Twitter Archive Eraser Review 2024: Is It Best Tweet Deleter Tool?

Twitter Archive Eraser Review 2024:

Twitter Archive Eraser- the best tweet deletion tool in 2024?

Our Tweep readers must surely understand the significance of deleting the tweets, which often gets more crucial than posting them. Why? You may ask. Because of our constantly changing opinions, tweet deletion is the only way to stay relevant on Twitter. Now another fact widely acknowledged by Tweeple is the complicated toil of manually deleting the tweets, which gets time-consuming once you start deleting your day, week, month, or even year-old tweets, and the only way to go about it is the obliteration of Twitter archive.

This issue is exacerbated by the fact that Twitter itself doesn’t possess any particular software or App which aids with the tweet deletion. Now you must be pondering yourself, so is there any paraphernalia available in the market for tweet deletion? The answer is a solid Yes! In this article, we’ll present a tweet deleter of our choice, which has had wide public popularity and will be the ideal tool for you in the form of a Tweet Archive Eraser! Stick with us, and together we’d set out to explore the top features, specifications, affiliate program, working principle, and pricing of this product. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!


Tweet Archive Eraser is an immensely effective and best tweet deleter tool, which aids in the deletion of thousands of tweets in a single go. This tool succors with the tweet removal way beyond the usual 3200 limits, indicating that it can delete up to 3200 tweets within a minute. Within a few clicks, you can load up your Twitter archive, choose the tweets that you want to keep and the ones you want to remove, using their potently efficient searching specification, and sit back and relax. At the same time, Twitter Archive Eraser deletes all Tweets, Twitter Likes, and Delete all Retweets in real-time.

Twitter Archive Eraser Home

Tweet Archive Eraser is an efficient Appwidely being employed in the mass deletion of old tweets in a few clicks. This application aids in the deletion of thousands of direct messages that must be bothering you or cause you embarrassment. We assure you we are surely not judging you! We’ve all been there! But with this tool, you can erase your past tweets without having to worry about safety!

You will need to download this tweet deleter tool on your PC, after which you will be able to use it. You wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your tweets, or Twitter account, since this tool runs on your PC, and the data never gets stored on any other servers.

Key features of our favorite tweet deleter:

We understand that you must surely be waiting to know all about the features of this innovative tool. This software offers complete authority to Twitter users over Twitter archive history obliteration, which aids in searching, filtering, and deleting unwanted tweets with just a few clicks.  So without wasting any further time, let’s dive right into the key characteristics of this App, which make it a favorite among Tweeps!

1- Unlimited tweet deletion option:

This App will aid you in erasing your tweets irrespective of the number or publishing year of the tweet. Quite remarkably, this application helps with the deletion of tweets that were posted more than 12 years ago!

2- Complete authority; Pinpoint the unwanted tweets:

This tool possesses quite robust and highly effective interfaces with the power synonymous with that of Excel, which will help you in skimming through thousands of your tweets and picking out high-profile tweets. You can work by filtering the Best tweets or sort by deleting the unwanted tweets by the tweet type, the retweet or user mentions, or by media type (picture, gif, or video) or by date or keywords.

3- Your privacy is their priority!

The Twitter Archive Eraser believes in consumer safety and privacy, and it is their motto to make your privacy their priority! This tool completely runs on your Personal Computer, which indicates that the archive data doesn’t leave your machine and hence is never stored or uploaded elsewhere.

Why is this the best tweet eraser?

You’d probably still be wondering, what makes this tool the leading tweet eraser in the market? Well, let’s find out!

Local PC operation; zero privacy risk:

This software runs locally on your computer, indicating complete privacy and safety. This tool does not upload any archive data elsewhere on the other servers, bound to pose privacy risks. A famous competitor of Twitter Archive Eraser,, had exposed the data of millions of users after being hacked.

Peerless performance:

Twitter Archive Eraser loads all your archives in just a few seconds. Filtering and selecting through your tweets is done in real-time, with 3000 tweet deletions offered per minute.

Tweeps tested:

This software has been utilized by almost 1 million tweeple to delete more than 3.5 billion tweets! These whooping figures are a testimony of a proactive tool that aids Twitter users in staying active on Twitter and constantly improving with various Twitter API and archive format changes.

Free tweet deletion:

This tool provides a free community edition that allows you to delete 1000 tweets per week, with a time limit of tweets post of 6 months.

How to delete the tweets?

We bet that you must still be wondering about the process of tweet deletion and how to do it! Well, your timing couldn’t have been more relevant! You can delete your tweets from the tweet archive in 3 effortless steps. Let’s find out more!

Secure Authentication with Twitter:

You need to begin by signing in on Twitter utilizing automated authentication directly through OAuth. This is by far the safest authentication process, as this ensures that your passwords are never accessed by Twitter Archive Eraser.

Archive load and tweet selection per date:

Next, you can load up your Twitter archive using this tool in just a few seconds. This App aids in the archive loading for the archive of more than 10GB in size. Following the archive processing, you can start removing tweets by date.

Explore, Filter and Choose the tweets to delete:

The third and final step enables you to choose the tweets that you wish to erase. You can start by searching using keywords or user mentions. You can also view your top-rated tweets and move to specific dates choosing only through tweets or retweets.

Pricing Plan:

This application offers a budget-friendly one-time payment option. It also provides a set of packages for various types of Tweeps to suit their needs. You may choose to purchase the basic, advanced, or premium packages based on your particular needs with the license valid for a year. Mind you that the number of tweets deleted, their age, filtering options, keywords limit, and synchronizations differ in each of these packages. Following are the pricing packages:



  • Complete privacy due to a local computer running
  • Secure twitter authentication with OAuth
  • Peerless performance with 3200 tweets deleted per minute.
  • Tweets more than 12 years old can be deleted.
  • Complete control of consumers over tweet deletion
  • Deletion of direct messages
  • Used by approximately 1 million Twitter users
  • It offers free tweets deletion


  • All the prices are in USD

Our final words!

Tweet deletion tools come particularly handy when you wouldn’t like people to view your previous tweets that don’t reflect your best judgment in the present age. Twitter Archive Eraser is the best deletion tool because of its unmatched performance and tweet deletion numbers being offered. This tool is robustly effective in tweet deletion, erasing up to 3200 tweets/minute, and cares about the privacy of Twitter users. Twitter Archive Eraser also offers a free community edition, making it the leading twitter eraser in the market.

Through this article, we tried to communicate the basic specifications and features of this revolutionary tweet deletion tool, along with its working principle and pricing information. We’d highly recommend this tool to everyone! You must also try out Twitter Archive Eraser, as it’s worth a shot!

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