15+ Best Free VPN Services in 2023(According to Experts)

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Ever think of the fact that with the ease at which we are being provided information through the internet, it has become increasingly difficult to remain anonymous as well?
With the online community becoming a world of its own, there has become a need to keep track of every individual, with or without their permission. At this point, we can’t even complain, since we have signed up for the benefits, we must also reap the drawbacks of it as well.
But worry not, since there are protective measures set in place to protect your anonymity and allow you the freedom you require when browsing the internet. You won’t have to worry about any unauthorized or authorized personnel, tracking your every move. And best of all, this service can be provided to you free of cost.
Yes, we are talking about the VPN. A Virtual Private Network.
A VPN is a pseudo network that is set for you to connect to the internet. This network sets up a secure connection for you so that you can direct your online traffic through it rather than through the public network which can be tracked. A VPN will mask your IP address so that you won’t be tracked by third-party individuals. This comes in handy when you wish to completely go off the grid for your online browsing.
This service is available to you on a premium basis as well as completely free. So for people that wish to avail of this service without spending a penny, do we have a list for you.
Let’s start.

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What is a VPN and why do you need it?

First, let’s get into the specifics of a VPN. Since we already know that it is a secure network that is established for you to safely browse the internet without your every move being watched. You should know that it does so by hiding your IP address, making you off the grid for others. This allows you to be protected from online hackers or stalkers. As well as protect you from any unknown online attacks.
Another thing that a VPN does is help you access sites that have otherwise been blocked in your area. So you can easily make use of those places without any geographical restrictions hindering your experience.
All of that is well done for sure, but is the VPN for you? Well think of it this way, when encountering cold weather, do you not insulate yourself by wearing extra layers so you could be protected from the cold? Consider VPN an extra protective layer, as it safeguards you against online malicious contenders who wish to do you harm. Or who are secretly going through your online activity, and you wish to hide from them. In that way, VPN is just the tool for you.

Best Free VPN 2023:

The following list shows some of the best free VPN of the years 2023 and 2024. 

  1. ProtonVPN – The #1 Best free VPN.
  2. PrivadoVPN – Top Free VPN.
  3. – Free VPN.
  4. Windscribe – Best Free VPN for android.
  5. Hotspot Shield – best free VPN for pc
  6. TunnelBear – best free vpn for Laptop.
  7. Speedify – Best VPN
  8. Kaspersky – best free VPN extension for chrome
  9. Avira Phantom – Free VPN for windows.
  10. – free online VPN

1. ProtonVPN – The #1 Best Free VPN:

ProtonVPN is the most talked-about free VPN service out there. It is originally Swiss-based and hosts a bunch of features that are both effective and extremely great to use. Considering it provides unlimited data usage, you can browse as much as your want on the internet without any hassle.
Among its feature set is the DNS leak protection and split tunneling service. You can avail of this service without worrying about running out of data. And although ProtonVPN is free to use, there are certain limitations like speed issues since during peak hours, you will have to contend with low speeds. In order to upgrade on that, you will have to pay for premium packages offered by ProtonVPN, so in a way, you can’t really consider ProtonVPN to be completely free. The benefit of paid services provided by ProtonVPN is also the ability to stream online sites, which you can’t do with the free plan.
But since ProtonVPN provides excellent performance criteria, you can forgive the limitations that it imposes on its non-paying customers. You will still be provided great services and you can use this VPN for your safe and protected online browsing.

2. PrivadoVPN – Top Free VPN:

Privado VPN
PrivadoVPN is a fairly new VPN service. But what it lacks in experience, it makes up for in providing some of the best features that can be availed by anyone, all for free.
Those features include some great server locations, which are plenty compared to others. Since ProtonVPN only offers three server locations for free. PrivadoVPN offers a lot more than that. It also provides users with a 10GB monthly data limit that may not be a lot for some but is still a lot. You can easily use this VPN to browse securely through the internet, albeit with a few speed limitations since PrivadoVPN isn’t the fastest VPN service. But it is still adequate compared to others.
Some other features include the kill switch that can be used to instantly switch off your browsing if you think that there may be some tampering going on from outside sources. It also has P2P servers. And there is the fact that you can stream big sites through the paid platform offered by PrivadoVPN.

3. – Free VPN: is also one of the renowned VPN service providers out there. And since it’s free, all the more to get excited for. It is considered fairly new in the VPN world, but it is updating in quality so as to tempt more customers.
It offers a plethora of features like the split tunneling option, the kill switch, and some of the latest safety features that can guarantee a secure and well-protected browsing experience for you.
The best thing about is that it offers you a toolset so that you can customize your VPN provider. These features are available in the free format and can be highly beneficial for users who know a thing or two about tech. They can easily customize their VPN to fit their requirements.
As for the data plan. also has a data limit of 10GB per month. Which can be considered both adequate and not enough at the same time. But considering this is all free, one could forgive the limitation.
All in all, it is a very excellent VPN service that you should definitely check out.

4. Windscribe – Best Free VPN for android.

Windscribe is a VPN that is well-liked across the platform. Originally known for its paid service, Windscribe works wonders through its free version as well.
It has servers spread out across the globe and offers a great selection for you, considering most free VPN providers don’t offer a lot of servers. You will also be provided with a 10GB data limit upon login for a month, and you can also use 2GB data without signing up.
The features that Windscribe provides are also quite good, as they prefer to provide their users with a secure network connection, they have set up firewalls and adblockers so that your browsing experience can be unencumbered with outside influences that may seek to harm you.
You can also stream several sites through Windscribe which other free VPN providers don’t offer without premium packages.
But the part where Windscribe is lacking is their user interface, which is considered cluttered and difficult to work on. So you will face several problems if you do not know where you wish to go.
Be that as it may, Windscribe is still a great free VPN provider.

5. Hotspot Shield – best free VPN for PC:

Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield is widely used across the globe and is considered a great VPN provider. And since it offers a free version as well, is just a bonus. And since that free version is also quite good, is another tick mark in its favor.
The data plan that it offers is different from other VPN providers as it offers a daily 500MB limit, which can become exponential when taken in the monthly amount. It offers you a steady working VPN that comes with great speed offerings and a single server location. And all of that in just its free version, imagine how much better it can be in the paid version.
It is considered to be extremely easy to use, with special attention paid to its interface which is also easy to use. Hotspot Shield is therefore considered to be a great and safe route that users should definitely take for their online browsing.

6. TunnelBear – Free vpn for Laptop:

Tunnelbear is a free VPN provider, backed by one of the greatest security software companies of McAfee. So you can already guess that Tunnelbear provides a safe environment for you to go online through.
The best thing about Tunnelbear is that in its free version it offers a lot of servers to choose from, more than 20 spread across the globe. Which is a lot considering most free VPN providers only offer one or three. Its usability is lauded as being simplistic and artsy. And it offers good speeds.
One part where Tunnelbear is lacking is its data limit. Since it has one of the lowest data limits set for free users. Only 500MB per month. Which can be used up quickly so using Tunnelbear can become a bit of a slog. You won’t be able to freely browse as much as you want and will have to limit your use to a few keystrokes. Therefore, streaming is out of the question.
But since Tunnelbear offers excellent security services, you may want to give this one a shot.

7. Speedify – Best VPN:

Speedify is another excellent free VPN provider. And as an ode to its name, it focuses more on providing you with a fast and secure network than anything. And in order to achieve such a metric, Speedify utilizes a sort of turbocharging technology that aims to combine several network connections together, like broadband with a mobile tethered connection, so that you can have a great and speedy network connection.
Speedify also offers an adequate 2GB per month data limit to its users, which again, isn’t much, but it can get the job done for some. You will be provided with ample opportunity to safely browse the most essential of places off the grid, with great speeds. But for anything more than that, you will have to pay an extra fee.
Still, since its claims about speed proved to be true. Speedify is a refreshing change of pace from all the other less speedy VPN providers of this age.

8. Kaspersky – best free VPN extension for chrome:

You may have heard the name Kaspersky before, as it is only the name of one of the best and brightest antivirus companies in the world. So when Kaspersky offered VPN services as a plus with their antivirus services, one could safely assume that anything offered would certainly be up to par. And it would certainly be true since Kaspersky VPN has a lot of great features.
Kaspersky VPN offers the same basic services that are required of free VPN providers. It also has a limited data limit and offers very few server locations to choose from. Another thing that Kaspersky limits on is streaming. But where there are limitations, there are also some extensive merits. As Kaspersky provides P2P services and allows users to torrent without restrictions.
The best of all is that Kaspersky offers a secure connection for you to browse the internet on, which is basically what you really need in the end.

9. Avira Phantom – Free VPN for Windows:

Avira Phantom
Another free VPN on this list that is easy to use, and set up is Avira Phantom, which allows users to set up as many devices as they want with one subscription. Plus, it comes in a free package.
The advantages of using Avira are that you can use this VPN for streaming and torrenting, all for free. This is great since most free VPN providers do not allow for such frivolous services. You can use Avira to safely access the internet and browse through any sort of content.
The drawbacks of Avira mostly come from the fact that it doesn’t provide that great a speed range for browsing, and it also doesn’t offer a lot of server locations to choose from. But considering all that it does provide, Avira can be perfect for your casual use.

10. – free online VPN:

Trust.Zone is another quality VPN service provider. But calling it free is a bit of a stretch since comes with a free trial period. That trial period lasts up to 3 days, but you can really use all of the services and features that it can provide in those 3 days and see if is to your liking or not.
It provides almost 30 server locations for you to choose from, and you can avail them through a restricted 1GB data limit for 3 days during the trial period.
But once you have tried the paid version, which offers a lot of advanced services that can surely tempt you into signing up for it, you will definitely be singing its praises as well. is also considered really fast so your browsing experience will be great.

Which FreeVPN Service Should You Choose:

When it comes to the part where you wish to know whether the services you want from a VPN provider are available in one package, you get a bit confused as to which one you should choose in earnest. Well for that you will have to look over what services you require.
Because all of these services focus on one or more features that they truly excel at. Like you could be looking for a fast network. Or a secure one. Or one that offers different browsing experiences. You could also look for one that you can use for your casual browsing. Or ones you could use for more anonymity. You could ask for greater data limits as well.
Whatever your requirements may be, you will have to look over them before you can decide which free VPN service provider is the one for you.
And if you still have trouble finding that elusive one, you can easily look over the items listed here so you can decide for yourself which one has the best scope and will work for you and your requirements.

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