Best Crypto Jokes That Telling You The Truth About Crypto

Best Crypto Jokes:

Investing in cryptocurrencies is compellingly a new trend gaining popularity among everyday users and institutional players. Even when crypto just started, back in 2009, many enthusiasts, as well as bitcoin miners, expressed their experience and opinions on different forums. Probably we can find the first bitcoin joke or crypto meme somewhere on Bitcointalk. Now the internet is full of stuff like this as millions of people worldwide are involved in crypto trading or at least interested in crypto.

The jokes would not be so funny if they were not from our real life. We’ve found some of them that tell us the truth about crypto and how it usually feels to be a digital assets investor.

Best Crypto Jokes in 2022:

Here is the list of 20+ best crypto jokes that you can read in 2022.

  • What’s the difference between investing in Bitcoin and getting married?
  • If your marriage falls, you only lose half of your wealth.

Bitcoin price is highly volatile. Many investors definitely wake up at night to check the price index and place orders if conditions are favorable. There were many price jumps when BTC lost or gained over 30% in a couple of hours. Thus, many people definitely lose everything they put in Bitcoin. Mostly, because they traded without a strategy, didn’t use the protection orders, and followed their emotions during the market storms. See, Bitcoin trading requires as much work as marriage, huh.

  • How to make a little fortune by investing in Bitcoin?
  • Start investing a large fortune.

Because investing and trading is hard work and before you make a fortune with it, you came through numerous losses. After you study the market, try different strategies and learn how to minimize your risks, you will be able to make incredible profits. Well, sometimes, making a 3% profit is a big success.

  • Dad, can I borrow ten dollars? In Bitcoin?
  • Fifteen dollars and twenty cents? Why do you need to borrow eight dollars and sixty cents?

As you already know, the price of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies changes quickly. And the number of Bitcoins you can buy for 10 dollars is different every minute. You should remember that when buying and selling crypto, as you may receive more or less than you expect. However, there are some crypto services that help you to avoid price fluctuations. Like Instant buy product by the CEX.IO exchange. It freezes the market price for 120 seconds and you buy the exact amount you choose. If you’re interested, we have a guide on how to purchase crypto on CEX.IO.

Here’s another good one about volatility:

  • How much for this now?
  • You asked five minutes ago, why on the earth am I supposed to know this?

If you look at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Cardano price chart and choose a 1-minute timeframe you can see how rapidly the candles go up and down.

  • Have you heard about Dungeons and Dragons?
  • Yeah, it’s a lot like Bitcoin. So attractive, but I don’t get it.

There is a reason why every game has rules. How could you win if you don’t know them? The same goes for crypto if you don’t understand how blockchain works, then you’re in danger of losing your money.

  • A vegetarian, a crypto trader, and a man who didn’t vote in 2020 walk into a bar.
  • Who will tell you about it first?

There is a bit of sarcasm in this joke, dating back to the days when people trolled cryptocurrency users. People didn’t believe in the new technology and its future. Now, cryptocurrencies are almost everywhere, starting from healthcare to agriculture. So, there is also another side of a joke: maybe a trader doesn’t want to explain how to make money on Bitcoin. Or he cares about the safety of his funds and doesn’t talk about his investments anywhere.

  • Ready with your New Year Resolution for 2022?
  • Sure! It’s about buying bitcoin in 2011.

That time Bitcoin wasn’t so popular and the price was near 1-2 dollars. Today, people trust Bitcoin and the future of crypto. With the trust and support of some institutions and celebrities, BTC reached $65,000 in 2021. No complicated calculation is needed, if you spent $ 100 on BTC in 2011, you could have made 6 million in profit.

By the way, here is another one about the BTC value:

  • — How much for that BMW?
  • — 3 BTC.
  • — WOW!!! That’s a lot of money.
  • — Dude, BMW is quite a big company!

And one more of our favorites:

  • Do you know the difference between Bitcoin and Musk’s SpaceX?
  • After takeoff, SpaceX will indeed return down to Earth.

The price of Bitcoin is growing every year. If you check the yearly candles of BTC market rate, you’ll see that only 2 of 13 are red. This means that BTC closes every year at a higher price than it was at the beginning of the year. But it’s not a direction for you to buy in January and sell in December. Remember to follow the technical and fundamental analysis in your trading strategy.

  • Who are the most impatient people you’ve ever met?
  • Social networks group of cryptocurrencies.

When you trade crypto, every second is on the count, so you used to act fast when the market moves. And if there’s something with your account and you can not access the market when the conditions are favorable, nothing else matters. Most traders go to online forums to find solutions. But they rather ask for help through the official support channels of the platform, as this is the safest way.

I’m finally out of gambling… I do cryptos now.

Feeling of excitement when you make a profit and risk of losing everything you put in — there’s a lot in common between gambling and crypto.

  • Sell me this pan.
  • It’s NFT.

NFT became extremely popular in early 2021 due to a variety of high-profile sales, like the NBA Top Shot video featuring LeBron James. Actually, NFT can represent anything from our real life in the digital format. So, yes, a pan can also be an NFT.

  • Daily crypto trader routine:
  • 7:50 AM – Breakfast
  • 01:30 AM – Sleep

Well, when you are in crypto and markets are storming, your life looks like that. And if you trade on CEX.IO Broker, you can benefit from both market ups and downs and set up protection orders to fix profits and mitigate risks.

The Crypto market is a place where two types of people meet in the morning: people with experience in trading and people with money.

Towards the end of the day, they exchange places and go home.

There is hidden advice in this joke — don’t start trading big sums without experience. Try some strategies, define which one works for you and practice it every day.

  • A trader was in the hospital. The nurse took his temperature and he asked
  • How much is it now?
  • 102 sir.
  • Then sell when it comes to 103.

Traders are overloaded with numbers. They check prices every minute. So no wonder if you are in a hospital, with a bad temperature and probably noise in your head, all numbers you hear are price indexes for you. Anyway, it’s still a joke.

I slept like a baby after my crypto account manager called. I woke up three times in an hour and cried.

Maybe the market situation was really hard for this man or maybe he had an unprofessional account manager. Because, when you trade crypto on margin with CEX.IO Broker, for instance, you can profit on the price ups and downs. The platform interface is intuitive and you can manage your trading on your own, without hiring an account manager.

  • The most accurate forecast of the cryptocurrency market movement:
  • The price will go to the right.

Studying technical analysis will help you to predict price movements. However, markets are highly volatile and almost unpredictable. Even experts can not be 100% sure about their forecasts.

Bitcoin is my steel bank. My wife cannot receive my money in case of divorce. She doesn’t know how it works, and she doesn’t even know how much I have.

Blockchain is an anonymous network to store and transfer funds. For better protection of your crypto, prefer cold wallets. And always keep your recovery phrase in a secure place.

  • Andrew dreamed of Lamborghini
  • And a great trip to Phuket
  • Buy a coat for his wife Jinny
  • But it’s flat

In cryptocurrency trading, the flat is when the price does not move significantly up or down. Sometimes this can continue for months.

People love crypto and they also love memes. Why don’t we create crypto-based memes?

Ok, this is not a joke, that’s how Dogecoin started. Well, after Musk’s tweets it was extremely popular in the crypto community. So, you’ve probably heard about DOGE.

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