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20+ Best Photoshop Alternatives in 2024

Photoshop Alternatives:

Let’s give a stunning look to your photo!

Photoshop is a wonderful thing in the social media industry and the technological world. Nowadays, you will find nobody talking about the editing of photographs but about photoshop which becomes a famous part of the discussion.

You will be shocked while working with Adobe Photoshop because it displays the best results, you couldn’t imagine that any software could work efficiently and finely like this.

Photoshop is the choice and first priority of professional photographers, artists, designers, filmmakers, editors, and web developers.

It is designed specifically to meet the needs of photographers to give them the desired results and by its performance, it has satisfied the number of users and gained their trust.

That is the major reason of it is the choice of all professionals, as well as common people who are involved in social media networks, even the digital marketers seek the help of PS to edit their photos in multiple ways to give them an attractive look to attract the number of customers and generate more income stream.

How does it work?

PS is a powerful platform, is also called a “photo editor” that helps people in editing their photos and gives them a fresh attractive look. With the help of PS, you can mold your photos in the way you want.

  • The process is very simple, you just have to install Photoshop on your computer takes a few minutes and after this, put a photograph or an image that you desire to edit, Ps will give you a lot of options to choose from according to your need, you can click on those options and then it will start working on your image.
  • On the borders of this platform, you will find three zones that help you in the settings and offers several tools to modify your photo in a decent way.
  • These three areas consist of tools, the tool option lies at the top, the panel lies at the right side, and the tools at the left side of the bar. All these tools work together to give you the best possible results.
  • Its histogram feature tells you at which angle your image could find the best results
  • You can modify your photo in several ways by working with curves, tones, contrast, sharpen, lighting, exposure, and colors.
  • PS contains an advanced technology named “Camera RAW”, that allows you to work with the RAW files lying in your device. remember, you need a RAW invertor before working with this tool.

Why Do People Prefer to Use Photoshop Over Other Editing Programs?

Photoshop was developed by Adobe about 20 years ago, and with the passage of time, it has got big fame because of its performance and advanced features that allow digital drawing, photo retouching, designing tasks, and many more.

Adobe has created a cloud to facilitate its users, which served as alternatives to Photoshop so, now you don’t need to be worried if you cant work with PS.

You will be facilitated in the same way with the same options as PS to work on images and generate excellent results the same as the professionals.

If you are in search of other software and you can´t afford the subscription fee, here we have a  solution for you to prevent yourself from the high fees in the form of a list of 20 best Photoshop alternatives.

These alternatives will benefit you the same as PhotoShop because it contains millions of features that come with PS so, you can select and produce optimal results.

Best Photoshop Alternatives 2023:

Here is the list of 20+ best Photoshop alternatives that you can use in 2023 and 2024. 

  • Luminar.
  • Canva.
  • VistaCreate
  • Pizap.
  • Fotor.
  • BeFunky.
  • PicMonkey.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express.
  • Pixlr.
  • Serif PhotoPlus X8
  • Acorn
  • Pixelmator Pro.
  • Sketch.
  • ACDSee Photo Studio.
  • Affinity Photo.
  • GIMP.
  • Sumo Paint.
  • Capture One Pro.
  • Photo Pos Pro
  • Photo Lab
  • Krita

These Adobe Photoshop Alternatives can function well as PhotoShop like retouching photos, cropping, Face and body retouching, brushes, painting, removing the background, filters, masks, layers, exposure, contrast, and design.

1- Canva (Top Photoshop Alternative):


Canva is one of the best photoshop alternatives that allows you access to unlimited layouts, stocks, tools, fonts, crops, styles, and design elements to give your photo a different look. It is also one of my favorite Image editing tools that I use to design images and photos.

The specific feature of this software is that you can design birthday cards, Social Media Covers, logos, Flyers, invitation cards, business cards, and much more. The good thing about Canva is they provide ready-made templates and things that you can edit to design your own images. What an amazing image designing tool it is!

You can save your time and money instead of going to the publishers to request them to design a card for your special occasion, you can now create it by yourself according to your own wish. Almost its all features are free of cost so you can use them easily. Canva provides its user a free basic plan and 30 days of free trial to take a start with this useful program.

Try Canva Pro For Free

2- Luminar (Best Photoshop Alternative):


When you want to give a luxurious and stunning look to your photos, then you must use Luminar for this purpose. Luminar is one of the best photoshop alternatives that you can use to design beautiful images.

It has such great features that you can use to quickly browse and organize your photos. It has an auto-organize system that organizes your photos in a natural way that makes your navigation straightforward. It works very perfectly as it transforms your images in a flash and synchronizes all the edits that you have made before.

It makes your photos gorgeous that you will fall in love with this software when you will be familiar with its features and specifications. Such as Sky enhancers, contrast, styles, coloring, etc.

3. VistaCreate – Adobe Alternative For Free:


VistaCreate is one of the world’s popular graphic design software providers that you can use online or download as a dedicated application for Android and iOS. It has numerous tools to level up your designs without any special technical skills, the true gem of it being the collection of ready-to-go designs for any need.

For example, VistaCreate provides you with pre-optimized exclusive templates for a Facebook post, Instagram story, album cover, eBook, logo, posters, and many more aims. Overall, you’ll get 60K+ design templates, 1M+ creative assets, videos, vectors, fonts, music, and even animation files! It also has loads of productivity instruments, such as a quick background removal feature, intuitive resizing and layering, and many more things that you’ll need to search for days if you are on Photoshop!

Even on the free account of VistaCreate, you’ll be able to create visually balanced, professional designs. Start your next Tik-Tok video, post, social media promo, or mobile presentation with a mesmerizing, easy-to-tailor template.

Try VistaCreate For Free

4- Pizap (Best Alternative to Photoshop):


Pizap is one of the best alternatives to Photoshop. It is an alternative to Polarr and foto as well, which helps the users to perform photo editing and color-correcting simply with a single click.

This web app contains HTML5 and flash versions that you can use on any device, on PC, tablet, and mobile phone. It has plenty of useful features like dark and modern design with the support of sliders for quick customization that works very efficiently when you are using touch screen devices. Other than this, it has stickers and many other effects to facilitate the users but you have to pay a certain amount for using these effects.

One thing you must focus on is that it doesn’t support a photo having a size of more than 10MB. So you have to upload the photos smaller or equal to the above-mentioned size. It doesn’t work with RAW files.

Price: Free or $2.99

5- Fotor (Free Photoshop Alternative):


Fotor is an excellent alternative to Photoshop. It has certain standard features that make it popular among other photo web applications. With the help of this web application, you can adjust sharpness, rotate your photos, add brightness, contrast, shadows, various effects, photo frame, stickers, texts, makeup effects, remove blemishes, freckles, adjust the tone, and many more.

The software is designed specifically for the professional who works with portrait photography as it allows them to work with image collages, use ready-made themes to the images, apply different body and face effects, etc. with the help of well-developed brushes and other icons. Thus, Fotor helps the professionals to make your image flawless and grow yourself further as a portrait photographer.

Price: Free or $8.99 per month

6- BeFunky (Photoshop Alternative Online):


Befunky is basically an online app, so you cant work with it when you are offline or don’t have an internet connection. It is one of the best photoshop alternatives online that you can use to design beautiful and attractive images.

It contains various useful tools to meet the needs of beginners or amateur photographers as it offers the texture, effects, and advanced settings to enhance your photos. Befunky allows some other features to its users like removing objects, an adjustment in colors, availability of quality brushes, efficient tools for photo editing, a separate module to collage the photos, and graphic designing as well.

Price: Free or $4.95 monthly

7- PicMonkey (Best Adobe Photoshop Alternative):


It is popular among users because of its useful functions for wonderful photo editing. They offer amazing features that you can use to design attractive images and photos. With the help of this web app, you can not only create design projects, banners, and logos but also can store photos, organize store photos, and the most important thing, you can work with text as well.

PickMonkey contains an advanced HUB tab including cloud storage and cataloger. so, you can work with all these features to make your photo attractive and unique. They are providing 30 Days free trial so after that, you have to buy this App in order to design images.

Price: Free or $8.99 per month

8- Adobe Photoshop Express:

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is available free of cost online, For working with this web application, you don’t need to install any browser plugin but the thing you only need is Flash. It is very easy to use, effortlessly you have to install it to your device and then upload an image to it thus it will start editing your photo.

PS Express supports the  JPG files containing the size of 16 Megapixels or less than this. and the maximum width of 8,191 pixels otherwise your file cannot be edited with this PS. It is very suitable for basic image editing and allows various tools for color correcting and improvement of photos from different angles.

You must keep in mind that you cannot upload and edit many photos at the same time, you are allowed to edit every photo one by one. The feature offers for editing is almost similar to that PS offers to its users. So, you can comfortably work on the convenient PS Express platform.

Price: Free

9- Pixlr:


It is one of the best “Shareware” web apps, simply you need to go online and install a browser plugin to work with this PS alternative. When you installed this app, you can put your photo in Pixlr for editing, which will start working the same as Photoshop.

Pixlr offers you standard features to edit your photo by using masks, clone stamps, layers, selection tools, and many more that you expect to give stunning look to your photo.

Price: Free or $22 per month

10- Serif PhotoPlus X8:

Serif PhotoPlus X8

This Photoshop alternative is an ideal and old software for those who have used it for many years and still prefer to use this. It is the perfect software for beginners who have recently stepped into the field of photography and photo editing because it guides them with the help of videos and tutorials.

So, you can polish your skills as a photo editor. It also allows the user to work with the RAW files effortlessly.

11- Acorn:


If you are searching for photo editing software then you should go further than this software that meets the needs of a beginner in a perfect way. It is available on a low budget if you are looking for the great features of Photoshop but don’t have access to that, in this case, Acorn is the best opportunity for you.

Acorn has many useful features like non-destructive filters, brushes, layers, styles, contrast, lighting, and many more to edit your image in a meaningful way. It offers tutorials both for beginners and editing experts to modify your skills and extend your experience to beat the professional.

12- Pixelmator Pro:

Pixelmator Pro

It is particularly meant for professional users to meet their requirements. It is not free of cost but has various advanced features for photo editing as it allows image retouching, Color correction, styles, free brushes, design, drawing tools, and other options as well to give an alluring look to your photo.

It is suitable for basic image editing. It is a user-friendly interface and supports RAW files as well for editing.

Price: Free or $39.99 monthly

13- Sketch:


The sketch is a professional vector graphic application to create a new talent by working on digital photos. The sketch is the foremost interested program of the designers, professional artists, and web designers as well. It provides you with various efficient tools like layers, color palettes, styles, font, pencil, brushes, and many plugins for creating new designs.

The sketch development team has made its features flexible that you can extend on a vat area as much as you want even you can create a new image with the help of primitive shapes and also draws new shapes by using the pencil tool and vector. It offers you plenty of tools to work with graphics but if you want to use more advanced features you have to pay for that, which is much more expensive than photoshop.

Price: Free or $99 yearly

14- ACDSee Photo Studio:

ACDSee Photo Studio

It is also called “Semi-Professional software” specialized for previewing, editing, and publishing digital photos. It is a user-friendly interface and provides direct access to the files in order to update the content in real-time. ACDSee PS has various professional tools to help you in image retouching and color correction to give your photos an eye-catching look.

The major drawback is, it’s not available free of cost you have to pay a high amount for working with this software. Other than this, It has only a few tutorials and videos to guide you to become a professional editor.

Price: The price is about $99 to $199

15- Affinity Photo:

Affinity Photo

It is an efficient user-friendly interface software program with a combination of image editing and color correction tool to edit your photo in an ideal way. It allows the users to preview the results before using the tools and the most important t5hing is you can also use it as a drawing tool to create a new image.

Affinity has a variety of professional and quality brushes to offer that can be changed, saved, and also loaded into the library. Its real-time feature has made it the most important software among other editing software programs. Affinity supports RAW files and also allows quick image import and export.

Price: It is very expensive as compared to other PS alternatives. It offers a free trial and the price is $49.99 per month.

16- GIMP:


GIMP is of the best and leading PS alternatives that contain all the features similar to Photoshop. It allows the user to perform advanced editing functions with the help of fairly developed brushes, masks, styles, designs, filters, effects, contrast, and layers. It helps the user in color enhancement and photo retouching.

The most important thing is, it has a pack of animated tools that brings the photo to life by using the blending process. Both professionals and beginners can use this software. It supports RAW files. You can produce professional results by using this software for editing your photos.

Price: Free

17- Sumo Paint:

Sumo Paint

If you want to save your time and prevent yourself from installing too much editing software from the internet, it means you are in need of Sumo paint as it helps you in the editing of your photos to give them perfection.

It is an online photo editor that helps you to make certain arrangements in your photos to give them a shining look such as an adjustment in colors, brightness, sharpness, contrast, balancing colors, or other values depending on the nature of the photo. With the help of color brushes available in Sumo paint, you can add different alluring effects to your photo. Other than this, you can further adjust your photo with the help of font, text, style, layers, and masks.

Although it’s free for use for advanced features, you have to pay a certain amount to register them in your system. One of the wonderful features of Sumo paint is that it allows you to create a design, organize and then restore it into your library. So, go and avail the best opportunity to enhance your editing skills.

Price: Free

18- Capture One Pro:

CaptureOne Pro

Capture One Pro is particularly designed for the professionals and experts who use Phase Once Cameras. They can use this PS alternative free of cost for photo editing. It provides beneficial and effective tools for editing photos at a professional level such as color correction, photo retouching, adjustment, layers, masks, contrast, styles, and professional brushes to produce maximum results.

Users can use this program free of cost or can purchase a license to get the updates. It has a drawback that it requires high PC configuration and several resources to work and has a complex user interface. So it is a little tricky to use but fortunately interface is completely customizable so don’t need to get worried as you have a solution.

Price: Free or $417 yearly

19- Photo Pos Pro:

Photo Pros Pro

It is a very reliable PS alternative for the users but has a complex interface containing many icons that are very confusing for beginners. It has plenty of impressive tools and functions and the amazing thing is with the help of this program you can create or design a new graph, logos, banners, website, blogs, and many more from scratch.

By Photo Pos Pro you can work with textures, masks, gradients, coloring, styles, designs, and can be used with digital cameras and scanners to facilitate the users. Photo PS has a tendency to work with multiple photos at the same time. So, you can save your time and effort.

It has a special quality that it doesn’t require high PC configuration like Capture One Pro, thus it can work with low PC configuration so, we can judge its convenience for the users that’s why it is considered perfect for professionals.

Price: It is available free of cost

20 – Photo Lab:

Photo Lab

It is an award-winning Photoshop alternative that is famous for its performance and functions. It allows for a high level of photo correction and photo retouching along with this you are also facilitated with other advanced features to decorate your photo in a way you desire such as optical corrections and a highly developed Flash technology that allows you to shoot out pictures at night even in low light or dim light, with high ISO values.

So you can get a beautiful photo with high-quality pixels, you are also allowed to turn its changes from automatic to manual. Photo Lab is specialized in identifying and adjusting the smaller objects found in the photos, which makes it different from other PS alternatives.

Price: Free trial for 300 days or €129

21 – Krita:


It is the most common PS alternative that has features similar to Photoshop. It has a very friendly user interface having a variety of useful tools so if you want to choose another option to edit your photos in an attractive and creative way other than using PSA software so Krita is the best opportunity for you in this regard.

It allows you to edit your photo with the help of efficient drawing tools that help you to edit genuine artwork by using digital canvas. It is highly suitable for web designers and professionals as well. It supports the WEBP format which means it is perfect to use for creating and designing websites and blogs as well.

Price: It is available free of cost


In this article, I have mentioned above the list of best alternatives to Photoshop. So now you don’t need to be worried about which software you should use for editing photos and which not because you must choose the software that meets your needs and budget.

Hopefully, this article will benefit you a lot and you can make the best of your choice. It’s not too late yet. So, don’t waste your time as you are not farther away from your destination now.

If you are already using photoshop alternatives that are listed above then share your experiences below. 

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