Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Mobile App Developer In 2024

3 Of The Most Common Errors Made While Hiring a Mobile App Developer In 2024

As a product or business owner, you are headed on the right track if you understand the importance of mobile apps to market your services or products in the modern era.  Mobile apps help any business create some much-needed brand awareness in the target audience, in the most efficient way possible.

The majority of the audience who owns a mobile device is heavily inclined towards availing online services, and the in-app offers and promotions result in grabbing all those eyeballs. 

In order to market your offerings efficiently in the current digital world, you need an app, and the first step towards making that leap is to hire a mobile app developer.

On that note, it is a fairly common mistake to overlook some minor anomalies while hiring an app developer. Hiring the right guy is critical, as it determines whether you and your end-users needs will be met in an interactive manner if and when they rely on the app.

Let’s take a look at the three most common errors that usually slip by while hiring a mobile app developer.

Error #1: Keeping Experience Over Expertise, & Taking Risks

It might not always be possible that the mobile app developer will hold years of experience in his portfolio when he stands before you as a candidate. But that shouldn’t distract you from the more important aspects of the hiring process.

If the app developer holds considerable expertise in developing various types and genres of mobile apps in the past, which seems enough to convince you that he can design the app the way you want, then that should do it.

Proficiency in the required field should always be a key factor while hiring a candidate, especially an app developer. Making an app that fits your demands can result in increased business access for potential users. And so, it is vital that your app developer is a specialist in understanding the various avenues he can explore while reaching the final layout.

Also, refrain from hiring a person who has never worked on a niche like yours before in their career. While app developers would want to delve into newer fields in order to diversify their portfolio, the decision to take the risk is in your hands as an employer.

Hiring someone who is untouched from your area might eventually lead to a bad user experience and dissatisfaction. Moreover, this will result in wastage of man-hours as the developer studies the niche industry and similar products. This can prove to be lethal for any business that is planning for the long haul. 

Therefore, lean towards including an applicant who is well-versed with the trends in your industry, as he/she will know what features click and what are redundant.

Error #2: Being too Stubborn with the Pricing

It is understandable that many businesses/startups walk on a tight rope when it comes to budget issues. No doubt, bills also play a prominent role when it comes to hiring quality mobile app developers. But cutting down on price to land the cheapest candidate will only hurt your cause in the long run.

There are extremely high chances that a low-priced app developer will fall short in providing a high-quality application that you would’ve visualized. More often than not, compromising on the skills of a developer in turn for a low development price will have far-reaching consequences on the digital presence of your business.

There has forever been a trade-off between hiring a talented app developer and saving money. And the trick lies in striking a balance between the two schemes. It ends up being a tricky decision that might need some intense speculation while hiring. But in the case of a deadlock, there should be no hesitance in preferring to bag quality developers over the costing constraints.

It is common knowledge a cheaply manufactured app will fail to meet the industry standards of engagement. If it does not support the business objective, then the investment is destined to go down the drain for good.

However, you can turn this situation into a win-win for your product if you are willing to find cost-efficient developers through diligent research. 

Error #3: Not Verifying Credentials and Cross-Platform Expertise

Carefully evaluating the credentials and qualifications of a potential development candidate is a step where you just cannot afford to cut corners. It is of paramount importance that you test his/her previous works as a simple end-user and come to an independent and unbiased conclusion about their skills. 

Make it a point to ask about the trivial details and features so as to ensure that the applicant has bonafide experience of building the app. Avoid asking questions that could be answered by simply reading the app description, and instead, dwell on the technicalities and the possible improvements that could be done. 

Here you can find some questions that you can ask your developer before hiring a mobile app developer in 2021.

Along with testing their apps, reviewing their portfolio sincerely will also tell you about the type of clients that have benefited from their work.

Another major glitch can be flagged by a glaring lack of cross-platform skills. Keeping in mind the ever-changing technological trends, this just cannot be brushed under the rug.

Right now, mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS platforms are the latest wave in digital networking. But later, there might come a phase where developers might be needed to build for platforms like Windows and Blackberry.

Keeping in line with the switching trends, it makes sense for you to sign up with someone whose cross-platform app development skills can stand the test of time.


While the marketing department would be working tirelessly to circulate your product or service, a low-quality app and/or a poor UX will surely mean the demise of any successful business strategy.

On the one hand, an app is the most user-friendly way to represent your product; on the other, the development of one calls for continuous bug fixing and updates. Operating with a sense of forethought and hiring professionals who are experts in staying abreast with the changing needs of end-users, is the key to a satisfactory product/service.

Make sure to avoid the aforementioned errors, and you’ll see that your app’s reach and customer engagement will improve drastically.

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