20+ Best VPN For Norway 2024 – According To Experts

Best VPN For Norway:

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you! Whether you need a VPN for streaming, gaming, work, or other purposes, it’s important to find the best VPN networks in Norway that meets your needs. 

If you live in Norway and go on vacation somewhere else, you’ll probably still want to use your home services. The same is true for tourists who want to bring content from their home country with them when they travel to Norway. Using a VPN for Norway can fix both of these issues!

An encrypted tunnel is used by the virtual private network- VPN to route all of the traffic going from and to your device. The software prevents hackers, internet providers, and government surveillance organizations from tracking your digital trail by making it nearly impossible for anyone to do so.

we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the top VPN networks available in Norway in 2023. By the end of this post, you will be equipped with all the necessary information to make an informed decision when selecting a VPN that best suits your needs!

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What is a VPN?

An encrypted connection between a device and a network over the Internet is known as a virtual private network, or VPN. The encrypted connection guarantees that touchy information is securely sent. It lets the user work from home while preventing unauthorized parties from listening in on traffic.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) adds security and obscurity to clients when they interface with electronic administrations and locales. The actual public IP address of the user is hidden by a VPN, which also “tunnels” traffic between the user’s device and the remote server. The majority of users subscribe to a VPN service to maintain their online anonymity and frequently use public Wi-Fi, where increased risks threaten the security of their data.

How to connect to a VPN in Norway?

  • Starting a VPN is simple, and following these step-by-step steps will take only a few minutes.
  • For Norway, follow these instructions:
  • The very first task is to select a VPN service for Norway. NordVPN comes highly recommended.
  • On the device of your choice, install the VPN app and create a subscription.
  • To fake your location and modify your IP address, access a server in Norway.
  • You can now freely surf your preferred streaming services or websites in Norway.
  • Try deleting your cookies if you experience any problems. Contact customer support for your VPN if the issues persist.

Why should you use a VPN in Norway?

Due to the absence of content filtering systems and restrictions on online freedom, Norwegians benefit from an entirely unfiltered internet experience.

Nevertheless, torrenting is an issue in the nation. After becoming guilty of hosting movies obtained through The Pirate Bay’s torrenting website,’s proprietor was convicted with a fine of about $25,000.

Using a VPN within Norway is not just for torrenting. To keep your mind at ease and to ensure your online safety and security, experts advise using a VPN.

How to pick the top VPN services for Norway?

You need to concentrate on the following significant areas to narrow down the best VPN services working in Norway:

Server options:

They gave priority to VPNs with facilities in Norway because they typically offer the fastest connections. The amount of customers who can keep using their regular services when visiting Norway is enhanced by those with a large number of additional supported locations, so they also searched for those with these features.

Reliability and speed:

Slow speeds are problematic for all tasks. Only VPNs that performed admirably in the most recent speed testing were suggested in order to prevent sluggish calls, streaming, and gameplay. There is no need to be concerned about drastically different speeds because these also account for consistency.

Ability to stream:

They prefer VPNs that are compatible with a variety of streaming services. We tested different VPNs to see which ones provided the safest access to Norwegian websites like NRK, Discovery+, as well as Viafree.

Privacy features:

VPNs must adhere to a no-logs policy in order to be included on our list. Additionally, they must have a kill switch; DNS & IPv6 leak protection, plus 256-bit AES encryption. They would like to see suppliers go even further in an ideal world.


The easier a VPN is to use, the better! They greatly prefer services with applications for all popular platforms, round-the-clock live chat, and simple designs. Better yet, if there is no connection cap.

Below, we go into much more detail about each service provider, but in case you don’t have much time, here is the list of the top VPNs for Norway:

Best VPN for Norway 2023:

Here is the list of Best VPNs For Norway In 2023 and 2024:

  1. Nord VPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. IPVanish
  5. Surfshark
  6. Pure VPN
  7. Ivacy
  8. Atlas VPN
  9. Private VPN
  10. Private Internet Access
  11. Windscribe
  12. Bullet VPN
  13. Unlocator
  14. Proton VPN
  15. Trust Zone

1- Nord VPN:

NordVPN -1

An excellent privacy-focused reputation can be found with NordVPN. Its system of even more than 5,000 systems spans 62 nations, with 63 of them located in Norway. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issue connecting to a server in Scandinavia or any other server in North America, Europe, or anywhere.

Due to its quick access speeds, NordVPN is a reliable option for streaming websites. In the course of the user review test, Nord was able to access these services without any problems, including HBO, US Netflix, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, and others.

Users of the service can choose a server that is best suited for doing specific operations, such as HD video streaming, double VPN, plus Tor over VPN.


  • Fantastic over 5,000 server network in 60 countries
  • Superior standards for encryption and security
  • Excellent standing as one of the greatest
  • Works with the majority of widely used geo-locked streaming services.
  • Apps for iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android, with live chat assistance available round-the-clock


  • The desktop app’s connections can be slow.

2- ExpressVPN:

Express VPN

One of the safest VPN services available is ExpressVPN, which features military-grade encryption standards, quick speeds, and a large worldwide network.

There are 3,000 plus servers available from this company, including some in Norway. Many geo-restricted streaming media services, such as Amazon Prime Video, US Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and BBC iPlayer, are known to operate exceptionally well with ExpressVPN. Live chat customer service is available constantly.

ExpressVPN employs 256-bit AES encryption, which is regarded as the gold standard in the industry and is also known as “military-grade.” Your location will always be kept a secret by this service because they care about your online security and safety. Your information is always kept secure inside the encrypted tunnel thanks to an internal internet kill switch and DNS leak protection.


  • High download and streaming rates for video
  • Elements that provide complete privacy and security
  • Applications that is simple to use for a number of operating systems
  • Compatible with all prominent streaming services
  • 24/7 live chat service


  • Greater cost compared to alternatives

3- CyberGhost:


With more than 7,000 servers, CyberGhost is one of the most comprehensive VPN services available. They are located in 59 nations, including Norway, which is home to more than 30 servers.

To access a particular streaming service, such as BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, as well as others, CyberGhost can assist you in selecting a server. Just choose the app’s “Unblock Streaming” setting.

CyberGhost specializes in security and privacy; as standard, the company employs 256-bit encryption, an internet kill switch, perfect forward secrecy, and DNS leak protection. It is not legally required to store any user data, as evidenced by its registration in Romania.

An internal policy that prohibits the logging of IP addresses or even other data points enhances privacy. The anti-malware protection, anti-tracking, and an ad blocker are further security measures.


  • Large server network
  • Apps for new users
  • Swift, streaming-ready servers
  • Obtains good marks for privacy and security
  • Accessing geo-restricted content without problems across all of our test sites


  • Unsuitable for people who require access to sophisticated features
  • Not applicable in China

4- IPVanish:


Another elite VPN service provider that backs up its claims is IPVanish. It decides to run every server in its network on its own. As a result, it has a significant amount of influence over the traffic passing through servers, protecting your online identity. 2,000 plus servers that span more than 60 countries are managed by IPVanish. In Norway, there are over ten servers.

The ability to install the Android APK straight to a device makes this supplier a well-known choice among torrents and Kodi users. For Kodi devices without a keyboard and mouse, the interface remains remote-control-friendly. Accessing streaming services like BBC iPlayer & ITV Hub is made possible by IPVanish.

Rigid encryption mechanisms are supplied in each package, as is customary with the first two suppliers on this list. 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, perfect forward secrecy, and an internet kill switch are all provided by IPVanish. This guarantees that no one will be able to see your IP address.


  • Stunning speeds and steady connections
  • Suitable for streaming platforms


  • Customer service may be quicker
  • Not trustworthy in the UAE or China

5- Surfshark:


Users who want complete VPN security at a discount don’t need to look any further. The inexpensive cost of Surfshark’s multi-year subscription plans belies the excellent quality of service provided.

The provider’s worldwide server network is expanding and already includes over 3,200 quick servers in more than 65 nations, including Norway. Government-grade encryption, a kill switch, DNS leak & IPv6 leak protection, and other security features secure Surfshark VPN connections.

Additionally, a “MultiHop” server option sends your connection via two VPN servers, ensuring double encryption and anonymity. The server network of Surfshark offers quick connections that are never subject to data caps. The service provider provides more than sufficient bandwidth for streaming HD video, playing online video games, and downloading large files.

Because Surfshark offers apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Windows, and Amazon Fire, they are competitive with other VPN companies. Additionally, there are extensive router support options as well as Chrome & Firefox browser extensions.


  • Affordable multi-year memberships
  • “MultiHop” Unlimited concurrent connections and double VPN security
  • Exceptional app support


  • Apps lack some sophisticated features.

6- Pure VPN:

Pure VPN

There are over 6500 PureVPN servers spread across 78 nations, including a Norwegian servers from which you can access a large number of Norwegian IP addresses. The provider has a base in the British Virgin Islands, far from 14 Eyes Alliance as well as a location that respects privacy. It has a stringent no-logs policy that Altius IT has independently audited.

Along with being compatible with all popular consoles and smart devices, PureVPN also provides compatibility for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux systems.  With support for VPN protocols like OpenVPN, WireGuard, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2/IPSec, it provides the AES 256-bit encryption mechanism.

The best cheap VPN for streaming is PureVPN, which unblocks popular streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and others.


  • Based in the BVI
  • 10 Concurrent Connections
  • Money-back guarantee of 31 days
  • Unblocks Netflix as well as other VoDs with ease
  • Have much more than dozen Norwegian-specific dedicated servers.
  • WebRTC, DNS, and IP leak protection.


  • User data was once used to assist the FBI.

7- Ivacy:

Ivacy VPN

It provides the fundamental options required by the business, such as interoperability with torrenting and streaming services on devices running iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac.

It is a very dependable alternative for your regular VPN needs because it also uses AES-256-bit encryption, has a no-logs policy, and has been able to give trustworthy results for the previous 15 years.

Ivacy offers the most economical and convenient pricing of any cheap Norway VPN. The provider is a “jack-of-all-trades” VPN with the reputation of being among the oldest and least expensive ones still in business.

The cost of the 5-year plan is just $1.19 per month, with an initial payment of just $71.64.

$3.99 per month for a 1-year plan

You can use all of the packages risk-free because they all come with a 1-month money-back guarantee.


  • Absolute no-logs rule.
  • Utilizing the interface is simple.
  • Cutoff switch
  • Exclusive IPs
  • Splitting tunnels
  • IPv6 Security


  • Technical assistance has to be improved.

8- Atlas VPN:

Atlas VPN

Norway is one of the 44 locations where there are over 750 servers for Atlas VPN. Each server operated by Atlas VPN utilizes the WireGuard protocols and has a private DNS. Additionally, every server in the network of this VPN is P2P compatible.

Some of its servers are specially designed for streaming, so they may provide the quickest streaming speeds without latency or buffering. Along with having servers in Norway, Atlas VPN also has servers in Scandinavia’s nearby countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

As you can see from a few of its features, Atlas VPN is a well-rounded service that is excellent for many kinds of online activities. It includes top-notch streaming support, filters malware and advertisements, and has cutting-edge security features like SafeSwap, and MultiHop+, Standard VPN capabilities like 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and split tunneling are also available.


  • There are very reasonable plans and a free version.
  • Strong security features and WireGuard protocol support are supported by the Fast Speeds Unlimited device.
  • Friendly to torrenting Unblocks streaming services
  • Thirty-day money-back promise


  • Limited Linux software
  • A US-based company
  • Only a few servers

9- Private VPN:

Private VPN

With quick, reliable speeds and the ability to view geo-restricted content, PrivateVPN offers an amazing offering. It successfully accesses a number of websites, including Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

It currently provides 200 in 56 places. Included is Norway. From a performance and encryption perspective, this provider fared wonderfully in our user review; this is promising for a number of use cases.

Strong privacy and security protections are included in the bundle. Perfect forward privacy, an internet kill protocol, and DNS leak prevention are all provided, and users can select between 128 and 256-bit encryption. Five devices can connect simultaneously with a basic plan.

Apps for Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android are available from this vendor.


  • New, emerging, and growing network
  • Top-notch privacy and security
  • Speeds are sufficient for high-definition streaming.


  • There are few servers to pick from.
  • Needs manual adjustment to function in China

10- Private Internet Access:

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is another trustworthy VPN for Norway (PIA, for short). Following NordVPN, PIA is the latest VPN on the list to sell dedicated IP addresses. You do not share a unique IP address with any other VPN users; instead, it is solely yours. This enables you to avoid the drawbacks of overcrowded servers for improved performance and VPN security in Norway.

One of the least expensive VPNs for Norway is Private Internet Access. The monthly payment is $2.19. You receive all the features, limitless bandwidth, and ten simultaneous connections for the price.

The Norwegian state doesn’t pursue citizens for possessing copyrighted material. In some instances, copyright trolls have sought out Norwegian people for movie piracy. Fortunately, PIA has servers that are suitable for torrenting and enable quick and safe torrent downloads. Additionally, they conceal your address, making it harder for law enforcement to link your activity to you.


  • Excellent privacy and security
  • Exclusive IP addresses
  • PIA MACE filters off advertisements and harmful websites.
  • Thirty-day money-back promise


  • Fluctuating connection speeds

11- Windscribe:


The finest free VPN in Norway is Windscribe. Many free VPNs are ineffective at protecting your online anonymity. With strong security measures like Firewall (their take on an internet kill switch) & secure VPN protocols, Windscribe defies the odds. You can avoid Norwegian surveillance by using its two encapsulated protocols, stealth and wstunnel, which add an extra degree of security.

However, Windscribe isn’t among the fastest VPNs, which is one criticism. Even while its connection speeds aren’t as fast as ExpressVPN’s, they’re still quick enough to allow buffer-free streams on TV2 or foreign streaming services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.

In order to further improve performance during speed-intensive activities, it also provides unlimited bandwidth. With Ten free VPN server locations, Windscribe provides one of the most attractive incentive subscriptions available. The good news is that it comes with 9 free U.S. servers that let you use Norway to access free U.S.-specific material.


  • Solid privacy and security
  • Generous plan for free
  • Norway’s free VPN server
  • Unrestricted capacity


  • Money-back guarantee for three days
  • The speed of some servers

12- Bullet VPN:

Bullet VPN

This service has established itself as one of the quickest in the market when it refers to speed. More than 150 servers are spread across more than 50 countries, including dozens within the United States, according to BulletVPN. De-blocking services like Hulu as well as the CW won’t be a difficulty as a result.

The company was able to unlock every channel they attempted, making streaming really simple. Not to mention that this was the sole one, together with DStv and a few others, to get beyond Showmax’s VPN restriction.

While using BulletVPN’s services, the videos played without buffering or deterioration in quality. BulletVPN provides it with five different security methods and military-grade encryption. However, BulletvPN also contains a kill switch and a unique function called Bullet Shield.

Whenever a VPN connection drops, a kill switch shuts off the internet, but Bullet Shield prevents users from connecting back until a VPN connection is established.


  • 150+ servers across 50+ nations
  • Makes P2P file sharing possible
  • AES with a kill button and 256-bit keys
  • Releases US Showmax, Netflix, and others


  • Simple-to-use apps
  • Not using split tunnels

13- Unlocator:


When discussing privacy, it is important to note the location of the VPN. Unlocator is located in Denmark, which, like Norway, is a member of the 14 Eyes. Now, this could create some concerns, but there’s nothing to be concerned about because of Unlocator’s stringent no-logging policy.

They guarantee their customers’ full privacy and anonymity by not collecting or storing any user data. Unlocator has been touted as a Smart DNS solution that is only used to unblock geographically restricted material.

Unlocator’s apps provide a kill switch and 256-bit AES encryption for added security. Additionally, Unlocator features a feature known as Unlocator Shield that prevents users from using the internet unless they’re utilizing one of Unlocator’s servers.

Unlocator provides a 30-day return policy, much like all VPNs in the review today. The difference is that you can take advantage of their 7-day trial version before you really use it.


  • Enables torrenting five connections at once
  • Pleasant user interface
  • Kill switch
  • Includes Hulu, US Netflix, and other services


  • Different speeds
  • Not using split tunnels
  • Network of fewer servers

14- Proton VPN:

Proton VPN

Among the most extensive free VPNs is offered by ProtonVPN. Common drawbacks of a free VPN include bandwidth restrictions and sluggish speeds brought on by overloaded or badly maintained servers. The good news for bargain hunters is that ProtonVPN has made every effort to achieve its goal of providing the highest security while keeping all of its services totally free.

Like many free VPNs, ProtonVPN doesn’t provide a large number of servers. Only servers in the Netherlands, Japan, and the US are available to users of the free version. Because Norway is so close to the Netherlands, server sites might turn out to be a surprise blessing for Norwegian customers.

ProtonVPN spares no expense in supplying the most secure protocols and employs military-grade encryption to protect users’ data. This is because the right to privacy online is a basic human right. They have a defined no-logs policy outlining what services do and don’t collect in order to achieve this.

Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Windows, and routers may all use ProtonVPN.


  • Professional assistance
  • Modern apps and interfaces
  • 256-bit AES encryption


  • Unpopular provider

15- Trust Zone:

Trust Zone

A VPN service provider called Trust.Zone entered the market in 2014. This provider has demonstrated that they are a reliable service that doesn’t keep any logs. The company’s headquarters are in Seychelles, thus Norwegians are additionally covered by the nation’s data privacy regulations. The free edition of Trust.Zone isn’t really a free VPN; rather, it’s more of a trial period.

For three days, Trust.Zone gives potential customers access to their whole VPN. This suggests that the most effective encryption technology and security processes are being used to protect your data for a period of 72 hours.

Additionally, Trust.Zone contains a kill switch that, the moment the VPN connection is disrupted, will automatically halt all internet-related operations. Additionally, there are no DNS and WebRTC breaches, ensuring the security of all transmitted messages and data.

Since it only has applications for Android and iOS, Trust.Zone is a VPN designed exclusively for mobile devices.


  • High-security encryption
  • Accepting bitcoin
  • A mobile application


  • Unpopular provider


Norway has few internet restrictions, so its citizens can make use of the open internet as it should be. However, to avoid any potential surveillance that can crop up here and there, you must use the VPN Service for Norway. If you use a VPN when streaming, downloading, or browsing the internet, you should remain safe and anonymous.

In addition to safeguarding your online safety, it provides unparalleled unblocking capabilities and lightning-fast speeds for uninterrupted streaming, torrenting, and online gaming. That’s why we only compiled some of the most reliable options available in the market right now!

We wish you luck in selecting the best VPN for your requirements and tastes if you haven’t made a decision yet.

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