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How To Make Money On Telegram 2024-According to Experts

How Much Can You Actually Earn on Telegram:

In 2022, Telegram had 700 million users. This well-known, unique communicator won the hearts of users from all over the world. Interestingly enough, Telegram can prove to be a great platform for earning money. So let’s establish how you can make money by promoting offers on Telegram.

Telegram – let’s compare it to the competition

To make sure Telegram is the right platform to promote your programs, take a look at this graph:

Telegram - let's compare it to the competition

As you can see, it shows how many downloads a given app achieved in Q1 2022. Considering that Telegram got more than Messenger or Snapchat, it means that probably more than one of your friends has the app on the phone.

Is Telegram a good place to promote?

Is Telegram a good place to promoteUnlike Facebook or Instagram, where the feed is flooded with ads and photos of the people you follow, Telegram gathers communities focused on one topic – and this helps a lot in earning money. Telegram is an amazing messenger – it has unique algorithms and an interface that allows you to create a special atmosphere in channels and chats. In addition, this app has a high level of audience engagement, and this can suit publishers.

Another huge advantage of Telegram is that there are far fewer content requirements or bans. This makes it possible to direct traffic to almost any affiliate program, with less chance of being banned. Therefore, it is worth considering Telegram as a potential source of income.

Who uses Telegram?

Who uses TelegramBefore we proceed to the methods of promoting on Telegram, it is worth getting to know the audience that is there, and more specifically – their age group.

The Telegram audience is definitely grown-up, or more precisely, of legal age. The statistics above will help you get to know your potential customers better and understand which offers will be best for them.

How to promote affiliate programs on Telegram?

How to promote affiliate programs on TelegramFirst, choose the appropriate category for your account – after all, Telegram offers the possibility to create a channel, chat or bot. The way you promote your offers depends on what you choose. There are several ways to operate on Telegram.

Your own Telegram channel 

Your own Telegram channelThe first and most basic way is to create your own channel on Telegram and promote it afterwards. Firstly, you can add subscribers, for example using the DoctorSMM portal, to build trust in new users. After this time, you will be looking for real subscribers and start promoting your offers. The advantage of this method is that channel subscribers are often interested in what the author is using, so any type of advertising will work here: both conventional and native.

Telegram bots

Telegram botsIt’s a great way to make your life easier, so it’s a good idea to use it when promoting your offers. It is also possible to create a bot without knowing the basics of computer science, just find @botfather and follow the instructions.

The main advantage of the bot is that it creates pre-prepared answers that the potential customer receives by corresponding with them. Such a method will work great if you want to promote dating, weight loss and any other program. The most important thing is to have a well-thought-out script and the bot will work for you.

Channel with contests

Channel with contestsContests are a great method for all social media, because everyone loves to win. Especially when the drawing rules are simple and clear. However, contests on Telegram take a slightly different form. In addition to adding contests to your channel, you can create a separate platform for contests that will be run by bots. The most important thing is to prepare a Q&A section in advance so that everything looks plausible. Thanks to this, it will be possible to gain real subscribers, because without them an advertising like that will be useless.

Promoted posts

Promoted postsSeemingly the simplest and most classic way of advertising posts is the one people are used to on other social networks. To do this, you need to find the right channels and agree with the admins on the purchase and price of the advertisement.


MessagingLike any social networking site, Telegram has a contact base for other chats that can also be used to promote your offers. You just need to come up with posts and send them to the appropriate chats. These can be weight loss programs or sports betting. There is a danger of getting banned with this method, but it’s easy to avoid it by having multiple accounts. In addition, you will have to think about ways to collect a database of numbers needed to send your advertisements.

Telegram – how to start promoting?

Telegram - how to start promotingThe first step is to create an account for the earning method of your choice. If it is a channel, prepare it before inviting users. It’s worth paying attention to the name, description, username and content – it all has to be credible.

At the beginning it may be enough to buy 200-300 subscribers and warm up the channel by adding a few posts. Then you can start promoting your channel and getting real subscribers.

To do this, find other channels and negotiate with admins to post information about your channel on their own. Thanks to this, you will attract a potential target audience to your channel, and then you will be able to insert posts with affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing on Telegram – what to promote?

Affiliate marketing on Telegram - what to promoteSo what to promote on Telegram? Due to the specificity of the platform, there are almost no restrictions, it all depends on the viewers on a given channel. We suggest starting with the tips. Give your audience a hint on what to watch during the weekend or how to save money during the ubiquitous inflation (cashback offers). Of course, there are also adult offers that are always popular. Here is a list of the best offers from MyLead:


Rate: $10.6 | Type: CPA | Conversion type: Credit Card data | Countries: US, UK, ES, FR, DE, AU, AT, CA, IT and others |


Rate: $0.16 | 40,00% | Type: PPI | Conversion type: Downloading, Installing | Countries: PL, USA, UK and others |

Paid Ways To Advertise on Telegram:

It’s time to promote your own channel. We will start with the paid opportunities offered by Telegram and the Telegram Ads platform, and then move on to the free ones. Let’s get started.

Telegram Ads

Sponsored Telegram messages are displayed on large public channels. You can send to one or more of over 1000 subscribers, and post content is limited to 160 characters. Sponsored News is based solely on the subject matter of the public channels on which it is displayed. This means that every user viewing the channel will see the same ad. Telegram Ads offers 3 main types of advertising:

1. Contextual advertising:

Here, advertisers can choose the language and the approximate topic of the channels on which they will promote. You can also filter the channels on which you want your ad to show and those on which you don’t want your ad to appear. This allows advertisers to deliver accurate and effective advertisements while maintaining user privacy. Typically these ads run for 1 to 24 hours and bring 0 to 500 new subscribers.

2. Privacy Sensitive Ads:

Unlike other apps, Telegram does not track or group users based on their interaction with Sponsored Messaging or other activities. It also prevents the placement of external links in sponsored messages so that third parties cannot spy on users.

3. Paid posts on other channels:

Sponsored messages are currently in test mode. Once they are fully operational and allow Telegram to cover its basic costs, you will begin sharing ad revenue with owners of public channels that display sponsored messages.

Bought subscribers

A simple and inexpensive way to advertise any Telegram channel is to buy subscribers. Most members in this case will join via unofficial Telegram applications by agreeing to subscribe to the channel catalog. After that, users will be able to access the channel and decide if they are interested in staying there.

Advertising on Facebook

You can promote Telegram channels using Meta Ads. However, remember to avoid countries where Telegram is unavailable, such as China, Pakistan and Iran, otherwise you will pay for the ad itself and users will not be able to access it.

How much do Telegram ads cost?

Advertising on Telegram can cost from 0 to about $1,000. The price depends on your goals and advertising methods.

Free ways to advertise on Telegram

Social Media

Probably one of the best ways is to drive traffic from other social networks: through advertising on your Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat accounts, thematic forums or other places where you usually promote your offers.

Migration from other platforms

The principle of migrating recipients from another platform which you don’t use for promoting anymore, also works well here – just tell your audience from the previous platform that from now on you will only publish on Telegram. But remember to give people time to make a change. Of course, you have to explain to them the reason why they should switch to Telegram. Perhaps there will be more information there that has not previously been available elsewhere.


A good way to drive traffic from other channels is cross-promotion with other thematic channels. To do this, find channels with a similar topic and with about the same number of subscribers, and then contact the administrator about the cross-promotion. It’s simple: you exchange posts about each other that you post on your channel.

Of course, don’t forget to ask your friends to subscribe to your Telegram, which is a mandatory step in promoting your startup channel. But if it is an adult channel, then you can skip this step.


Telegram can be the perfect place to promote your affiliate links. It’s great because of its convenience, synchronization (access from several different devices simultaneously), power (no size limits for multimedia and text files) and openness (open source code and API for developers).

Telegram is also one of the most frequently downloaded apps in the world. Thanks to this factor, one group chat can have up to 200,000 participants. What can be also useful in affiliate promotion is the possibility to choose colors and images according to your preferences.

Considering the specifics of Telegram and the advantages that this source of traffic brings, you simply cannot overlook this earning channel. Just choose an offer and getting a lead is more than guaranteed. Interested? Create a free account on MyLead, choose an offer, and get yourself the Telegram app!

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