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15+ BEST VPN For South Korea In 2023: Safe and Secure

Do you live in South Korea and want to access sites that are prohibited in your region?

We’ve got you covered if this is the case! This article provides a list of reliable VPN networks along with the benefits as to why should employ a VPN.

We live in an interconnected world as of today, where privacy and security have become the most crucial measures. Protecting your digital footprint is of the utmost importance whenever you use the internet, access sensitive information, or communicate with others online. This is especially evident in nations with severe web guidelines, like South Korea. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be a useful tool for navigating these obstacles and protecting your online activities.

Although Korea has the fastest internet access and speeds in the world, browsing is not always secure. In actuality, hacking has gotten worse over the past few years. A VPN is a crucial tool to defend you against cybercrime, whether you reside in Korea or are simply visiting, and we’ve compiled the top choices for South Korea VPN service Providers!

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network provides an encrypted connection between a device and a network over the internet. The encrypted connection aids in ensuring the safe transmission of sensitive data. It keeps unapproved individuals from snooping on the traffic and permits the client to remotely lead work.

The actual public IP address of the user is hidden by a VPN, which also “tunnels” traffic between the user’s device and the remote server. The majority of users subscribe to a VPN service to maintain their online anonymity and frequently use public Wi-Fi, where increased risks threaten the security of their data.

Why Is A VPN Necessary In South Korea?

Getting a VPN is the best course of action to prevent the government and the Internet service provider from interfering in your virtual existence. However, there are many advantages to using a South Korean VPN:

Stop Censoring The Internet:

Torrenting and online gambling are prohibited in South Korea. Not to mention the 161,569 websites that is prohibited nationwide. These limitations are simple to get around using a VPN, and you can even conceal your VPN connection to avoid detection.

Stay Safe and Discrete:

In South Korea, concerns about surveillance are frequent. If there are any suspicions against you, the government is authorized to examine your information without a legal order. Your online data is encrypted when you use a VPN, making it impossible for any sly intruder to access it.

Visit Popular Streaming Websites:

A VPN is great for unblocking numerous streaming services whether you are within or outside of South Korea. The best streaming VPNs enable lag-free full HD video viewing.

While Utilizing Free Wi-Fi, Keep Yourself Safe:

There is never a safe option while using a public Internet connection. Using a VPN is crucial since sharing your data over public Wi-Fi is easy to do. 

List of 15+ Best VPNs For South Korea:

Following extensive testing of dozens of VPNs for privacy, security, performance, and other factors, we have compiled a list of the top 15 VPN services for South Korea.

  1. NordVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. IPVanish
  5. Private VPN
  6. Hotspot Shield
  7. CyberGhost
  8. Private Internet Access
  9. HMA
  10. Pure VPN
  11. Vypr VPN
  12. Proton VPN
  13. Atlas VPN
  14. Tunnel Bear

 1. NordVPN:

Nord VPN

The best VPN for South Korea is NordVPN. Featuring more than 5,500 systems spread across 59 countries, including 10 in South Korea, it boasts one of the most extensive server networks available. As well as unblocking a number of the most famous streaming sites, such as Netflix, Hulu, as well as Sling TV, it pegs fantastic speeds that are faster and quiet enough to broadcast video HD video without any discernible buffering.

Additionally, NordVPN has dedicated servers that are geared for DDoS protection, P2P file-sharing, and accessing the internet from nations with tight online censorship.

There are numerous security features included in this service. Additionally, it guards with WebRTC, DNS, and IPv6, as well as port-forwarding leaks, and employs 256-bit strong encryption.

Users can enable automatic virus scanning and ad blocking, simultaneously use two VPNs, and even access Tor through VPN. Because NordVPN strictly adheres to the no-logs policy, all of your online activity is kept secret. You can use a throwaway email address and pay using Bitcoin to register anonymously.


  • Amazing download rates
  • Large server network
  • More security choices than the majority of VPNs
  • Servers with varied task optimizations
  • 24/7 chat assistance


The desktop app’s connection times can be prolonged.

3. Surfshark:


Surfshark is a fantastic, inexpensive substitute. Over 3,200 VPN server spots are spread across 65+ different countries, including South Korea. You won’t experience any issues using P2P networks, viewing Netflix US, or simply browsing thanks to its limitless bandwidth, respectable internet connection speed, and outstanding unblocking ability.

Since Surfshark has no connectivity restrictions, unlike the majority of VPNs, you may use just one account to secure all of your devices.

Your security is a top priority for this service. Your traffic is protected by a kill switch, 256-bit encryption, and safeguards against IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leaks; nevertheless, you can use the built-in split tunneling feature to allow some apps to bypass the VPN.

Even in nations with severe online censorship, Surfshark features a NoBorders tool that allows you to browse without restriction (like South Korea). This service does not save any personally identifiable information, but if you want more privacy, you can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple. Live chat support is accessible round-the-clock.

Apps for Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, and Linux are available from Surfshark. On internet routers that support it, it can also be installed manually.


  • Unlocks a variety of services that are region-locked
  • Serious about your privacy and security online
  • Countless connections
  • Round-the-clock assistance


Some sluggish download rates 

3. ExpressVPN:


ExpressVPN is another one of the exceptional options for VPN Service providers in South Korea. ExpressVPN is a quick service that provides safe access to over 3,000 quick servers in 94 different countries. It has outstanding multi-platform support, the ability to select not only your target country but also your city, and access to websites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, making it quite versatile.

With DNS and IPv6 leak protection, 256-bit AES military-grade encryption, and complete forward secrecy, this VPN secures your traffic. Its desktop applications have a kill option that instantly stops any data transmission if you abruptly disconnect.

ExpressVPN provides live chat support around-the-clock. The best part is that you may pay using Bitcoin for even greater privacy, and this service doesn’t log any data that could be used to identify you.

For Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, and Linux, ExpressVPN offers apps. On routers, it needs to be manually configured; however, ExpressVPN has developed custom firmware to simplify this process as simple as possible.


  • Rapid rates
  • Apps that are very secure for all popular services
  • Excellent for streaming video and unblocking stuff
  • Available 24 hours a day


Pricier than other service providers on the list

4. IPVanish:

IP Vanish

Due to its lightweight apps, robust multi-platform support, and capacity for ten simultaneous connections, IPVanish is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to secure a large number of connected devices.

It streams HD content quickly and without any stuttering or buffering. With more than 1,300 servers spread over more than 60 nations, IPVanish enables South Korean customers to view a wide variety of online content that would otherwise be inaccessible.

DNS leak prevention, IPv6 leak protection, and 256-bit encryption are all turned on by default. But IPVanish’s security measures don’t end there; they also include a kill switch (available in both the desktop and mobile apps), OpenVPN obfuscation, a LAN traffic blocker, and also the option to change IP addresses periodically.

This service doesn’t record any data that would allow someone to link your actions to you. Need support? No issue; live chat customer help is accessible every single day.


  • Good multi-platform support and light apps
  • A quick bond
  • Multiple distinctive security features
  • Permitted connections: ten maximum


  • Not as adept at unblocking streaming services as a few of its competitors
  • No means of making anonymous payments

5. Private VPN:

Private VPN

Although PrivateVPN’s network is not the largest (it has about 150 servers spread across 60 countries), it does provide quicker connection speeds than others. In fact, there are no problems at all while streaming live HD video at this speed. Furthermore, this VPN offers dependable access to international Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video services. With a maximum of six connections allowed, PrivateVPN enables you to simultaneously secure the majority of your devices.

This service guards against IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leaks and employs 256-bit encryption by default. By combining this with a disposable email address, you can register nearly entirely anonymously because Bitcoin payments are accepted.

A stringent zero-logs privacy policy is another feature of PrivateVPN. Support personnel may even remotely access your computer with your approval in order to install or set up software for you.

Apps for MacOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS are available from PrivateVPN. With supported internet routers, it even functions after some manual settings.


  • Faster connection speeds than usual
  • Good potential for unblocking
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Zero-logs policy


  • Smaller than the average network
  • No live chat assistance

6. Hotspot Shield:

hotspot shield

The network of Hotspot Shield is extensive, with 3,000 servers located in more than 70 nations (South Korea included). Fast speeds make this service perfect for file sharing, but it’s also a fantastic option for video streaming because it supports obstinate services like Hulu, Netflix, and ITV Hub. You can connect up to five linked devices simultaneously with Hotspot Shield.

Despite having simple-looking interfaces, this VPN has a number of sophisticated security mechanisms included. These include 256-bit encryption; DNS & IPv6 leak protection, as well as a kill switch that stops you from browsing unsecured.

You may even decide which websites the VPN should bypass if you’d like. After your session is over, Hotspot Shield does not retain any personally identifying data. You can use live chat to get in touch with customer service whenever you need them.

Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS are available for Hotspot Shield. Although it needs to be manually installed, it is compatible with Linux systems as well as some home routers.


  • Good with security
  • Excellent unblocking skills
  • Rapid, trustworthy connections


  • Unreliable privacy record
  • Does not function on Linux

7. CyberGhost:

Cyber Ghost

CyberGhost makes online security hassle-free. A low-latency connection is simple to obtain from any part of the world thanks to its existing network of more than 4,900 systems spread across 60 nations.

You can select a task (like torrenting or streaming) to view a list of servers that are appropriate for that task. For those wishing to stream while on the road, CyberGhost is the best option because it supports up to seven devices simultaneously and unblocking for many streaming services.

This VPN boasts a good selection of security features despite being created with simplicity in mind. For example, there is 256-bit AES encryption; WebRTC, port forwarding, IPv6, and DNS leak protection.

A death switch is included in every form of CyberGhost to make sure you never surf unprotected, even for a split second. The platform logs no personal identifying information, which is the best part.

MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android all have apps for CyberGhost. Wireless routers and Linux-based systems both require manual installation.


  • Versatile, affordable VPN
  • Unblocking with one click
  • Rapid download times
  • Large server network


Works poorly in the UAE and China

8. Private Internet Access:

Private VPN

A flexible VPN is Private Internet Access, usually known under the abbreviation PIA. PIA has two major purposes: either it safeguards you from online risks that are present on public Wi-Fi networks, or it can act as a light VPN for quick access when using mobile data.

Proxy servers are yet another connection option provided by Private Internet Access. Proxy servers, which are a part of PIA’s subscriptions, do not encrypt web traffic; but, by directing your traffic via proxy networks, they enable you to modify your IP address.

Proxy servers are best used for web activities that don’t require a lot of privacy, as they enable access to geo-restricted websites without offering the protection that VPNs do. Netflix U.S. watching comes to mind.


  • Plans beginning at $2.19 per month are reasonable.
  • The protocols Wireguard and OpenVPN
  • Quick connections on mobile devices
  • Strict no-logging guidelines


  • United States-based
  • No split tunneling on Ios
  • Three-year membership is required to get the best deals
  • Customer service and assistance might be of greater quality.

9. HMA:

hma vpn

You must admit that the name of this VPN, which is frequently shortened to HMA, intrigues us. Additionally, it has some excellent security features like robust encryption and changeable IP addresses if that isn’t enough to entice you.

In addition to nearly 1,100 servers around the world, HMA maintains 10 servers in Seoul. Since it is available in 190 countries, using HMA when traveling outside of Korea will be just like using it at home with no issues.

For individuals who enjoy exploring what Apple TV, Netflix, and other streaming platforms have to offer in other nations, HMA is a fantastic choice.


  • Ip’s that can be dynamically changed every 10 minutes
  • Excellent for streaming video, with 10 Seoul-based servers for Netflix, Apple TV, as well as Amazon Prime
  • Robust encryption


  • It is governed by the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, & 14 Eyes and is based in the UK.
  • An add-on for the browser records domain names and IP addresses.
  • Significantly reduces the speed of computers, particularly PCs
  • Split tunneling is only functional on Android.

10. Pure VPN:

pure vpn

Having 14 servers across Seoul and a Hong Kong-based operation dating back to 2006, PureVPN is indeed a reliable option for Korea. People who frequently travel abroad for business or pleasure will also value the company’s 6,500 servers spread across more than 180 nations.

This VPN is also a good option for people who care about privacy because it is outside the purview of the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes and has a strict no-data logging policy.

Many VPNs make significant claims regarding the security of the data of their customers, but we frequently have to rely on their word for it because of their privacy policies. Because of this, they value the fact as PureVPN employs a third-party company to conduct recurring audits to make sure they are keeping their word regarding consumer data.


  • Verification of the data-logging policy by a third party
  • The kill switch is compatible with 14 Seoul servers running Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Strong performance in terms of speed, especially on Mac


  • Poor ratings for customer service
  • Five devices can connect simultaneously.
  • Apps have received mixed reviews.
  • Increased ping on pcs by 380 percent 

11. Vypr VPN:

Vypr VPN

A fantastic all-around VPN for South Korea is VyprVPN. It has great security mechanisms and has undergone independent auditing to confirm its security.

In South Korea, VyprVPN is a superb option for browsing, watching, and downloading a wide range of content. It includes a wide range of features that are all intended to increase your internet security and privacy, and it has undergone one of the most rigorous audits in the history of VPNs.

With the Chameleon service, you may evade the strictest censorship, such as that of China’s neighbors, and keep the South Korean authorities, ISPs, and businesses from discovering your VPN activity.

All of your data and unique Domain Name System queries are routed through a highly encrypted tunnel to avoid leaks with DNS leak protection. If your VPN connection should ever fail, the kill-switch feature will shield you from unintentional data breaches.


  • Has had its no-logs policy thoroughly audited by an impartial third party
  • The Chameleon protocol, which is exclusive to Vypr, is great for avoiding censorship.
  • Thanks to internal infrastructure, very quick and secure.


  • Slower than Nord or express
  • No support for multi-hop VPN
  • Fewer servers compared to other top VPNs

12. Proton VPN:

Proton VPN

A trustworthy provider with such a free version is Proton VPN, another South Korean VPN on the list. You can always expect not-overcrowded servers thanks to a reliable server network of 1700 systems in 63 countries, including 8 servers in South Korea.

Proton VPN provides the highest level of security a VPN is able to provide. It employs the dependable AES-256 encryption that is used by governments. Whenever a VPN connection is broken, the kill switch function protects your IP address while NetShield technology bans all blacklisted domains.

The organization also adheres to a no-logs rule that has undergone an independent audit. This VPN comes with a lengthy number of features. If you want to improve the speed of your connection, a VPN accelerator is fantastic.

Anti-censorship will be fought through a technology called an alternate route. Additionally, you may use split tunneling to send your favorite programs through with a VPN or set Quick Connect to prevent DNS leaks as fast as your device starts up.

You would have to pay $4.99/month in order to access the complete set of security features.


  • No-logs policy audited
  • The market-leading encryption protocol is WireGuard
  • Free variation
  • Additional security measures


  • A little pricey
  • The consistency of the connection speed

14. Atlas VPN:


The greatest freeware Virtual Private Network is presently offered by Atlas VPN. It offers excellent connection speeds and a rigorous no-logs policy, and its server fleet consists of about 750 separate servers spread across roughly 37 different countries.

Additionally, purchasing the premium edition of Atlas VPN will give you access to features that are crucial for privacy and security, including data tunneling using the WireGuard protocol, military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and private DNS.

In limited and monitored locations like South Korea, it could be challenging to access what appear to be commonplace applications. Right now, South Korea severely restricts access to websites with pornographic and LGBTQ+ content. You will have access to all the stuff you want with AtlasVPN.

Despite the fact that this provider offers a free app, they strongly suggest that you choose the premium version, which has a low subscription cost of $1.83/month. It remains the most affordable choice.

Furthermore, you may test the service out without making a long-term commitment thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee. To access even more fantastic discounts, look for Atlas VPN promo codes.


  • Wonderful free version
  • Any number of connections is possible
  • Protocol for WireGuard tunneling


Not configured on the router

15. Tunnel Bear:

Tunnel Bear

Over 1,800 servers are housed by TunnelBear in over 20 server locations. It has a high rating in this assessment since it offers fast and secure servers and is freely accessible in South Korea. By hiding your IP address, this VPN enables you to browse the internet completely anonymously.

Additionally, it can assist you in getting around local censorship so you can discreetly view material that is typically prohibited in South Korea. You can also view South Korean material from overseas if you’re a South Korean residing abroad.

Additionally, TunnelBear provides military-grade AES-256 encryption. Your data will be shielded from hackers, law enforcement, or even your Internet provider thanks to its encryption. Because of the no-logs policy followed by this VPN, nobody else is ever able to see what you are doing online.

You are given a daily 500MB bandwidth cap for free. Therefore, you essentially receive 15GB each month. You get an extra 1GB if you tweet about just the business. That is how much they value recommendations. The user-friendly design of Hotspot Shield makes it simple to use with iOS, Windows, Android, Mac, and even browsers.


  • Unlimited web access
  • Account manager
  • Defense-grade encryption


The free version is limited to 500MB of data.


Finally, you can try using the free version of in South Korea. still offers some fairly great features, despite its low ranking. It has more than 2,000 servers spread over more than 75 sites, for instance. Users in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas can access these VPN servers. In reality, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is home to a server.

You can thus instantly connect to these rapid servers and surf freely inside them in a safe and confidential manner. Unfortunately, free users are unable to access this complete server architecture.

Instead, there are just five server locations available if you use this VPN for South Korea for free. These include US, Canadian, and German servers. Therefore, only the content from these areas can be unblocked.

Fortunately, you may still use’s AES 256-bit encryption while linked to these free servers. Additionally, your internet access logs will be protected if you use our free VPN for South Korea. This is because’s no-log policy guarantees that users’ connection data is not stored or shared. free has additional benefits for South Korean users.


  • Offers a free option
  • Zero-log policy
  • A reliable link


Quite expensive 


Your internet experience in South Korea is improved by using a VPN. A VPN is a door to your independence, given that the South Korean government possesses good cause to eavesdrop on your data and bar you from accessing international information.

You may avoid online limitations, be entirely anonymous, and access any desired content by using a reliable VPN like NordVPN. We thus believe this article assisted you in selecting the best VPN for you.

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