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Netumo Review 2024 – Is It Best Website Monitoring Tool?

Netumo Review 2023:

Do you want to monitor all your websites and domains from the same trustworthy place?

Are you worried about the safety and security of your website?

Being on the internet is very important for any business to grow and flourish. Many platforms, domains, and servers offer your website protection, but what do you think is enough?

Along with foolproof security, another most essential factor is the timely notification that your site will face any issue. Here in this Netumo review article, we will introduce you to such a fantastic platform ‘Netumo,’ which claims not only for your site’s security but also for in-time notifications via SMS and Email.  So that you can take immediate actions and your site remains to save.

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Once you make sure your presence online in the form of a personal website or e-commerce store, one of the most dangerous and probable threats is hackers and spammers. Making your site secure from them is most important and essential along with the security some alarming set up is also required that can inform you in time. Netumo is software designed specifically for small and medium enterprises.

Netumo is soft which offers 24/7 monitoring of your website all the time. It monitors uptime for your site. As soon as your site faces downtime, it will inform you within no time. It also monitors and allows you to manage the expiration of any certifications, including an SSL certificate. Netumo knocks directly into your inbox or mailbox to inform you about any urgency. It checks your website and server’s health at the given interval of time, and you can easily adjust the frequency of checking. The frequency for short periods is useful and helpful for capturing any time issues. It also decreases the load to your web server.

Quick Facts:


  • Website Monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Notification via SMS, Twitter or Slack.


  • It will give a notification whenever your website is down.
  • It keeps you aware of any danger to your site or data.
  • Netumo also monitors your server performance and keep your updates accordingly.
  • It offers FTP monitoring.
  • It also keeps an eye on your various certification expiration sessions and informs your before it ends.
  • It uses easily accessible platforms for sending notifications like SMS, Email, Twitter slack, or Microsoft Team.


  • Maintenance facilities are not available.
  • It monitors only web-based and cloud-based sites and does not offer Mac, Windows, Android, or iPhone monitoring.


This Netumo review article will present some essential and beneficial features of Netumo. Keep on reading for exploring more.


Netumo provides various reports that are easy to understand and save. These reports allow you to share the detailed performance and outgrowth of your website with your web server. You can easily judge any fluctuations and downtimes issues.

The reports present data in the form of charts and graphs so that you can easily track the statistics of your site. As these are presented to you at regular intervals of time you can easily judge, when your site goes down and similarly it informs you about the traffic load timings. You can not only identify problems yourself but can also show them to your service provider and demand them for its fixation.

Notification for Domain expiration:

Netumo is any intelligent software it can trace your domain and monitor it properly. All you need to do is tell your domain name and registration date and leave the rest for Netumo. It will keep tracking your domain and notify you timely about your domain’s near expiration. When the software tells you early, you can go for the next registration in time.

This will save your site from closing. If your domain expired and you came to know at the time of expiration, your location and ultimately your business suffers because potential customers bounced back from the secure site. Netumo offers free tracking of 1 domain. If you are using only one, its pursuit will be free. Why you are taking a risk with your site performance, go and grab the golden opportunity of domain monitoring.

Website Monitoring:

If you are running a site online, then just making it available is not necessary. You just need to keep it performing optimally. For this monitoring is an important aspect, Netumo offers the tracking of 1 website absolutely free with their free plan.

It sends you notifications frequently about your site’s health this will help you keep an eye on your services-providing the site. You will get information in the form of SMS, Email, Slack, or Twitter. The frequency for checking is absolutely up to you. Netumo claims that customers are free to decide. Often they check your site even every minute, and you get notified.

No False Alarms:

Netumo claims that they double-check their results before passing them towards you. This is for your surety. It is not designed so that as far as it notices some problems, it will give them to you without any confirmation. No false alarms are created here. Only the confirmed news is allowed to reach your inbox.

This double-check definitely does not mean that the notifications become slow or late. All the process occurs virtually in no time. You will receive news about your website downtime with its actually happening in two minutes. Netumo claims to provide you double-checked information and notification within a short time interval.

Data Logs and Reports:

Netumo takes all the data at your site and stores it for proper and keen observation. Once your data is stored within their system, they start analyzing it. They first realize keenly that what is actually uptime for your site and then explore uptime, downtime, response time, and overall statics of your site.

Netumo analyzes all these credentials and makes them available for you in the form of reports. You can easily find out about your site performance as these reports present the data in a graphical form that is more comprehensive and ultimately will help you for site improvements, and you can also offer these reports to your clients or service providers.

The Wise Use Of SMS Credits:

Netumo allows sending only one SMS per hour per website for a failure. It will not cause SMS flooding but I choose to inform you only once per hour. This feature will save your SMS credit for better use next time rather than waste maximum SMS for a single problem.

Netumo sends the second SMS for the same problem only when you somehow failed to respond to the first one. It also allows you to adjust your settings according to your requirements you can choose which site notifications should be turned on and for which they should be disabled.

Multiple Tools:

Netumo makes sure to use multiple tools to identify and ultimately troubleshoot the problems efficiently and adequately. It applies various tools to the same website or online stuff to troubleshoot and test the actual situation more efficiently.

Netumo Pricing:

Netumo offers different plans for various companies, agencies, and personal websites. You can directly communicate with them and tell them about your requirements they will make sure to help you regarding everything, including price. We will tell you about some plans in this Netumo review article for your reference. Netumo offers a free trial and a free program also.

With the free trial, you can easily understand its working style and efficiency. The free program is another immense generosity from Netumo’s side, and the open program offers one website and one server monitoring. Suppose you own more than one website and want to monitor for multiple sites and servers, you have to choose the paid version.

The pricing starts at 1.75 USD per month. It provides you the facility for paying monthly or yearly, whichever seems to suit you better. For further details regarding plans and pricing, you can visit their official website and find the plan that best suits you regarding your requirements.

Concluding Remarks:

In this Netumo review article, we have discussed various features and services available at the platform of Netumo. It is beneficial for everyone running some online business or personal site. You can avail of it even absolutely free for one website and one server. You only need to pay when you want multiple site tracking. Monitoring of web sites is very important, it is door alarm, as soon as some inappropriate issue knocks at the door of your site Netumo sense it and immediately alerts you. It monitors typically websites, servers, and every other stuff online. You can get help from this article to make your decision to choose Netumo as your partner in the web journey.

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