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20+ Best VPN Extension 2024 – According to Security Experts

Best VPN Extension:

Do you want to preserve your online identity while using browser?

What you need is a VPN extension! Don’t know what that is? Well then you’ve stumbled upon the right page!

In this article we will provide your excellent choices of VPN extensions available in the market right now! Stay on this page to find out more about VPN extensions!

A good VPN extension for the Google Chrome browser could save your life. Not only can you hide your IP address with the best VPN, but you can also get around many web restrictions, block ads, and avoid malware.

As a result, you not only gain more privacy but also a significantly increased level of safety while browsing!

However, there is a catch: VPN browser plugins only secure your web browser, not any other programs or services of your device. Other programs, games, or tools will continue to connect to the internet directly and without encryption. Download a native VPN application if you intend to keep them safe.

Fortunately, every VPN service they suggest in this list of the top VPN browser extensions also offers native apps on MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and other operating systems.

Scroll down to find the best VPN extension for your browser!

What are VPN Extensions?

Plugins or add-ons for your browsers that let you connect to a VPN from browser are referred as VPN extensions. By using a VPN extension your internet traffic is routed through a secure and encrypted tunnel, making it difficult for anyone to spy on your online activities.

A VPN extension can be used to get around geo-restrictions. You can access sites that are censored or blocked while preserving your online identity. It is a relatively simple platform to use and lightweight program to be installed on your device.

How to employ a VPN browser extension:

You can follow the aforementioned steps to employ VPN browser extension:

  • Join one of the VPN services on the list below.
  • From the website of the VPN provider or the official store for your browser, install and download the extension.
  • Log in by opening the extension.
  • Connect after choosing a server.

How to choose the best VPN browser extensions?

Not all VPNs provide browser extensions. Even fewer provide those that are quick, secure, and simple to use. In truth, there are several things to think about while selecting a VPN browser plugin. Following are some of the mainstream features that you should consider while choosing a VPN browser extension:

Global server network:

A top-notch VPN will offer a network of servers that spans dozens of nations. In fact, thousands of servers are offered by the majority of a VPN browser extension they suggest. Finding a quick server close to your actual location and having access to a large selection of geo-blocked content are two advantages of doing this.


It’s bad if you have to deal with poor speeds or bandwidth restrictions whether you’re browsing, streaming, or torrenting. Search for a VPN with unlimited bandwidth. As a result, you can be confident that the browser extension for the VPN will deliver reliable performance when you require it.


Geographic restrictions are frequently present, especially with streaming services. Not all VPNs offer robust unblocking capabilities, however the VPN browser extensions featured in this article to be trustworthy in this regard. In fact, the majority are compatible with services like Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more.


You can count on all of your web traffic to be protected with 256 bit AES encryption while using a VPN desktop, mobile app, or browser extension. Even additional features like an ad blocker or double VPN servers are included in the top VPN browser addons. As a result, your security will be more complete than it is with most VPNs.


Your privacy is just as crucial as security. This begins with the encryption of your data and includes a no-logs policy. By doing this, you may be confident that no information about you is gathered and shared. Look for VPNs that enable you to keep your online anonymity.


In principle, utilizing VPN browser extension should be quick and simple. This is one of the key benefits. Naturally, some are simpler to use than others, and throughout our thorough testing of each, we were able to verify this for ourselves. Also make sure that every VPN has email and live chat support available 24/7.


There are no reasons a VPN can’t provide all of the aforementioned benefits at a reasonable cost. Given the number of VPNs available, they must all remain competitive to get your business. Additionally, you may reduce the cost of a subscription even further by utilizing the VPN offer.

Why should you use VPN Extension for your browser?

Using VPN extension gives your online activity better protection and offers more functions than a standard browser extension.

When you use VPN extension for Chrome, there is nothing you can’t take advantage of, and the fact that it will cover all of your online activities while using the browser means that you can protect yourself from viruses and cyberattacks!

15 Best VPN Extensions 2024:

Here is the list of Best VPN Extension in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Express VPN.
  2. Windscribe.
  3. Private Internet Access.
  4. CyberGhost.
  5. Hotspot Shield.
  6. NordVPN.
  7. Surfshark.
  8. Ivacy VPN.
  9. Pure VPN.
  10. Vypr VPN.
  11. Atlas VPN.
  12. TunnelBear.
  13. Safer VPN.
  14. ZenMate.
  15. HMA.

1- Express VPN:

Given that ExpressVPN is the top-rated VPN overall, it only makes perfect sense that you would also receive an excellent Chrome VPN addon. And yes, unlike some others, it offers a real VPN extension rather than simply a proxy.

You effectively get the desktop application right in your browser. While having the client installed is a need for that, doing so will give you access to a lot of power.

Contrary to many Chrome VPN applications, enabling ExpressVPN in browser will provide complete safety for both your device and all browser traffic. Another great convenience is that using the browser extension doesn’t require you to open the desktop application. It is readily available in Chrome.

ExpressVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee if you want to test out the best Chrome VPN, but we believe you’ll find it lives up to, if not beyond, your expectations for what a browser-based VPN can provide.


  • Rich in features Chrome addon
  • Excellent round-the-clock client service
  • Extensive global server coverage
  • Dependable and swift


  • Application needed for extension

2- Windscribe:

If you’ve been looking for a free VPN, Windscribe is a fantastic option! Moreover, its fantastic Chrome VPN plugin really stands out. Although the program is a proxy, anyone can use it without installing the “actual” VPN software on your computer.

The addon provides an astonishing range of functions in addition to that. There are numerous options for blocking advertisements, trackers from social networks and other sources, WebRTC, notifications from websites, and malware.

Along with comprehensive cookie management that may be configured to remove all cookies when users leave a page, you will also get time zone or user agent spoofing.

Like a full-fledged VPN, Windscribe Free extension could indeed virtually consider relocating you and grant you access to geo-restricted websites. With servers in 10 countries and more, if you choose to pay for a premium plan, you should have a respectable choice to choose from, including “Windflix” servers that work with Netflix.


  • Many connections at once
  • Free monthly 10GB choice.
  • A transparent privacy policy
  • Does not require a desktop client


  • Uncomfortably small interface

3- Private Internet Access:

Private Internet Access, or PIA, is an inexpensive choice that, for the price of its Chrome VPN plugin, delivers a tonne of capabilities. This is a great option for those new to VPNs because it accomplishes all of this while still being incredibly simple to use.

With its browser VPN extension, you can access some excellent security features, such as a third-party cookies blocker, Flash filtering and disabling, hyperlink auditing, WebRTC leak protection, credit card auto-filling, and more.

Naturally, PIA will also take better care of the important stuff, like preventing websites from knowing your location or granting access to your camera or microphone. Download speeds also remain above average when the VPN is active.

Additionally, users noted from the tests that PIA can reach Netflix and Hulu, despite its earlier difficulties with the iPlayer VPN. However, it’s unlikely that streaming will function at all using simply the Chrome VPN proxy.


  • Rich in features Chrome extension
  • Outstanding privacy tools
  • Easy to use


  • No live chat assistance.
  • Comparatively lower store score

4- CyberGhost:

One of the best VPNs available, CyberGhost also offers a free Chrome VPN addon, adding another feather to its cap. The browser extension is extremely easy to use and may function without requiring a desktop client, despite being less powerful than the premium VPN.

In comparison to other free services, there is a respectable selection with 8 sites in 4 countries.

You can upgrade to a whopping 7,000 Vpns in 90 countries if you want the complete experience for a very affordable price. You’ll also gain access to CyberGhost’s superb desktop version with its broadcasting or torrenting streaming system. Customer support, a kill switch, and fast connection speeds are also included.

While not quite as good as ExpressVPN, CyberGhost’s Chrome VPN service is still very effective and easy to use. And things get only better if you upgrade.


  • Lots of free servers.
  • Unrestricted free data
  • Media streaming is unblocked.


  • Neither a kill switch nor customer service

5- Hotspot Shield:

If you want a Chrome VPN addon that’s easy to use, operates quickly, and is free, Hotspot Shield is an excellent choice. Yes, the free version functions with very few restrictions, however it is basic only with four locations options and is slower than the premium version’s VPN service.

Hotspot Shield is so straightforward because, with just one click, it launches and instantly connects you to the quickest server available based on your location.

You are protected by a 256-bit encryption across 1,800 servers dispersed over 80 countries. Fans of actual privacy, however, will be dissatisfied with Hotspot’s logging policy. Although the supplier asserts that nothing that might be used to identify you is stored, information like bandwidth usage and connection times are.

Hotspot Shield is an excellent option if you are seeking a quick, straightforward Chrome VPN, and with a 45 day money back guarantee, it’s well worth a try if you just need basic privacy once you are out or about using your laptop.


  • Quick connections
  • Offers a free trial.
  • Servers in 80+ countries.
  • Built-in ad blocker.


  • Expensive pricing plans.
  • Configuration restrictions

6- NordVPN:

Being one of the top VPNs overall, NordVPN is a wonderful asset to the Chrome browser. Their addon disables Javascript-dependent WebRTC communication protocols. These could reveal your IP address, making them unsafe! Therefore, installing the extension together with your VPN client is beneficial even if you already use one.

Recently, NordVPN implemented Bypass List, which functions as split tunnelling at the browser level. You can add particular websites to a list, and it’ll block such sites when you browse and connect. Since they occasionally return issues while you’re connecting using VPN, banking websites perform best.

The Chrome proxy plugin for NordVPN also includes a CyberSec option. This enables you to filter out websites even before they load. It automatically bans phishing and malware websites. Even the NordVPN app doesn’t need to be downloaded and set up in order to use this feature.


  • Splitting a tunnel
  • High speeds
  • Web filter most streaming services unblocked
  • Possibilities for anonymous payments
  • Discounts for longer memberships Blocks WebRTC
  • Extensive network of server locations


  • An email address is needed to register.

7- Surfshark:

With compatibility for a wide range of operating systems & devices, such as browser add-ons and particularly, the extension for Google Chrome, Surfshark is an incredibly safe but fabulously affordable VPN. You can connect to your preferred server instantly because the extension is simple and uncomplicated.

The same servers that get on their app will be available for you to choose from. Even the Clear Web tool, which serves as a filter for malicious and phishing websites, can be made available. This is a complete answer if you require anything portable.

The addon was additionally independently inspected by penetration testers from Cure53. This gives you more assurance that the cybersecurity technology you’re utilizing is secure. Not to forget that it can be used for entertainment. It unblocks Netflix as well as other streaming services, for instance.

That is a really difficult package to pass up when the price is also so low.


  • Online filters
  • Extension subject to independent audit
  • Inexpensive price
  • Most streaming services are unblocked
  • Only-RAM servers
  • Several connections at once


  • No free model

8- Ivacy VPN:

Ivacy VPN is a fantastic VPN that provides top-notch security, amazing performance, reliable streaming capability, and most importantly, a terrific Chrome extension that combines all of these features into one convenient package.

Your online connection will be completely protected while using the Ivacy VPN Browser add-on. This features WebRTC leak prevention, military-grade AES-256 encryption, and a strict no logs policy, assuring that Ivacy holds no information about your surfing activities at all and allowing you to browse without restriction.

Secure download functions are also included in Ivacy VPN’s premium edition. As you browse and save files on Chrome, you have real-time protection since the platform checks any incoming downloads for malware or viruses.

Ivacy’s price is one more intriguing aspect, though. It’s a great VPN for Chrome that starts at $1.19 per month. Additionally, it can safeguard much more than just your browser thanks to apps for Android TV, Windows, macOS, or Amazon Fire devices.


  • 24/7 live chat solid security infrastructure
  • Features for safe download
  • Simple chrome extension


  • There is no fast WireGuard.

9- Pure VPN:

Consider purchasing PureVPN’s Chrome VPN browser extension if you require a straightforward yet practical VPN browser plugin. For starters, there are 58+ options to pick from, which is an absurd number for just a VPN addon.

In addition, the tool includes some of the genuine VPN’s features. For instance, it provides WebRTC Leak Protection, those guards against the unintentional disclosure of your IP address and actual location.

Additionally, the service offers 10 concurrent connections, unrestricted bandwidth, and extremely fast speeds.

You need to sign up for a PureVPN premium membership (starting at $1.95/month) in order to utilise the browser extension. Alternatively, a free trial version with restrictions is available. Even though there are only five sites, that number is sufficient to form an opinion regarding the level of service.


  • Leak Protection for WebRTC
  • Works with the free edition of Netflix in 30 different nations
  • Supports torrenting.
  • Includes password manager add-on.


  • There are few features.

 10- Vypr VPN:

If you are familiar with Chrome VPN extensions, you may have suspected that VyprVPN would make the list. This is due to the fact that it’s among the greatest services available, providing both strong security measures and features.

However, if you want to use it, you don’t even need to download its software; all you need to do is install the lightweight Chrome proxy extension, which will let you quickly conceal your true IP address.

Keep in mind that you must first sign up for a VyprVPN subscription before using it. Fortunately, the service is very reasonably priced. If you decide to pay $5.00 a month for a three-year subscription, you can. A 30-day money back guarantee is also offered in case you decide to cancel.

You can use VyprVPN on 30 devices at once if you subscribe to the service. Additionally, you’ll get access to amazing features like VyprDNS, split tunneling, and a dangerous site blocker.


  • Most streaming platforms are unblocked
  • Suitable for torrenting
  • High speeds
  • Strong no-logging policy.


  • Enables wireguard
  • Limited in linux support
  • A limited iOS application

 11- Atlas VPN:

Atlas VPN is the finest VPN for extension thanks to a variety of unique features. The possibility to use many IP addresses is one special benefit these people provide, which will raise your anonymity level.

Additionally, they make it quite simple for you to prevent adverts and spyware so that you will not be confronted with it when browsing the web.

Since they can easily assist you in monitoring for data breaches and make it incredibly simple that you can visit the whole of your favorite websites without having to worry about someone watching your every move and logging their personal information, if privacy is important to you, it’s important to these fellas as well.

These folks are a good option if you’re trying to connect to a streaming website from another country but don’t want to suffer with latency and buffering because streaming is among the main reasons people utilize VPNs these days.


  • Countless concurrent device connections
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone & iOS, Windows, MacOS, Android TV, and Fire TV Stick.
  • Includes WireGuard protocol.
  • Unlimited connections at a time.
  • 750+ servers in 38+ countries.


  • Includes various minor bugs.

12- TunnelBear: 

TunnelBear is another great choice for a VPN Chrome extension, which helps you regain control over your privacy by sending all of your data over protected tunnels to a distant server.

This makes it incredibly difficult for someone to follow you online or spy on you. This VPN is strongly recommended by its users. Undoubtedly you’ll like using as it won the editors’ choice award.

The free VPN service from TunnelBear is available, but it is limited to 500 MB of data each month. The intriguing thing is that if users tweet about the business, you receive more data points, increasing your monthly limit to 1.5GB.

Repeat the procedure each month to continue receiving a bonus. When this VPN extension comes to data protection, TunnelBear takes it extremely seriously and does not divulge or share any type of private details with any outside businesses. Additional fact about TunnelBear is that they track overall bandwidth for free members to guarantee its data cap.


  • Very reasonable
  • Excellent privacy policies
  • Autonomous yearly audits
  • Convenient design


  • Finding a trustworthy VPN extension might be tough.

13- Safer VPN:

You may access all of the basic functions of the service with the help of the lightweight and user-friendly SaferVPN browser extension. This includes amazing speeds, accessibility to all 700+ sites, and round-the-clock in-app support.

Once installed, connecting only requires one click. You can try out the free version, but you only receive 500MB of monthly bandwidth, which is hardly enough to browse through Facebook several times before you’re disconnected.

The quickest servers we’ve tested, the most user-friendly interface, with rock-solid security are all features of SaferVPN. It unblocks Netflix and a few other well-known streaming services for users in other countries.

A convenient VPN with a few useful features, such as automatic Wi-Fi protection and 24/7 support, is SaferVPN. However, it is tough to suggest due to the slow speeds, restricted ability for unblock streaming sites, and serious security flaws. In China, it is ineffective.


  • Fast, safe, and simple to use.
  • Round the clock customer support.
  • Automatic Wi-Fi protection.


  • There is neither a kill switch nor WebRTC blocking.

14- ZenMate:

The ZenMate Chrome extension provides servers optimized for streaming, making it simple to unblock streaming platforms. When you can’t get around difficult geoblocks, ZenMate comes in handy!

To safeguard your data, the paid Chrome extension includes effective privacy and security features. To safeguard you from cyberattacks, it provides AES encryption with 128 bits. The malware blocker prevents malicious websites from loading on your browser, and the built-in tracking blocker prevents third parties from tracking your online activities. WebRTC leak protection prevents unintentional IP leaks.

ZenMate offers both free and premium Chrome extension. The streaming-optimized servers are not available in the free version, which has only four server locations. Streaming servers and additional security features like Smart Location and Stealth Connection are included in ZenMate Pro.


  • 4700+ servers in 81+ countries.
  • Provides quality servers to unblock famous streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth with fast connection.
  • A strict no-logs policy and bult-in malware blocker.


  • Not customizable as compared to other premium VPN extensions.
  • Customer support is disappointing.

15- HMA:

The web shop listing’s frequent usage of the phrase “proxy” should not deter you from using HideMyAss. A genuine browser-based VPN is the Chrome extension, also known as HMA VPN Proxy Unblocker.

HMA Secure Vpn Unblocker is indeed totally free; no financial information is requested; only a brief account setup is needed. While not flawless, HideMyAss is unquestionably among the finest free Chrome VPNs available.

It is probably most appropriate for anyone looking for a simple method of encryption their traffic without slowing down connections.

HMA has historically been dependable but lately struggles to unblock Netflix. To ensure that any changes in HMA’s functionality will be updated appropriately, we conduct streaming tests once a week.

The US, France, Germany, the Netherlands, as well as the UK are among the available locations.

Additionally, they are unsure of the exact protocol that the addon uses to encrypt your communication. However, HMA makes this clear.


  • Absolutely no cost to use
  • Five countries’ servers


  • Account information is necessary for setup.
  • Hardly any additional features
  • No information is available regarding the used encryption.


Using a VPN Chrome extension can help you access geo-blocked websites and improve your online security. However, many VPN extensions for Chrome lack security, have slow speeds, or only offer a small number of servers.

Good alternatives include each of the aforementioned Chrome extensions. However, ExpressVPN’s Chrome extension is the best because it protects your device with the same level of security as its VPN app and offers extremely fast speeds. The ExpressVPN Chrome extension comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can even try it risk-free. You can easily get your entire payment back if you are not satisfied!

Our recommendation is to use the ExpressVPN extension. However, you can look into your options by scrolling up!

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