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StableHost Review (2024): Is It the Best Hosting for Your Site?

StableHost Review:

StableHost is a small and straightforward Web hosting company that can compete with big hosting companies. However, it is not a rare match for big brands like Hostinger. The more prominent hosting companies can use their strategies to enhance their business and provide affordable and reasonable prices for similar plans.

Stablehost Badge

Compared to this, we can take “StableHost” as a decent and experienced hosting provider that can offer several high qualities and ranked hosting solutions with a wide range of features as well as a lot of benefits at affordable and cheap prices.

A regular user should be aware that the website displays the best possible rates for enhanced and long-term commitments with startup or beginning discounts as a whole. It is a small and straightforward Web hosting company with a lot of advantages. StableHost is a high-ranked website company.

StableHost is nowadays working or based in Arizona, U.S.A. It was launched back in the year 2009. After the passage of some time, it provided individuals, small companies, and large and enhanced corporations with shared hosting, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, resellers hosting, and domain registration in a very appropriate way. Stable Host’s website can be viewed in English, Vietnamese, German, Spanish, and Swedish, etc.

StableHost can now provide three necessary shared hosting price plans: Starter, Pro, and Platinum. They might be different in the sequence of the number of websites, MySQL connections, and many other essential factors. In terms of standard, they all come with the following key features:

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  1. Bandwidth and Storage are UNLIMITED here.
  2. A client can avail of 99.9% uptime with guaranteed.
  3. Blazing Fast SSD Storage.
  4. DDoS protection.
  5. Website builder plays a key role here.
  6. cPanel is an important feature here.
  7. SSL certificates can be mainly helpful for the overall running process of the website.

Here “cPanel control panel” which is mainly come with all immediate plans that might be managed to all aspects of customers hosted websites, here the process of integration Softaculous installer provides mostly its support to install popular and unique applications, for instance: Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, and WordPress just with the help of only one click.

Mainly and alternatively, a client will create or make his website using the bundled website builders that can provide hundreds of HTML5 layouts that might be arranged into different themed categories. This website has the quality of builder drag-and-drop interface. It also can produce results that are mobile-responsive. According to his own will, a customer also has the choice to change his design as often as he likes. R1Soft has the quality to provide daily backups.

Its customers are also encouraged to keep their backups for extra assurance and better performance in their work. A customer can also make a start from a cheaper plan StableHost also provides you the migration in the expensive procedure.


  • StableHost has up to unlimited bandwidth.
  • It has the best 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • It has the most preferred and affordable prices.
  • They have a global server network.


  • It has poor customer support.
  • Introductory pricing has reverted to normal levels.

Available Plans:

Stablehost Home

StableHost has its priority, your security; basically, we can consider it a company oriented to provide the clients with protection and safety, reliability, and high ranked performance. 2009 was its founding year. All staff members of stable Host are hardworking and caring who is running this small business. StableHost can offer unlimited bandwidth, high-quality types of equipment, S.S.D. Drives, dual CPUs, and fast load time guaranteed. StableHost can manage its PHP, Lit speed, and MySQL and only a single-click installer.

StableHost can provide its customers several states of art hosting solutions that come at great prices. These are reliable and helpful; for the sake of their list of products, we can mention few things, for instance: Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Site builder.

StableHost mainly provides its clients with three available basic plans for Web Hosting, including Starter, Pro, and Platinum, as far as their prices a concerned. These are highly competitive compared with other famous and well-known Web hosting companies like HostGator or GoDaddy. Following are mentioned here some of the main features of the plans:

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As far as a starter plan is, stable hosting is concerned. We can take several unlimited disk spaces. It provides us the facility of total bandwidth. Only one website with a well-known and fantastic site builder is also here. We can take almost 500 accounts per server is mainly required here.

1 Full CPU is more than enough in this regard. Net about 25 MySQL connections are also available here, which is a fantastic point. Script Troubleshooting is also a well-known thing mentioned here. It is a tremendous plan with many clients’ advantages; it can also provide desired results for its user.


As far as pro plan in the basis of stable hosting is a concern, we can tale several unlimited disk space here; it can also provide us the favors of total bandwidth. Unlimited websites can be mentioned here. Its Site builder is an amazing one.

Almost 500 accounts Preserver can be worked here. 1 Full CPU is more than enough here for the sake of its working. Near about 25 MySQL connections are mainly present here. Troubleshooting script is another essential thing mentioned in this pro plan. This plan is reliable and up-to-date for its users, providing the required results.


Regarding the platinum plan, we can take unlimited disk space here, too reliable and supportive. It can give us unlimited bandwidth.  Unlimited websites can also work here. Its well-known and striking feature is their V.I.P. supports which provide a lot of protocol with decent site builders. Here 50 accounts per server can be worked at the same time.

Almost two complete or Full CPUs are required here. Near about 50 MySQL connections might be working here. Script troubleshooting is a fantastic feature here. Any spy virus cannot show here results. All hacks can be repaired here. Different Spam filters are also working here for the sake of enhancing the reliability of the platinum plan. As a whole, it is an excellent plan for its users.

Here we can take StableHost plan offers. Three programs are now at the top as well: Basic, Pro, plus are their necessary initial plans. As far as price schedule as concern regarding prices, these plans are reliable and affordable as well. We also can compare these plans to other companies, they stand in a strong position, and these plans are at even better prices schedule as a whole. Here each program has its features, qualities particularities:

BASIC: Mainly, we can take here 20 G.B. disk space; it is not reliable for Host more than ten clients and below ten customer support.

PRO: Its pro plan only consists of 40 G.B. disk space, and it is not enough or supporting Host more than 50 customers.

PLUS: G.A.s far as the plus plan is concerned, we can take 60 G.B. disk space here. But it also has some drawbacks it cannot host more than 100 clients. However, this plan has a lot of benefits regarding customer support.

Price Details:

Most of the present hosting options have had a reasonable price. It means they have inexpensive without the requirement to compromise on the quality. It has especially true for the shared hosting beginning plan, which has an efficient 50% off deal in its price during the initial year of usage.

That hosting plan began at $1.75 and would get clients both limitless disk space and bandwidth. The site builder, The renewal for that hosting plan would cost us $5.95 for the one month, $4.50 per month if we selected for one year, $4.00 per month for the two years, and $3.50 month we choose the triennial plan.  It has more exciting programs and other hosting features if that didn’t suit our requirements.

Reseller hosting began at $9.12 for each month. It has provided you 20GBs of disk space and the ability to host up-to ten customers. The VPS started at $9.12 and has been recommended as a step forward from shared hosting. The dedicated server hosting costs from $145 to $245 for each month if you wish all of its full- flag characters and not care about the price.

StableHost also offered the best money-back guarantee valid for 45 days after purchasing, which is longer than you usually expected. However, that went for no more than seven days for dedicated VPS. We will pay for Stable Host’s goods with credit cards or PayPal accounts.

Ease of use:

StableHost has prepared the new account and purchased a plan which consists of 4 comfortable and straightforward stages. After choosing the program, the first thing about it was preparing the new domain, i.e., some names were costless for the initial year or transferred to an older one.

If we wanted, we would add AlphaSSL for the few extra bucks; you might notice has that there were more than the data centers to select from Chicago and Phoenix (U.S.A.), Frankfurt (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Valencia (Spain) and two servers in Singapore (Singapore).

ID Protection has been listed as an additional penniless service that we would enjoy, and they have a lifetime guarantee. Besides, SSH (Secure- Shell) access will be ours for an additional $2.50 (for a lifetime). It would be notified that it had come pre-selected, so if we did not want it, make sure we deselect it before proceeding.

After this, the client will choose the payment methodology and provide StableHost with the expecting personal information (name, email, contact number, etc.). The single point which stuck out was the possibility to select the preferable currency: For the USD, it is the US Dollar, For EUR., it is Euro. And for KR, it is the Swedish Crown, which has a nice touch.

After preparing the payment, we have entered the fourth and the last stage of the process. After that our newly-created website will appear, at least in 10 to 20 minutes.


We have managed our website with cPanel and installed famous and familiar one-click apps by using Softaculous that is Image credit, the cPanel. Most of Stable Host’s plans have gone with the famous Linux-based cPanel, so we would manage all aspects of our website efficiently, even if we did not have more prior experience with that control panel. Softaculous came pre-integrated.

It has included so many useful applications such as WordPress, PrestaShop, and Joomla were just one-click away. And if we preferred it, we will use the user-friendly Site, Pro website builder with a drag-and-drop interface that would provide us with tons of themes and templates and the capacity to change and customize the design much as we pleased.


You used GTmetrix in testing the uptime and performance of the StableHost site, i.e., Image credit: GTmetrix.

Speed and experience:

Speed test provided by GTmetrix and performed on StableHost’s essential website presents you with superior average results. The time it took to load the page ultimately was 6.7 seconds, which looked a bit better compared to the average effect of 8.1. What’s more, it needed 75 requests, which surpassed the average of 87. However, the precise performance score is C (74%), which has the average result.

We considered that StableHost promised 99.9% uptime; we have no selection but to put it to the test. We monitored Stable Host’s leading website for more than one month, all with the help of Uptime-Robot, you got a stable result. Not the second downtime is recorded. Although there are a few significant oscillations in response time, this was unlikely to escalate into a problem. It has the best problem-solving strategies as a whole.


StableHost knowledgebase has provided to-the-point and straightforward solutions to shared Web hosting issues. As far as you will tell, Stable Host’s knowledgebase had a very decent amount of articles on different topics from technical support to politics.

As technical support has mostly related to the issues of your interest, you inspected further. You found an additional division into sub-categories that covered the broad range of important issues and potential problems. All of these articles have gone directly to the point and offered step-by-step solutions. Some of them provided links to video tutorials as well.

Speaking of these, we will mention that there will be a self-help option on Stable Host’s website titled “Video Tutorials.” However, selecting that option would get you nowhere since the link appeared to be dead. When client service has been, StableHost offered most of the expected contact channels: email address, tickets, live chats, and phones. The email-based support has available around-the-clock for all the users, while the 24/7/365 phone is reserved for those with high-end plans.

As the name suggested, StableHost will provide us with stable hosting solutions. It has done so at a better price and quality. It has operated the global networks of servers and has very open about the places. There was some scope for improvement in the area of client support.

StableHost has offered the best service at a reasonable price but has done it match up with the top Web hosting companies.

StableHost Alternatives:

StableHost is a comparatively smaller company than Hostgator. That’s why it managed to offer the whole range of hosts choice, customizations, and characters. Has presented excellent value for money, provided good performance and good customer service, and featured the generous 45-day money-back guarantee. However, if you were trying to save a buck, Hostgator may be a better option.

Krystal Hosting has a fellow independent host provider from the U.K. Like StableHost, they offered the costless website builder with all the plans and a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Still, they went through a step further with the refunded policy. At the same time, StableHost had a money-back guarantee, valid for up to forty-five days. Krystal Hosting allowed its clients to change their mindset for up to 60 days after the purchase.

Bluehost has the master of ease of use and has a problematic web host to compete with. In all fairness, StableHost has given beginners everything they needed for a promising startup. Still, what Bluehost has added up to the mix is enhancing cPanel with an extremely newbie-friendly interface. This will make a buyer’s choice a bit easier.

Like StableHost, Host-Rocket has U.S.-based host offerings with various hosting-related features, good performance, and industry-standardized cPanel with access to many favorite apps. Despite this, its above-ranging average prices and costly additional setup fees may have taken us by surprise and not in the right way.


StableHost is a perfect hosting website, progressing by leaps and bounds. It seems now a day to accomplish its great mission of keeping its clients satisfied with the services and facilities of their remarkable offers. Their support team is highly qualified and provides excellent assistance.

StableHost is most reliable to seem like just in the dreams, keep its promises and respond very positively in near about only 10 to 20 minutes. It is successfully recommended for all types of business, small or large, no problem here. StableHost has better and more affordable price offers and incredible sets of qualities for products and its unique propositions.

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