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HedgeGuard Review 2024: Is It Best Portfolio Management System?

HedgeGuard Review 2024:

Are you looking for the best Crypto portfolio management system? Then you are in luck as today we will look at one of the best companies in the market. Nowadays, crypto is on the rise, and as a result, a lot of people are jumping on the crypto wagon. But to manage your portfolio in the best way possible, you need a service like HedgeGuard.

Today, we will take a deep dive into HedgeGuard and determine whether you should use it or not.

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What is HedgeGuard?

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HedgeGuard is a company that provides crypto portfolio management and middle-office outsourcing to its respective clients. They started in 2012 where they signed their first clients in the traditional finance industry. Coming to 2020, they have opened different offices around the globe (US, Australia, France, Lebanon) and have also expanded their services.

Now you also get services like middle-office outsourcing as well. If you are running a small/new business, you can benefit from the advantages you’ll get by working with HedgeGuard. 


You basically, HedgeGuard provides you with three types of solutions:

  • Crypto Portfolio Management System
  • Traditional Finance
  • Middle Office Outsourcing

1- Crypto Portfolio Management System:

The institutional-grade crypto portfolio management system by HedgeGuard is the single solution that you need for all your problems. The biggest features of this platform are:


When trading, you get multi-venue connectivity. The PMS is like a single place for all of your crypto trading. You have a connection with all of the major exchanges so that you can trade through a single portal. There is also access to all of the crypto market liquidity through multiple venues. All of that is available in a single place.

There are institutional trading algorithms in place, and with the addition of Smart Order Router, you can optimize your trading execution to its best.

Real-Time Reporting

You can follow all of the activities in real-time. So that is why you will always be aware of things like performance, market prices, etc. You also get the option to look back at your previous data as well. In this way, you can produce better analysis. As the dashboard is fully customizable, you can monitor every activity very easily.

The PMS also serves as your crypto activity hub. With the PMS, you can check the performance of the crypto funds in real-time as well. There is also a live NAV calculation feature that consists of all the fees related to the funds.

Multi-Instrument Coverage

You can manage every cryptocurrency through the HedgeGuard PMS. All of the major currencies are included. You can manage the swap positions of your portfolio as well. There is also the option to track the trades and funds. You also get an overview of the option risk in the dashboard where portfolio info is calculated. You can also get loans, multiple invoices and can issue invoices as well.

Investment Funds, Trading & Managed Accounts

You can set up a master entity with the addition of multiple funds and managed accounts. There will also be the option of subaccounts as well for different members of the team/clients/investors. The HedgeGuard PMS is very flexible. You can customize the dashboard as you see fit with widgets and indicators.

You can also track activity according to your business needs. There is also the capability of viewing your balance across all of the wallets.

3rd Party Integration

You also get a lot of 3rd party integration with HedgeGuard. The PMS is designed in a way so that it can retrieve all of the trade information in a single location. You can view all of the critical information like funding, fee, and price. You can also use a reconciliation module to adjust the trade breaks through reconciling at exchanges and the blockchain. You can also know where your balance stands at all times.

Load Functionality & API Access

You also have the option of extracting the transformed load. Furthermore, you also get API access by working with HedgeGuard. 

2- Traditional Finance:

You can directly enhance the core of all your operations through the powerful portfolio management system. This suite provides you with a full range of different investment management tools. The platform is designed to get the analytics, views, and reports to help you stay at the top of your game.

  • Configurable Views
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • Access & Leveraging Data

You can easily streamline all of your front-to-back operations using the asset management system. Some of the valuable features are:

Financial Instruments

You can manage all of your financial instruments just using a single portfolio management system. You get access to real-time data from a lot of sources like Bloomberg, etc. You can also integrate the pricing with your sources as well. For managing the risks, stress tests and VAR computations are also generated.

Order Management System

You can easily execute all of the orders on a single platform. The interface is designed so that you can easily simulate and create orders on different funds simultaneously. This is an efficient order management system that helps you streamline your daily trading. There is support for the automation of trading fees as well.

Positions Keeping

You can track everything in real-time, so you get the most accurate data. Everything is available in a single platform with a very intuitive interface. The platform is also highly configurable, which makes it easier for beginners. You can customize it according to your preferences.

Cash Management System

You can optimize the use of assets and control the cash balance in the best possible way. With the Cash and Treasury Management System, you control the cash positions and also the forecast. If you want, you can control the cash requirements as well. There is also the option to replicate and manage every account with funds.

You will get a comprehensive view of all the assets and positions. In this way, you can react much quicker if something changes in the market.

Third Parties

You can strengthen your connection with the ecosystem through HedgeGuard. The fund management system is connected with the custodians, brokers, and fund administrators, bringing more flow to your work.


The Reporting and Analytics module is really useful as it provides a comprehensive set of tools like charts, hypercube, query builders, pivot tables, etc. There is complete freedom in however you want to design the report. The dashboard contains a lot of detail and is very configurable. You can design custom reports or use pre-formatted investor reports as well.

Risk & Compliance

You can manage every risk by using the compliance software and the risk management tools available to you. Through these tools, you can streamline your operations in a much better way. You can use the risk management software for measuring the performance, exposures as well as risk metrics.

The PMS is smartly designed and can carry out a full computation of VaR that will display a total breakdown of the risk. Different users can use their risk analytics and save them through a custom field method.

3- Middle Office Outsourcing:

You can easily extend your team and boost activities by using the Middle Office Outsourcing service. The Middle Office team will help you as they become your partner. If you need any help, they are available to you and respond to your needs. As you work as a team, the Middle Office backs up your operations so that you can focus on more important matters.

Controlling Day-To-Day Operations

All of the funding tasks are handled by the team at HedgeGuard. If there is reconciliation needed and challenging any data, then they will do that. As they handle the key areas, your team can focus on trading.

Securing Operations

All of your operations will be streamlined by using this service. This is possible because the Middle Officers are experts in their field, and they ensure that there is always alignment between our office and the Middle office. Due to this, there is more focus on strategy, and the operations are better streamlined.

The main advantages of using this service are:

Leveraging Middle Office Team’s Experience

You can use the experienced people present at the Middle Office in the more advanced stages of the investor meetings. Their experience will help you a lot in these meetings.

Facilitating Your Relationships

You can facilitate yourself further from a reconciliation between the Custodians, HedgeGuard, and the Administrators.

Streamlining Processes

The Middle Office’s main expertise is handling operations. They help you in the optimization, design, and implementation of processes.

Should You Choose HedgeGuard?

In our opinion, you should use them. They have been working for a long time, and that is why they have the experience to help you in the field. Their PMS system is incredible and offers the best quality service.

Customer-Centered Approach

Customer satisfaction is their main goal. That is why they work for their clients. All of the experts present there will help you with any difficulty. All of their solutions are made in a way so that customer satisfaction can be achieved.

Sharing Same DNA

HedgeGuard has experience in running funds, and that is why they have a really good understanding of the challenges to come. Their unique combination of software and services provides you with a strategic advantage that no one else has. You can focus better on your core activities if you work with HedgeGuard.

Secure & Reliable

They are all about providing security and reliability to their clients. They provide you with lots of assessment tools that you can use to determine any upcoming risks. So will always be at peace because of having your back covered by professionals.

Worldwide Presence

HedgeGuard has a worldwide presence. They already have offices in Paris, Beirut, Boston, and Sydney. So, you can rest assured as you will get 24/7 assistance from their experts.

Final Verdict:

So, if you search for a crypto portfolio management system, you won’t find anything better than HedgeGuard. They provide a lot of additional features as well. If you have a small business, they can help you elevate your trading by handling your back-end processes.

They have a really clean and intuitive user interface that is easy to follow. There is detailed reporting and risk management available as well. Overall, HedgeGuard is a complete package, and you should check it out.

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