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20+ Best Linux Hosting Providers 2024-According to Experts

For people developing their own websites, whether they be separate individuals or part of big businesses, web hosting is an important steppingstone. There are web hostings for all types of platforms, whether they are WordPress, Magento, eCommerce, Windows, or in this case, Linux.

The entire ethos of Linux Web Hosting is to utilize the distros of Linux to ensure that a successful web development environment is created for their users. And considering that users prefer Linux over Windows for its sheer flexibility in features. Where Windows focuses heavily on the user interface, Linux aims to provide superior feature sets that aim to aid their users first and foremost. Sure the question may arise that Linux is hard to work on, but people that have become used to working on it, have nothing but praises to shower it with.

Linux is considered the top choice for professional users and as such, Linux hosting is a mountain of unmatched potential. So for the purpose of providing excellent services to web developers or businesses, we will be listing some of the best Linux hosting platforms.

Let’s start.

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How Does Linux Web Hosting work?

When creating a website, a web hosting package is a must requirement. You will have to be careful about a lot of things before you venture out to create your own website. And for the success and overall usability of your website, it is paramount that you choose a good web hosting plan. Preferably one that is in coalition with your needs and requirements.

You have to consider the bandwidth, domain, and marketability of your website and choose the plan that will create more buzz for your website.

There are web hosting platforms for both Windows and for Linux. The Linux plan sets out to provide you with all the necessary tools to host your own personal or professional website and make sure it has the ability to grow as time progresses.

There are all sorts of plans available, ranging from best to worst, depending on your own personal requirements. Some plans are cost-effective, while some may be extremely pricey. But keep in mind that the premium prices tend to come with additional features, whereas the low costing platforms are more catered towards beginners or those that simply wish to use the simple and basic features to get the job done.

Best Linux Hosting 2024:

Here is the list of 20+ Best Linux web hosting providers in 2023 and 2024.

  1. ScalaHosting
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostinger
  4. Cloudways
  5. HostGator
  6. A2 Hosting
  7. SiteGround
  8. DigitalOcean
  9. Linode
  10. Inmotion Hosting
  11. DreamHost
  12. FastComet
  13. ChemiCloud
  14. Hostwinds
  15. HostPapa
  16. InterServer
  17. KnownHost
  18. TMDHosting
  19. MilesWeb
  20. MochaHost

16- ScalaHosting:

Another great hosting provider for people that are either starting out on the web development front or have been in it for a while and are hoping to expand upon their already established brand. ScalaHosting is a great Linux-based hosting platform, offering multiple hosting plans and a fast web surfing experience.

Since they have been here for an age now, they are quite capable of providing excellent services that seek to help their customers. An example of that would be their amazing tech support. Capable of solving all your problems or proving you with the necessary tools to deal with them on your own.

They offer excellent security features, thanks in part due to their encrypted SSL certification. The best thing about ScalaHosting is that their hosting plans are great for people who are still unsure of whether they want to invest in this platform for their work. These users can just pay for the things they wish to use, making it perfect for them.

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2. Bluehost The #1 Linux Hosting Provider:


Bluehost is one of the more popular web hosting platforms as it supports Linux users in their web developing endeavors. Bluehost also provides great price plans as well. Bluehost provides the basic web stacks, like PHP and Apache.

For those users that are just starting out on creating websites and have a difficult time completely grasping the kinks and twists of what that task entails, alongside the fact that they wish for adequate pricing ranges, for those individuals, Bluehost is a perfect choice.

Bluehost seamlessly blends with the Linux servers, and many users can attest to the fact that it provides excellent services to people who are already well equipped with the intricacies of Linux.

Bluehost also offers a domain manager that enables you to purchase domains at a discounted rate, along with business emails, and a good content board as well. So for people who wish to start from scratch, Bluehost is a two-for-one kind of deal.

Try BlueHost Linux Hosting

3. Hostinger – Cheap Linux Hosting: 


Another good choice for Linux hosting, Hostinger comes bearing flashy, but at the same time highly lucrative, feature sets as well as great pricing plans. A win for new website creators, Hostinger aims to offer nothing but the best for them.

It has an easy-to-use cPanel, which works perfectly considering its clients are usually beginner-level developers. It has a great customer support system. This works to its advantage because the new users can easily interact with the support team to find answers to their queries.

Hostinger also has a default support system in place for other Linux variants, like CentOS, Ubunto, Fedora, etc. Its robust tools are perfect for the management of your servers. While its more advanced features allow the ease of proving extensive security features.

All in all, Hostinger has a great cheap plan to offer, and many people would count themselves gratified for using its services.

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4. Cloudways – Best Linux Hosting:


Cloudways is part of the new-age hosting providers in this decade. They pride themselves on their simple price ranges and seek to provide easy and effective website development and management solutions.

Those that think that the more complicated a thing is, the more professional it is, should really consider otherwise. Cloudways utilizes simple practices to bring about adequate and extremely viable options of website hosting for you.

Among its many features, Cloudways offers its users to choose one of five online cloud platforms, namely; Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Linode, Vultr, and AWS.

Cloudways offers an innovative dashboard for users aiming to control their Linux hosting. They are basically given a lot of autonomy in their work. Another thing that Cloudways offers is a hosting plan that has a prepackaged CDN. They are also extremely efficient in their task to keep all your data safe and monitor any suspicious activities that may harm your data.

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5. HostGator – Top Linux Hosting in 2024:

HostGator Cloud

Another modern solution for modern problems, HostGator is known for its innovative features that make its Linux hosting a treat for people who are starting out on developing a website. This combined with the fact that it also offers good pricing plans makes HostGator extremely popular amongst its customers.

HostGator offers a simple to user interface and a straightforward control panel that makes server management and customization quite efficient. You will be offered an unlimited amount of sub-domains, business email accounts, and free SSL certificates, all of this along with HostGator’s own arsenal of features.

HostGator also allows its users to migrate to or from other apps, according to their needs. You can easily transfer your website to HostGator as well. And that is just one of the many reasons why HostGator is a great option for Linux hosting.

Your control panel on HostGator makes it easy to access the servers and manage them according to your wishes, and at the same time, keep them protected as well.

The web stacks that HostGator supports are various. From Ruby to Python, PHP, and Perl. It seems to have it all. And with HostGator’s extensive security measures, you can be sure that your data is in good hands and that HostGator won’t allow for any unauthorized personnel to access it.

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6. A2 Hosting – Best Linux Shared Hosting:

A great hosting provider, especially for Linux-based hosting, is A2 Hosting. It is a brand name that has provided opportunities to many people. Particularly those that seek to create a website for the first time, or those that are already experienced enough to know what their requirements are and what they wish to do with their websites this time around. Hence why A2 Hosting offers lucrative hosting plans, so that they could help people from all walks of life instead of delegating their services to one particular breed.

Their customer support is also something to write home about. A team of experts is always present to aid you in any queries you may have or to solve any problem that may arise for you.

The pricing plans range from premium to standardized. Where the former provides excellent feature sets that help those that are already well equipped to deal with them. To the latter being for those that are more than enough for basic functional requirements.

Their catalog of feature sets includes encrypted SSL certification, which can aid to protect your data from harm. Another feature would be their turbo servers, which make webpage surfing extremely fast for viewers. The data centers are spread across the globe, making web hosting more reliable and fast.

Try A2Hosting Linux Hosting

7. SiteGround – Unlimited Linux Hosting:


Another hosting platform that offers Linux-based hosting at cheap prices is SiteGround. A reasonably well-known name in the world of web hosting, it offers a plethora of web services that aim to make your website development process easy as well as exceptional.

They offer all the usual feature sets, which isn’t to say that they are part of the crowd but to show that they know what their customers want and are willing to provide them with the basic amenities along with additional premium support that will solidify their footing as one of the better hosting platforms on the internet.

Among its features are the advanced security features, i.e. the encrypted SSL certification. They also provide domain management and business emails, etc. as well. Their cPanel dashboard is also quite good at server management and website customizations. And their tech support team offers only the best support possible.

Try Siteground Linux Hosting

8- DigitalOcean:


Originally a cloud-based hosting provider, DigitalOcean dived into Linux-based hosting as well. Using its robust feature set to offer efficient management for the Linux servers. To customers, DigitalOcean has to offer open-source tools that are built-in with its platform, all with the intention of making website development easier.

The APIs given by DigitalOcean has integrated tools that can be used by customers. DigitalOcaen also offers extremely effective online protection against malware, making it a viable choice for users. It offers scalability options that have an extremely high guarantee of success.

DigitalOcean provides users with monitoring options through which users can keep track of their servers and websites, fixing any errors or inadequacies that may pop up.

9- Linode:


If anyone can be considered a top-tier Linux hosting provider, it would be Linode. Boasting an extensive and robust feature set, along with a commendable customer support system, Linode can easily be ranked high on the list of hosting platforms.

And as is the case with several other hosting platforms, Linode itself also aims to provide great resources to people who are starting out on web development. As for those people that require a business-appropriate toolset that can enable them to reach excessive levels of administration and management when dealing with website development, Linode is the best choice.

Among its many quality features is a super easy cPanel, along with implicit GUI features as well. These GUI features can work best for IT-related situations where in-depth technical development is required.

Linode also offers some great security features, as well as the ability to achieve higher scalability in a small amount of time. The external tools offered by Linode range from CLIs, APIs, customization features for media, etc. All of these things are extremely handy to have around.

10- Inmotion Hosting:

Inmotion is also a well-known hosting program, in the sense that it offers various hosting plans, both VPS, dedicated, or shared. Whatever the requirement will be, Inmotion Hosting will be there to serve diligently. Along with its varied hosting plans, Inmotion also comes in cost-effective packages for those that are just starting out and do not wish to fork over extra cash because their requirements aren’t as excessive.

Inmotion also allows users to migrate their websites from other platforms to utilize the features it has to offer instead. It supports the basic programming languages, i.e. Ruby, Python, etc.

Among its feature set, Inmotion has distinct tools for every hosting plan. Its shared hosting plan supports content management sites. The VPS hosting plan offers a free-of-charge control panel, business emails, and even a Google integration through its app. As for the dedicated plan, Inmotion guarantees quality uptime increase by 99%, which is a significantly high number to promise, but Inmotion delivers on all fronts.

As for the offer of sub-domains, Inmotion is willing to provide free subdomains for all of its users.

11- DreamHost:


DreamHost is mostly known for its shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. It provides excellent services on all fronts. Its infrastructure and system support options are also top-notch, making it a powerful contender on this list of hosting programs. Its Linux dedicated server hosting guarantees quality services to its users according to their needs and demands.

DreamHost is transparent in its approach to pricing plans, every transaction is done upfront and with full knowledge of the user. There are monthly plans and yearly pricing plans for users to utilize according to their preferences.

It also has a robust cPanel, making server management and utilization easy and effective. The setup and subsequent use of DreamHost are also rendered easy due to its simple user interface that most users, particularly new users, will find extremely helpful.

Among the features that DreamHost offers, there is a guaranteed increase in uptime, in part due to the multiple data centers that are spread around globally. Any problem that may arise for DreamHost users can quickly be rectified because of their excellent tech support team that is available at a moment’s notice.

The security features are also advanced, aiming to shield their customers from any outside influence that may seek to harm them. So for people looking for a reliable hosting platform, DreamHost is the one for you.

12- FastComet:


Since most Linux hosting providers on this list come from a line of ingenues, FastComet is also a big contender. Its optimal pricing ranges and robust feature sets make it one of the great hosting providers on this list. It provides users with multiple Linux web hosting plans, and they aren’t just limited to beginners, but prove to be extremely effective for professional users as well.

In the world of tech giants and expert web developers, FastComet is a legend. It is considered one of the fast web hosting platforms, which is evident from its name. Its features include a great control panel, through which server management can be made easy and fast.

Speaking of fast, FastComet offers users Cloudflare CDN, the reason behind their good speed. Backup options are extremely lucrative in FastComet, as are the servers that can help webpages of all types to be rendered speedily.

13- ChemiCloud:


ChemiCloud is considered one of the top-tier hosting providers due to the fact that it serves as a good choice for expert web developers. This is due to the fact that ChemiCloud has a great IT infrastructure, which makes it extremely lucrative for people who have complex business requirements and are looking for a permanent and professional solution. At the end of the day, after you have used the services of ChemiCloud, you will be satisfied to know that you have created a solid and high-standard website.

By using ChemiCloud, the websites will gain more traction online, increasing traffic substantially. This occurs due to the SSD drives that allow outside parties to view your website quickly. And that isn’t the cherry on top. Due to several data centers located globally, ChemiCloud ensures that your website viewers will have a great time surfing your website.

The feature sets offered by ChemiCloud, include the aforementioned SSD drives, but also extensive security features like the encrypted SSL certificates that guarantee that your data is secure. You will be offered daily backups, as well as weekly, so your data stays in top condition and there is no chance of it being lost.

ChemiCloud also offers its users a migration feature that enables you to migrate your website from some other website over to ChemiCloud or to leave its services to go to some other platform. But with their extensive toolset, who would want to leave?

14- Hostwinds:

Hostwinds is another good option for people looking for Linux hosting plans. You can’t go wrong with this platform as they provide services for all types of users hoping to build different types of websites. These hosting plans can range from shared hosting to VPS, or dedicated servers.

Hostwinds offers adequate price ranges to their users, and since their IT infrastructure is foolproof, the customer experience so far has been good. Its services are catered to both new users as well as business-level enterprise users.

Users also have the option to choose from any of the Linux distros, whether they be Ubunto, Fedora, or CentOS. Hostwinds is willing to help in all of them.

15- HostPapa:

Based in Canada, HostPapa offers multiple hosting plans as well. But it is only catered towards Linux-based hosting. Thus, users of Linux will easily understand its working structure. And considering its pricing plans are also cheap and reasonable, HostPapa is considered a good contender for Linux web hosting.

It offers users a free domain name, and it is considered great for people who are just starting out on creating a website for themselves. This is made evident considering their pricing plans.

HostPapa has a great control panel that offers excellent management and customization features to its users. Their SuperMicro servers, combined with their Cloudfare CDN, ensure that webpage load response is fast.

Its tech support, as well as its user interface, is easy and simple and made to help their customers easily understand and work more efficiently.

16- InterServer:


InterServer is another on this list that offers multiple hosting plans, whether they be shared, VPS, or dedicated. It provides great services to its users and considering that it has a super-simple interface and setup procedure, people will find it completely hassle-free.

As for its pricing plans, they are considered adequate enough. InterServer also provides users with a migration tool that can help them migrate their website to or from other platforms. Its tech support is also quite good.

InterServer works in close conjunction with other Linux distros as well. Like CentOS, etc. Its cPanel is also robust and easy to use for the management of servers. It has self-healing servers for cases when your website may face certain errors. These servers will ensure that your website is optimized throughout.

17- KnownHost:


KnownHost offers Linux users multiple hosting plans and is great for users that wish to further expand their online business. Their VPS services are especially liked among their audience for how lucrative and robust it is.

KnownHost has a lot of features that make it one of the better hosting platforms out there. New and improved tech supports, along with the opportunity to increase their scalability scale should they wish to further expand their website traffic.

It has the usual SSL certifications, along with an anti-virus feature that can better protect your data from online threats. Overall, it is a good Linus web hosting platform that deserves more recognition.

18- TMDHosting:


TMDHosting is one of the oldest and most used web hosting platforms. And the reason for it being well known is its prestige at being a hosting platform. It offers several hosting plans and has ties with various web service providers. Thus providing a sophisticated platform that knows what its customers want and aims to provide them with the best possible solutions.

Its interface as well as its setup is quite simple. It has data centers spread across the globe, which ensure that your website will remain active and online 24/7. TMDHosting provides many open source tools that are at their customer’s disposal. These tools range from Dolphin to OpenCart. Only the best of the best for its users.

Among its features are the usual packages. As well as a BitNinja firewall that is becoming more prevalent in the world of the web.

TMDHosting also has great pricing plans.

19- MilesWeb:


Based in India, MilesWeb is one of the cheaper hosting providers, with data centers spread across the world. This helps in achieving increased uptime, which in turn makes for better website viewing.

As it is based in India, its Asian audience has become quite smitten with its usefulness. Although relatively new, it has certainly gained popularity in all the time it has been available.

MilesWeb provides its users with multiple hosting plans, from shared to dedicated, and from VPS to reseller hosting. It is cheap, simple, and just right for the choosing.

Along with its extremely high uptime guarantee, MilesWeb also offers excellent security measures as well as, the basic migration tool. The security feature is considered advanced due to the presence of SSL certifications. Whereas its speed is due to the presence of Cloudfare CDN.

It may be starting out, but MilesWeb is quickly gaining traction.

20- MochaHost:


Last on the list, but certainly not the least, is MochaHost. A well-known hosting provider that has great price ranges, and excellent customer support. It has a dedicated user base, which is a testament to its reliability.

Due to their multiple data centers, MochaHost provides 24/7 online services, and your website will also be protected and active throughout. It is considered best for expert web developers as its interface is best understood by professionals who know what to look for and where.

But despite its complex nature, it is capable of building all types of online businesses, whether they be large or small.

It has a robust feature set. With excellent security measures, such as the SSL certifications. And it has proven to be one of the great hosting providers.

Which LinuxHosting Platform Should You Choose:

The web hosting plans offered by Linux come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of plans, which can mean that you will need to choose a hosting platform that is willing to work on, if not all, then most of them.

So before you choose what platform you should use, you should decide what your needs are and what are your business requirements. What kind of hosting plan do you want to utilize and is the platform for hosting you are choosing the right fit for it?

What kind of security measures do you want? And what are your audience requirements?

Do you prefer a simple interface, or do you wish to delve into more complicated waters and go all-in with your webpage development? All of that needs to be taken into consideration and you also need to know what kind of features and tools you require to make your work better and viewable.

When you have figured out the answers to these questions, then you may pick the hosting provider that is willing to satisfy all of your conditions so you could move forward with your web development endeavors.

Because at the end of the day it is always a matter of what you wish to accomplish with a certain feature set, and which one of the hosting service providers can provide you with them.

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