely important to choose websites that are actually related to your niche and can bring your target audience. Cointraffic makes sure that your story gets posted on the top websites that are actually all about crypto and Bitcoin. This makes it easier for you to get more views and also speeds up the process of lead generation since the only audience that would be there would definitely be there for crypto-related stories and nothing else. It is how a win-win situation gets created by Cointraffic! They only offer the publishers that are worth it which have been made possible by their construction of press releases.

How does Press Release Distribution at Cointraffic work?

Cointraffic has a specific procedure through which it makes PR distribution successful for its clients. The process has been made easier for you to understand by breaking all the complex steps down into simpler ones.

(Day 1)

Great content is the key to a successful press release. Cointraffic has a team of copywriters who know exactly how to create unique and exclusive content that clearly reflect your goals. It is created in such a way that your target audience gets finds it eye-catching and immediately feels like converting. Not just that, if a Press Release has already been written and you wish to make it even better, they also offer to proofread.

(Day 2-4):

Once they’re done creating the best possible content for you, their next step is distributing it to the right websites. Cointraffic distributes the PR to more than 150 websites that are all about crypto and Bitcoin. Every decision is made after your approval. It is not only the websites that will be getting your stories but also multiple social media platforms and media outlets.

(Day 5):

After the successful distribution of the Press Release, you get provided with a detailed report that also contains publication links and media reach for your satisfaction which makes us want to build our trust in them. The report is always created in such a way that you get an overview of the PR’s success.

How can you get started with PR distribution at Cointraffic?

There are some steps through which you can partner with Cointraffic to avail of the service of PR distribution.

Step 1:

  • Log into your personalized dashboard.
  • Select the “Press Release” option.
  • A list of cryptocurrency and bitcoin websites will be generated by their constructor according to your settings for the publication of your PR.

Step 2:

There is initial information that is needed for the compilation of the website list where the PR will be published. The information includes:

  • Project landing page.
  • Geographic targets.

Step 3:

After the confirmation of your list, you can proceed with payment. Payments that they accept include:

  • Bank Payments.
  • Cryptocurrency Payments.

Step 4:

  • You can send them any press release if it has already been written or can fill out the brief to get a copy created.
  • Your press release draft will be crafted within 24 hours or more in some cases.

Step 5:

  • Distribution of the Press release will start.
  • Reports would be sent to you.
  • It might take 3 business days.
  • After one business day, you can start getting the reports.

What are the benefits of Cointraffic’s Press Release Distribution?

There are many plus points about partnering with Cointraffic for Press Release Distribution. Out of them, some are:

  • Experienced team of PR professionals:

With Cointraffic, you work with a team of Press Release experts that do exactly how to make Press Releases work for you. They understand how hard it is to trust an agency with all of this and make sure that they provide you with the best possible PR services while keeping you safe and secure.

  • Different languages and geographic areas are covered:

One thing that makes them different is the fact that they totally support multilingual marketing campaigns. This is exactly why they have this service in about 10 languages which is a super plus. No language is allowed to be a barrier at Cointraffic. Languages other than English include Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, German, Korean, Russian, and more.

  • Leading industry reporting and analysis capabilities:

No matter what, they always provide you with regular reports. They never take a single step without being approved by you and make sure that everything happens according to your preferences. They also never hesitate to give you a detailed report about what they’ve been up to and how your marketing campaign is performing. This keeps all of their clients happy and satisfied enough to keep working with them.

  • Sponsored articles and other content-marketing promotions:

Good content is definitely one of their specialties and absolutely something many marketing campaigns lack. With Cointraffic, you never have to worry about the content no matter what article or content marketing promotions we’re talking about. Their content is always on point and never fails at bringing traffic to you. You always get just the right kind of target audience!

Final Words:

Cointraffic has to be the best cryptocurrency advertising network right now. It has all the needed features. Advertisers and publishers both can take full advantage of its services. Cointraffic’s Press Release Distribution is definitely something you would like to consider. The best part about it is the fact that you get targeted traffic and can generate more and more leads every day. The content creation process at Cointraffic is absolutely worth it and can always be counted on. They also provide you with regular reports for you to clear all the doubts that pop into your mind. They are transparent and everything is done keeping your preferences and benefits in mind.


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