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HostNamaste Review 2024 – Is It Best Hosting Company in India?

HostNamaste Review 2022:

Are you tired of using a crappy hosting service?

Here we have something special for you. There are a lot of people running their websites but they are not satisfied with the level of web hosting that they are getting. It can be due to a reason like bad support or even various security flaws.

Everyone wants to have the best service so that they can run their website in the most effective way possible. Having a good quality service, with excellent uptime and good security is what someone wants in a hosting service. HostNamaste is by far the best hosting service we have come across.

It is crucial that a person uses some sort of web hosting to run his website because it will provide him with a lot of benefits which otherwise, he just can’t get. Using web hosting services allows that person to use their super-fast servers which are very reliable and protected from any security leaks.

Web hosting is a must if you are running a business and need dedicated servers so that you can speed up the whole process. This is where HostNamaste comes in to play. But before we talk about HostNamaste, it is important that we know about Webhosting.

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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is essentially providing a space for a company or an individual to make and post a website on the internet. Now Web Hosting is done through service providers that provide the latest services and technology that is required for running that website in the best way possible.

In Web Hosting all of the websites are stores on servers. If someone wants to access the website, they just need to type in the domain of the website in their browser and the website will open for them. Having a domain is necessary for using web hosting services because then the web hosting service will use your domain and make the experience a whole lot better.

If you don’t already own a domain, then there is no need to worry as a lot of web hosting service provides will help you in buying a domain. After the domain has been bought, they will start providing their services to you and help you in making your domain, the best in the market.

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Why Use Web Hosting?

There is a very big misconception in people that having a domain is all you need to run a website effectively. But it is not true at all because having just the domain is like only having a name. if you run your website, then you need a hosting service. With the help of these services, other people can easily access your website and increase traffic.

The main advantages of using web hosting services are:

Domain Email Accounts:

There are regular emails and then there are domain emails. When you are using web hosting, you get access to using domain emails. These domain emails show the other person that you are from a reputed company or a website.

FTP Access:

With the help of FTP, you can easily upload files to the server. If you have used HTML in the building of your website then using FTP allows you to transfer files.


The biggest advantage of using these hosting servers is access to WordPress. It is one of the best creation tools for a website that you can find. You can easily manage all of your website’s content in a very speedy manner. A quarter of websites present on the internet are powered by WordPress and most of the hosting services also inform their users whether their server is compatible with WordPress or not.


HostNamaste is a service based in India and provides web hosting services. Its main customers are the various business and professional people who need a web hosting service in order to do their job in the best possible way.

HostNamaste is the same as other web hosting services as it provides all the basic features like reliable servers, fast server response, dedicated and budget servers but the best thing about this service is the level of quality that they provide to their users. The very fast to activate their servers after the payment has been done.

Another thing that is good about HostNamaste is that they don’t cheap out on hardware because you need hardware that can easily run a server effectively. There are also some things that they do in the network department which allows the webpages to load faster and also prevent also connection issues. By using HostNamaste, the users can easily reach their audience in a very effective and fast manner.

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Web Hosting Services for All:

The best thing about HostNamaste is that it provides web hosting services to all small and big websites while being the cheapest web hosting service out there. It is the best Indian hosting service all over the world.


As for every web hosting service, it is necessary for them to have servers in different countries to provide the best service to people all over the world. HostNamaste have their servers located in India and United States of America. The main vision for HostNamaste is to provide its users with the best service in affordable prices. The servers are really fast and reliable.


The main two services that HostNamaste provides to its users are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

We have to first know about what is shared and reseller hosting and what benefits do they provide to the end-users.

Shared Hosting:

In a shared hosting service, multiples websites only use a single server through which they work. In shared hosting, you have no idea about the websites that are present alongside yours. It is due to the limited amount of accessibility each customer has towards the server’s resources. So, it is totally dependent upon the package you have chosen for the shared hosting service.

Why Shared Hosting?

People tend to go with Shared Hosting because it is more budget-friendly. You won’t be breaking your bank if you use shared hosting. However, it is not all roses and sunflowers as with shared hosting, there are a lot of limitations that the user faces.


Some of the major benefits of using Shared Hosting are:

Cheap: The biggest advantage of going with shared hosting is definitely that its really cheap. The pricing varies from $3 to $10 depending upon the service provider you choose.

Multiple Hosting Levels: Another good thing about using shared hosting is that a lot of web hosting services provide various other hosting levels. So, choosing a shared hosting level can be a good idea, and then you can progressively choose the higher ones.

cPanel: One major benefit of choosing a shared hosting service is the ability to use cPanel. It mostly comes built-in and provides a lot of help in regard to the maintenance of the site.

Maintenance: Shared hosting also provides the benefit of maintenance of the server. It is the duty of the service provider to fix the server in case of any failure.

All in all, Shared Hosting is really beneficial for the people who have just stepped in the online world or they already own a small website. It can prove to be a really good starting option if your budget is limited.


There are always drawbacks to these hosting services and Shared Hosting has the following:

Load Times: Due to the use of shared servers for multiples servers, you can expect to experience a long loading time in some cases.

Overburdened: One major fallback is the slow responsiveness of the server that can happen due to a particular site that is using too much of the server.

More Traffic:  Slow Performance When you are using a shared service and eventually you start getting a lot more traffic than before, you will notice that the server performance gets worse as your traffic increases.

Lack of Options: When it comes to customization options, Shared Hosting service starts to fall apart. If you want to have tons of options then you will need to use dedicated servers for the best performance possible.

Now, taking into view the whole picture, Share Hosting has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But the benefits that a website gets really outweigh the drawbacks. For companies trying to make a foot in the online business, shared hosting can be the best option.

Shared Hosting by HostNamaste:

The Shared Hosting offered by HostNamaste is great for people on a budget. There are a lot of useful features that HostNamaste provides which really make it a compelling choice. You also get a device with Shared Hosting which is meant to increase the performance. You can only do this Softaculous Installer. This installer can let you install various software like WordPress, Drupal in a few minutes.

HostNamaste also configure Shared Hosting before providing you so that they can optimize it in the best possible way and when presented to you, has no uptime errors. This thing is really crucial as it helps in maintaining a smooth workflow.


  • Softaculous Installer
  • CloudLinuxOS powers the hosting service
  • Super-Fast SSD Storage Servers
  • Free SSL Certificates


There are a total of four types of plans that HostNamaste offers its users:

  • Foundation
  • Growth
  • Momentum
  • Business

The foundation plan is mainly for the people who only have a single domain because it provides a good starting point for those people. If you have multiple domains and want more features then the higher plans will be more beneficial to you. But the most amazing package is Business one. You can use an unlimited number of domains and you also get SSD Storage of 50GB. The business plan also provides its users with a free IP which is really amazing.

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is basically purchasing hosting service, adding your very own branding, and then reselling that hosting at an increased price. If you going according to your host’s condition then you can set the price that you prefer and also your terms and conditions. This whole process might sound a bit complicated but in reality, it is not. The best web hosting services already have their own reseller plans available and they take care of everything in the first-time setup.

Managing Reseller Hosting:

After you have signed up for Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting, you then can access the administration console with the help of cPanel. The panel will consist of all the features available to you. Using that panel, you can easily set up your accounts, manage disk usage and domains.


Some of the major benefits of going with reseller hosting are as follows:

White Labeling: The biggest advantage of reseller hosting is that it allows you to white label which means that if you are using a web hosting service, you are able to add your branding to the service and resell it. In this way, you can provide services to other people like the hosting service was yours in the first place.

Creation of Hosting Packages: Another major advantage of using reseller hosting is that it gives the user the ability to create packages of his own. He is also able to sell those according to the price he prefers.

cPanel Management: cPanel provides a lot of control over the hosting packages. You also get different metrics that can be used to judge your progress and manage any kinds of issues before their arrival.

Scalability: A lot of hosting accounts are very scalable which means that expanding them with the passage of time is really easy. As this whole process is virtual, you don’t have to pay anything.


Some drawbacks of using Reseller Hosting are:

Dependence: In reseller hosting, you are always dependent on the original service provider and the success of the web hosting company also determines your success.

Difficulty: If you are new to the business, then you will find managing the website and using the control panels a little bit difficult.

Limited Access: In the end, you still have to go to the original hosting company as reseller hosting contains limited features.

Reseller Hosting by HostNamaste:

HostNamaste aims to provides its users with all of the features and reseller hosting is also included in that list. This platform is very flexible if you want to host your own service. Any person can easily set up their hosting business by using HostNamaste. Reseller Hosting is best for people wanting to rebrand the hosting service provided by HostNamaste and sell them at their own prices. Reseller Hosting is really beneficial for people who already have popular sites and provide people with hosting services.


Some of the main features of using reseller hosting from HostNamaste are:

  • SSD Hosting
  • cPanel Access
  • LiteSpeed server
  • Custom Named Servers


HostNamaste offers a lot of really great plans for reseller hosting too. The four offered plans are as under:

  • Startup
  • Establishment
  • Expansion
  • Company

There is a positive and negative side of choosing any plan. It means that every plan has its good and bad things. The Startup plan is good for the people wanting to experience the reseller hosting for the first time. The company plan on the other hand is best for a company that wants to rebrand HostNamaste’s hosting services and make it into their own business.

Why Choose HostNamaste?

There are always some reasons on the basis of which a person or a company chooses to go with a hosting service. The things that make HostNamaste a very good choice for people are follows:

  • Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Account Setup
  • Support
  • Service Agreement
  • Location


Having powerful hardware is really necessary for a good web hosting provider. They use the latest and greatest Intel Xeon processors which are configured in RAID. This configuration provides the best server performance and the processors are also great in running the hosting service.


Another big reason for choosing HostNamaste over all other web hosting services is the superior level of connectivity that they provide. Due to their servers present in India and the US, there remains no reason for the servers to present any fault. The performance remains top-notch.

Account Setup:

HostNamaste is really fast is providing its users with its services. As soon as you have chosen a plan, you immediately get access to all of the features provided in the plan.

Support Team:

Having a great support team is really important and HostNamaste has one of the best customer supports in the business. The 24/7 support is really great and they help you in solving any kind of issues or queries that you might have. All of the support team is very qualified and more than capable of answering everyone’s questions.

Service Agreement:

HostNamaste offers full uptime to its users. The only thing to keep in mind is that when a website is live, it is very vital so you have to take services only from reliable sources which are proven to offer full runtimes of the websites.


It doesn’t matter where in the world you live; you can easily find HostNamaste’s servers. This locational advantage is really great to have and provides users with smooth and fast servers.

Should You Use HostNamaste?

So, in the end, it comes to whether you should use HostNamaste and the services provided by them or not. Well, if you ask us, we would say that they are totally worth it. The services provided by them are at an affordable rate which will please anyone looking for a web hosting service. Their KVM VPS and OpenVZ VPS are super fast and affordable.

It is really amazing what HostNamaste has been able to achieve. More than one hundred thousand websites are already being hosted by HostNamaste which is a lot and there are a total of five thousand servers which are running actively.

Do We Recommend HostNamaste?

HostNamaste is a well-regarded web hosting service that is providing companies with affordable web hosting services. The quality of services is really good with top-of-the-line customer support service. All of the plans offered by HostNamaste are also laid out in a good manner which can help a person or a company choose the best suited for them.

So, if you are in the search of a great web hosting service then you won’t find anything better than HostNamaste.

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