Open AI Reveals Latest Language Model Free For All Users

On Monday, Open AI revealed the latest Artificial Intelligence language model that will make Chat GPT responses to voice commands, images, and videos more powerful. It is the new version of the ChatGPT-4 model that was launched a year ago. This model comes with the latest technology that will be free for all users.

According to the company, this latest version of Chat GPT is based on AI which gives a faster response than the previous version.

This version of Chat GPT will be the digital personal assistant that can give responses to spoken conversations.
Not only this, it will also generate responses from the users’ prompts like uploading screenshots, photos, images, documents, charts, etc.

According to the company’s chief technology officer, Mira Murati, they are anticipating the interaction between the machine and human. According to her, it is the first time they are taking steps toward ease of use and making this interaction more natural and easier.

Mira Murati said this latest version will also have memory capabilities that will learn from the previous response and generate more relevant results.

Before, these technologies were offered in free and paid products. Now, it is merged into a single system which will be present in all products.

During the event, the chief operating officer Mira Murati, and her team members showcase the new app and its response to the conversational voice.

Although this new app cannot make videos, still you can get the images. 

Chat GPT is not based on fixed commands, instead, it is learned based on the material present over the internet and also brings improvement in its response through chat conversations with humans.

Now, the latest version learns the sound, images, and videos and calls it a Multimodal A.I.

Although the response generated from chat GPT is from the internet, it doesn’t mean that these AI responses are free from mistakes or copyright issues.

Before, Open AI had a version of Chat GPT that could understand and talk back using voice. But it was made up of three different A.I. technologies: one that turned voice into text, one that came up with a reply in text, and one that turned this text into a synthetic voice.

Now, this latest version will be the merge of AI technology called GPT-4o that will be more efficient than the previous one, and it will be free for all users. It can also understand more than 50 languages by translation and responding to the language immediately.

The CEO of Open AI stated that the latest voice and video mode is the best computer interface according to his experience. And it makes him feel like movies based on Artificial Intelligence.

These chatbots can generate responses from languages but still they are far behind in performing many tasks like booking a hotel or scheduling a meeting. So, companies are working on creating a better version of AI that can easily handle these kinds of tasks as an assistant. In short, they are turning them into AI agents.

The rivals of Open AI, Meta, and Google are also working on making their language models more powerful.

Google is working on combining the Gemini chatbot and Google Assistant and Apple is also going to release the latest version of Siri that will be more functional and conversational.

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