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Coinzilla Review 2024: Is It Reliable Crypto Ad Network?

Coinzilla Review 2024:

Coinzilla Is a part of Sevio Company, founded in November 2016 that was designed to promote an extensive network of Crypto niche. The company is still continuously developing new features that will help the publishers to their business worldwide. This advertising networking was based in the UAE, but the headquarter is in Romania.

The network particularly favors the bitcoin associated websites and blogs as well as accepts the adult and non-adult sites. It is the best digital advertising network that pays to his publishers in bitcoins. Coinzilla deals with CPM and CPC models. Which is very facilitating for all types of mainstream sites and marketing sites related to the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin industry? 

Besides Coinzilla There are many other Crypto Ad Networks that you can join and earn bitcoin by monetizing your website or blog. But Coinzilla is the best Ad network from all of them. Coinzilla is the best alternative of Cointraffic and A-ads Network. This is one of the best Crypto Advertising networks to join in 2024.

Coinzilla Home

Coinzilla differentiates itself from other networks because of its advanced features and traits that assure the success of any marketing campaign. Coinzilla focuses mainly on producing the best results for the publishers and as well as their Advertisers.

It is the solution of all the issues of publishers and advertisers as it provides several ad formats both for the mobile and desktop traffic along with the highest fill rates to make sure the advertisers that none of their traffic will remain unsold.

Thus, Publishers and advertisers from all over the world are allowed to join the company and use their services and earn the right amount of money by promoting the products. You can find more Best CPC Ad Networks that you can join and make money. 

1- Coinzilla For Advertisers:

Coinzilla For Advertisers

Conizilla acts like the helping hand for the markers and advertisers by improving their business and increasing income stream. It helps the advertisers in boosting up their projects by displaying given ads directly on the websites. It promotes high-quality leads and also increases the traffic to their website; thus, high conversion rates promotes your business in less time.

Advertising of coinzilla includes IAB banners and native banners that are modeled, uniquely to maximize the optimal results of advertiser´s campaigns. It offers a self-serve service that proves helpful for the advertisers as it helps them to optimize and customize the advertising campaigns.

They are also providing live Support to their Advertisers, and If an advertiser is busy and can’t manage to create and manage the advertising campaign so he can request the team of support agents to handle the campaign matters for them so, they help them in their product´s promotion. They are also offering free banner design services, on some conditions.

How Conizilla Helps You With Advertising Your Products Online?

Advertisers will get benefit from the top-notch traffic, you have to set up an advertising campaign, and it will deliver your ads to the right audience across multiple websites to increase conversion rates.

The Coinzilla manager will make sure to you that your ads are running successfully on the websites throughout.

It helps you in generating the best results by displaying banners in the best apparent places of the site that will be clear and intended to the audience thus assure the advertisers by the performance to fly the campaign by delivering the best progress as soon as possible.

Watch Video to Learn More ABout Coinzilla and how they help their Advertisers to get high-quality crypto Traffic.

Benefits For Advertisers:

They already have more than 1000 Advertisers from All over the world that trust Conzilla and use their Services to market their business online. Here are some unique benefits that Coinzilla provides to its Advertisers.

  • They are providing Quality and Targetted cryptography traffic from Different popular sites and blogs.
  • They have an Anti-fraud system that can benefit advertisers to get only Real Traffic, No Fake Traffic.
  • Live Campaigns tracker that can help advertisers to track live Impression, Clicks, Leads, and sales.
  • All Campaigns are approved faster than any other Ad network.
  • 24 Hours Live support to their advertisers.
  • Personal Account Manager for All Advertisers that can help you to Run Your Campaign Successfully.
  • You can Test your Campaigns with even a small budget.
  • CPM & CPC model
  • SEPA & SWIFT Payments

2- Coinzilla Marketplace:

Coinzilla Marketplace

It allows the publishers to publish guest posts, advertorials & press releases in the leading websites in the finance industry. Coinzilla has a supportive team that helps the publishers to give fame to their advertisements in the marketing industry that is why unique material or press release according to your demand and specifications and then deliver those ads to the finance industry or cryptocurrency market. So, in this way, you can get big fame in a short time.

Managing all press releases from a single interface saves your time and effort. You can keep tracking your campaign as it releases, you will be provided with the regular updates about its progress and feedback of the audience. If you want to cancel the press release, you can do that, in this case, your press release will not be delivered to the website, and you will get back your refunds.

3- Coinzilla For Publishers:

Coinzilla For Publishers

Coninzilla has the best solutions and tools developed to meet the needs of advertisers and publishers. These tools help them to increase your sales by growing traffic to websites and boost up your earnings by making exclusive sales.

So, through this platform, you can easily display several ad formats on your websites like native ads, banner ads, header banner, sticky banner, and pop-under ads. Coinzilla is the best and largest finance and cryptocurrency advertising network with a collaborated team of publishers that increases weekly.

Why You Should Join Coinzilla Network:

Coninzilla is leading, and the best Crypto Ad Network provides different monetization options to earn money from your website or blog. The unique features and best performance of coinzilla allure the publishers to work with this efficient network.

They are offering amazing features that can help their Publisher to earn more than any other Ad Network. If your website or blog is relevant to Crypto, then you should Join this fantastic Ad Network to maximize your Ad Revenue. Here are some Amazing features that Coinzilla is providing to their publishers that you should know before you joining Coinzilla Ad Network.

  • They accept traffic from all over the world.
  • They are always paying on time to their publishers.
  • 24/7 Live support for Publishers.
  • They help you to increase an income stream.
  • Provides low threshold payout
  • It contains a referral system so you can earn a good income by referring more persons.
  • Gives live reports to the publishers and allows cookie as well to track the progress.

Coinzilla Requirements For Publishers:

It stops the publishers from publishing the content having useless material. Coinzill has the following requirements from the publishers.

  • Your website must contain an average of 1 million, Alexa traffic rank to grow up on a better platform. It’s effortless to reach 1 million average levels and would be easier for you if you will follow this article because if you are facing any difficulty in approaching the Alexa traffic rank, then you can seek help from this article as I am sure, it will be beneficial to you in this regard.
  • You must have an attractive, highly professional and quality content website because a website with these qualities can get more traffic in a short time and increase.
  • The website under the domain age of 3 months is not allowed to join the Coinzilla network. So, if you don’t have a site older than 3 months so you cannot link to this network as every website takes 2 to 3 months for getting initial traffic.
  • Your website must be approved if the Coinzilla does not authorize your website then you cannot work with this network. For this purpose, you need to verify the ownership of your website, proving that you approve it.
  • Your website must not contain any illegal content like pornography, immoral context, physical harm, violence, abuse, or other illicit activities.
  • Your website must not deliver malware, spam, or other harmful viruses that corrupt the critical data.
  • They Don’t allow the sites hosted on free platforms like Tumblr or Blogspot.

Monetization Methods:

Coinzilla helps the publishers to monetize the website and advertising campaigns in an excellent way to produce maximum results. It allows an advanced technology statistical report system that provides you with all reports related to your campaign, traffic, customer response, clicks, weekly progress, etc. as well as multiple export options on the website.

Stats report system allows tracking of campaigns and related development like funding, impressions earnings, date and many more so you can keep an eye on your website regularly with the help of Coinzilla network that is a comprehensive platform and best opportunity for the publishers to explore new experiences and polish your maintenance and monetization skills.

Payment Details:

  • Coinzilla is punctual in making payments; it pays out publishers on Net 7 basis with a hold period of 7 days after that your Payments are paid instantly
  • It offers Payment to the publishers through various payment options like SEPA, Bitcoin, Swift Bank, etc.
  • It offers a minimum payout of 0.001BTC together with the cost of 0.0001BTC.
  • A minimum withdrawal amount is €50 for the publishers.
  • It offers daily payments as well to its loyal publishers

The payment amount varies depending on the market, site’s quality, ads placement, website look, visitors’ location, and the traffic. If you have the best quality visitors on your website, you can earn a good income because of quality content and quality traffic. 

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Do We Recommend Coinzilla Ad Network?

Yes, We do recommend Coinzilla because this network helps both publishers and advertisers to grow fast on the Internet. Coinzilla is also Best Ad Network for Small publishers who want to grow quickly. If you have a crypto niche website, then they are paying a very high payout in the market.

If you are the advertiser and looking for crypto targeted traffic, then this is the only Crypto Ad Network that can provide you high quality targeted traffic. Using Coinzilla, you will get targeted traffic no Bots or fake traffic.

If you are already using Coinzilla, then leave a comment below and share your experiences with Coinzilla. 

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