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20+ Best VPN Affiliate Programs For 2021

High Paying VPN Affiliate Programs:

Are You looking for Best VPN Affiliate Programs to promote VPN Services and earn recurring commission every month?

If you are looking for High Paying VPN Affiliate Programs to earn some passive income, you’ve come to the right place.

Here In this article, I will share with you 20+ best VPN affiliate Programs For Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers to join in 2020 and 2021

There are a lot of VPNs that are affiliate programs where you can join and promote their services and earn money. They pay very great commission rates, to their affiliates. And the commissions, go on increasing and increasing with the recurring sales. So, VPN affiliate marketing is generating greater revenues for its affiliates. There are a lot of Best affiliate programs and choosing the best one is quite confusing.

We have experienced and gone through various such programs and then articulated this guide, to help you choose the best one to affiliate with. With the help of this article, you can yourself make a comparison among the specs, features, commissions of various top affiliate programs. And ultimately, you can choose a  one to affiliate with, that passes all your requirements.

What is a VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation of a virtual private network which is a network that allows you to have a protected and secure access to an open internet connection. A VPN network basically protects you from the theft of your private data.

Why it’s preferable to use a VPN?

These days, with the world going smart, thefts are also gone smart. People steal virtually rather than physically. That’s why the cybercrimes ratio is increasing drastically day by the day. Therefore, the use of VPN networks has gone extremely necessary to encrypt your data from others. The use of VPNs is growing like a wildfire, censorship increases internationally.

The Internet is a vast network of millions of servers channelled and sharing data together. So, you don’t have little idea that within seconds how fastly your data can reach from one server to another, from one corner of the world to another. Sometimes, it isn’t harmful to use an open network like a restaurant’s wifi, depending on your search or usage but when you are sharing some private content with any destination, like sharing bank account details or sending some official emails. In these cases, you have to very careful! Moreover, some willy hackers can also reach to your gadget via the connection, and steal your cell phone or laptop’s private data. So, it’s very necessary to protect your IP address from such thieves. A VPN network acts as a shield of your private content or IP from the web hosts.

VPN not only masks your connection, but there is also another advantage on the spin. You can smartly access any blocked site or can view the censored data. So, yeah its a very great tool! Right??

Best VPN Affiliate Programs 2021:

Here is the list of 20+ Best High Paying VPN Affiliate Programs For Affiliate Marketers to join in 2020 and 2021

  1. IPVanish Affiliate Program
  2. PureVPN Affiliate Program.
  3. FastestVPN Affiliate Program.
  4. NordVPN Affiliate Program
  5. Strong VPN Affiliate Program
  6. CyberGhost Affiliate Program
  7. TorGuard Affiliate Program
  8. Ivacy Affiliate Program
  9. ExpressVPN Affiliate Program
  10. HideMyAss Affiliate Program
  11. Buffered VPN Affiliate Program
  12. Safer VPN Affiliate Program
  13. Vyper VPN Affiliate Program
  14. SpyOff VPN Affiliate Program
  15. Affiliate Program
  16. Rapid VPN Affiliate Program
  17. ZenMate Affiliate Program
  18. SpiderVPN Affiliate Program
  19. TorrentSafe Affiliate Program
  20. KeepSolid VPN Affiliate Program

1- PureVPN Affiliate Program:


Pure VPN is a top-notch name in the VPN affiliate marketing and ruling the VPN market, owing to its commission and smart strategies. Isn’t it enticing to get 100 to 40 percent commissions, on a monthly basis? Most of the people remain afraid of spending money on the affiliate programs, but with Pure VPN, it’s very easy to drive customers because its a leading brand in the market and people put their trust in them. Moreover, they give you 31 days cash back guarantee, so people buy the VPN without any reluctance.

Signing up with Pure VPN leads you to the great journeys of income. They have an auto- payment system, the best thing about it is it is two-tiered, so if the people underneath drive sales, you profit also. Moreover, there is no minimum limit for threshold. They keep on creating new and attracting advertisements, thus efficiently promote their network. Their applications run on all gadgets, just download them, log in and leave the rest on Pure VPN. It has more than. They serve very fast speeds. They have  about two thousand encrypted VPN servers  in about 140 countries and more than 300,000  IP addresses are shared by them

  • Commission model:
  • 1 month- 100%
  •  3 months-40%
  •  6 months-40%
  • 1 year-40%
  • Recurring Commission: 35% whole life span
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Minimum Payout: No minimum


  • Great reputability
  • Efficient Commissions
  • Advance promoting and advertising
  • Safe and Trusty network
  • Offer p2p  files sharing
  •  Flashing speed
  • Wors with all browsers


  • The payment method is only PayPal.

2- FastestVPN Affiliate Program:

Fastest VPN

Fastest VPN, launched in 2017, as its name claims, is a very fast VPN, 95.27 Mbp for downloading and 34.88 Mbps for uploading. Not only known for its speed, but it also pays satisfactory profits to its affiliates. What makes it easy for affiliates to attract the customers is, that FastestVPN ensures the fastest speed and runs all across the screens. Fastest VPN, a Cayman Island, affiliate program generates high pocket full commissions for its affiliates.

It generates a 100% commission for its customers even for the first month. Moreover, it offers great recurring commissions to bring a new subscription to a customer. Subscribers go on increasing, your income train speeds up more ad more. However, it’s not old but their Alexa rating is a hundred two thousand, so they are growing exponentially fast. They use banners and other smart ads, for their network promotion.

Besides, it ensures complete transparency. Customers trust it owing to its popularity plus it’s 15 days money-back guarantee strategy. You can see your real-time commissions and subscriptions via their tracking system. However, there is a flaw with this network, it doesn’t drive Netflix demanders, because it doesn’t unblock Netflix, however its good for torrent users.

  • Commission Models: 
  • 1 month-100% commission
  • 1 year-60%
  • 3 years-60%
  • Renewal Commission: 35% lifetime
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Payment: No minimum


  • Easy to utilize
  • Easy logging
  • Runs on multi-screen
  • 24/7 live support
  • Helpful personal manager
  • 15 days money-back guarantee
  • Ad-block
  • Enchanting
  • High conversion rate
  • Automatic invoicing system


  • Paypal is the only payment mean
  • Can’t unblock Netflix

3- NordVPN Affiliate Program:


Nord VPN affiliate programs, not its roots so old, but within a few years of its set up, it has gained great success, owing to its marvellous functionality. In the affiliate market, it has its great name because it bestows its affiliate with high captivating commissions, that go on increasing infinitely It has more than 5000 servers, and thousands of IP addresses sharers. Its proxies unblock most of the popular websites like Netflix, Torrent, Popcorn, thus pretty popular in customers. It owes a  monetizing conversion system. It keenly works on its advertisements and its ads are pretty cool and customer’s pulling, so you don’t have to put much effort into customer engagement. They keep their customer’s satisfaction their first priority and offer 30days money-back guarantee, to them.

  • Commission model:
  • 1 month- 100%
  • 3 months-40%
  •  6 months-40%
  • 1 year-40%
  • Renewal Commission: 30% whole life span
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Minimum Payment: No minimum


  • Easy log
  • High commission rates
  • Driving Ads
  • Assigns a dedicated personal manager
  • Recommended byCNET


  • They don’t have an automatic payment system. You have to ask for your payment.

4- CyberGhost Affiliate Program:


CyberGhost, a Romania company, offering an extraordinary VPN administration for a wide range of client profiles. It secretly grants you access to the desired geo-blocked or banned websites, state or district bolted games, like a hidden spy. You will have the best unblocking of streaming services, secure connections, gushing speeds and many more. To ensure the fastest speed they have utilized L2TP and IKEV2(blazing fast protocols). More than 30 million users trust this site for its uncomparable services.

Moreover, it is one of the best VPN affiliate programs. It encourages your efforts and gives you glittering commissions and profits. They have a great tracking system, that counts each penny of your commission, thus ensure100% commissions for its affiliates. Besides, you will begin profiting when clients start buying CyberGhost from your site. Moreover, you can upload attractive ads and write blogs about CyberGhost to engage more t. Special commissions are given to those affiliates who engage massive clients.

  • Commission: up to 50%
  • Payment Methods: Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Wire transfer, and Bitcoin.
  • Minimum Payment: No minimum


  • Allows you to surf in an anonymous way
  • Hassle-free to use
  • Easy to sign up and earn with
  • 100% commissions
  • Fastest speeds
  • Unblock costly websites
  • Secures you a highly protected IP address
  • Ensures the protection of your DNS from a leak
  • Secures your banking transactions
  • Unblocks streaming sports or services
  • Dedicate affiliate manager for your assistance
  • 24/7 friendly customer support
  • A large number of payment methods
  • 45 days money-back guarantee


  • CyberGhost ensures live support only via emails or live chat.

5- TorGuard VPN Affiliate Program:


TorGuard VPN affiliate program, a great name in VPN affiliating gives you uncomparable encrypted securities, bandwidths, and speeds, across all the web connections. It ensures web security while torrenting.

Besides, it is a great affiliate program. They offer rich commissions, based on the principle: Generate more sign-ups of customers to TorGuard, Earn high commissions. It effectively converts the traffic sent by you to their sites. Thus, ensure great conversions at higher rates. It allows you to run enticing banner ads, you can copy these ads to your own sites or popular social networks, for more and more customers. It assists you to make your campaign successful via their advanced advertising tools. Affiliates can have real-time tracking of their earning and subscriptions. Moreover, their assigned affiliate managers and customer support, assist you at any time, 24/7.

  • Commission: 30% recurring commission on each sale
  • Payment Method: PayPal and Bitcoin.
  • Minimum Payment: $50


  • Easy signing up process.
  • It allows you to share their captivating ads.


  • You have to pay a subscription cost.

6- Ivacy Affiliate Program:


Ivacy, an unbeatable VPN provider allows you to have complete control over your security. It allows you to decide which data you want to disclose or which not via their unique feature “Spit tunnelling”. It grants complete privacy of your data when you connect to a public hotspot or sharing bank account details. Moreover, it facilitates you to have a VPN connection to five devices at a time, without individual and frequent signing up. Its speeds are unmatchable. Supports p2p and easy sharing of files.

Moreover, Ivacy is known to be a high paying affiliate program. It assures 100% commission on each new sale and enjoys 35% more on recurring sales. Moreover, you can win the trust of new customers via their 30 days money-back guarantee

  • Commission Model: 
  • 1 month: 100%
  • 1 year: 40%
  • 2 years: 40%
  • Renewal Commission: 35% lifetime
  • Minimum Payment: No minimum
  • Payment Methods: Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Wire transfer, Discover and Bitcoin.

7- ExpressVPN Affiliate Program:


Despite, an enormous number of old VPN affiliate Programs are there in the market, Express VPN knows how to give them a beat. It supports its network of 3000 servers in 94 countries. So, if you want complete security with a scorching speed, Express VPN is for you. Like Ivacy, it also allows you to control your shared data or IP yourself through smart split-tunnelling. Three devices can be connected to the VPN at a time. Their designed apps are available for all screens like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, etc.

Moreover, it has designed its excelling system via affiliate marketing. It encourages its affiliates by paying them pocketful. Its dedicated team helps you to succeed in your campaign. They give you live and 24/7 assistance. Moreover, you can promote your journey by side to side help of an account manager that is assigned to you personally. They pay you excessive profits by referring to their program and bring more customers.

  • Commission: up to 36% for every new registration.
  • Minimum Payment: $50.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, Bitcoin, American Express and others.

8- HideMyAss VPN Affiliate Program:


Hide My Ass, founded by Avast, is a good choice for unprecedented web security. Even expert hackers and spies can’t leak any information, from their encryption, system. Their servers are serving in 190 countries. It allows you 5 connections at once.

They hold a great affiliate market, owing to their great payouts. They give 100% commission to their affiliates thus produce great incomes for them. Promote their referral program, to your known circle or on social media, engage more clients and earn 35% commission on each sale. You can promote HIdeMyAss though their attractive promotions and ads. Moreover, the customers will sign up with them without any reluctance because of their risk fee strategy. They give 30 days refund of investment and return the money without any arguments.

One spec of HideMyAss, that is a tad annoying is their signing procedure. It involves several terms and conditions and licenses, unlike other such programs.

  • Commission Model: 
  • 1-month new subscription- up to 100%,35%  on renewal
  • 6 months-40%,30% on renewal
  • 1 year-40%,30% on renewal
  • 2 years-40%, 30% on renewal
  • 3 years-40%, 30% on renewal
  • Renewal commission: 35% lifetime
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, Bitcoin.

9- Buffered VPN Affiliate Program:

Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN affiliate program, is a  credible network to buy access to geo-blocked sites. It strictly ensue your data or connection security. Moreover, it doesn’t save your search history and also allows 5 connections at a time.

It pays out high profits to their affiliates and provides offshoot backing and client care, to succeed in their journey. It offers very good quality and adaptable advancement materials, that help you out in attracting more customers. They pay up to 37% profit on each sale.

  • Commission: 
  • 1 month-$13
  • 1 year-$23
  • 2 year-$ 37
  • Renewal Commissions: 37%
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

10- SaferVPN Affiliate Program:


Safer VPN, a project of cybersecurity software developers, is a great place holder in affiliate marketing. It has 700+ servers all across the world and facilitates in any region of the world. It allows you easy access to any of the blocked sites, without compromising on your  IP leak. It masks your web connection from hosts, scams and expert hackers.

It is quite popular and known as a trusty network among the customers owing to its strict encryption, great bandwidths, and speed MOreover, its affiliate strategy is quite an enchanting to affiliates, as they claim to pay the highest commissions. Their trusty brand recognition and enchanting ads help you engage more customers, It is risk-free to affiliate with Safer VPN because it gives 14 days refunding guarantee. So, it is a completely safe and risk-free investment. Safest program ever!

  • Commission Model:
  • 1 month-.$7 and 30% on renewal.
  • 1 year-$25 and 30% on renewal.
  • 2 years-$ 33 and 30% on renewal.
  • Renewal Commission: 30% lifetime
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, and Bitcoin.

11- Vyper VPN Affiliate Program:

Vypr VPN

Vyper VPN affiliate program, based in Switzerland, is scoring a great in the VPN affiliate market. It has 70+ owned servers across the world. Their app is quite sleek and trendy with various enticing features like wifi configuration, system-wide kill switch, various protocols to play around. Moreover, you can prevent some ads via DNS services. So, it works very great with respect to security and speed. However, it is not supported by crypto security, still, it doesn’t affect its score. However, its logging policy is annoying.

They give great residuals and due to its great repute its easiest to generate sales with them. It is easy to engage customers to Vyper VPN because firstly they give three days free trial to test for. So, people test it first and then buy the plan. Moreover, you can get hands-on help from your committed personal account manager

  • Commission: up to 50%.
  • Renewal Commission: 10%.
  • Smallest  Payoff Threshold: $75.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Credit Card.

12- SpyOff VPN Affiliate Program:

SpyOff VPN

SpyOff VPN affiliate program of Sareta S.R.I company is a pretty good VPN provider. It will enable you to dodge a wide range of geo-blocked sites, encrypts your network’s connection overall browser extensions. Pretty fast speed!.Easy to use! Easy logging! One must give it a shot. I will give it 3.5 out 5 stars.

Their affiliate program is average. They are paying commission at 30% commission on an average sale of $50. They don’t give residuals. Moreover, they offer 30 days money-back guarantee. The best feature of SpyOff is, it gives its customers a 15 days free trial. So, its easier to convince customers to give at least one try to SpyOff for free and then engage them forever

  • Commission: up to 46%
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, Bitcoins, American express, and others

13- VPN.AC Affiliate Program:

VPN affiliate program, not too old but taking the affiliate market by storm.

They believe in long haul term relations with their customers. They pay rich commissions. On each sale, one gets a 30% commission and also the same is for renewal. One can have real-time reporting of its earnings via the control panel.

  • Commission: 30% on each sale
  • Renewal Commission: 30% lifetime
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

14- Rapid VPN Affiliate Program:

Rapid VPN

Rapid VPN, a UK based program has all the excellently designed features as popular Nord and pureVpn has!. It gives you non-compromising 128-bit web encryption and a promising speed of 1000 bits/seconds. It has a large network of dedicated servers that are approachable from all pieces of land. One can connect 4 devices simultaneously, on any of the devices like laptops, cell phones, etc.

It pays shining commissions. You can earn up to 75% per sale. It is the only affiliate program that pays on a weekly basis. Their slogan is: Make a chain of affiliates underneath and get more and more. Their 24/7 customer service solves their program on a priority basis. Moreover, it offers 3 days of free trial for your satisfaction. So, customers buy it after checking its claim.

  • Commission: up to 75%.
  • Renewal Commission: 10%
  • Minimum Payment: No minimum
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Perfect Money, Web money

15- ZenMate Affiliate Program:


ZenMate fulfills all user expectations, by strongly encrypting your connection from hackers and snippers. They ensure the fastest speeds, via their great protocols. You can unblock all popular costly or blocked sites like Netflix. They have 35+ servers all over the world s can be accessed from anywhere at any time.45 plus users

They give 14 days money-back guarantee which is pretty enough to test drive the software. Their trusty recognition as a reliable unblocking VPN makes our item intriguing to proficient business customers, yet additionally to private purchasers, in this way give you an easy start.

Commission Model: 

  • 1 month-100%
  • 6 month-40%
  • 1 year-40%

Renewal Commission:

  • 1 month: 35%
  • 6 month: 30%lifetime
  • 1 Year: 30% lifetime

Payment Method: PayPal

16- SpiderVPN Affiliate Program:

Spider VPN

They ensure ultra-fast speeds via their quickest servers spread all across the world. You can have unbolted access to any of the desired website like Netflix and live sports screaming, without any data leak or visibility. Like in China, WhatsApp is blocked, and in Egypt, all such VOIP services are blocked, so by using spider VPN, you can unblock such popular sites. They have 44 servers serving 18 nations

Spider VPN offers greater conversion rates to their affiliates their repute in the industry as trustworthy pioneers make it simple to promote the over the internet. Their team keeps on creating profoundly engaging ads that drive more customers and thus ensures greater commissions, for the affiliates.

  • Commission Model:
  1. 1 month-40%
  2. 6 months-40%
  3. 1 year-40%
  • Renewal Commission: 30% lifetime
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer.

17- Strong VPN Affiliate Program: 

Strong VPN

Strong VPN is a great companion in traversing an open web area full of snippers and spies. THey give100% guard to your web connection and unblock famous restricted websites for you.

Strong VPN, a great VPN Program is providing its services since 2006 and is a reliable name in the affiliate market. They give attractive commissions to the affiliates. They ensure 100%commissions, one can earn up to 200% commission. They support their customers, live 24/7. Moreover, they encourage the innovative ideas of their affiliates and implement them. You can have a complete report on your sales and income. They have a free affiliate sign up. You can excel in your business using their advertisements, and promotion formats, anywhere on social media or professional sites.

  • Commission Model: upto 200%.
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal.

18- TorrentSafe VPN Affiliate Program:

Torrent Safe

TorrentSafe VPN Affiliate Program, as it names pronounces is a great virtual private network for safe torrenting. You don’t need to register just place the torrent file or URL on the website and safely download the restricted file, anonymously.

Moreover, it has an affiliate program to promote its network. More people you recommend to TorrentSafe,  more users will increase, so as your commission. They give you 50% commissions on each sale. Moreover one can access its earnings, referrals on a daily basis from their reporting interface. Moreover, they allow you to copy and paste their ads on various social media networks or other websites. So, you can easily attract customers.

  • Commission Model: 50% on all plans
  • Minimum Payment: $25
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Bitcoin.

19- KeepSolid VPN Affiliate Program:

If you want strong assistance for your affiliate start-up, you should opt for Keep Solid VPN Unlimited Affiliate Program. They give you 24/7 customer assistance. Besides, you are assigned a dedicated personal helping account manager who is also available 24/7. Moreover, they back up you with the most innovative and creative banner ads, which will generate more revenues.

They have satisfying conversion rates. It has very good working as Vpn. It keeps features like allowing bit torrent, p2p, faster speeds, and greater bandwidths. But where there are great merits of this VPN, there are some demerits as well as. They have a limited number of servers so they can’t be accessed worldwide. Moreover, their logging policy is a tad irritating. However, merits are greater in number!

  • Commission Model:
  1. New sign up-$75.
  2. 1 month- $3.5.
  3. 1 Year- $20.
  • Minimum Payment: 
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Here are Some Relevant Affiliate Programs For Publishers:

Final Words

We have researched an enormous number of VPN affiliate programs and articulated best of them. But while choosing the right one VPN affiliate program, you have to consider various parameters like strongest web encryption, snappier speeds, access from all over the world, highest commissions, free registration, inexpensive customer plans, enchanting advertisements, easy logging and many more.

A best VPN affiliate program would be that standing by to all such features. I hope so, this article will help you a lot to choose the right one VPN affiliate program!

If you are already using any VPN Affiliate program that is listed above then please share your experiences below. 


  1. Honestly, nordvpn one seems the most appealing to me. Knowing how many people are choosing it, only proves that they are good. PureVPN seems fine too, but knowing their past, it is a bit sketchy.

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