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Top 11 Tools for Effective Affiliate Marketing(According to Experts)

Joining an affiliate program and creating content are not enough to survive in the competitive affiliate marketing industry. To get better at affiliate marketing, you need the right tools.

However, choosing the right affiliate marketing tools may be difficult given the numerous choices.

We have compiled a list of the 10+ best affiliate marketing tools for a variety of purposes, including tracking advertising campaigns and analyzing profitable keywords from competitors, to assist you in selecting the best options.

Let’s explore the most effective affiliate marketing to help you increase your productivity!

Why should you use Affiliate Marketing tools?

Being an affiliate marketer is not an easy job as you’ve got many responsibilities at hand. From content marketer to handling accounts you might be wearing many different hats in this journey.

This is where affiliate marketing tools step in! These tools are designed to make your life easier and they can assist you to become more productive. Here is the outline of reasons as to why the use of affiliate marketing can make your life efficient:

  • You do not devote all of your time to affiliate marketing. You might be short on time if you have another job. If this is the case, consider utilizing affiliate marketing tools to assist you with getting more productive.
  • They additionally assist you with finding additional opportunities – potential outcomes that others probably won’t be aware of.
  • Numerous tools for affiliate marketing are free. As a result, putting a good strategy into action does not necessitate any investment on your part.

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Affiliate Marketing Tools: 10+ Tools that every marketer needs!

We have prepared 10+ tools that will simplify the work of an affiliate publisher. The article will tell you about the pricing, who will find the tools useful and how to use them. Keep on reading!

1. AdsBridge:


Affiliate publishers use AdsBridge to track offers. This is relevant for situations where you must choose from several offers and decide which is more profitable. It may also be necessary to determine which user path is more effective for obtaining leads, for example, whether you should direct the audience to a landing page or make them go to the advertiser’s website. In addition, thanks to AdsBridge, you can manage several companies at the same time.

AdsBridge provides a set of integrated solutions. These include a detailed analytics infrastructure and automatic optimization of an advertising campaign using artificial intelligence. You can also create your own independent CPA networks or your own smartlinks.  


AdsBridge has a 14-day trial period for free; then the platform offers one of six packages, the cheapest one costs $29 per month.

2. AdPlexity:








Spy services are used when you need to find out data about the advertising actions of competitors, namely, how they operate, what they spend their advertising budget on, and which of their strategies turn out to be the most profitable. This information can be used to configure the campaign in your tracker.

AdPlexity is one of the best competitor analysis tools that affiliate publishers use for mobile, native, e-commerce and adult ads. As a “spy” tool, it opens up the possibility to monitor and download advertising developments, such as a landing page, from any popular advertisement. AdPlexity helps you make better decisions and monitor campaigns in over 75 countries.


AdPlexity offers various plans. The prices of each of them vary from $149 to $249.

You can also sign up and take advantage of the option to try out AdPlexity. If you don’t like it, you can request a refund within the first 24 hours.

3. Content Lockers from MyLead:







Content Lockers provide affiliate publishers with an opportunity to restrict access to a specific section of the text or page. It can be done on a portal sub-page, additional parts of an article (e.g., the recipients can only read the introduction), and many other places. To gain access, the user must complete at least one of the listed tasks. The tasks may differ, but most often they are about:

  • creating an account, e.g., on a portal;
  • providing data to the e-mail address;
  • installing a mobile application;
  • installing a program.

Content Lockers are, without a doubt, one of the best things that has happened to affiliate marketing. It’s a win-win situation for both the publisher, and the recipient. The customer completes the task from the list in a matter of seconds and then receives the desired content. The money made from completing the task is given to the publisher. Can you really dismiss such a useful tool? 

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The MyLead affiliate network offers four types of Content Lockers. Best part about that? All of them are totally free of charge once you have created an account (and that’s free, too!).

Join My Lead

If you’re interested in earning money with affiliate marketing and this tool, check out MyLead campaigns suitable for promotion with Content Lockers.

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4. Mobirise:







An affiliate publisher  who decides to make a profit will make it harder for themselves if they do not have a landing page. Fortunately, you don’t have to know how to code to make your own landing page. There are many builders with ready-made templates, with which it is not a problem to do this.

One of the best builders many affiliate marketers choose is Mobirise, it is easy to use and suitable for novice publishers. It’s like a free offline application, available for Mac and Windows. With the help of Mobirise, you can create simple one-page and medium-sized sites, landing pages, blogs and portfolios. Mobirise has over 4,000 blocks, templates, and page variations in its offer. In the creator, configurations are available for editing images, creating profiles and online stores.


The Mobirise platform is free but there are paid templates and plugins. One template will cost $49. A kit that includes access to all plugins and templates for 24 months costs $5814. 

5. iProxy :








Affiliate publishers often generate traffic from Facebook. And to do that they usually need at least 10 active accounts to run ads. If the system sees anything suspicious, all accounts registered from this IP address will be banned. To avoid this, use proxy services.

One of the most useful features of the iProxy platform is the provision of mobile proxies. The tool allows you to change IP addresses remotely by clicking on a link. Thanks to iProxy you will get a high connection speed in any country and city. It is also possible to serve SOCKS5 and HTTP, proxy authentication with or without login and password.


iProxy is a tool that offers a 48-hour trial period. When it’s finished, you’ll pay around $10 per month.

6. Hidelink:










Social networks are not fond of affiliate links, and if you try to promote profitable, but risky categories of offers like For Adult, getting a ban is  inevitable. But that’s how it would go if affiliate publishers used a direct link. To avoid this situation, you need a cloaking service. Best solution out there? Hidelink – an exclusive tool from the MyLead affiliate network. Once you create an account on the platform, you get access to the tool for free.

The HideLink system consists of several elements. One of them is the so-called safe page. In other words, it’s the affiliate publisher’s landing page – the page that their recipients who click on the link get to first. To be able to use HideLink, you need your own domain and hosting. If a bot uses the link you promote, it stays on the safe page. The real user is redirected to the website of a specific advertiser. So there is no contact with the safe page. Thanks to this, the links you promote have a much longer lifespan.



HideLink is free of charge.

Sign Up And Start Using HideLink

7. RichPush:








Some time ago, affiliate publishers started using push notifications as a new advertising channel and launched their first campaigns to get cheap and high-quality leads. Push traffic comes from ad notifications. These are personal messages that are traditionally sent to users’ browsers on both mobile and desktop devices.

The RichPush platform can be a great choice not only for professionals but also for people who are just starting their adventure with affiliate marketing. In addition to push ad experts to help you set up and optimize your campaigns, you can also make use of its unique optimization technologies. Good support and a large variety of features make cooperation with the portal easy and enjoyable.


One-click prices for ads created with RichPush start at $0.003.

8. Keyword Tool:

keyword tool





How to make more users visit your website, read content and order products in accordance with your recommendation? The easiest way to achieve this is to find out what your potential customers are searching for on search engines and then create content around those topics.

The Keyword Tool is used to discover thousands of keywords related to your chosen topic by automatically generating Google search suggestions. Keyword results are generated based on the selected Google domain and language.


Keyword Tool offers a free version of the account. The free version generates over 750 keyword ideas for each search term. Pro account prices start at $69 per month.

9. MailChimp:







Affiliate publishers often use email newsletters as a source of traffic, but of course no one sends them one by one by hand. To automate this process, they use special services. The one that we recommend is called MailChimp. It has convenient functionality and 500 ready-made templates. At the stage of creating an email, the preview is available on various browsers, on the screen of mobile devices. MailChimp offers easy integration with popular payment systems as well as traffic exchanges and CMS, so it is a useful tool for affiliate marketing..


There’s free access and more premium paid plans ranging from $13 to $350.

10. Breakout Clips:

breakout clips







If you’re into affiliate marketing then you probably already know everything about the effectiveness of video advertising. What you may not know about is the tool Breakout Clips. It helps boost conversions with video ads. With Breakout Clips, you can quickly create very effective clips.

With the help of this service, you can increase traffic from video ads, promote links that will definitely stand out in social networks or any other place you focus your promotion on.


There are two plans to choose from. One’s price is $39, and the other’s $99.

11. LanguageTool:

language tool





We have mentioned some complex tools in the article, but here’s something simpler – LanguageTool. No matter what text you want to go for, whether it’s got a small banner, or a long blog post, always pay attention to grammar. Sometimes, due to a mistake in writing, an ad does not pass moderation, especially Snapchat monitors this. But let’s assume that an ad with a mistake has passed moderation. Now, the level of user confidence in it will be much lower. In order to save time and budget, it is better to check whether everything is correct, besides, it is very simple to do this.

For this to happen, we advise affiliate publishers to use LanguageTool, because a whole list of languages is available in its panel. You can send texts for verification for different geos. The service will detect errors in words, missing or extra punctuation marks, and highlight them with color, it also offers replacement options.


The tool is free to use, but there are also premium plans available, starting at $5 per month for individual users.


In conclusion, affiliate marketing is thriving, and success is within reach with the right tools!

The best affiliate marketing tools enable marketers to maximize their earnings and optimize their campaigns by providing everything from seamless link management to comprehensive analytics and tracking to conversion optimization.

Affiliate marketers can boost their efforts, increase conversions, and achieve remarkable outcomes by leveraging the power of these tools. Therefore, take advantage of the options, make use of the tools at your disposal, and set out on a journey with affiliate marketing that will both be satisfying and profitable!

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