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7 Reasons Why Your Emails Aren’t Getting A Response in 2024

We always face problems while running email campaigns. It is not easy to get verify an email address and use it for any email campaign and receive a good response from the customer. Therefore, here we are going to discuss the reasons for not getting email responses and how to rectify them.

Emails are a good way to show your work to customers and increase sales. But getting a good response for the same is a bit difficult task. Here are some tricks and tactics that one may follow.

Reasons for not getting Proper Email Response:

Follow the seven steps to improve the quality of the email campaign. 

The email addresses you send emails are invalid:

The email services you are using to grab the email address should be verified and provides a correct and verified email address. It is the essential step to let your campaign reach the right people.

Therefore, google top email hunters and use some premium or paid versions to get genuine emails. Also, make sure the email you collect is related to people who could be interested in your product or who are your potential customers.

Your email is too wordy and has a lot of mistakes

If you write long paragraphs and essays in your matter, then it will be least catchy for the potential customer. People don’t like to read too long paragraphs or have less time to do so due to hectic schedules.

Therefore, use minimum words to convey maximum details about your offer. Also, take care of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Your professionalism is justified by what you write in your first email. The first impression always leaves the last impression on your client.

Avoid Using Spam Subject Lines

Sometimes, the “SPAM” word is added in the sublime of many campaigns when the receiver doesn’t like similar content. Spam words are “free”, “money”, “offer”, or “help”. These words are generally considered spam, and the server keeps them in the receiver’s spam folder.

People generally never respond or check the spam folder, due to which good offers are normally left unchecked and responded to. Therefore, make your subject line correctly by taking care of the words you use.

One can google and check more about soam emails and how to get rid of spam tags in your campaign. It is the third most essential step that one has to follow.

You send irrelevant emails to your leads:

Relevancy is a very necessary factor for any individual to get a response from the receiver. In the introduction, you must use an email hunter that gives you details of potential customers. In this way, lead can be converted into a sale.

So, try to offer the deal as per your customer’s need, budget, and interest. Only then you will be able to get a proper response for the same.

Taking No follow-ups

Follow-ups act as a reminder and professional behavior of the sender. Therefore, one must take follow-ups from the client timely. Now, here comes the duration of follow-up email.

Sending too many emails irritates the customer, and if you send it too late, then the customer may forget about your deal. Therefore, a basic pattern followed reminder is in the following way:

You should take 3 follow-ups as per the given instructions:

  • The first reminder should be taken after 2 days of delivery of the first offer email. It helps them to notice about your offer or email.
  • The second reminder should be given after 1 week of sending the first email. Here, you have to ask for their response and whether they are interested or not. Ask everything very politely and professionally.
  • And, the last follow-up is taken after 15 days of 1st email offer. It will be your last follow-up if a lead is not responding. 

At any step, if you get a response from the receiver, then communicate with them with quick replies and try to grab the deal. 

Therefore, follow-up is the essential step for eliminating the cause of unresponded emails.

Improper Call-to-Action information

If your email is precise and clear, then people generally want to contact you and directly have a conversation. Due to fewer time, people find it easy to call and discuss before finalizing everything on call.

Therefore, in your email, you must add a proper address, mobile number, and location. It helps them to know about you. One should add the website link to make it easier for the receiver to contact you.

Hence, one must provide call-to-action details with the email and give a quick response if the receiver contacts you through any medium. Most people forget to add a proper contact button as they think that client will respond to the email for further discussion.

We should let the receiver decide whether they want to respond to the email or want to make a call.

Keep the time of sending email in mind

Not everyone works day and night or has odd office hours. Therefore, one should send the email or run the campaigns as per the place’s office hours, which is generally daytime. During office hours, people are quick in responding and read everything in detail. So, try to analyze the office hours of your leads and then start your campaign. 

Office hours and campaign time could vary as per your receiver’s timezone. Therefore, analyze it completely before running your campaign. 


These are common mistakes that people make while selecting the correct email address checker and never getting an appropriate response from the receivers. To run a successful email campaign, one has to keep all these things in mind and then run it.

It looks pretty simple and easy, but a lot of tactics are included in the same. So, hire professionals who may run email campaigns on behalf of your customer. Companies who hire teams for these types of campaigns as their maximum sales are depending upon the receivers’ responses, and they get maximum sales from the same. 

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