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SkySilk Review 2024- Is It Scam?

SkySilk Review 2024: 

Setting up a business online can feel complex when time and money are of the essence. How do you know which online provider to choose?

SkySilk Cloud Services has made it easy, affordable, and convenient for business owners, freelancers, and developers to set up a powerful Virtual Private Server. Its features and pricing are competitively priced with other competitors. You can deploy a VPS today for as low as $5/month.

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SkySilk Home

SkySilk is a world-leading cloud hosting provider that has proven stability for over five years. Users fell in love with SkySilk during their beta stage and have continued to become avid fans of the platform. With reasonable prices, any entrepreneur or team can find the perfect virtual private server for their needs. 

They offer experienced users and beginners alike the customer support that they need along with the accessibility to a public Discord Server. With SkySilk, you can be sure that they’ll have the right plan and template for you to scale as you grow.

Unique Features:

SkySilk’s features compare to other companies such as Digital Ocean or AWS, but with a much more user-friendly platform accessible to anyone without getting certified. They also have one-click templates that deploy in less than a minute!

SkySlik Features

SSD Storage and Hardware:

SkySilk offers two primary plans: Standard and Premium. Standard plans all come with Triple Replicated SSD storage, while Premium plans are available with Triple Replicated NVMe Storage. Standard plans are available with an Intel Sandy Bridge, while Premium plans come with Intel Broadwell and AMD EPYC. 

All hardwares are tested and have proven to be stable to provide you with peace and security.

Support for Applications and Operating Systems:

One of the best things about SkySilk is that it has a great support system for applications and operating systems. Cross-platform users can easily suffice due to this support as multiple OS like Linux and KVM are supported by SkySilk. There are many open-source apps present on the internet that fully work with SkySilk and more than 40 one-click Linux templates, making deploying a VPS convenient and easy.

Settings and Plans:

One great feature of SkySilk is that all of the settings and plans offered by them are quite flexible. Deploy your own Ubuntu, CentOS, or other pre-configured templates. All of this starts at $5/month.

Loyalty Program:

Different VPS providers have their royalty programs so that they can keep their customers engaged. The same is the case with SkySilk. SkySilk Cloud Services allows you to collect SkyPoints and let your VPS work for you. Standard plans allow you to accumulate one skypoint for every dollar, while Premium Plans give you 10 times the amount for every dollar. 100 Skypoints = 1 dollar earned.

Your SkyPoints can then be redeemed for a Starbucks Gift Card, Best Buy Gift Card, or other options. You can also choose to donate to several different organizations to support the online dev community.

User Experience:

This is where SkySilk truly shines. The platform that they provide to their users is very intuitive and easy to use. There are no complexities involved. Even if you are a beginner and have never used a VPS service before, SkySilk can be your next home in the cloud. Setting up the service is a straightforward process due to the easy to follow interface. You can easily configure it the way you want and choose the price plan.

When it comes to the dashboard, SkySilk has done a great job keeping it simple and organized. Its minimalist approach helps clear the clutter as you navigate through it. Unlike other cloud service providers that have complex cPanels, SkySilk ensures you can stay focused on what matters the most to you, programming, developing, and maintaining your website. 

SkySilk Support:

One of the things that’s extremely important to SkySilk is their customer support. They have ensured that you are able to communicate with them as quickly and easily as possible via their support ticket or Discord Server. You can easily create a support ticket on the website and see it’s progress on your dashboard. 

Their highly qualified support team has a track record of responding within 24hours. However, you can also join their Discord Server to ask other, day to day questions from other users who have experience with SkySilk. 

You can also find detailed articles on their FAQ’s to better support you through the process. Making it easy for most users to get the answers they need. You can access these support articles using the search option. 


When it comes to pricing plans, SkySilk has three plans:

  • Basic- $2/month
  • Standard- $5/month
  • Premium- $10/month

All of the plans are affordable, especially when compared with other cloud service providers. The main differences are the hardware, storage, and bandwidth.

Basic Plan:

If you aren’t sure how many resources you will be using, you can always start with the basic plans. This allows you to experience SkySilk and scale as you grow. The maximum bandwidth with the basic plan is 100Mb/s, and transfer speeds up to 6 TB. You will still get a 10G Gb/s network alongside SSD storage and their trusty customer support.

Standard Plan:

With the standard plan, you get all of the features that SkySilk has to offer, along with 1x SkyPoints and free manual backupsl. The maximum bandwidth is increased to 200Mb/s, and transfer speeds up to 12 TB. You also get access to their Triple Replicated SSD storage system. The network is increased to 2 x 40 Gb/s. 

Premium Plan:

If you want to experience everything that SkySilk has to offer, then their Premium plan is for you. You get 10x SkyPoints and can take unlimited snapshots of the provided manuals. The bandwidth is increased to a whopping 400 Mb/s with unlimited transfer. The storage is also increased to their Triple Replicated NVMe SSD with an AMD EPYC or Intel Broadwell hardware.

The network is increased to 2 x 100 Gb/s. Of course, with Premium Plans come priority customer support. So, if you are looking to manage your online business in the best possible way, then their premium plan is totally worth it.

Benefits & Drawbacks:

Some of the biggest benefits and drawbacks of using SkySilk services are as follows:


  • Ease of Use
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Flexible Price Plans to scale as you grow.
  • Support for Multiple OS
  • Linux and KVM Support
  • New Templates for Cloud Platform OS
  • All-In-One Solution to Cloud Services
  • Excellent Support Teams
  • Discord Server
  • SkyPoints


  • Only two data center locations: LA & New York


SkySilk is known to be the best with its interface, support, and, most of all, its current affordable and convenient VPS service. In my opinion, SkySilk is probably the best affordable and easy to use VPS service provider that is currently available on the market.

Company Contact Details:

  • Website –
  • Technical Support –


The best thing about SkySilk is definitely its infrastructure. They have a great system in place that is responsive and easy to use. You are also given lots of customizations in regard to the amount of computing you need. There are a lot of VPS networks present in the market, but none stand out like SkySilk.

They provide an impressive number of features free of cost, and if you choose to go for the premium plan, it is also very budget-friendly as well. So, if you are looking for the best VPS network in the market, then you won’t find anything better than SkySilk.

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