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20+ Best VPN For Windows 2024 – According to Experts

Best VPN For Windows:

Are you searching for VPN for your Windows device?

Look no further as you’ve reached the right spot! In this article we have rounded up the best VPNs compatible with Windows OS! Stay on this page to find the right one for you!

The Windows OS continues to be one of the most often targeted systems, so an extra security layer is crucial. You can quickly conceal your IP address, protect online traffic, avoid risky adverts, and more by installing a VPN on your computer or laptop.

An effective VPN for Windows is fantastic for enhancing your online security. But that’s not the only benefit it can provide. It also makes it simple to get around geo-restrictions so you can access global material, like streaming platforms, from anywhere!

It’s wonderful that so many VPN companies provide user-friendly Windows programs. However, there are so many options available, selecting the right supplier can be challenging!

Don’t worry we have done all the work for you! we tested the top choices for the best VPN for Windows in 2022 and listed them in the post below. Find out more about using a VPN for your PC and our suggested Windows VPN by reading on.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it works to provide you a secure connection when you browse the internet from your device. These networks encrypt your internet traffic and protect your online identity.

VPNs function as an intermediary between your ISP and the internet. This implies your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other outsiders can’t see which sites you visit or what information you send and get on the web. A VPN works like a channel that transforms every one of your information into “gibberish”. Your data would be useless even if someone got their hands on it.

Why should you use a VPN on your computer?

Although virtual private networks (VPNs) were initially used to share data securely, their applications have grown significantly. If you’re traveling and don’t want to miss out on your favorite content, you can use geo-spoofing to change your PC’s IP address to another region of the world.

For example, if you have a Windows 10 laptop that you’re using as a compact media player, you can use a VPN to hide your IP address and access your preferred content from anywhere. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing out on your favorite shows or movies while you’re on the go. You can even watch movies, TV shows, and sports that are broadcast in other nations but not your own.

How should you choose a VPN for Windows computer?

When selecting the finest VPN for a certain situation, it’s crucial to ensure that the VPN has the necessary functionality to give. The standards that should be met to select the most suitable Windows VPN are listed below.


Make sure a VPN program is appropriate for Windows versions 7 through 11. Additionally, it is preferable to allow more simultaneous connections.

Suite of features:

The most complete feature set will not only assist you in remaining undetectable but will also help you stop online attacks, get around geo-restrictions, and more. To prevent harmful adverts, look into VPNs with adblockers, a variety of servers, such as obfuscated ones, and additional features.


A VPN should always provide you with a more relaxing browsing experience and avoid interfering with it by using a slow connection. It should therefore have excellent tunneling protocols, a sizable server fleet, and a well-organized system.


A free trial of the service is a fantastic approach to evaluate it. Additionally, the finest value for the money ensures the best security and support.

Money-back guarantee:

If there isn’t a free version of the service, a money-back guarantee seems to be a great method to test out what a VPN has to offer.

Best VPNs for Windows 2024:

Here is the list of Best VPNs for Windows in 2023 and 2024:

We were able to select 15 VPNs that excel in several categories, including functionality, connection speed, or compatibility with streaming services, even though selecting the best VPNs for the Windows laptop or PC is not an easy operation (there are just so many that work with Windows OS).

  1. Express VPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. Surfshark
  4. Proton VPN
  5. Hotspot Shield
  6. Private Internet Access VPN
  7. IPVanish
  8. Windscribe VPN
  9. CyberGhost
  10. Private VPN
  11. Atlas VPN
  12. Hide me
  13. Tunnel Bear
  14. Pure VPN
  15. Vypr VPN 

1- Express VPN:

When it comes to the overall rankings of the VPNs that are currently accessible, ExpressVPN is still at the top of the heap. For a variety of reasons, express genuinely impresses Windows VPN, just as it does for mobile, Mac, and other devices.

a fantastic user interface that is jam-packed with features including kill switch technology, numerous VPN protocols, and smart server recommendations. Controlling the VPN through browser extensions is a useful extra, and the split tunneling option deserves special attention because it’s excellent for torrenting or limiting the Vpn provider to a single browse.

ExpressVPN also performs well in terms of protocols and robust encryption on the security front, and the independently verified privacy policy is quite clear that no traffic data, connection IPs, or online activities are collected or recorded.

Even if a broad list of functions is helpful, you may only care about whether ExpressVPN enables you to access foreign Netflix and international sporting events.


  • Simple Windows application
  • Handy Windows-specific features
  • Superior to average rates
  • Superb 24/7 support


Not the most affordable supplier

2- Nord VPN:

For many valid reasons, NordVPN is a constant on “best of” lists. For starters, it has a server network of more than 5,400, permits 7 connections per subscriber, has PricewaterhouseCoopers evaluate its no-logging policy annually, and has a remarkable record of unblocking nearly all streaming services available.

Several PC VPN users would value its high security as the most important aspect. To increase security, the service provides a specific number of “Double VPN” servers, which route your data over two different VPN servers rather than just one. The Windows kill option also performs admirably.

All of this is supported further by NordVPN’s proprietary NordLynx protocol, which rates the service as one of the most dependable. While it didn’t quite reach the highs of a few of the fastest VPNs in our most recent tests, it nevertheless maintained some good peaks between 730 and 760 Mbps.


  • Data encryption twice
  • Excellent performance
  • Numerous servers


  • Not as easy to use as Express

3- Surfshark:

Surfshark aims to put you back in your comfort zone if you are concerned that VPNs could be a little difficult to use and comprehend. In general, but especially on Windows 10, a VPN is what makes managing the virtual private network seems easy. It is very simple to use.

Simple to use, once you’re inside the primary interface adapts to your window size changes and app navigation just like a responsive website. In its most basic version, it keeps things straightforward, but as you extend it, more and more functions become available.

Your selection of IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard security procedures, private DNS, AES-256 encryption, and an available kill switch in case your connection drops serve as the foundation for all of this. The latter, though, could use a little more clarity in its message when your connection breaks.


  • On the list, the most economical provider
  • Cover as many PCs as you like (and even more).
  • So simple to use


Faulty kill switches

4- Proton VPN:

Proton VPN’s Windows 10 client is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a slick, user-friendly client that offers a tonne of options and settings to fiddle with as it continues to advance and establish itself as a contender amongst some of the big players. When they first launched it, they liked that we could use the map interface to navigate or collapse it to access other locations in a more conventional list manner.

When you click on a given area, Proton will drop the servers that are nearby with colored indicators to show the type of load that is now being placed on each one. It also shows which sites support P2P and Tor with obvious icons in both views.

Its Profiles tool is also very clever; it acts as a more comprehensive Favorites list and lets you choose to connect to a different server in a specific region or set up a profile to guarantee that you’re instantly on the fastest server in a particular nation.


  • Superior to average rates
  • Several features


  • More costly than most

5- Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield has been a major player in the Windows VPN market for a while, riding a wave to a top 3 position including its Catapult Hydra protocol. Even yet, competing WireGuard VPNs continue to significantly outperform the once-outstandingly good speeds they witnessed, and its performance is now below average.

Despite this, people looking for a Windows VPN for their computers will find its UI to be an excellent option.

Even for VPN beginners, Hotspot Shield’s Windows client is laughably simple to set up and then use. In a matter of seconds after pressing the large On/Off button, you will be linked to the system of your choosing.

A fully functional kill switch is part of the Smart VPN functionality, which assists you in connecting to the best server based on your location or behavior.


  • Excellent kill switch in Windows 10.
  • A delight to use
  • Enables access to Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.


  • The scope is a little bit restricted.
  • Speeds are no longer at the top level. VPNs by WireGuard

6- Private Internet Access VPN:

Well, the name says it all! They thought the Private Internet Access service was fantastic, offering excellent apps on Android and iOS devices in addition to lightning-fast connections on Windows.

Users felt comfortable trusting Private Internet Access with our information even though they are situated in Denver, Colorado, and are governed by the Nine Eyes, Five Eyes, and 14 Eyes2 due to their logging policy. Most importantly, they had complete control over how their security protocols worked thanks to Private Internet Access’s extensive customizability.

They assigned us a different IP address each time they connected with Private Internet Access. That one was preferable to the static IP address since it protects your online privacy and makes it more difficult to track.

Accessibility to dynamic IP addresses gives them a fighting chance in the struggle to keep the data safe, even though there is no foolproof way to entirely secure themselves against hackers or other cybercriminals.


  • Strict logging standards
  • Fast access to Netflix on Windows Kill switch


  • Not the best customer service
  • Avoiding split tunneling

7- IPVanish:

The expectations were surpassed by IPVanish in the Windows tests! With their robust encryption techniques, split tunneling, and quick download rates, they can work and listen to music without any issues. The outstanding customer service provided by IPVanish set it apart from the competition. While the majority of VPN services simply provide live chat and email support, IPVanish provides outstanding extras like 24/7 email, phone, and live chat assistance.

One of a VPN’s most crucial features is a kill switch. Their search windows closed when the VPN failed while they were linked to the WiFi just on the subway platform, protecting the IP address and online activities from prying eyes.

In the VPN industry, IPVanish has some of the most outlying servers. In locations where their hardware cannot be supported, they usually rent server space, extending their range even further.


  • 10 simultaneous connections are allowed.
  • Rapid download times
  • Splitting a tunnel
  • Torrenting


  • Located in the US; not compatible with Netflix
  • Customer logs have already been shared with authorities.
  • Superior iOS and Android applications

8- Windscribe VPN:

A unique and intriguing VPN that offers multi-hop encryption is called Windscribe. This means that when we searched online, the website traffic was encrypted at least twice. In the Windows tests, Windscribe surprised them with its performance, and users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, as well as other nations can use it for free.

They cannot highlight enough how crucial Windscribe’s additional encryption features are. The true IP address was concealed twice rather than just once by using a double VPN, providing them with peace of mind against any possible security breaches.

In addition to an ad tracker as well as a malware blocker, they also received a tonne of additional useful digital security features for just $9 per month. Additionally, they were given limitless bandwidth consumption and the option to personalize the IP generator.


  • Several-hop encryption
  • Free subscriptions in some nations
  • On Windows, quick
  • High ratings for apps


  • Mac’s poor performance
  • Limited A Netflix subscription
  • Exceptionally lax logging standards

 9- CyberGhost:

The in-depth study of CyberGhost demonstrates that it’s still among the best options available. As a seasoned veteran of the sector, CyberGhost is well-known and dependable by millions of people worldwide.

Starting with the Romanian provider’s showpiece, you’ll have a remarkable 7,900 servers to pick from throughout 91 nations. Few services can compare to it. With AES 256 encryption as well as a tonne of other features, security and privacy are also superb. However, as this becomes an industry standard, the absence of an independent review is increasingly becoming a sticking point.

Both WireGuard, as well as OpenVPN, have great speeds, and CyberGhost is the quickest on this list and fourth overall with the former protocol at 850Mbps.

The Windows VPN platform is reliable, but one of the complaints is that you must de-register systems on the webpage rather than purely logging into the app if you have reached the highest number of gadgets permitted by your plan. This can be quite irritating if you use the VPN across a variety of tech.


  • Suitable for streaming
  • Guaranteed money-back for 45 days
  • Excellent velocities


  • No impartial audit

 10- Private VPN:

Despite being a relative newcomer to the VPN industry, Sweden-based PrivateVPN is expanding quickly. Speeds are outstanding despite the lesser number of servers, and it has so far been able to view practically anything we’ve thrown at it. To name a few, those services are Netflix, BBC iPlayer Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. It is compatible with Windows 7 computers, and a single plan allows you to connect up to ten devices simultaneously. Support for live chat is offered during business hours.

User’s actions or VPN usage are not logged by PrivateVPN. TAP and TUN interfaces are available; they are secured using 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption. There is an integrated connection stop switch and leak protection.

Additionally, apps are accessible for iOS, Android, and macOS. Private VPN is a wonderful option for families. Famous geo-blocked websites are unblocked, also suitable for torrenting and surfing. Lacks round-the-clock support and may use extra servers.


  • Rapid rates
  • Compatible with all prominent streaming services
  • Adequate security measures


  • No round-the-clock live chat assistance
  • Fewer servers per location than our alternate options

11- Atlas VPN:

As one of the most user-friendly VPNs we’ve tested, AtlasVPN is a great option for both new and old-school Windows users. It provides apps for macOS, iOS, and Android in addition to Windows but does not yet support routers or Linux.

With 750+ servers spread over about 40 locations, AtlasVPN has fewer servers than other providers, but it still includes WireGuard support and has some of the fastest speeds they have ever experienced.

In addition to certain significant Hulu, Netflix libraries, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and AT&T TV Now may all be accessed with AtlasVPN from other countries. Some advantages of utilizing AtlasVPN include split tunneling, a kill switch, multi-hop servers, as well as a zero-logs policy. If you need assistance, live chat-based support is available around the clock.


  • WireGuard assistance
  • A vast variety of games as well as streaming services ignore it
  • The streaming speeds are amazing.


  • It could be challenging to get a refund.
  • Linux and router installation is not possible

12- I have been added to the top free VPN services list. Although it provides limitless bandwidth speeds, the monthly bandwidth data maximum is 10 GB. This makes it appropriate for sporadic social media skimming and casual browsing.

The internet kill switch, as well as IP split tunneling, are two extra capabilities offered in the free edition of the VPN program that are generally only seen in more expensive versions. Additionally, it has a startup automatic connect capability. You shouldn’t have to manually turn it on every time you start your machine thanks to this.

24/7 customer assistance is available to respond almost immediately. Whether you use the basic VPN services or even the premium Hide. me version, the customer support is excellent. have been added to the top free VPN services list !Although it provides limitless bandwidth speeds, the monthly bandwidth data maximum is 10 GB.


  • 10GB of data monthly
  • The best customer service for a VPN Service program


  • Locations of five servers only

13- Tunnel Bear:

TunnelBear is the final top free VPN on the list. TunnelBear’s simple installation and enticing user interface make it among the best VPN Services for beginners.

The free VPN service from TunnelBear offers access to the 40 server locations. Although it could take some time to discover a reliable server, customers who want to watch Netflix from different nations will have a variety of options. The UK, the US, Brazil, Japan, and Canada are among these places. If nothing else, it’s interesting enough to see the animated bear tunnel from between servers as you change locales.

TunnelBear has enough features in its free tier, as long as you are not planning a movie marathon, to merit a spot on the list of the best free VPNs.

Unfortunately, TunnelBear’s free tier only provides 500MB of bandwidth monthly. If you tweet more about free VPN, you can increase this to 1GB, but it is hard enough to binge-watch your favorite shows.


  • 40 server places
  • Software that is straightforward to use and install


  • 500MB of monthly data

14- Pure VPN:

Despite having a very simple Windows device application, PureVPN is among the best VPNs for Windows since it is incredibly practical and highly adaptable. Additionally, everything worked flawlessly for users in terms of streaming and downloading stuff.

Additionally, PureVPN functions nicely with streaming services. It unblocks US versions of YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and even DAZN.

The Windows software makes use of AES 256 encryption as well as is the first to support Always-On Audit, which enables a security audit of PureVPN at any moment by a third party. There are several different tunneling protocols available with PureVPN. These comprise IKEv2 and both iterations of OpenVPN.

You’ll discover functions like a kill switch and port forwarding. Unfortunately, the split tunneling feature is currently only compatible with Android. Fortunately, the VPN permits 10 connections at once, allowing you to access your subscription on both desktop and mobile phones.


  • Torrenting is supported No DNS leaks
  • Supports a 31-day money-back guarantee and port forwarding


  • WireGuard is not supported.
  • No free model

15- Vypr VPN:

Streaming is a strong suit of VyprVPN. It is a VPN service with headquarters in Switzerland and a network of 700+ servers spread across more than 70 nations. Excellent security protections are provided by this VPN, which uses the proprietary Chameleon protocol.

VyprVPN has a tiny network of servers but lives up to its reputation with lightning-fast server speeds. Additionally, it is dependable for Netflix because many users have given these VPNs positive evaluations for their effectiveness in unblocking streaming services.

On its servers, it offers quick download rates, so you may anticipate continuous browsing and streaming. Speaking of streaming, you may access geo-restricted streaming services like HBO Max, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and others by using VyprVPN.

P2P traffic is allowed by the provider, and there are no known IP leak issues. Because of this, it’s a wonderful choice for people who want to access torrents in a secure setting.


  • Provides Chameleon technology
  • Unblocks websites including Netflix Hotstar, BBC iPlayer, and others
  • 24-hour live chat assistance 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited server network.

Final Thoughts:

Selecting the Best VPN for your windows PC can provide you wonderful experience of getting unrestricted access to streaming platforms globally. Not only you will overcome the geo-restrictions but you can also give yourself online security.

The above-mentioned list is tested and the top suggested VPN services for Windows in 2023. In order to choose the Best VPN services for a window you need to pay close attention to particular points that are mentioned before to make it a perfect match for your window. So you can enjoy their services without any worry!

Which VPN service catches your attention? Tell us in the comment section.

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