Best Video Compressors in Security Cameras in 2023

Security cameras, especially CCTV, IP, and POE security cameras, use DVR/VCR or NVR systems for storing data. These storage devices are sometimes preinstalled in the DVR, NVR OR VCR. You can check it in the package. Sometimes you would be going out for getting a surveillance hard disk drive. 

These hard disk drives must be with a high-class video compressor that can store your data for a more extended period. This is a very important part of your security system. You must not compromise over it. You would not be able to provide pieces of evidence If your end product, which is the videos are not explicit and recorded on time. 

How Security Cameras Record Videos:

Security cameras and other surveillance systems work on two primary principles they either record 24/7 for which you need to have a huge storage space, or the security devices record on specific motion detection.   

This is also has a massive impact on the storage space because the surveillance systems are usually with more than four security cameras. This puts a load on the hard disk drive, which is responsible for data recording and managing your data. 

Role of Video Compression in Security Cameras:

Video compression is the ultimate shrinkage of videos. This helps the hard disk drives or other storage devices such as flashes for accumulating more data. 

This video compression process can help you when you are stuck in a limited storage hard disk drive. You might get some new one, and video compression does not always increase the space. It just helps you to store the important data in a very organized way in such bandwidth and limited storage that the video quality is not disturbed to a very extreme level. 

How does it Work?

Video compressors are available with various codecs manufactured by different companies, and you have to be very selective about the entire process.  Generally speaking, you will have to understand the primary goal of the video compression. It will shrink and reduce its size by managing the bit rate and fps. The unnecessary part and repetition of the same data and frames. You can check it for your self if you want some different kind of compression.

Types of Video Compressors:

These can be of three main types in surveillance systems. I have explained three of them which are most widely used in many surveillance systems.  

1- The Advanced Codec:

It is also known as H.264. This is the most advanced codec which is generally used in many security and surveillance system. You can rely on it as it takes small sections of your recorded data into different frames and then begins the compression process.   

This codec scans the similar data and then eliminates the duplicate portions such compressors can help you get the best of video compression experience; otherwise, your compressed video will still have some complications. 

2- Mjpeg:

This is also known as motion jpeg codec. This one is older, and it is a lossy compression format. You can rely on it, but your original data will have to face some loss. Video quality would not be the same. Advanced surveillance systems have upgraded recording devices for proper and high-quality video storage. 

3- Mpeg4 Compression:

This is the oldest of all. It is not very useful now, and it also supports lossy video compression. The audio files are compressed separately. 

If your CCTV camera is going to support audio files as well, then your video compressors have to be very reliable and robust; otherwise, there will be a very high risk of zero synchronization. 


For an excellent surveillance system there has to be more significant space in your storage device, be it hard disk drive or any other method, video compressors help you gain that extra space which will keep you out of any risks. You can extend your storage by many times. A hard disk drive without video compressors would not be storing as much data as a hard disk drive or any other storage device. 

Thus, you must be very much concerned about these necessary details and features of your surveillance system. This will help you in getting a clear picture and data of your monitored areas.

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