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Movavi Review 2024 – Are Movavi Products Really Worth It?

Movavi Review 2024:

Do you know the best platform when it comes to photo/video/pdf editing softwares?

Then you should stick with us as we are going to bring you an amazing platform. In this day and age, more people are consuming content online than ever before. This is due to the massive increase in the number of content creators that are present. The type of content that you are creating doesn’t matter. For creating the perfect content, a professional-level photo and video editor plays a huge role. This is where Movavi comes in.

It is a platform that provides you with some of the best video and photo editing apps on both mobile and desktop platforms. Today we are going to take a deep dive into Movavi and determine whether it is worth using or not.

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What is Movavi?

Movavi Home

Movavi offers you different types of multimedia programs with which you can have a lot of fun with your music, photos, and videos. The best thing about them is that their products are available on all the major platforms. Their softwares are relatively easy to use and there isn’t a lot of complexity involved. This makes them very user-friendly and thus aren’t difficult to use. With powerful and simple software, you will be compelled to make content that stands out.

Movavi started in 2004 as a startup and now has grown to a full-fledged international business. There are more than 400 staff members and their products have been sold in more than 200 countries. The total number of users using Movavi products is about 3 million.

Movavi Unique Products:

1. Movavi Clips:

This is the free video editor for Android developed by Movavi. It is a free app but you can make stunning movies out of it. All of this can be done on a mobile device. You just need to add the footage into the software, put it on the timeline and edit the way that you want. This is a really amazing software that will totally change your opinion on mobile editing.

Adding Photos & Videos

The first step in the Movavi Clips app is to add your desired photos and videos that you want to use. You can also place them the way that you want.

The Music

Either you can choose music from your phone’s library or from Movavi’s built-in music library. You also get the options like adjusting the volume of the music so that it isn’t too loud. You can also mute the video sound as well.


Even though it is a mobile device, you still get most of the features that you would find in a desktop editing application. There is also the option to add smooth transitions which will add an extra layer of beauty to your creation. There are other features present like overlaying stickers, captions, and copying video fragments as well.


After you’ve edited your video, you can export it any aspect ratio that you want. Once you’ve saved your video, you are free to share it on social networks.


Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, you are in luck as Movavi Clips is present on both platforms. So, if you are looking for video editing software for iPhone/iPad then Movavi Clips is also going to be your choice.

2. Movavi Video Suite:

If you are looking for an all-in-one video maker then the Movavi Video Suite is an amazing option. It brings you the following things in one place:

  • Editor
  • Converter
  • Screen Recorder and more.

Edit Videos & Audio:

You can use the feature-rich video editor in order to edit your videos and create stunning slideshows. There are also different special effects, filters, and editing tools present at your disposal.

Making Vlogs:

If you’ve ever wanted to make vlogs then you will really love the Movavi Video Suite. There are all the tools present here in order to create the best vlogs. The program is very user-friendly and is easy for beginners to use. You can create a spectacular intro to your videos, add transitions and different special effects.

Storing Memories:

With the help of Video Suite, you can enhance the VHS tapes and printed photographs either by making digitalized videos or amazing slideshows. You can also create beautiful wedding videos as well. There is also the option of compressing the multimedia library so that you can save more space. You can also burn the videos or pictures onto DVDs as well.


With the help of Movavi Video Suite, you will be able to create amazing presentations. This is very useful for students and teachers. They can put in stylish transitions so that their presentations stand out from the rest. They also have a screen recording tool that can be used for creating different tutorials as well.


Some of the features of Movavi Video Suite are:

  • Movavi Account
  • Media Library
  • Latest Projects
  • Mobile Companion
  • Video Suite Community (Beta)
  • Preference Based Adaption
  • Quick Conversion

3. Movavi Video Editor Plus:

If you don’t want the tons of features provided by the Video Suite and only want the best editing options. Then the Movavi Video Plus is going to suit you the best. You can easily make videos that inspire the people around you.

Intuitive Software:

This is the perfect tool for you if you want to bring your creative ideas to life. You can make exceptional videos with special effects, keyframe animations, and catchy intros. There is also the option to add Chrome Key to change the background. The user interface has been redesigned and is very intuitive. The processing is also lightning fast.

Why Video Editor Plus is Better Than Competition:

There are three main reasons why Video Editor Plus by Movavi is simply better than the competition:

  • Simple Interface & Intuitive Controls
  • It takes 20 mins to complete a finished video
  • You will have fun while making videos


Some of the main features are:

  • Presence of Titles, Transitions & Filters
  • Chrome Key
  • Vertical Video
  • Stabilization
  • Picture in Picture
  • Stylization
  • Voiceover

4. Movavi Slideshow Video Maker:

Using the slideshow video maker, you can forever preserve the most beautiful moments. This is for the people that only want the basic functionality of a slideshow maker and don’t want anything advanced.

Making Easy Slideshows:

You can make slideshows using this app in only three steps:

Picking a Slideshow Wizard

You can either pick the slideshow wizard or take full control and go with the manual mode instead.

Adding the Media Files

The next step is to add your desired media files like images, videos, and music. You don’t have any limit on the number of files that you can upload.

Using a Template

You can either use one of the pre-made templates available or go full manual by choosing the transitions, music, and titles all by yourself.

There are more than 165 visual effects and filters present. You get more than 100 titles and stickers with over 105 transitions as well.

Why Use Slideshows?

You can use this software to preserve the happy memories in your life. Create a personalized slideshow that can bring you joy every time you look at it. Another thing that you can do is to use this software for congratulating someone on their achievement or success in life. You can celebrate a birthday party or a wedding by making really cool slideshows of the event. You can also put a voiceover to make things a bit more interesting.

Brand Promotion:

One of the biggest reasons for creating slideshows can be if you want to show off your brand. You can create amazing slideshows of your brand and then show it off on social media that will definitely bring your brand a lot of attention. You also get the option of uploading directly to platforms like YouTube, Google Drive, and Vimeo which is really great.

5. Movavi Video Converter:

If you are looking for a video converter in 2021, then you shouldn’t look any further than the Movavi Video Converter. You can convert a media file into more than 180 formats. This is really impressive. You can also compress and edit the media file as well.


You can convert files at a very high speed and high quality as well. There is also the option for transferring the video, music, and pictures in any format to any platform.

Compressing Large Videos:

Using the Movavi Video Converter, you can easily compress large video files without any loss of quality. This will allow you to see your precious moments in their full resolution.


This is a very unique converter as you are getting an in-built editor as well. You can easily crop or trim your videos. This allows you to create exciting clips. One more unique thing is that you can also add effects and adjust the colors as well. Merging multiples files into a single one can also be done using this editor.


You can also add subtitles to your videos directly from your computer or through the app itself.

6. Movavi Video Suite Business:

You can make visual communication very easy with the help of Movavi Video Suite Business. This is software that is designed for businesses. This suite includes the video editor and the screen recorder as well.

Perfect Solution for Businesses:

This is an all-in-one video suite specifically designed for businesses.

Video Editing

You get all of the video editing features like trimming, merging, and addition of music. There are also all the effects, transitions, and filters present. You can make more personalized video presentations by adding your company’s logo/watermark. There is also the option of combining the background music with voice commentary. You can upload videos directly to YouTube as well.

Screen Recording

You can create amazing software demos, tutorials using the screen recorder app. It easily records your computer screen and also highlights your keyboard and mouse actions. You can capture all of the conferences in high quality. There is also the option of schedule recording as well. With this screen recorder, you can choose the capture area and also record your webcam footage as well. There is also a useful feature of recording Skype calls with audio. You can also add your voice commentary on top as well.

Media Conversion

You can easily convert any media file into any of the available formats. The quality is preserved so you won’t see a difference in quality. You can convert multiples files at once into a single format. There is also the option of compressing files and then emailing them/uploading them to websites.

Why Use Video Suite Businesses?

Businesses can use this video suite for promoting their brand and products. They can create excellent videos that will help them in attracting a lot of customers. There is a lot of potential with this video suite and will your business a lot in getting more attention all over the world.

7. Movavi Screen Recorder:

This a free screen recorder that offers a lot of useful features. You can use this screen recorder to capture webinars/online calls. It can also be used for recording video tutorials or grabbing video streams of an online event.

Using the Screen Recorder:

Using the Movavi Screen Recorder is really simple.

Setting the Parameters

The first thing that you need to do is to set up the parameters and finetune the recording settings according to your preference.

Grabbing Video & Audio

Now, you have to hit the record button and the screen recorder will start to capture and record the audio and the video.


You can use simple tools to edit your recording and make it perfect for your use.


  • Creating Screencasts
  • Schedule Recording
  • Video Drawing
  • Recording Audio Only
  • Capturing Webcam
  • Shows Mouse and Keyboards Interaction

8. Gecata by Movavi:

Gecata is software made by Movavi for game recording and streaming. If you want to record yourself playing games then this is one of the best software to do that.

Stream & Record

Using the Gecata Streaming program, you can stream as well as record at the same time. So, if there is anyone that missed your Livestream, he can simply check out the recorded video.

Ease in Recording

The game recording is really easy with the help of Gecata. You only have to click one button and you will start recording. In this way, you don’t even have to leave the game.

Webcam Overlay

You can also add your webcam’s overlay on top of the stream. This allows you to show your face while you are streaming.

Capture In-Game Sound

Using this streaming and capturing software, you can easily capture all of the sound effects, music, and dialogues taking place in the game. You can also turn up your mic so that you are audible to your viewers.


  • Two-Way Sound Capture
  • Webcam Overlay
  • 4K 120 FPS Capture
  • Full Control
  • Game Mode
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Screenshots

9. Movavi Picverse:

If you ever wanted a professional-grade photo editor then the Movavi Picverse is for you. It is available on both mobile as well as desktop devices.


The best thing about this photo editing software is that it is powered by AI. This can be easily used by photographers of any skill level. There are smart tools present here that allow you to edit the images in no time and get amazing results. The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand.

AI Auto Enhance

You can optimize the colors and contrast in a picture within a second using AI tech.

Background Removal

With this feature, you can easily remove the background of any image in no time.

AI Restoration

AI Restoration helps you in bringing old pictures back to life. You can hide things like creases, scratches as well as stains. You can also add color to images that are black and white.

Effects & Filters

There are more than 100 effects and filters present which you can use to create the perfect image.

Custom Sharpness Adjustment

You can take full control of the images and adjust the sharpness so that you can reduce the blur. Your images will really pop after you’ve increased the sharpness.

Object Removal

With this feature, you can easily remove any unwanted object in the picture.

Photo Retouching

The retouching options present in this application are amazing. You can bring out the best in pictures just by retouching them. You can easily smooth skin, whiten teeth, apply makeup and reshape bodies using the retouching tool.

10. Movavi Photo Manager:

If you are looking for a photo manager then Movavi has got you covered. You can focus more on memories and forget about managing all of your photos using the photo manager. This is available for both Windows & Mac devices and will help you a lot in the management of pictures. The best things about this application are:

Organization of Photos

This software organizes pictures on the basis of geolocation, facial Id, and tags. This helps in the better organization of the photos.

Finds the Duplicates

It easily finds and removes all of the duplicate files from the hard drive. This saves up the disk space and organizes in a better way.

Editing Images

You can work with individual photos or edit a lot of them at once. You get features like flip, rotate, crop, images, straighten, etc.

Backup Copies

There is an additional feature in the form of backup copies. All of your data is backed up so if by accident it gets deleted, you can restore it.

Automatic Album Creation

The photo manager is very smart and automatically sorts the images according to location and dates.

Photo Viewing

You can view all of the photos inside the app in different formats.

11. Movavi PDFChef:

You can prepare the best documents by using the PDFChef by Movavi. Sometimes it is very hard to manage PDFs and this is where this PDF editor comes in. It brings you all of the tools that you’ll need to get your job done.

Smart Approach

You can do all of your PDF tasks without any security concerns. It also has a trial version which you can use to check out the features available.

Editing PDFs

This is the multifunctional software that is designed to edit PDFs in the best possible way. You can add text and images in the PDF or simply remove them. You can also rearrange the pages and rotate them. You can modify the documents according to your needs.

Managing Projects

You can manage your project documents much easier by using PDFChef. You can combine files that are exported from different apps like Excel, Word, Corel, etc. It allows you to bring everything to one place.

Signing Documents

You can simply sign and seal your documents by adding your signature to your document.

12. Movavi Unlimited:

If you want all of the above-mentioned programs in a single place then Movavi Unlimited is best for you. Nearly every software made by Movavi is present here. You get the best that Movavi has to offer. You get about 10 apps here only at the cost of a single application.

Video Editing

It brings you all of the video editing features from the apps like Video Editor Plus, Slideshow Maker, and Video Converter Premium. So, you can edit videos, make slideshows and also convert them between 180+ different formats.

Screen Recording

You also get the screen recording capabilities of softwares like the Screen Recorder, VHS Capture, and Gecata by Movavi. So, you can capture your screen up to 4K when working/gaming.

Photo Editing

In Movavi Ultimate, you also get all of the photo softwares like Picverse and Slideshow Maker. You can edit pictures professionally and make slideshows to preserve the memories.


Despite all the other softwares, you also get some utility software as well. PDFChef, Chiliburner, Media Player are available. You can edit your documents, and also burn data to DVDs as well.

Effect Store

With Movavi Ultimate, you get access to the effect store as well. You will get full access to all of the packs, sets, and special effect bundles that have been created for Movavi users. You can use the stickers, transitions, backgrounds, and titles in order to make unique videos.

Final Verdict:

It doesn’t matter which type of software you are looking for. Movavi has got you covered in all aspects whether it is video/photo editing, making slideshows and presentations, media conversion, screen recorder, or a PDF scanner/editor. All of the softwares are really intuitive and easy to use. If you want to get the best that Movavi has to offer then Movavi Ultimate is the way to go. It includes every software and also doesn’t cost a lot.

So, in the end, Movavi is an amazing platform which is providing all these different types of softwares. Looking at all of the products and features that they have to offer, you should definitely check them out.

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