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Network Lookout Review 2024 – The Best Employee Monitoring Software for your Office

Network Lookout Review 2024:

Employee Monitoring enables the business to get hold of all their activities and to get all the information about how your worker engages with all the tasks related to the workplace. A great business always utilizes employee monitoring software to measure and improve its productivity ensure its security, track everyone’s attendance, and record how many hours each employee has worked.

The current employee monitoring software is an improvisation to the already existing methods of the past. Because in reality the modern timesheets that we used today were first introduced in 1888 by the giant company now known as IBM. With the current technology we can not only track how many hours each employee has spent on the product but we can also determine their productivity, internet usage, their most-used applications, the tasks they are struggling with, the tasks they excel at, and much more.

The Monitoring software that we are going to talk about today is one of the best in the market when it comes to stopping employees from wasting their time and energy on unnecessary activities. And track each of these activities the moment they attempt it.

Try Network Lookout

Network Lookout:

Network Lookout Home

Network Lookout is the all in one and one of the best solutions when it comes to monitoring your employees at the office. It is a pleasant answer to all of your questions and worries. After the quick installation of this software, you can just sit back and relax while it keeps an eye on all of the activities of your employees so that you can improve their productivity. It holds the records of all the productive and unproductive work of your employees. It also keeps track of all the websites that your employees have visited.

Key Features of Network Lookout

1- Monitoring of Live Computer Screens

Network Lookout enables you the ability to watch what your employee is looking at their current display. This is a good method to ensure everyone is doing what they are being paid for.

All the screens of your employees are showed to you in thumbnail form with the ability to reconfigure their size. You can do that simply by zooming in or just double-clicking any of your employees’ computer screens.

2- Employee Desktop Screen Recording

You can record the screen of your employees either in live video or specific time intervals. Each of the recordings is saved in JPEG (Screenshots) or MPEG4 (Video) format.

You can also schedule these recordings for particular time intervals and days, so it can become an automatic process without any need for work. To do this neither you need to have a working internet connection or have to be present in person at the time of recording.

You can play and check each of the recordings with the in-built player.

3- Logs of Employee Activity

You can track how much time each of your employees has spent on an app or process. In addition to this, you can also gather their internet browsing data to determine which of them are spending most of their time browsing stuff. You can also track what your employees are typing into each app through the optional keylogger.

4- Utilize Modern Admin Tools

To fulfill your role as a network or computer administrator, you can utilize the advanced administrative tools which enable you to perform multiple actions on the computer of your choice.

Just an example –you can to disable Ctrl+Alt+Del, disable printing, lock computers, reboot/power on/ power off computers, etc.

In addition, you can also send keystrokes to all your selected computers and also execute the shell (CMD) commands along with many other things.

5- Web Browser Blocking:

Sometimes you may want to limit access to some or all other websites that are not related to their job. This usually does not cause a major issue but still having control over it is a handy perk.

You can whitelist and blacklist some websites by the words that they use or just simply their URL. When someone tries to access a blacklisted website, you can either redirect them to a different website, close their browser, or simply let them know through a custom message.

6- Control of Processes and Applications:

Sometimes the employees install additional unnecessary applications in the computer which can sometimes be dangerous to the system and can result in security/data breach.

You can use the control application to prevent such cases from happening by either blocking these processes and applications or just stopping them. You can see the list of all the processes and applications on a dedicated task manager.

7- Share your Desktop Screen

In some particular scenarios, you may need to share your employee or your screen with everyone else. This can be really beneficial when you’re trying to train your employees at once, or you are having a group presentation. If a new feature or application is implemented into the business, you can train and inform your employees about it with screen sharing. So, that can get used to how it is used and its features.

8- Collection and sending of files

You can send and collect files to and from any of your employees using the built-in File Manager functionality. This can be especially useful when you want to distribute some files to particular employees or all of them.

For example, if you share a spreadsheet that needs to be worked on it will appear in front of everyone’s documents folder or desktop where they can start working on it. After they have finished their work, they can just send it back to you with a few clicks of their mouse.

Why choose employee monitoring software?

Now you might be thinking that what makes Network Lookoutworth your time. Well, we are just about to discuss that.

Save your time:

Suppose your employees are working a certain amount of time each day like for example 8 hours. There is a big possibility that he might be wasting 2 to 3 hours of time each day which is costing you money. Using Network Lookout, you can detect these employees and then deal with them accordingly.

Fewer Chances of An Error:

Using Network Lookout, you can minimize your chances of an error because you are paying attention to each of your employees personally and can stop and guide them whenever they are doing something wrong before it becomes a major problem.

Better Understanding of each Employee’s Strength and Weaknesses:

With Network Lookout you can personally monitor each of your employee’s work speed, productivity, efficiency, etc. If you have knowledge of these things, you can assign better duties to your employees what they excel at doing. In addition to this, you can also work on their weaknesses and come up with a plan accordingly to minimize them.

Improvement of Security:

Network Lookout gives you the option of tracking all the processes and applications being used by your employees on their computers. This feature allows you to keep an eye on anything suspicious which can potentially cause a security or data breach. You can stop these processes and applications completely right from your computer

Improved Transparency:

Using Network Lookout to monitor your employees will also improve your transparency as everyone will be in sync. This can have a huge impact on your ability to understand how each of your employees’ work so you can connect with them a lot better.


  • Increase in efficiency of employees
  • Increase in productivity of employees
  • Decrease in employees doing a violation of company policies
  • Great Safety measure for the present and for the future.
  • You get to know each employee’s strength and weaknesses
  • Recognition of the hard-working employees
  • Improvement in your relationship with your employee
  • Early spotting of mistakes
  • Ensuring you save as much money as possible
  • Improvement of security.


  • Sometimes hurt the feelings of your employees
  • Too much access can cause problems
  • Data comprehension takes time

Network Lookout Pricing Plan:

Network Lookout has multiple pricing plans as follows:

Commercial Licenses: The first on the list is the commercial licenses that have a one-time payment with unlimited usage without expiration.

Educational Licenses: The second License is also permanent with the intention of being used on (LAN, WLAN, VPN) local networks. It was used in all non-profit organizations and educational purposes.

Monitoring and Controlling Computers over the Internet: It is a monthly or yearly subscription to monitor a computer over the internet.

Try Network Lookout

Network Lookout Detailed Review:

  • Website:
  • Parenting Company: EDUIQ
  • Founded:2004
  • Specialty: A software solution to monitor and track the activities of your employees.
  • Onetime Payment: $149.5
  • Head Office: Slovenia
  • uCompares rating:9/5


After reading the whole review you should have a better grasp of the importance of employee monitoring software and how much it has to offer for your business or organization. If used correctly, you can increase your work productivity and efficiency even more. The benefits of such software far outweigh its disadvantages.

Network Lookout as a monitoring software has a lot to offer at a one-time payment. They also offer a trial version where you can check out the software and all of its functionalities so, that you can make a decision based on your opinion on it.

We expect that you are as excited as we were when we got to know about this amazing software that can help people out in more than one way. We also hope that our article has helped you in making the best decision for yourself and your business/organization. We wish you the best!

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