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15+ Best Gaming Ad Networks 2024-According to Experts

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Do you think your money spent on acquiring customers is constantly wasted on the wrong people? Would you like to understand how to find loyal, engaged, and monetizable gamers for your mobile phone game?

To find these consumers in the right places, you must understand the best advertising networks for your customer acquisition efforts. However, most phone video game industry finds it challenging to market in-app purchases. Simpler methods of financing ever-popular free-to-play mobile games include mobile advertising.

The optimum advertising space for mobile ad campaigns, which may be interest- or location-based, can be chosen with the help of an advertising agency. These networks also enable app developers to charge for their services and for advertisers to execute more targeted advertising campaigns.

Now that they are aware of how well-liked mobile apps have grown for selling advertising space, mobile publishers are searching for the best gaming ad networks.

This article will discuss the best gaming networks and the important role that game ad networks play.

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Gaming Ad Networks in 2024:

The 15 Best Gaming Ad Networks of 2023 and 2024 are the following:

  1. Media.Net
  2. MaxValue.Media
  3. Unity Ads
  4. AdColony
  5. Chartboost
  6. Vungle
  7. Applovin
  8. StartApp
  9. Mintegral
  10. Mistplay
  11. InMobi
  12. Adscompass
  13. Moloco
  14. Digital Turbine
  15. AdAction
  16. ironSource

1. Media.Net:

One of the contextual ad networks that are quickly growing is, which assists publishers in monetizing the space on their websites or blogs by displaying pertinent keyword tags. They promote endorsed products and quality display ads to operate efficient marketing campaigns. The advertising network collaborates with several very well publishers and ad technology firms.

Media.Net has developed a display-to-search (D2S) ad format based on search behavior and future keywords. This process appears before adverts in many formats, including those for mobile games.

Customers can customize ad units and alter the ad structure by selecting Media.Net as their advertising network. Media.Net may display adverts in gaming apps even when a user’s game screen is moving.


Contextual ads generate an advertising search budget worth billions of dollars thanks to our unique ad type. By using pertinent search terms to filter the user’s intent, this format produces finely targeted adverts and much larger profits because advertisers are ready to pay more just for visitors with specific intent.

By establishing connections with all the main buyer networks and taking care of operating costs, so you don’t have to, they give you simple access to premium display ads.

2. MaxValue.MediaThe #1 Ad Network For Publishers:


MaxValue is a new yet one of the most preferred ad networks out there. The company has a keen eye for website publishers who are looking forward to publishing ads on their sites in exchange for money. 

MaxValue does not compromise solely on the quality of ads it provides. Other than the high-quality ads, another point that sets MaxValue apart from others is its Header Bidding Technology. It allows the users to experience real-time bidding using the largest Demand Sites. The result of the bidding is an increased revenue of the highest bidding. MaxValue supports Sticky ads,  Banner ads, Video ads, as well as Native Ads. Moreover, the registration process is super easy and quick. 

Their user-centric dashboard offers features from viewing traffic information by country and checking the website’s traffic quality to ad performance insights. But there are things you need to keep in mind if you want to work with them as a website publisher. They work with websites that have at least 100,000 pageviews per month, have traffic mainly from the US, UK, and Canada, and have content that is free from illegal, unsafe, controversial, violent, aggressive, or banned content. 

Even though they have some requirements to get started, they maintain the quality of their services. The company claims to give a minimum 25% increase in your website’s revenue, and if it does not happen, they claim to pay the gap, which is a big statement to make, especially as a newbie. 

  • Company Details:
  • Company Name: MaxValue
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Minimum Payout: $25 (Net-15)
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency

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3. Unity Ads:

Unity Ads

Mobile game developers can use this advertising network for Unity-based games to display native advertisements. Unity Ads searches for users who are most likely to provide superior long-term value and employ machine learning to aid developers in user acquisition. Through Unity Ads, gamers’ interest and mobile advertising are linked.

Unity Ads has maintained its dominance to keep Android users interested in gaming (Unity Ads, AppLovin, ironSource). Given that Unity Ads network’s primary focus is mobile game advertising, its performance in retaining players is hardly a surprise. One of this network’s key features is the ability to target users who are interested in a particular gaming genre.

Unity Ads’ success is also credited to its focus on native video ads. Of course, this also supports additional ad formats, such as banner or interstitial ads.


With the assistance of Unity Ads’ analytics and solutions, you could be able to meet your growth and revenue goals. Whether you’re a game publisher, advertiser, or both, Unity Ads has the expertise you need to support your monetization and user acquisition (UA) strategy.

In conclusion, if you want to monetize your game utilizing video advertising, you shouldn’t give up this ad network.

4. AdColony:


It is crucial to cooperate with advertising networks that have established connections inside the gaming industry. Leading companies like Walmart and ABC News collaborate with the mobile ad platform AdColony. For financial advantage, high-definition video advertisements are managed through AdColony. App developers can customise the fonts and color scheme of the adverts.

At AdColony, you may buy digital advertising. It uses Instant-Play video technology, Aurora HD layout, and minimum advertising investment. This network offers CPI and CPC payment methods and is a great example of improved mobile advertising procedures.

The entire mobile success arsenal is DT’S Monetization and Growth Suites. Demand is generated through programmatic means, open mediators, and SingleTap-boosted UA ads. It combines simplicity with highly effective outcomes.


  • Its features include:
  • Video Instant-Play method
  • Aurora interactive HD videos
  • Demographics of interactive technology
  • Syncing with Android and iOS
  • In collaboration with:
  • Mobile platforms include iOS and Android.
  • CPM pricing structure
  • Playable videos and rich media are two ad forms.
  • Target demographic requirements
  • Given how video advertisements drive the smartphone gaming market, it is not unexpected that AdColony remains one of the leading ad networks.

5. Chartboost:


For years, Chartboost has consistently ranked highly on Appflyer’s Retention Index.

It performs the role of a free straight market. Because it offers publishers accessibility to the ad space, you have power over who can run a commercial in your app. Free cross-promotion for intermittent and video ads is one of the platform’s main benefits.

With Chartboost, you can fully control ad campaigns and give consumers authority over their ad space while generating revenue for your mobile gaming game. Thanks to this, you can specify the type of ad that will be updated within a specific ad unit.


With more than 900 million active users each month and more than 200 billion monthly advertising requests, Chartboost is one of the most reputable gaming ad networks. Chartboost automatically optimizes the inventory of adverts used by advertisers to increase revenue from ad impressions.

Zynga’s Chartboost, a mobile game developer, offers a variety of ad types for gaming apps. It provides game developers with an average 90% revenue share. Chartboost accepts a CPI payment method.

6. Vungle:


Vungle, which seems to have data-optimized advertising on more than 1 billion devices, is one of the most reliable gaming advertising networks for game developers. For the best worldwide visibility, engagement, and conversion, they cooperate with Vungle.

Vungle, a mobile advertising network, includes several distinctive features. It just serves video advertisements. The in-app advertising platform Vungle is available on several different platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon.

Additionally, it provides chances for targeted advertising. It offers the bidding models CPA, CPM, CPC, and CPI. Vungle’s main objective is to make money from mobile game makers’ apps. While offering precise metrics for tracking user acquisition campaigns, the software respects privacy.


  • Vungle provides the following assistance:
  • The mobile platforms iOS and Android are examples.
  • Structure of video commercials
  • In terms of its price structure, CPC
  • This advertising network maintained the top ten positions from the prior Performance Index.
  • They are Vungle, the dependable resource for engagement and growth. They revolutionize how people find and use apps.

7. Applovin:


One of the few ad networks that just deliver mobile advertisements is AppLovin. It includes all types of advertisements, from banners to videos. This ad network relies on merging many types to create a sizable advertising community and deliver exceptional results.

From the previous Retention Index, AppLovin has dropped one position. In the Gaming Triopoly, it is still placed second. This network’s main objective is to find high-quality users using campaign analysis. Videos, banners, contextual ads, and advertisements for downloading mobile apps are all available on this platform.

The AppLovin Exchange aids DSPs and agencies in targeting the highest caliber mobile customers and effectively scaling their campaigns by providing full connection to the widest variety of in-app competitions.

You can combine these formats with seeing which one performs the best. AppLovin provides support for CPI and CPC-based advertising in terms of bidding strategies.


The in-app bidding-based monetization solution combines cutting-edge technologies to automate tedious work and significantly boost your earnings.

Your campaigns will always have a positive ROI thanks to our marketing solution, which enables you to reach new users and achieve your objectives.

Industry professionals who work in their creative studio develop effective mobile advertising campaigns.

8. StartApp:


StartApp is a recent mobile app publishing and monetization platform focusing on free apps. By introducing search ads to mobile devices, Startapp works alongside app developers to assist in monetise their apps available more efficiently.

StartApp prioritizes interstitial ads while providing app barriers, native ads, video ads, and 360 apps. StartApp connects game publishers with advertisers that produce interactive advertisements with eye-catching images.

StartApp brings together game developers and marketers who provide interactive advertisements. There are an infinite amount of users and segments that you can look through globally.

StartApp is a brand-new ad network that Android developers using Andromo may use to make money from their Android apps. It’s quite easy to add StartApp banners and contextual ads to your app, just like with other ad networks:

Make a StartApp Developers Account registration.

Publish your app on StartApp

Your Andromo app should now contain your StartApp Developers ID and App ID.

Construct and Test the App


  • A smart app can:
  • Ad forms include video ads, interstitial adverts, app walls, and native advertisements.
  • Type of CPM campaign
  • This ad network employs the eCPM idea to guarantee that clients get paid the most amount of money.

9. Mintegral:


The former Retention index does not include this ad network in the top 15 list. In terms of mobile gaming advertising, it is currently right behind three industry giants. Mintegral excelled the most in three mobile gaming subgenres: music, simulator, and mid-core, winning first place in six separate categories.

Why has this advertising network experienced such rapid growth?

Mintegral is an advertising network with roots in Asia and a global reach. It currently works with over 26,000 app users and takes part in more than 20 international ad exchanges. Mintegral offers businesses worldwide options for customer acquisition and revenue generation that are made possible by AI. It provides marketing services for DSP and SSP, as well as supply and demand.


Mintegral produces interesting and creative video advertisements to boost user engagement and app downloads. It serves as a supply-side platform for mobile publishers and advertisers. If you’re a mobile ad seeking a “smart” platform, you don’t need to look very far.

If there is one thing about Mintegral, it is completely programmable and entertaining.

10. Mistplay:


Using the Mistplay app, users may play games to accumulate points that can later be exchanged for coupons and vouchers. Users can choose a game from a list of available games, browse local bargains, chat with other users, and win rewards merely for playing free games, among other things. The more you play, the more money you’ll make.

In the most recent Retention Index, this advertising platform was listed for the first time. Having rejoined the rankings, it is undoubtedly succeeding in maintaining its standing. The typical advertising network isn’t Mistplay.

The app originally started as a way to reward players of mobile games. Later, it upgraded the app to include social features, including the capacity to talk, follow, and other options.


Mistplay works with game developers to create entertainment and examines data on user behavior to recommend new games to gamers. As users keep playing the suggested game, they gain more trust points.

They provide people here actually gift cards in exchange for the units gathered. In essence, gamers receive incentives for doing nothing more than playing video games.

11. InMobi:


A global ad network called InMobi claims that mobile ads will become less intrusive and impersonal. The business, which started as an SMS-based search engine in 2007, eventually shifted its emphasis to relying on data about a user’s location and app choices to provide advertisements that look natural and are incorporated into the mobile computing interaction.

InMobi helps marketing initiatives by promoting goods that stimulate consumer behavior (ad impression).

InMobi concentrates on showing HD visuals to mobile gaming players to maximise ROI on the digital platform. InMobi has made a name for itself as a top advertising network for application developers by focusing on appographics.

Appographic targeting refers to the targeted use of an app by a particular audience. Then, it generates several relevant HD mobile advertisements.


Through InMobi Pulse, learn about the consumers’ ever-changing needs. Utilize InMobi Audiences to find the ideal consumer categories and boost your marketing efforts.

Use InMobi Exchange to deliver brand experiences that motivate action. With InMobi DSP, expand your business by attracting high-quality users at scale.

12. Adscompass:

Ads compass

With the help of the marketing tool Adscompass, you may make money from desktop and mobile users. Open RTB, XML Feeds, Directlink, and Popup Banner are just a few of the advertising platforms used by the network. Adscompass is particularly interesting to publishers since there are no restrictions on traffic volume.

The ad network constantly directs publisher traffic to satisfy advertiser needs to get the best results. It can be targeted using factors like device kind, geo-targeting, time zone IP, browser version, and others.

The most popular ad types, including as Push, Native, In-App, and Pop-up ads, are supported by them.

Through AdsCompass, advertisers have the following choices at their disposal:

A lot of publishers are adept at attracting top-notch readers.

a good selection of advertisements


A full-service advertising and marketing company is adCompassTM. They offer management services for SEO, affiliate marketing, and PPC.

AdCompassTM online offers a one-stop solution for handling campaigns, tracking customer feedback and reaction rates, and interpreting your marketing data.

Buy or subscribe to the marketing software to handle email campaigns, client acquisition integration, and downloadable mailing lists. This software, which runs on JavaTM, is perfectly compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, MAC OS, and Linux.

13. Moloco:


Ad tech firm Moloco is situated in Palo Alto, California, and provides a mobile audience platform for user interaction, user acquisition, and revenue generation. The company manages massive adverts on behalf of companies wishing to commercialize their apps and increase their revenue.

After rapid expansion in 2020, this advertising network’s position in H1 2021 remained stable. Apps may get billions of daily visitors and engagements with this advertising network, which allows programmatically bidding on ad exchanges.

Programmatic UA and AI-driven phone app advertising are both services provided by MOLOCO. It also features MOLOCO Cloud, a platform for self-serve real-time bidding. To enable app bidding, this platform recently transitioned to Google Cloud.


Retailers may make money using the Moloco Retail Media Platform, driven by ML. Moloco RMP allows merchants to quickly expand their internal ad companies and make revenue from advertising by utilizing the technological stack of Moloco.

Your data is used by Moloco’s ML to give sellers the option of running sponsored ads that are ROAS optimized, boosting seller profitability and retention.

14. Digital Turbine:

digital turnib

To enable responsible mobile entertainment production, Digital Turbine, Inc. offers a mobile services platform that works with cell carriers and independent publishers to maintain websites, improve user experience, create content, and manage to price.

To enhance ad impressions, Digital Turbine helps game advertisers and phone game developers communicate. The company acquired AdColony, one of the largest mobile advertising networks in the world, in February 2021.

ApColony’s characteristics include a programmable marketplace, HD video technology, rich media formats, a global performance advertising firm, and a variety of further than 2 million active users each month.


They offer flexible and open solutions for immediate mediation, award-winning brand and programmatic marketplace demands, and creative revenue strategies to mobile publishers.

By making it simple for advertisers to interact with consumers with the most powerful mobile consumer experiences, UA marketers are provided with options that drive app installs across numerous channels.

Combining the strength of managed brand ties and programmatic DSP connections with customized user experiences.

A next-generation mediator layer designed from the ground up to maximize revenue.

15. AdAction:


Leading gaming ad network AdAction offers top-notch content based on current data. AdAction is recognized for maximizing conversion advertising and for creating maximum involvement.

Since 2013, AdAction has concentrated on providing high traffic to marketers worldwide. AdGem, AdAction’s top reward monetizing marketplace, connects marketers to active audiences globally with a user-centric strategy. Their cutting-edge technology gives users the best native ad experience imaginable while enabling marketers and developers to deliver quality at scale.

CPI, CPA, CPE, and CPC payment systems, as well as mobile gaming advertising networks and portals for advertising, are all things that AdAction assists with.


AdAction has been a pioneer in performance-based mobile advertising for almost ten years, providing Fortune 500 companies, top retailers, and top app developers with Qualume (quality users at volume).

With its cost-effective alternative media solution, you can access iOS, Android, and web-based consumers at scale without relying on powerful data profiling and targeting.

The most versatile and flexible solution designed to turn nonpaying users into premium customers is AdAction’s Monetization Platform.

Increase your eCPMs along with the best demand in the sector and worldwide coverage. To maximize effectiveness, we individually adapt each strategy to your app category, goals, and budget.

16. ironSource:

Iron Source

A leading business platform called ironSource enables mobile content producers to succeed in the app market. This advertising network has dropped one rank on Android during the most recent Retention Index, which is a little setback. It is hence last among the Gaming Triopoly.

IronSource offers a range of services for automatic bid optimization across many splits. You can also integrate a variety of ad formats, including movies, interstitial ads, and offer walls. IronSource has better retention rates than games in music, sports, adventure, arcade, and simulation.

IronSource develops tools for monetization, engagement, monitoring, and discovery for app developers, device manufacturers, phone providers, and marketers.


IronSource is a platform for programmers or people who specialize in programming. IronSource features can aid software developers in turning their projects into profitable businesses. The platform specializes in monetizing apps to ensure their success.

The tool draws in high-caliber users who will utilize the app to its fullest to accomplish this goal. Through carefully chosen adverts that get in touch with prospective customers, the usage of the application is promoted.


In conclusion, the mobile gaming market is constantly growing. Although there are many methods for monetizing ad stock, the best way to get the most from your game is by selecting the in-game ad network that is right for you. By 2021, the advertising landscape for mobile games will have undergone a significant change. Due to the requirement for change, some ad networks handled this transformation better than others.

One of the keys to effective user acquisition is picking the best advertising network for your game. It would be helpful if you were to gain from this article in this sense.

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