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How to track someone’s location with a phone number In 2024

Did you know that you may now use a phone number to monitor someone’s location?

Detecting someone’s location by the mobile phone number is done for a variety of different purposes. Guardians may wish to know their kids’ general location to ensure they’re secure. The ability to follow their partner’s location provides peace of mind as well as sanity to married couples who suspect their spouse of being unfaithful.

Some companies might occasionally wish to adopt this technique to verify sure their staff members are carrying out their duties on the job. Utilizing a mobile phone number might be the finest method to trace a misplaced phone if you are seeking strategies to do so. Whatever the reason, today’s cutting-edge digital technology allows you the power and versatility to find your closest friends through a variety of methods.

There is a ton of software available, from paid applications and websites to geolocation services for Android as well as iOS provided by Google. Whereas most of these solutions have a wide range of functionality and differing degrees of precision and customer usability, they all share one thing: they are pricey. 

These services are pricey but essential if you wish to monitor your children and workers. But what happens if you do not have the funds for these services or want to follow someone secretly? The good news is that an alternate option is far less expensive and doesn’t involve visiting a software store.

Can a Mobile Phone Number Be Used to Determine Someone’s Location?

Is it feasible to track a person using their phone number?

Anyone can’t be tracked by their mobile number alone, even if they want to. Only the mobile service operator is allowed to use this option. With each customer, a non-disclosure contract is signed that forbids the service providers from disclosing the location of their clients to third parties.

The only method to secretly follow someone using their mobile phone is with a judge’s order requiring the supplier to disclose the location of the number and requests from the local law enforcement agency. Someone cannot be tracked using this approach if it is not feasible.

Think twice before assuming that following individuals using a website that appears in your search engine results will provide you with reliable information. We would still not advise it, even though occasionally you might get whatever you desire. Several of these fraudulent websites may be pretty convincing, and if you fall for them, you risk disclosing your sensitive information online.

Try utilizing a trustworthy third-party app or website since it is the best approach to locating a phone number. And since so many of them exist, you’ve selected a few of the most efficient and dependable solutions for tracing phone numbers. After that, it will be simple to find a mobile number.

Why Would You Want to Find Out Where Someone Is?

For a variety of circumstances, you may wish to know where someone is. Your child may not be home anymore, and your partner may be having an affair, and so on.

Here are various justifications for wanting to know where someone is:

1. To discover where someone is right now

Parents who are worried about their children might wish to find them if they have accidentally sent them to a friend’s house without telling them. A cautious partner who suspects their partner of cheating on them might also be the cause.

2. Geofencing

Using a cellphone, you may build a geofence, which is only a digital border. The software will inform you whenever the targeted phone enters or leaves a country.

3. Finding a misplaced device

Trying to figure out how to locate my cellphone by number? You occasionally want to find their cell phones, to be honest. You could have misplaced it, or it was stolen, for example. Finding a lost item may help you discover and retrieve it, which would not have been feasible without your help.

4. Monitor employee activities

Employers may want to monitor their workers’ whereabouts professionally for security concerns. In the event that a worker is discovered in an unauthorized location, a red alert might then be raised. The location will be evidence if this goes against business policy, and you may take legal action against them.

Tracking Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number: Techniques

There are many efficient ways to locate someone using their cell phone number. On your smartphone, you may either download phone number tracking software.

Employ Localize

Localize is among the most trustworthy tools for locating someone using their mobile number. Just offer the website the phone number of the individual you wish to monitor, as well as it would safely collect their location information. Localize then delivers an anonymous SMS with a link to the target phone. The recipient must click on the provided link to accept the request for location tracking before monitoring may start.

How to utilize Localize

  • Visit the Localize website.
  • To register for an account, provide your email address.
  • Input the mobile number you want to trace.

One of its key features is that Localize can track several cell phone numbers at once. Additionally, the app offers you the simultaneous option of looking up phone numbers.

Utilize Native Phone Finder

Utilizing native monitoring software on your computer or smartphone is the simplest method. Several of these devices are not only readily available and practical, but some of them are also free. Device locator applications native to Android and iOS devices are available in case your phone is misplaced or stolen. However, you could also utilize them to find your nearby family members.

Take Spyera with you (Third-Party App)

In addition to being a mobile number tracker, Spyera is a spy tool that enables you to track down someone’s location via their cell phone number, as its name implies. It makes it easier for you to keep an eye on someone’s phone behavior from a distance or protect your children’s gadgets from any potentially dangerous online activity. 

  • Spyera uses guidelines:
  • The official website is where you may buy an application license.
  • Your target smartphone should have the app installed.
  • To locate your target, access your Spyera web interface.

Lookup with WhitePages

Whitepages are one of your final possibilities for finding what you’re looking for. You may choose this option if you only need the person’s current location and aren’t interested in learning where they are in real time. When you input a mobile number into Whitepages, you may quickly get the person’s home address that goes with the number.

The method it truly operates is that it locates a person’s profile using their mobile number and then discloses their information in a safer and entirely legal manner. However, you must be aware that this service is connected to the SS7 system, particularly if you’re in the US.


Another effective mobile monitoring, as well as a tracking tool is mSpy, which provides information on all of your children’s actions and not only their current position.

Calls can be recorded, and messages can be read; discussions on Instagram, Snapchat, and even WhatsApp can be checked. Browsing histories can be viewed, and WiFi networks can be checked, bookmarks can be viewed, and much more.

You have the option to restrict application usage and particular blocklist websites. Even spying on emails, images, notes, schedules, and other things is possible. The screen recorder on the mSpy, which you can view through the monitoring system, is a special feature. You now have complete control and access over your child’s device. Additionally, a keylogger is available, allowing you to monitor what your child types.


Spyic is a great location tracker aimed at anxious parents who wish to keep an eye on their teenagers but want to stay covert. It may also be used to monitor your partner, workers, the elderly in your care, and other people.

Spyic includes a few more crucial monitoring functions and precise real-time monitoring and geofencing. Although if messages are soon erased, they include viewing them as well as the moment they are sent and received. Call records may be read as well. Spyic also maintains an updated list of the people your child communicates with the most, which is handy. In addition, you may monitor your usage of entertainment applications and social media.


One of the greatest mobile spying applications is uMobix, which allows you to track the position of your targeted device via a web interface.

As soon as an internet connection has been established, you may monitor any Android or iOS gadget from a distance.

You receive all the functionality you would anticipate from uMobix, including live GPS location monitoring, social networks as well as message tracking, call recording, geofencing, location background, and more. If you download the app carefully enough, the phone’s owner won’t be able to see it because all of these technologies operate in the back and therefore are concealed.

Without jailbreaking or rooting the smartphone, you can get all these functionalities; rooting will not offer any further advantages.


Their strongest point is their highly developed AI, which provides you with the most precise tracking statistics on target devices. With eyeZy, you can closely monitor modifications to a geographical place, calls, browser behavior, social network usage, text messages, and more.

eyeZy is very flexible with many OS and functions flawlessly on iOS and Android. You do not need to be a tech whiz to use this program. It’s simple to browse and has a good UI. In real-time, you may follow your whereabouts on a plain and uncluttered map.

When you connect to the application, the primary screen offers the option to examine location history. If the individual you’re watching frequently visits the same location, you can see unusual activity there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to monitor someone using only their phone number?

Answer: It is hard to follow someone based on their mobile number. The target’s mobile phone services provider is the only organization capable of doing it. The target and the business agree at the moment the services are received.

Can phone calls track your location?

Answer: Yes, as long as your cell phone is on, someone can always find you roughly. One method is through the system; whenever your cellphone is on, it is permanently connected to a radio tower, allowing the system to locate you and send calls, SMS, and other communications.

Can the location of WhatsApp be tracked?

Answer: Only the individuals you provided your live location may view it because this function is end-to-end protected. Check WhatsApp Safety for information on how to stay secure on the platform. You can also view our privacy statement to learn more about WhatsApp’s privacy policies.

Is it possible to monitor a phone secretly with an app?

Answer: No matter if it’s an Android or iPhone, mSpy allows you remote access to all information and actions on any device. While staying fully unnoticed on the targeted device, it is capable of tracking all outgoing and inbound texts and calls, keeping track of browsing activity, and obtaining the current position of the mobile.

Can you trace a mobile phone using Google Maps?

Answer: For your mobile device, Google Maps provides precise location tracking. Connecting to the mapping service makes it simple to track a cellphone. Even while utilizing offline Google Maps, you may track. However, monitoring a different device is not straightforward and needs the other side’s cooperation.

Final Thoughts:

Finding your family members is a loving deed, particularly if you are more concerned with their security than anything else.

With the assistance of the tools mentioned earlier, it is simple to keep an eye on a mobile device in real time and sometimes even track the whole movement record of a targeted device. You may use the applications mentioned to find someone’s location and where they’ve been in just a few simple steps.

Moreover, your family’s online safety may be ensured once you’ve figured out how to trace somebody’s mobile number.

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