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15+Best Paywall Services For Publishers in 2024

Best Paywall Services:

A paywall can describe as an Income plan where various sectors or the whole website is positioned behind a wall. You can say by the paywall method readers would be restricted from retrieving the free content. 

Subscription would be paid. The users are encouraged to roll themselves for a subscription (paid)to bypass the wall. Paywalls could be supposed as a customary newspaper in digital form. To access the context of a publication you would get a monthly or annual subscription as well.

Paywalls also benefit publishers to have an audience, create regular profits vs promotion, and at the same time, motivate the publishing domain to provide an advanced quality in their content. Just as well-timed and custom-made web push notifications. 

The famous publisher also uses paywalls on their websites to check the access to their content like The New York Times and e-Marketer etc.

Type of Paywalls:

There are two specific types of paywalls for use of publishers. Soft and Hard paywalls.

1- Hard Wall

restrict access to the whole website content. e.g.: Hard paywalls use by The Wall Street journal

2- Soft Wall:

can let you access some limited sections of the website content for free. You can have a soft wall in the two following formats.

3- Fermium Paywall:

you can get free access to some content pages but Block premium content of the website and make performance slow. E.g.The Telegraph has this one for subscription on their website.

In this paywall model, you can find both free and premium content. Freemium one is not for free but the users can get access to a portion of the website content cost-free and charge for the one that the publisher labels as valuable content. A publisher can decide which content pages would go back to the wall and which ones can be opened for free.

Probably 45% of media houses have this freemium model for business.

4- Metered Paywall:

it provides a fixed figure of content pages for fresh users. Wired users have to pay once they reached 5 stories per month.

Metered Paywalls model designed in a somewhat different model. These paywalls do not label content pages as premium. As an alternative, once a preset share of the entire is spent by a reader then it blockades the content pages.

Metrics, tracking and restricting the access when the optimum threshold is achieved, including the time that has spent on the website, a total of page views, and the number of articles either the location of the customer or the means by which the user is having access to the content of the website.

e.g. Harvard University also has both paywalls, freemium, and metered n their website.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Paywall:

While selecting a hard or soft paywall solution you need to be though through it. After deciding, we are listing some points to consider for you before zeroing on a paywall management solution.

  • Generate Campaigns: The solution should provide a paywall campaign that includes the facility to create, set up, modify, and monitor a paywall campaign.
  • Access to control: The solution should offer the option to control settings and metering on the publisher’s side.
  • Plugin key: Some paywalls do not have a connection effortlessly with your existing CMS. So there is no plugin. In short, you have to use their entire publishing content solution or link through API.
  • Audience Sections: Segmenting users benefits you to filter the maximum valued audience sections and hold them for an extensive duration with personalized deals.
  • Payment: some solutions provide a pay per article to get access to the premium content while others follow a subscription for a preset time period to readers. You should choose one that would be interesting for your users.
  • Support team dependence:  For producing and monitoring campaigns, there should be less or no requirement of the IT team.

Is Paywall Right For You?

Obviously, a paywall is not for every person. If you want to use it, make sure you fathom the advantages and disadvantages of it.


  • Alternative monetization of content: Paywall creates content monetization very easily by just asking the reader about the cost of the content. 
  • Industry-wide impact: publishers can make a solid reader base and assess them to develop in a specific niche with the help of quality content.
  • Adblocker: Publishers can monetize content without having to show ads, and while retaining a good experience of the audience by using a paywall


  • Consistency maintenance is difficult:  it is getting complicated for publishers to continue with the providing frequency of good-quality content.
  • Harmful for SEO: When customers can’t engage with the website because of paywalls, it causes proliferation in the bounce rate. Consequently, SERP positions site-wide would be decreased. Ultimately causing to decrease in organic traffic.  
  • Pa wall paradox: Due to the inaccessibility of content, Customers usually get disappointed at the end of the website without subscriptions. This leads them to look for another substitute means in the same production. It causes your non-paywall to get competitors more followers and an audience through your website. This is called the paywall paradox.

Most Trusted Paywalls Solutions: 

According to Michael Silberman, (SVP AT Piano):

Free riders aren’t that valuable, it’s a low likelihood they will ever pay, so why bother? Publishers are trying to find the right balance between restricting access and making it harder for current and prospective subscribers who are considering it. They don’t want to add too much friction and are wary of tactics that get in the way of that.”

So We have filtered out the best paywalls solutions for you, by putting them in front of your content you can gain dollars and an audience.

Best Paywall Services 2024:

Here is the list of 15+ best Paywall services that you can use in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Zlick.
  2. LaterPay.
  3. MemberGate.
  4. Leaky Paywall.
  5. Pelcro.
  6. MPP Global.
  7. Piano Media.
  8. PayRead.
  9. Multi Pub.
  10. Recurly.
  11. Pigeon Paywall.
  12. CeleraOne

1- Zlick

Zlick Home

Zlick is a paywall and subscription management platform for content creators.
It focuses on two key areas:
  1. The quick and simple setup process for site owners without any developers needed and
  2. High conversion rates for your readers when subscribing to your website.
They have done extremely well with this as their platform can be set up in about 10 minutes and end-users can pay with 1-click payments, increasing conversion and bringing more money to you.
The platform includes a paywall, a CRM to manage and messaging tools to communicate with your subscribers and analytics tools to understand which kind of content sells the most.


WordPress plugin.


No monthly fees, just a 5% transaction fee from payments.

2- Later Pay:


It provides services to bloggers, influencers, publishers, and different content creators. It helps them to change their users into subscribers. The company also claims to enhance total income by providing a feature “pay later”. Later pay is producing up to 2.5x income for the website by offering followers the choice to spend premium content pages without getting registered or providing information about their payment. Many famous brands and publishers like Salon, VRM, and The pulp are already using it.


WordPress plugin, JavaScript, and API.


It cost 15% of the revenue from the website.

3- Member Gate:

Member Gate

Is membership for site solutions. This Company has been enabling various websites with subscription solutions for 18 years. You can find all features of this solution. It helps the publisher to manage their content and to create a good experience of subscription for customers. 

Its website owner handle everything from introducing a premium campaign to receiving daily reports of any mechanical germ. Member gate takes all responsibility for paywall analysis and advancement to ensure that everything works in a controlled manner.

It provides you the option to preset sign-ups for members, welcome emails and renewal notifications, etc. You don’t have to get plugin managing with this solution such as it is not software free with paid plugins.

Many brands like Apnea Today and Rhino club are using it.


Only the tool is needed to move the whole content on CMS.


A one-time payment is $4,995 but you can in installments as well. 

4- Leaky Paywall:

Leaky paywall

Solution by zeen101 provides you with a standard solution. This is best for digital publishers helping them in the configuration of metered besides membership platform as well. Publishers and bloggers can enhance campaigns to match customers with available content. Furthermore, its add0on features offer reporting tools and access to multiple sites. Publishers like politics and Harvard University are using it.


 WordPress integration.


for Pub Care it cost $120 monthly and for iOS and Android Apps it cost $199 per month.

5- Pelcro:


It is another solution for subscription management. Its integration is simple and well-suited for many CMS like Wix and WordPress etc.  It will help you to make sections of your indicated audience through providing filters for example region, country, devices, etc. if you are a publisher you can customize the course, design, and content for users. You can do an A/B test by making paywalls for different users provides payment gateways for example Amazon and PayPal etc.

Solution Integration:

 WordPress plugin.


Subscriber-based pricing in three classes. 

  1. Beginners – $99 per month and up to 500 subs.
  2. Intermediate – $450 per month for 1000 subs.
  3. Professional – $800 per month for 5000 subs.


6- MPP Global Solution (ESuits):


It is software for subscription management provided by MPP Solutions which benefits publishers to achieve and enhance subscribers. The followers can organize their calendars and they also have the authority of modifying their managing strategies, etc. The solution provides you with all three models of subscription either hard or soft paywalls and can easily be maintained.

It provides confined subscriptions all over the countries, tax codes, setup, currencies, and rates. It enhances the ROI by permitting you to choose a specific component of subscribers that is more related to you.

Brands like Times Online and The daily mall are using it.


Not found yet.


Not disclosed.

7- Piano Media:


Some foremost media houses use this one to determine the total income you can say revenue and its commitments. Publishers have the right to do the A/B test and have the authority to trace the ad blockers. It offers users sectioning and it is adjustable to all channels and devices. It is better with all currencies and tax codes etc. as well.

Brands like Conde Nast and FMG are using it.


JavaScript Integration.


Affordable cost.

8- PayRead:


Is introduced by Fortumo first time in 2019. It allows content creators to classify and control customers via commonly accessible mobile devices that find worldwide a SIM card. It supports connection with service providers with more than 350 mobile devices all over the world.

Brands like OLC and Magzter are their users. 


 No Integration.



9- Multi Pub:


More than 500 publishers are working with it. It allows them to control subscriptions on their website by automatically repeated clicks. It also can trace the price tags, date of payment, and demographics-related data. With the help of this, you can control the users on levels of numbers and can make groups of them. You can make group statements, their renewal notifications, and their documents for shipping. 

Brands like New Moon Girls and ACBJ are using it.


 Connects with an API.


The regular price of $125.00 per month.

10- Recurly:


Another software for subscription management its design is very advanced with developed features. Publishers can make their own plans for subscriptions, can collect money, and control users. Its setup allows publishers to create multiple design plans for subscription control. Publishers also can get benefit from strategies retentions through a Recurly solution.

Brands like Twitch and BarkBox are its users.


API integration.


On basis of per transaction, % of monthly income.

11- Pigeon Paywall:

Pigeon Paywall

Is run by Sabra Media. This paywall solution is safe for publishers. It offers both soft and hard paywalls. Publishers can create their own designs for their campaigns and it helps them to create an advanced conversion strategy. Publishers and their teams can also get training by the company so they can improve paywalls to gain more benefits.


WordPress and Drupal.


 it cost 10% of revenue and a $99 monthly payment.

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