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The success of a business or an organization depends heavily on how it is managing its human resources. It needs to pay close attention to how work is progressing, what is the output level and is all the resources in coordination. If it succeeds in utilizing each of these aspects to its maximum potential, no one can stop it from growing by multiple times from its initial position.

Now making sure that all of these things are being handled smoothly can become a difficult task for the business, and that’s where resource management software steps in. These things are made with the single purpose of making your job easy by taking care of everything when it comes to the management of your limited resources.

This software provides several benefits to businesses, including but are not limited to automating your planning, increasing your accountability, reducing your admin costs, resolving conflicts, increasing your revenue, etc.

If you are out looking for software that makes sure everything is working perfectly. Well, we are just about to discuss one that might be the best pick for you.

Try For Free Reviews, or previously known as Daspulse, is an online award-winning project management and collaboration software. It assists teams in executing complex projects by efficient planning to deliver everything on time. The entire team on board can use the task management and team management tools with flexibility and ease that is second to none.

It provides its users with many productive features that include calendar integration, multiple views, dependencies, workflow automation, automated notifications, an integrated Kanban board, and time tracking. So, that each project milestone can be reached in a better and faster way, saving your much needed time.

It the all-in-one solution to help the teams in organizations and businesses with the purpose of management of their resources. It can also be integrated with other third-party task management and team collaboration applications, which include MailChimp, JIRA, Google Calendar, Pipedrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, along with many more. comes equipped with many key features, which we are just about to discuss below.

Try For Free

Key Features of

1- Boards and Columns:

The board at acts as a virtual table where the user can manage all of their tasks and sub-tasks. The software provides multiple options when it comes to management. These include

  • Main Board: These kinds of the board are available to any of the team members in your account.
  • Shareable Boards: You can also share your boards with your guests, including freelancers and clients.
  • Private Board: These are the boards only visible to the person who has created them and the people (Teammates) that he has allowed to have access to it.

These boards are interchangeable, and it can be done whenever the owner wants it according to his needs. Various columns can also be applied to each board if you need them for customizations.

2- Team Management Tool:

Getting on board and adopting the software becomes really easy through for teams. The user can create a team by sending an invite to members on their email. They can also select a template from the existing list of premade templates according to their requirements and project. So, they can quickly start their projects. These templates can also be utilized by the teams to deal with multiple workflows. It also makes it easier for you to assign tasks to teams and makes the whole process more transparent and visually pleasing.

3- Visual Planning:

You can track progress and plan projects through the multiple options provided by It also provides you with the details and a look at the overview of the timeline, maps, Kanban boards, files, charts, or calendars. The smart tools enable you to visually plan, track your progress, and weekly view in advance for several teams and projects.

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4- Easily to Integrate with Your Preferred Apps:

You can integrate easily with all the popular apps and services such as Excel, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Slack, Integromat, Zapier, and Trello.

5- CRM:

You can adapt to be used as CRM software so that you can keep track of all of your sales that are in the pipeline. The functions for CRM at come equipped with tracking sales orders, and web forms lead capture, monthly target tracking, and managing the pipeline.

6- Collaborations:

Collaboration features are built into It becomes easier for users to get all of their files, conversations, checklists, spreadsheets, and briefs everything in a single place so that they can review and hold a discussion for it without much effort. This ends all the useless email threads and long-lasting meetings. You can remain in the loop even when you are moving through the native Android mobile and iOS apps.

What benefits does provide to its users?

Now you might be wondering what the benefits that is providing to its users are, and we are about to discuss why it’s the best option for your business.

  • Constantly Monitoring and Ease of Access: com provides you insight into your tasks and projects in detail by using its unique board concept. The board lists all the tasks and projects in a single place and then connects them with the respective team members in charge of it. So, it becomes straightforward for you to monitor the performance of individuals and teams with ease.
  • Present in Time of Need: Regardless of if you are a premium user or not, will always be present when you need it. This makes it different from other platforms that only care about their top users. With, you become a part of the family where the agents will always offer innovations share issues & boards, and ensure that you are using the system to the best of its abilities.
  • Easily Useable: com makes it really easy for anyone to use it, one of its greatest assets. You can pick it up and start using it without prior experience with software made for project management. The extensive knowledge base at covers everything about the software so that you can get experience from within it.
  • Dashboard: You can glance at a good dashboard and know what exactly is going on in the business, and does that perfectly. It makes sure that you gain all the valuable insights related to your projects, keep track of your progress, estimate all of your workloads, and monitor your budget efficiently. It also helps your team in staying motivated and focused on your goals so that you can always move forwards.
  • Gantt Chart View: com provides its users with multiple ways to analyze their data across your boards by making use of Gantt Chart View so that you can plan your projects by tracking progress. It also allows you to accumulate crucial insights and have a different perspective of things, which in normal cases would not be possible.


  • Easy to use for beginners right from the start
  • No need to set up back end dependencies
  • It has a flexible Configuration.
  • It can be easily transferred to Excel for usage.
  • A single program for a variety of functions
  • It has the ability to link other programs and software to it.
  • Manage multiple programs or clients through workspace grouping
  • It has a visually pleasing UI
  • The dashboard functionality makes it easy for a quick overview.
  • Availability of color coding
  • Performance-oriented
  • It automates all of your planning.
  • Includes templates


  • It is expensive for large teams.
  • It lacks advanced task tracking features. Pricing Plan:

Try For Free

The pricing plan for is as follows:

Type of Subscriptions:

There are basically two types of subscription plans when it comes to The payment system at relies on seats and increases, according to them.

1- Monthly Subscription Plan:

It is the type of subscription where you pay a certain amount each month and gets certain features according to your payment plan. It is a one-time payment for a whole month of usage.

2- Annual Subscription Plan:

It is the type of subscription where you pay an amount for the whole year and gets certain features according to your payment plan. It is a one-time payment for a whole year of usage. If you pick the annual package, you have to pay less for each month than the normal monthly subscription. You basically get a whopping 18% discount. Details:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Roy Mann
  • Industries: Computer Software
  • Company Size: 501-1000 Employees
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 2012
  • Specialty: Project and Resource Management Software
  • Monthly starting price: 8$
  • Head Office: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • uCompares rating:9/5


Try For Free

After finishing this review, you should have a better grasp of what monday is offering at what cost. A resource management software can save a lot of your time and money by utilizing your resources in the best way possible so that you can make use of this saved time to improve other aspects of your business.

It can also lessen the workload by automating your planning using modern technologies so that you can track the supply and demand chain whenever you want. It also helps you increase accountability in your business to know what is happening with payrolls, labor costs, and timesheets. Another benefit is that it can resolve most of your conflicts because it pinpoints where the problem arose so that no one is blamed without reason. Having all of these handy features increasing your revenue over time.

Therefore, we would definitely recommend you give the free trial of this software a shot and see how it works. We hope our review has made your decision easier because we tried to bring all the necessary information. Our team wishes you the best!

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