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Push House Review 2024: A Unique Push Notification Ad Network

push house

Are you an affiliate marketer trying to promote your offers or a marketing agency looking for more coverage? Are you looking for a premium advertising network that knows how to reach the target audience through push notifications?

Then Push.House is the perfect option for you that is cost effective and offers efficient advertising solutions. 

As you know traffic plays a significant role in online marketing, not just traffic – direct traffic. Because in direct traffic you get the targeted and engaged audience. The direct channel is the direct and cost-effective way as it bypasses intermediaries like social media and search engines. 

In this article, we will talk about the Push.House and its features offering to publishers and advertisers. After reading this article, you can estimate how much engagement and conversions you will get if you choose this ad network.

So without further ado, let’s start!

Push.House – Introduction:

Push.House is one of the fast-growing and Ukraine-based push ad notification networks. They have been offering their services since 2018. 

Push.House is an ad network that focuses on push ads and connects the advertisements and interested users who want to receive the latest updates through such notifications. So publishers can easily monetize the traffic by using push notifications. 

Push.House has a huge network and has more than 525 million active subscribers present all over the world. Due to the large number of networks, they can easily generate a huge revenue. 

As their subscribers are present in more than 180 countries that makes them generate 14 billion impressions and 30 million clicks per day. Due to an extensive network of publishers, your ads will reach a niche audience.  

Push.House specializes in various advertising verticals, including Finance, Antiviruses, Crypto, Apps, Nutra, Dating, Utilities and other, offering targeted push notification campaigns to effectively reach audiences in these niches.

Features of Push.House:

Now we will discuss the features that outshine the other ad networks:

Network Volume:

Push.House is known for delivering quality traffic, especially from its direct publishers. 

As they offer a huge volume of ads from direct publishers and external partners. They have a big network with more than 525 million users who have signed up to receive ads. Every day, their ads get huge clicks. Over 415 million on smartphones and 9 million on desktop computers. 

Advanced Targeting:

Push.House offers advanced targeting options for your ads. With extensive filters, you can filter out the users based on age, subscription, country, browser language, and OS version. In this way, you target your specific audience and get the result in real-time.

Precise Retargeting: 

Push.House allows advertisers to retarget the audience who have shown interest like visiting the website or interacting with their ads. These audiences are more likely to convert compared to the new users. 

So advertisers with less spend on ads can achieve the desired results. As a result better return on investment (ROI) for advertisers. 

This process is quite simple and easy and doesn’t need extensive knowledge in ad management.  

Retargeting pixel: 

They introduced a new feature called Retargeting pixel that helps you keep track of the people who visit that page. So you can build a group of these users and show ads to the people in that group who have already shown interest. 

User Friendly Dashboard: 

You can run your marketing campaigns. The dashboard is simple and easy to use without the involvement of a third party or marketer. 

If you are not a tech geek, no worries, their dashboard is easy to navigate, and setting up your campaign is also done without any hassle. 


Through Push.House you can customize your bids. When you create the campaign on Push.House then you can customize the bids according to your requirements, you can choose the limit of ads and total budget of your campaign daily. 

Push.House also introduces micro-bidding which is  a helpful tool that helps you in making minor adjustments to your ad campaigns to let you make more money and spend less on your ads and save budget.

Moderation Queue:

After setting the advertising campaign, it will immediately be placed into a moderation queue to ensure that the marketing campaign meets the standard and guidelines. 

Once the moderation process is complete, now you have the option to pause or run it live immediately. In this way, you can create multiple campaigns, get them reviewed and approved, and make them ready to launch. 

This setup helps you to create several campaigns and keep them in a queue. Or you can choose to release the appropriate campaign whenever it suits your marketing strategy without any delay.

In-Page Capping: 

Push.House includes the in-page capping which is the latest and helpful feature that lets you control how often a user can click on an ad within a certain time frame. Setting the limits helps in managing the ad frequency and preventing overspending. 

If you want to test the In-Page caping then go to the ad campaign setting and turn on in-Page capping and set the required click limit. 

Ad Formats:

Push.House offers different ad formats like Push, Inpage, On-Click, etc. Due to extensive options in ads you can choose the best ad format for your campaign to get the best possible result and generate a huge revenue. 

The following are the ad formats Push.House is offering:

1. Web Push

This is the most known classic web push notification that appears on the screen of users’ devices. It works on both mobile and desktop and is very effective in promoting all of the CPA niches.

2. On click 

It is the popular ad format that opens ads in a new browser tab. It is simple, and effective which makes it a preferred choice in the CPA market. It is suitable across various industries and also runs effectively on all devices and operating systems.

3. In-Page Notification 

Push. House introduced its own in-page push traffic. It is a special ad format that combines banner ads with push notifications. This ad format was available in campaign settings before but was only used for promotion on feeds.

Templates in Campaign Groups 

Push.House also introduced the new feature Templates in Campaign Groups. With this feature, you don’t need to go through the entire process of making a campaign from scratch. You can make the templates with all the necessary settings for your campaigns.

Moreover, if you need to make a few changes, you can edit the templates and apply changes to all campaigns under that template group. In short, this process is not only time-saving but also easy. 

Campaign Optimization Tool 

Push.House also introduces the latest campaign optimization tool called Push.House’s Automated Rules that is not only time-saving but also prevents unwanted budget loss. 

Customer Support:

Their customer support is amazing and you get a dedicated manager for each account. Whenever you are facing any issue while creating an ad campaign you get their help in no time. 

How to Get Started?

As an advertiser starting advertising with Push.House is easy. We will give step-by-step instructions on how to create the Push.House account and start running campaigns. 

1. Account Creation:

Visit the Push.House website and here you will get the signup button on the top. Click on the button you will get the registration form. 

Fill out the essential credentials and click on the Create Your Account. Afterward, verify the provided email and let your account be approved. 

2. Understand your Dashboard:

Understanding the dashboard is essential for running ad campaigns successfully. 

Everything related to the campaign will be seen on the menu located on the left panel. If you are running your ad campaign then you will get the short description of the campaign on the top of the main panel. 

3. Ad Creation:

After account creation, now create the ad to drive traffic to your website. For this, add a title, image, and description of your ad. Make sure to provide the website link so traffic can easily be directed to your site. 

4. Audience Selection:

The next step is to choose the target audience where you want to run your ad campaign. Here select the country, city, and other demographics so your ad campaign reaches the targeted audience effectively. 

5. The Result:

After creating the ad campaign, your account manager will check the ad campaign that you created. If the campaign becomes approved then you will get the notification. After this, your campaign will start live and you can track the results in real-time via a dashboard. 

6. Tracking:

Push.House can easily use any best tracking system through S2S tracking. 

Select the tracker, copy the postback link, and add it to the tracker you are using. 

Payment Methods:

Push.House offers the underlying payment methods:

  • Paxum
  • WebMoney 
  • Credit cards
  • USDT
  • Bitcoin
  • Pay2.House
  • Capitalist

Payment Model:

The standard payment model is CPC (Cost Per Click). 

Is Push.House the Perfect Solution for Publishers?

It is an ad network where you can buy traffic for your website, affiliate links, and make money. But if your website is already getting enough traffic, then Push.House will help you to monetize the traffic and make money through it. 

So, it is the perfect solution for publishers to monetize their websites by displaying push ads. When you add your website to this network, push ads will be shown to your traffic, and you will earn revenue for each click on the ads displayed on your site.

Pros and Cons of Push.House 


  • Effective Audience reach
  • Simple and Easy to Use Dashboard.
  • Fast Approval process
  • Minimum CPC.
  • Various Ad Formats.
  • Real-Time Conversion.
  • High Conversion Rates.
  • Worldwide Coverage.
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Different payment options 
  • Minimum payout is $50
  • 24/7 Customer Support.


  • Proxies can result in the banning of an account
  • Only one type of ad design per campaign 
  • For stopping ads on specific sites, you cannot pause the sites or source on the static page, instead copy the ID of the site and add it to the blacklist manually. 

Push.House Affiliate Program:

Their affiliate program will put additional money in your pocket. Just inviting someone to join the Push.House large network will help you in earning extra money. When someone uses your referral link and joins and deposits some amount, then you will get the 3% commission on the deposit. 

Do We Recommend Push.House?

It is a good ad network for publishers that offers some of the best and premium features. In this platform, you can launch ad campaigns and monetize the traffic without any hassle. It is a trustworthy ad network for beginner and expert marketers. 

If you are looking for a network that knows how to reach the targeted audience through push notifications then Push.House is the perfect option. 

Their customer support is remarkable and they solve the user’s queries within no time. Advanced targeting is one of the best ways to change the direction of marketing campaigns. Moreover, their payment frequency is based on weekly and offers the highest payout. 

In short, due to their outstanding features we, as a publisher, recommend Push.House

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