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BlazingCDN Review 2022 – Is It Best Content Delivery Network?

BlazingCDN Service Overview

The Content Delivery Network market was valued at $11.76 billion in 2020. It was only two years ago; the need for fast and worldwide-accessible data transfer/sharing has been increasing ever since. By 2026, the entire industry is poised to reach a value of $49.61 billion, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.30%.

There are a few prominent companies in the industry, such as Amazon, Akamai, Google, and Fastly. However, I will not talk about them in this article. Our today’s focus is on BlazingCDN – a fresh player in the market, cost-effective, and the embodiment of exemplary customer relations management.

Product Analysis

BlazingCDN offers surprisingly good performance when you compare its price to other providers. The deployment of powerful servers in the most congested locations ensures that BlazingCDN’s delivery is on par with Amazon, Google Cloud, and Akamai.

BlazingCDN Product AnalysisThree key components form the technical backbone of BlazingCDN:

  • Tier 1 IP Transit network from NTT
  • Modern all-powerful servers with NVMe-only drives
  • Servers in Equinix datacenters

Also, one of the advantages of BlazingCDN is its formidable internet channels (2×25 Gbps) at each edge server’s Point of Presence (PoP). Due to the sheer quantity and strength of the servers, every client has more than 3Tbps summary channel capacity at their disposal, which is many times higher when compared to a separate server, or VDS (100 Mbps – 1 Gbps). Because of that, there is no single point of failure if, let’s say, a lot of user requests overload the channel. DDOS just isn’t a possibility when you have a system like that.

Last but not least, Blazing’s integrated object storage as a CDN content source enables the retention of massive unstructured data amounts. If you’re confused: it’s used for storing images and videos on social media platforms, songs on Spotify, files in, for example, Dropbox, and so on. With BlazingCND’s object storage, it’s feasible to store as much as you want, and even more.


BlazingCDN’s pricing model is a positive rarity in our modern cutthroat business world. Just check out the cost compared to all other providers – while being the cheapest solution, Blazing often outperforms even the most established services. It’s not hard to understand that the majority of CDN users are oblivious to how the big providers overprice their products (sometimes as high as 50x to service’s actual cost).

BlazingCDN PricingImage Reference

The best price is not the only thing that BlazingCDN offers you as a cost-incentive benefit. The other key ones are:

  • No long-term contracts. Big companies tend to entail their users with unnecessary features that only make the clients’ lives harder. Moreover, they push the said clients into signing a long contract to disable them from being able to move on. Blazing’s policy is that predatory tactics such as these have no place in modern B2B and B2C relations, and so far, they’ve kept their word to the fullest.
  • A universal rate for all regions (America, Asia, Europe). One of the biggest CDN customers’ pain points is the pricing in Asia, often so high that operating a business there becomes unbearable. BlazingCDN has completely solved this issue with a worldwide fixed price per GB, irreversibly changing the game rules for the better.
  • Pay As You Go (PAYG) system without subscription fees. BlazingCDN has designed a system that solely focuses on customer convenience. Low barrier to entry, 0% commitment, paying precisely for what you want and how much you want – what could be possibly better?
  • Personalized terms for 25TB+/month traffic. As the customer is always in the first place, BlazingCDN is only happy to deliver a set of customized individual solutions for clients that require them.


BlazingCDN is not just another cheap CDN option. Their proven PR management with an amazing customer support team ensures the most pleasant user experience. At the same time, the service’s content storage and delivery performance make it the absolute best CDN in price/quality ratio by a stretch. Just try them out – you’ll see what I’m talking about.

One Comment

  1. I have tried to sign up for Blazing CDN service. I saw a Google AD when searching for CDNs and I though the prices look awesome. And they offer a free 7 days trial. So I decided why not?

    I did complete the sign up process that requires your to link an active credit card. Sadly, the DNS records (nameservers) that they give you to link on your domain don’t work. I tried out on three different domains hosted by different registrars but I couldn’t work at all.

    After speaking to support of the domain registrars, they informed me that Blazing CDN’s DNS records are misconfigured. From here, I opened a support ticket requesting Blazing CDN to check into the issue.

    I waited for 3 days only to log into my account and find the ticket deleted. I then sent an email to support specialist Kacper Wójcik whose profile and email pops up on their website’s homepage. Another 3 days and I’m still waiting for a response.

    So, my 7 days is over and I haven’t managed to test the service nor receive any support to the issue I raised. Sadly, I can’t see anywhere to unlink my credit card =(

    I’ll tell my bank to block them.

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