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20+ Best Project Management Software in 2024

Finding the best software and tools for your company is always difficult. If you are here, then surely, you search for a great project management tool that can help you manage all the company projects with less effort.

We are glad to inform you that you have come to the right place. Here, you can get the best project management tool according to your need. We’ll be suggesting some of the best project management tools to check out in 2023.

What is a Project Management Software?

Before using any project management tool, it is mandatory for a company to have an understanding of the working of the tool. A project management tool helps a company or an individual to organize the projects effectively. You can always manage and make changes in your project with a great project management tool effectively.

To choose the best project management tool that can fulfill your organization’s needs, you need to have the necessary information about the tool’s work. But if you are a newbie in the field and don’t have any prior experience or information regarding the project management tool. You can always rely on our recommendations as we recommend the tools according to the user’s needs.

What are the Pros & Cons of Using a Project Management Software?

Everything comes with some of the best benefits and advantages in that category. But, at the same time, there is always a chance of some vulnerabilities. Nothing is perfect, and there is always a better replacement to it. In a Project Management tool, you will always find some great advantages alongside some disadvantages. Here, we have mentioned some of the great advantages of a Project Management tool with some disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of a Project Management Software are listed below:


  • A Project Management tool can help you in better collaboration with your colleagues
  • The company’s planning and scheduling of the tasks can be improved
  • Remote working feature
  • Chances of risks can be minimized
  • Integration of the new members of the company can be made easy


  • It can cost you a lot of money
  • The whole process can be complex if the employees aren’t trained professionally

Best Project Management Software 2023:

Here is the list of Top 20 Best Project Management Software that you can use in 2023 and 2024.

All the products listed below are based upon the pricing, product features, and benefits they provide.

  1. ClickUP
  2. OnlyOffice
  3. ProofHub
  4. Basecamp
  5. Scoro
  6. Citrix Podio
  7. JIRA
  8. Notion
  9. Workzone
  10. Asana
  11. Trello
  12. Redmine
  13. ActiveCollab
  14. Zoho Projects
  15. Deltek WorkBook
  16. Nutcache
  17. WORKetc
  18. Paymo
  19. Cage
  20. LiquidPlanner
  21. Weekdone

1. ClickUP – #1 Project Management Software:


ClickUp is a project management tool with features that helps managers efficiently handle tasks for ongoing projects to ensure quality work is provided to their clients. The mission and vision of this application are to save you time. It is an all-in-one free project management software that includes every tool that you need to plan, organize and collaborate on projects with an easy-to-use interface with 15+ variants of views.

It also has different pricing plans for different levels of teams; It is free for personal use, $5 per member per month for small teams, It takes $12 per member per month for mid-sized teams, it costs $19 per member per month for large sized teams and you need to contact the sales department of ClickUp which is available 24/7 for enterprise-scale teams.

Try ClickUP For Free


Some bold features of this PM application are:

  • Custom views- ClickUp gives you over 10 different views for projects so all of your teams can stay on the same page (literally)!
  • Custom statuses- ClickUp lets you add statuses to multiple projects so you can check the progress of a project at any point in time.
  • Assigned comments- Whenever you want to address a comment to a specific team member you can assign it to them and ClickUp will send them a notification to ensure that it doesn’t get overlooked. A team member can mark it as ‘resolved’ once the comment is addressed.
  • Gantt chart- ClickUp provides Gantt charts to track and manage your projects. You can view the timeline of your ongoing progress.
  • Custom Dashboards- ClickUp’s powerful built-in dashboard will help you visualize and organize project data all in one place automatically.
  • Reminders- Reminders for pending and due tasks can be initiated to keep track of project activities.
  • Time Tracker- With just one click you can set up a time tracking for each task to see how much time it takes to complete project tasks.


  • Highly customizable task management.
  • Excellent collaboration tools.
  • Different project views for visualization in different ways.
  • Robust hierarchy.
  • Can add freelancers to your team workspace with Custom Access Rights


  • No Table view in the mobile app

2. OnlyOffice – Top Project Management Software:

OnlyOffice Home

Developed by Ascensio System SIA, a Latvia-based company, ONLYOFFICE Workspace is a set of productivity tools for team management and online collaboration. The solution includes an online office suite and a bundle of web-based apps for project management, CRM, email, calendaring, internal communication, and networking. The ONLYOFFICE project management module is designed for helping employees work fast and easily. It comes with some amazing features that can help you assess team performance. The software allows you to use the time-tracking feature and generate automatic reports. You can take care of your projects by assigning tasks, subtasks, milestones, and deadlines. You can also analyze the progress of each project using Gantt charts. There is a free mobile app for iOS that lets you manage your tasks on the go.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace is a well-known tool that is currently used all over the world. It is specifically designed to make collaboration between the teams easier and less time-consuming. Apart from the project management features, the solution comes with a rich set of advanced tools for its users to collaborate and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time. ONLYOFFICE Workspace can be either deployed on a private server or accessed in the cloud There are two self-hosted editions available for the software, the Community Edition which is absolutely free, and the Enterprise Edition for businesses of any kind. ONLYOFFICE Workspace in the cloud is free for teams with up to 5 users and offers some enterprise-ready tariff plans.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace offers advanced security features, which include file encryption at rest and in transit, LDAP, and the Active Directory authentication feature is included in the package. The highlighted part of this amazing tool is that the customer support of the product is always available to assist you regarding any query. Customer care service is super cooperative and friendly all the time. You can contact them through email, phone calls and, there is also an option for live chat.



  • Simple UI makes it easier to use
  • Best Office alternative for document collaboration and editing
  • Reasonable pricing with hundreds of cool features
  • Supports all types of documents
  • Mobile app


  • Gets dizzy sometimes

3. ProofHub – Best Project Management Software: 


ProofHub is one of the best project management tools that can assist you and your team anytime, anywhere. It brings all the tools together in one place so that it is easier for the users to collaborate and work on a project. For a manager, it is the best tool you can have. Because it gives you full control over all the teams to make the project handling extremely easy. Simple UI makes this user-friendly and easy to use. Whether your team is not trained enough, you can make them work easily in no time.

This tool comes with amazing features and an enhanced experience. It has no per-user fee. There are fixed premium subscriptions available. The company also provides a free trial to check out the product. There are some crazy features available that can assist you in making your team’s workflow extremely smooth and super-fast. It provides a tabular view of the information, which keeps all the information organized and secured. A Kanban board that decides which team person will be doing what work.

There remains no chance of delayed project date. You can use the Gantt charts to avoid poor planning of the projects to ensure that the projects are delivered before the deadlines. There are a lot of other features that you should check out on the tool’s web page. ProofHub is one of the best project management tools available out there.


  • Attractive UI and easy-to-use
  • Quick Chat option
  • Custom roles
  • Organized information
  • Perfectly planned projects 


  • It shows annoying notifications

4. Basecamp – Best Project Management Tool: 


One of the best multi-functioned and All-in-one project management tools to use. Get rid of scattered projects and stress with the help of the Basecamp project management tool. It gives your data the perfect organized form it needs. Goals are set, the path remains clear with the simple UI and enhanced features. There is always a chance of data getting lost because of the remote working. During the lockdown, thousands of businesses shifted towards work-from-home, which was pretty difficult to handle in the starting days. However, companies have adopted different strategies, and thousands of organizations have chosen Basecamp as their best companion for project management.

Basecamp keeps your information like emails, meetings, and chats in an organized way. With the help of the Basecamp tool’s amazing features, you can always count on it. There is a message board, a to-do list manager, a scheduler included in the software. All the documents, messages, and emails are stored so that there is no chance of data redundancy. There is also a feature for group chats that allows you to resolve your project-related queries in less time.

A company can run down its entire business without having any issues when using the Basecamp tool.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Provides automatic updates and notifications
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight tool


  • The learning curve is time-consuming

5. Scoro – Project Management Software in 2023:


Scoro is a great tool for an end-to-end solution to manage sales and customers. You can always keep track of your team’s efforts on different projects with the help of the Scoro project management tool. It provides some of the best tools to manage the time of your projects by understanding every aspect of the time. You can monitor, prioritize your work, and distribute work among different team members to save time with the help of Scoro. Take a measure of the available resources and allocate the utilization of resources in an organized way. All the work done by your team members is kept in insight and can be obtained when needed.

With Scoro, you can track down all the upcoming events on the calendar and make quick changes to your data when needed. With the help of Gannt charts, you can track all the progress in real-time. Everything shows up in an updated manner for a better experience. There is more you can do rather than just keeping an eye on the project’s activity. Scoro allows you to automate routine tasks, which speeds up the overall process and lessens the time cycle. There are hundreds of features provided by the tool. You can always go and check out the tool and can grab it according to your need.


  • You can track the performance
  • The interface is simple and easy-to-use
  • It has a very good invoicing system
  • Compact platform with great speed


  • Synchronize Outlook, takes time

6. Citrix Podio – Top Project Management Software: 

Citrix Podio

Citrix Podio is another professional project management tool to manage your work. Podio works on the web, and there is also an option for mobile phones. Automate the workflow of your team with great features provided by the tool. You can schedule meetings and can visualize data for better results overall. Podio allows its users to communicate with each other for better collaboration. Assign tasks to different people and keep track of it with the Podio project management tool. Podio allows unlimited storage for the users to keep their data in a better place with ultimate security. You can personalize dashboards as Podio allows complete customization for its users.

To help your business stay on the right track, you can see Podio as a perfect fit. All the necessary components for a better team experience are made available by the Developers team to make sure that your business runs smoothly. The tool claims to be 100% durable and stable. The user interface is intuitive and makes the job easier for everyone using the tool. The company also claims to be 100% secured. You can contact customer support in case of any query regarding the product. They are cooperative and supportive, and available 24/7.


  • Collaboration with other team members is super easy
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Fully customizable
  • Keep track of all the tasks assigned to different team members


  • Synchronize Outlook, takes time

7. JIRA:


JIRA is built for people struggling to keep the workflow in line while working on their projects. It gives you different tools to distribute tasks among different team members. After assigning different tasks to each member, you can also keep track of the team’s workflow in full context. You can analyze the amount of work done with the help of the JIRA project and team management tool. Improve overall performance of teams in real-time by utilizing all the statistics provided by the tool. Until the project is done, you can keep track of it, including all the activities in progress, under review, and final approval. Keep your business running in a smooth stream.

All the tools you already use can be integrated so that the team can easily boost the work performance and reduce the workload. JIRA also provides amazing security features with the help of Atlassian Access. You can keep all of your data secured with some of the advanced security features. It comes with a 2-step verification system to keep the data under high security all the time.

JIRA is one of the best workload managers among all other team management tools. It provides your projects the real-time security and convenience. If you are looking for a perfect fit for your business, you can count on the JIRA project management tool.


  • Automated workflow
  • Project tracking is easier
  • Track bugs within your software


  • The mobile app is not the best

8. Notion:


The notion is an All-in-one project management system for your teams. You can keep track of all of your team’s activities with the help of Notion. Plan your projects and keep your information in an organized form throughout the whole process. The Notion is built for all the teams facing different problems in handling the information and not keeping the workflow clear and enhanced. Take care of your projects with all the best features provided by the tool. Track all of your projects and resources with the help of Notion. Notion allows you full customization of all of your activities. More than 2,000 teams trust Notion as their primary project management tool. Giant companies like Blinkist, Headspace, and Figma use Notion project managers to make sure their company is progressing according to their plans.

It brings clarity to the tasks and projects of the company. Notion allows for building powerful workflows with the best and most advanced tools. A notion is a free-to-use tool. You can start as an individual person then you can increase the number of members gradually. The product comes with three different pricing plans, which include a free plan for a single person, a personal pro plan for 4$, and a team plan that costs nearly 8$ per month. The Notion is a great source of organizing and structuring your information online. We definitely recommend this project management tool.


  • Rich set of tools for automated workflow
  • Tables and databases are embedded
  • Simple structure and easy-to-use
  • The free version comes with great features


  • Rows cannot be grouped in a table

9. Workzone:


Keep track of the projects anytime with the help of Workzone project management software. It gives you the satisfaction you need with its advanced features. You can improve the final results of the projects your team has been working on. It shows you a clearer image of all the activities and work done on a project. You can have the analytics of all the departments of your company and can get access to the client’s information and campaigns in no time. Create to-do lists within the software and keep a record of all the emails and messages with the help of the automatic reminder feature of the tool.

You can have insights into all the teams within your company. Whether you want to analyze the data of an IT team, an Engineering team, or an Ad Agency team, you can have all of the statistics of each team right before your eyes in no time. Workzone is loved by thousands of big brands like Boston University, Allianz, Vizient, REUTERS, and many other well-recognized companies love and use Workzone as their primary project management tool to keep their businesses running in a streamlined flow.


  • Keep all the campaigns on track
  • Easily manage clients and projects
  • Analyze all the statistics and make changes according to the need
  • Keep developing your products according to the plan


  • Regular updates and improvements are needed in different categories

 10. Asana:


Asana keeps your projects in a well-organized manner and enables you to collaborate with your teams in an effective way. No matter where you live, Asana lets you analyze all the workflow according to your needs. You can organize the tasks in a list view so that teams will understand easily which project needs to be done first. Write all the information that is necessary to be mentioned for the teams. Finalize the starting date and ending date of the project, create the marketing sources, and keep track of all the teams you have put to work together.

With Asana, you can reduce the chances of overlapping data and can provide the schedule for all the tasks. You can define each and everything to your teams in an easy way. It makes it easier for the teams to understand the utilization of resources when they are enlisted in a proper manner. All of your work is automated on the Asana project management system with advanced security features. One of the highlighted features of the tool is that it comes with more than 50+ built-in templates to make the workflow smoother and less time-consuming.


  • Manage meetings
  • Collaborate with teams in a better way
  • The company collects suggestions from its consumers and improves user experience through updates


  • It is not designed for small teams and businesses
  • No time tracking feature is included

11. Trello:


A great product by a well-known company that can help you increase productivity in your business. You can communicate with all the members of your team in an effective way with the help of the Trello project and work management system. You can assign tasks to all the team members in a simple and secure manner, wasting no time at all. Collaboration and managing the projects have become easier since the release of project management tools. Trello is a great software tool that can assist you in different fields related to your business.

You can start working alone with built-in templates, cards, and lists, and later on, you can add as many team members as you like and can guide them in a proper manner. Trello proves itself as an effective way of organizing and leading projects to complete build with its advanced features. You can assign all the tasks in an effective way and can increase productivity. Over more than 1 million teams use Trello as their primary data and information management. Companies such as Google and SQUARESPACE trust Trello as the best project management software.


  • User-friendly and less complex to learning
  • Kanban System is being followed by Trello
  • Notifies quickly
  • The pricing structure is aggressive, and the product is cost-effective
  • The mobile app is friendly and simple


  • Storage capacity is limited
  • Some features might be missing

12. Redmine:


A project management tool that comes with some advanced and reliable features. There are so many activities you can handle using the Redmine project management web-based software. It is open-source software that has been made available to all companies and organizations for use. The tool supports multiple projects at once. You can manage different projects at once, anytime. You can allocate different roles through the tool and can also allocate the work done by the people. It provides Gantt charts alongside a calendar. Time tracking is also supported by the software to make sure all the projects are ready before the deadline.

There is a demo version available to utilize on the company’s website, but for premium features, you need to register for the tool at least once. The company’s support for all the users is great. There is a chatroom feature where you can discuss all of your queries with the experts. Redmine is surely not the best tool for your projects but a reliable project management tool online that can get your work done in no excessive time.


  • Lightweight project management tool
  • Includes all the necessary features
  • Gantt charts, calendars, and storage option availability
  • Tips and tricks available


  • In comparison with other tools in the category, the UI of Redmine is outdated

13. Activecollab:


Most of the time, when you get surprised by the deadlines of a project, your day is ruined because you have not had completed the project yet. That is why a project management tool is a necessary need for a company or an organization. ActiveCollab is a great source for keeping track of all the projects and project deadlines. You do not have to worry about the deadlines anymore with the most advanced provided by ActiveCollab. You can create a dashboard where all the tasks can be highlighted in a manner that everybody knows what his/her job is. You can use collab with your colleagues and can add upcoming activities to the calendar. Therefore, your team knows what to do and when to finish.

You can organize and sort out all the workload at once without using several advanced tools. Why use so many tools if you can perform all the tracking activities with a single tool? ActiveCollab has been in the project management field for more than a decade now, and 50,000+ teams have put their trust in the ActiveCollab work management system. From start to finish, you can organize all of your work with the help of ActiveCollab and can finish the projects before the deadlines.


  • Neat and clean user interface
  • The tasks can be organized in a list-view
  • Advanced tools
  • Multiple projects handling


  • A single task cannot be assigned to multiple people

14. Zoho Projects:

Zoho Projects home

Zoho Projects is a great deal when it comes to handling projects. Zoho Projects is a cloud-based tool that lets you keep track of your projects anytime, anywhere. If you have a team that is not in the same place, you can put them all together with a project manager like Zoho Projects. It makes the collaboration between employees and managers easier. You can also recommend the Zoho Project management tool to your colleagues for better communication and collaboration. Zoho Projects is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world, including DELL.

During these difficult times, you can keep your workflow up to date while staying home with your family. You can plan all of your projects and can keep clear track of them anytime. You can finish your projects successfully with the complete coordination of your team and colleagues. Gantt charts, simple workflow Timesheets are the best features that are all available to use in Zoho Projects. Full-fledged customization of each project can be done using Zoho Projects. All the layout and structure of the project can be made professionally for better understanding and time-saving purposes.


  • Intuitive UI design
  • Integration with different is easier
  • Top-rated by some of the biggest reviewing websites
  • Gantt charts and more


  • Too many functions can be annoying sometimes

15. Deltek WorkBook:

Deltek WorkBook

Deltek WorkBook is specifically made for those agencies and teams that are struggling to manage their projects. It becomes a burden on your shoulders if your goals and destination are not set clearly. Deltek WorkBook was created by its developers to make the overall process of handling different projects at once easier. Therefore, your focus remains on your work at all costs. Deltek Workbook is packed with some great features to keep your workflow straight forwarded without any hassle. You can manage all the tasks and schedule those tasks with the Deltek WorkBook. It helps you keep your day flexible by using the calendar integration feature and Kanban boards.

Give everything your client needs by using the client portal system of the tool, which is specifically designed for clients to post job requests. Clients can also ask for the project status through the client portal, and you can easily provide all the statistics they need in no time. Deltek WorkBook can manage your CRM, accounts department, and HR department to make sure the resources are utilized in a proper manner. WrokBook’s Open API lets you integrate all of your apps to enhance the overall user experience. Trusted by many big brands, Deltek WorkBook is a top-notch project management tool available right now.


  • All the necessary business growing features are provided by the tool
  • Flexible tool
  • Different projects can be handled at once
  • Resource management is easier


  • Requires professional training for use

16. Nutcache:


From planning to finishing the projects, Nutcache provides top-notch tools for its users to keep track of their projects anytime. An all-in-1 software packed with advanced communication and collaboration features. Plan your project using Nutcache. Organize resources and tasks, lead the teams and control the complete workflow till the finishing of the project with the help of Nutcache project management software. Literally, thousands of businesses trust and suggest Nutcache for better project handling. Gantt charts are included in the software to make sure your projects are going in the right direction.

A budget-friendly software that enables you to keep track of the budget of the projects. It keeps the workflow extremely smooth for all the teams and workers of the project. You can customize everything you see with the help of the Nutcache project management tool. Get clear insights into the work done by the team and increase the productivity level with the help of a simple and attractive dashboard. We definitely recommend this software worth a try because of its enhanced UI and advanced features. Features that let you control the workflow of your teams let you log the work hours and lets you remain within the budget range by sending different cost alerts.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy navigation and advanced features.
  • Time management is easier
  • Logged hours can be managed whether you are working from home or office


  • Tools need proper training before operation

17. WORKetc:


A simple solution to all your problems regarding project management is the WORKetc project management tool. Enjoy the very best features provided by the tool for free using the 14-days trial. Yes! WORKetc offers a 14-day trial version to its users without taking any credit cards information. You can use all of the features that are only available in premium plans. You can manage your business on the web without downloading a single file. Keep track of your team’s progress with the help of the WORKetc project manager. Collaborate with colleagues, customers, and other people without going anywhere.

WORKetc brings all the remote teams together under one roof. Manage every department of your company using the all-in-one software provided by the WORKetc. You can integrate CRM projects, help desk and can keep a record of everything using the cloud-based computing platform. All the tools are included in the software so that you don’t have to buy every tool individually for your company. You can train your employees and can great benefits out of the WORKetc project management web-based tool. It allows multiple logins and keeps the whole system together with its abilities. WORKetc is a must-have tool in 2021 for your company.


  • A single system with a lower cost of purchasing
  • Improves work efficiency
  • Gantt charts and timelines are included
  • Reminders and automatic alerts
  • Open API


  • The learning curve can be time-consuming but is completely worth it

18. Paymo:


Aligning all the teams together and assigning all the tasks at once is made easier with Paymo work and project management tools. A web-based tool that keeps track of the remote activities of all teams and tracks all the activities are allowing its users to make a schedule for the teams, managing different tasks remotely, and tracking the deadlines of the projects. Billing is also made easier with the help of Paymo because with Paymo, you can bill all of your clients on the same platform without going anywhere. Paymo offers a free trial to users who are in search of the best project management tool to make sure they get the right tool for their company or organization.

All the key features are enlisted on the tool’s website, and you can visit the site anytime to check out all the necessary tools you need for your business. Some of these features are Task management as it is the most important job of a project management tool, Kanban, and tasks list view. The project handler also comes with advanced management features of tasks that include in-depth details of a task and real-time comments on a task. That means users can have the opinion of their co-workers on the project anytime. There are a lot of heart-warming features that make this project manager a must-have product for businesses.


  • Job management is easier than ever
  • Live chat support provided by the company
  • Modern UI with an attractive dashboard
  • Easy and reliable time-tracking


  • The Mobile version requires some major improvements when compared to the web version

19. Cage:


Collaboration with your colleagues has never been better than now. As the Cage provides some of the best collab features to remote workers around the world. Cage is designed for different businesses, including agencies. To deliver everything on time, whether it is a big project or a simple task, Cage is a great choice for you. It helps you collaborate with teams much faster than many other project management tool providers. You can also use Cage for individual use. These individuals can be freelance workers that require to get feedback from their clients for a better profile. Cage can be very helpful in this case by getting the client’s feedback.

As far as teams are concerned, you can organize each step of a project cycle in a way that the tracking of the work is made easier. You can milestone for your project and carry the project deadlines with you through the calendar provided by the tool. There are unique tools available in this project management software that can help you in completing all the projects before the deadlines and in a unique manner.


  • Web-based, super-fast, and reliable tool
  • You can contact customer support through email and phone call
  • The tool comes with a free version


  • A mediocre tool within an aggressive price range

20. LiquidPlanner:


A tool that predicts the future and tells when a project will be completed with its abilities. You can keep the teams on track with the scheduler provided by the tool and can keep the collaborative work simple and easy. LiquidPlanner’s planning intelligence allows the tool to tell when a project will be completed. Thousands of teams and organizations have adopted the behavior of using a project manager. LiquidPlanner was already a known brand to many companies but, since the pandemic, the tool has become more famous as it does not let the teams go off track when working remotely.

It estimates the speed of work and removes any uncertainty regarding the deadlines and the project’s finishing time. It has amazing features like smart tracking and smart prioritization, which help resources to level automatically with the needs. Workflow remains organized well-planned. As time tracking is the most important feature of the project management tool, LiquidPlanner comes with a built-in time tracking feature that observes the changes in schedules and works accordingly to ensure the timely delivery of the projects before the actual deadlines.


  • Removes uncertainties by intelligent working
  • Automated workflow
  • Keeps track of everything, including deadlines, dates, clients, and more


  • Requires professional skills to operate

21. Weekdone:


A performance tracking tool that is extremely easy to use with its eye-catchy and simple but intuitive user interface. It keeps the meetings and deadlines schedules in line to make sure the workflow is on the right track. It comes with aggressive pricing and advanced features like check-ins. And setting up meetings. All the goals and objectives can be set using the Weekdone project management tool. All the leaders can have more ambitious and hardworking teams with the help of Weekdone analysis reports. Weekdone is very useful for startups new to the business field who have no idea of managing projects and group tasks.

Set your startup’s objectives and start keeping track of all the objectives and goals using an awesome project management tool like Weekdone. Employees can have clear objectives and goals when they don’t have to worry about the deadlines passing by or late submission of projects. Keep OKR coaching on top and keep track of the objectives of the company. Give a proper structure to your goals and ideas with the help of Weekdone project management software. Weekdone is free-to-use, and you can always get benefitted from its features in no time. Instead of buying different tools and educating the staff per the instructions, you can go for Weekdone manager and can get all the necessary features for your teams in one place.


  • Create plans and keep an eye on the progress with this tool
  • Integration with some other project management giants is possible
  • OKR discipline can be bought by any organization
  • Goals and objectives can be organized easily


  • Some additional features are a waste. Such as weekly rating for job satisfaction

Final Verdict

Keeping track of all your teams’ activities and keeping the projects in a streamlined flow has become extremely easy with the help of all the project management tools mentioned above. To generate maximum output, you need to keep an eye on everything. Also, it would help if you had hardworking teams and colleagues. However, a complete cycle of planning is necessary for a project to accomplish its goals & objectives.

You can increase the productivity of your employees by applying different techniques through these project management tools & software anytime. You will surely get the results you expect by setting up deadlines and using the list view of the tasks assigned to the teams.

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