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Cyberlab Review (2024): It Is The Best PC Optimizer Tool

Cyberlab Review 2023:

Are you looking for a PC cleaner that is somehow more efficient than conventional PC cleaners? Does your demand is a cleaner which can also speed up your PC working speed as well as your browser speed? Here we bring a review of such an amazing PC cleaner that will provide you, your requirements at very affordable prices.


Cyberlab was created in Alaska in 2004; meanwhile, this company has come a long way. It has produced some remarkable as well as fantastic software designs over the years. It also has the honor to partner with few well-known and remarkable names in the tech industry, for instance, Microsoft; it is also in the meaning of their software, which is known as Windows exclusive.

 In this regard, we can also consider Amazon Web Services and Intel as well. We can take this project as the company’s first program. We can also take anti-spyware and SpyZooka, which are mainly able to renew the industry’s styles and standards, and awarded with honorable prizes and rewards to Cyberlab, which is highly admirable.

 It’s planted, and inception is almost an essential thing in this regard. According to the style of Leonardo DiCaprio, we can also take it in the overall process in the minds of computer users in the relation of recognizing the need for protection as well as a security purpose; we can consider this software as a unique and simple antivirus Cyberlab’s PC Cleaner was its first name, in the beginning, meanwhile, after the passage of some time, it comes from intended for the company. 

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We can also consider it as one of the better tool as well as unique equipment in its class and rank, which can permit for the detection and removal of registry errors, not only in the user but also for the other computer menaces too, for instance, we can also take as DLL errors or browser tracking cookies are main at all, it is also recommended the greatest of trends in a simple and attractive customer.

Cyberlab also has a unique feature of offering its program for free forever as a whole, although we avail of its options in the limited form of scanning. Cyberlab’s all offers are special and admirable. Like any other top company its customer support is highly supporting, imperative, and up to date with the feature of America-based support options, and clues are also available here.

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Program Description:

We can mainly take Cyberlab as a free scanning tool. Its primary functions are tracking cookies as well as junk files in Windows as a whole. Mainly in the beginning we can usually take some applications making users’ computers and PC and internet fast and furious, secure, without any complications and errors as well, we can take Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, plus Optimizer in this regard. Another fantastic feature here is tune-up and tools sections are free forever with tools to safely and optimize its user’s computer to its best performance as a whole. 

Some updates on a monthly level, with the latest functions as well as the quality of bug fixing, are available here on the basis of free forever to almost all reliable clients. Here the system optimizer can show its users in explained computer Specs to help and support in simple and easy diagnose computer complications as well as irritating issues or help and support optimize it for complicated applications and programs, for instance, gaming as well.

Benefits of Cyberlab:

An amazing feature of Cyberlab, we can avail remove and find some unwanted browser programs and applications in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, and Opera with better ratings and views for unwanted and unknown programs and applications. Tune-up is also an informative and fantastic option. 

Here we can tune up our PC with different types of equipment and tools like a registry defragment as well; we can use it only as a feature that is not able to be built into Windows as a whole. If we take the overall process of defragmenting of the registry which can also secure and solve critical errors and complications to make our PCs running fast and furious.

Here are some tools and types of equipment which we can use for its amazing features like System Report, which can suggest and show you all the main things running and processing on our computer with the help of the single click, disable function. This is useful for searching and removing some unauthorized and unknown spyware errors and complications. We can also view our windows services and processes as well as securely share files using the feature of military-grade deletion.

Cyberlab has been formally serving since 2004; its most reliable and essential features are  Pro ads, spyware, registry cleaner, automatic updates, automatic scans, daily American-based support, and is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee that is well known and admirable. Cyberlab has been serving as well as securing and optimizing PCs all over the globe. Cyberlab is also used in modern technology. With over 500,000 Facebook fans and it also has millions of social media fans.


1- Bottom Line:

We can take Cyberlab PC Cleaner as authentic, reliable, and more than any mere registry cleaner software. We can also take it as a PC optimization solution that can work just like a charm, and it also has the ability to explain why the company is going on highly rated. It is an interesting fact that the company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner without any complications and doubts. On the other hand, we can also take it like Cyberlab might be able to dedicate to create its own software that is available for Windows only. 

2- Initial Scanning:

Scanning is the most vital and essential feature of Cyberlab. As far as all ground realities about the entire Cyberlab service-related scanning is reliable, simple as well as accessible and runs as smooth as new tires, fast and furious with required results. It does not matter whether you have a brand new and latest PC or few years old technology machines, not more than it. 

In the case of scanning with Cyberlab PC Cleaner there, then we will be able to face rarely ever high and extended levels of CPU usage; this system will be still usable during the process. Before starting the process here, it is possible to specify precisely the program should be targeted by ticking relevant as well as affected boxes. It also can dictate the time it takes for the scanning to complete and is also responsible for finding how many files are analyzed. It is another better example of how the program can be customized for its users’ preferences.

3- Continuous Repairing:

The function of scanning is available as far as a free trial account which a user will take. However, the facility of service might be improved as well as enhanced is most probably consider by having only in a single free repair. In this regard, few potential clients might also avail  It is also reliable for many other comparative programs as well. It is too difficult to point out any gesture or fingers at Cyberlab specifically and reliability as a whole. As far as aside functionality Cyberlab’s repairing functions as a concern, it is as better as it’s scanning and actually, working condition is admirable, so it is the same way as well. 

4- Customers Service:

Generally, we can take the customer service of any company as one of the tops upper-level priorities for Cyberlab, which is proud. They might be able to give a wide range of contact methodologies. Even we can take it as no. 24/7 assistance, support, and help which is genuinely based in America. It means there is no chance of ending up or finishing as well with an Indian helpdesk whenever assistance or any help is required here. Support and helping options are included with cell phones, email, and webchat is available for an entire week during all business hours. The company’s live chat help as well as support is also available on Sunday through their website and received helpful, informative, enthusiastic answers to our questions within a few minutes after starting the chatting as well as a discussion session.


  • Cyberlab is exclusively simple and straightforward in its usage and visually attractive for its users.
  • It also consists of diverse PC optimization functions.
  • It can provide fast and stable scans.
  • It has the most attractive offers like the forever free version and consists of almost 60 days money-back guarantee to its users.
  • It has affordable and so attractive prices for its regular as well as ordinary customers.
  • It also has the benefit of providing our outstanding American-based customer support in a more appropriate way.
  • Cyberlab shows impressive as well as the required results of scanning.


  • Unluckily it is Limited to Windows computers, so it does not support this type of PC.

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As far as the level of pricing in Cyberlab is concerned, we have to kick things off here, and it is essential as well as significant to understand that licenses are only valid for a year. We can also take the only thing which might be added to it in different computers and their licenses will also be used in it. In the beginning, Cyberlab PC Cleaner’s basic price is $29.95 per year, which can include a license for a single computer. This can equate to the equivalent of roughly $2.50 per month, which is an acceptable and affordable price scheme for a single complete PC optimization solution as a whole. In this regard, the license for multiple or different PCs can be bought for up to ten other systems ($119.95 per year), which is able to lower the cost to a mere $0.99 per month per computer for a whole system as a whole.

Contact Information:


As far as Cyberlab, in the end, we can say that it is a highly recommended and authorized source of all PC cleaners except Windows computers only. Its services and functionalities are unique and unforgettable in their usage. We can also take help in the condition of any complication and problem from its customer service which serves its user 24 hours a day.

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