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10+ Best Native Ad Networks For Publishers And Advertisers

Native Ad Networks:

Are You Looking For Best Native Ad Networks To Monetize your websites?

If you want to find the top Native Ad Networks in 2019 that can help you with monetizing your website and earn money online, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are a blogger, then you may already know the importance of Ad Networks because the right Ad network can help you monetize your website and help you to earn a lot of money.

Before going to check the Native Ad Networks list, first, you should learn what native Ads are and how you can use those Ad Networks to monetize your website and earn money.


Unlike other Ad Networks, Native ads are the type of advertisements that looks different apart from other ads we usually see, such as display ads or banner ads.

We all know that people don’t usually like ads as they are annoying to users. To make ads less annoying, here come the native advertisements which appear delightful, amusing, and entertaining to the people and receive more attention and engagements from the people.

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What is Native Advertising:

Native advertisements are one of the great advertisement types which match the appearance, feel and function of the media format in which they appear and automatically adjust itself according to the content. Native Advertisements is a type of paid media which is often used by content marketers.

Native advertisements are mostly shown on news websites, related articles, related stories, and similar posts, etc. Native ads are sponsored and carry an image with an attractive heading.

So whenever someone clicks on that native ad, he/she would be directed to some other website containing that content and as result, the publisher(you) would get paid for each click CPC (Cost Per Click) which is similar to Google AdSense. Here you can find more CPC Ad Networks to join in 2019.

Native ads are particularly used for content marketing and have become a great way to earn money from websites.

The goal of using native advertisements is to make ads look less like ads. Let me give you an example for that, you probably search for the latest news, and articles, etc. After reading the whole post, you probably have seen some sponsored posts which appear like related posts or article. These are the native ads that appear less like ads, but they are actually ads and drives more user attention towards it.

Here is an example of how Native Ads look like.

Native Ads Example

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Best Native Ad Networks 2019:

Since there are many Native Ad Networks in the online market but it is difficult to choose the one which is good for us. Some Ad Networks Also Accept Small Publishers as well. So, here in this article, we would be discussing some of the best native Ad Networks, which are as follows.

  1. Outbrain
  2. Taboola
  3. Revcontent
  5. Mgid
  6. Disqus
  7. Adblade
  8. Triplelift
  9. Adnow
  10. Mediavenus

1- Outbrain:


Outbrain is the number #1 and best Native Ad Network for Publishers which was introduced in the online market in 2006. Outbrain has done a successful business having thousands of its publishers as well as advertisers in the world. Outbrain is not only for big publishers, however, but they also support small publishers as well.

Outbrain is supporting top brands to reach a wide range of audiences by sharing their content across various top media websites such as BBC, CNN, ESPN, MSN, and Fortune, etc. Publishers (You) can earn money whenever someone clicks on the sponsored content related to your content. Outbrain is the ad network that focuses more on the quality to maintain an excellent user experience. It works like the Google AdSense CPC model. The more clicks you’ll get, the more you’ll earn.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers on Net 60 or Net 90 bases.
  • The minimum threshold is $50.
  • Payment is made by PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Credit Cards.

2- Taboola:


Taboola is known as one of the popular Native advertising networks. Like other native ad networks, Taboola strives hard to help their publishers to drive more traffic for their website. Unlike other ad networks, it is a big ad network of quality publishers that enables users to choose the type of ads that they prefer. One good thing about this platform is that they try to improve themselves from audience feedback.

Over 450 billion recommendations of content, services, and products to over one billion online users are served by Taboola every month. Publishers can sponsor content including slideshows, articles and more. Taboola ads are so powerful that they match with the content and drives more engagements with the audience.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers on a Net30 basis.
  • The minimum threshold is $100.
  • Payment is made only through Payoneer and PayPal.

3- Revcontent:


Revcontent is the industry-leading content marketing monetization platform. They primarily focus is on content, and they match their ads with the content to get more engagements with the audience. Revcontent is the rapidly growing ad network serving over 250 billion native ads per month and giving great results to both advertisers and publishers.

Revcontent is currently serving for big websites such as Forbes, NBC News, CBS, and so on. Like every native ad network, Revcontent also has some great features such as a highly responsive widget, API customization, unlimited scroll option, and much more.

Revcontent has done an excellent job in several niches such as health, finance, auto insurance, etc. Revcontent is a top native ad network for any niche you’re willing to work with. Revcontent is free to start with having no strict rules as Google AdSense, and other ad networks have.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers after 30 days.
  • The minimum threshold is $50
  • Payment methods are ACH, PayPal, Wire transfer.

4- is another best native ad network that is also popular among the top native advertisement networks such as Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent, etc. They allow their publishers to earn money through sponsored content recommendations. You can earn handsome money using the widget, which supports various languages such as English, Spanish, Turkish and French for internal content.

If you want high CPM rates with EU traffic, then would be an excellent choice for you because their pop-up widget would help you a lot in generating revenue. It is easy to sign up for the ad network.

Give this ad network a try if your website doesn’t get approved by other native ad networks such as Outbrain, Taboola, and Revcontent. It is also the best Ad Network For Small Publishers.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers after 30 days.
  • The minimum threshold is $50.
  • Payment is made by ACH, wire transfer, and PayPal.

5- Mgid:


Like other Ad Networks, MGID is another excellent native ad network which is running in the online market since 2008. MGID has an Alexa rank of 1000+, and they are running over the decades. First, they have offered a traffic exchange service, but soon they eradicated it, and now they support native advertisement.

MGID has various brand managers, affiliates, media buyers, online retailers, and publishers. MGID provides around 52 categories, including sports, finance, entertainment, etc.

MGID also offers some great widgets which are interconnected with the website design. MGID doesn’t require traffic requirements from users to join as a new publisher. Give it a try as it is a great native ad network for small publishers.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers after 30 days.
  • The minimum threshold is $100
  • Payment is made by PayPal, Wire transfer and Payoneer, etc.

6- Disqus:


Disqus is a worldwide Blog Comment Hosting Service which offers a free commenting system, which can be easily installed on any website. The Disqus ad network has several great features such as social networking, email notification, user profiles, social integration, and comment system. Among all these features, the Comment plugin is the most popular.

Disqus approves new sites with original content. Disqus has some websites that enable their publishers to earn some more money with the help of its promoted Discovery Program. Disqus pays their publishers more when they share their content across a wide range of audiences. This is also the best Native Ad network of small publishers.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers on Net90 Bases
  • The minimum threshold is $100
  • Payment is made by Paypal, ACH, Wire Transfer, eCheck, check, etc.

7- Adblade:


Adblade is another best native ad network for publishers and advertisers which came out in the market in 2008. Adblade is the content-style ad platform which enables their advertisers to reach 300 million unique users monthly.

Adblade allows its publishers to generate money based on Cost per 1000 Impressions or CPM (Cost Per Mile), Cost Per Click or CPC, and Cost per Action or CPA. In order to generate more revenue from this platform, you must have a large number of engagements with the audience to increase impressions.

Apart from other ad networks, Adblade is very selective about the publishers that they work with and approves only a small percentage of websites that apply. Moreover, they have a minimum traffic requirement for publishers is 50k monthly page views.

Payment Details:

  • They Pay publishers on the Net30 basis.
  • The minimum threshold is $100 for ACH and $250 for Wire Transfer.
  • Payment is made by ACH, wire transfer or PayPal.

8- TripleLift:


Another great native advertisement network is TripleLift which is a leading Native Ad Network for advertisers and publishers. TripleLift works on a Cost Per thousand or CPM (Cost Per Mile) basis, which means you’ll be paid depending on the number of impressions you’ll get on your website.

It offers the opportunity to turn your content into beautiful in-feed native ads. TripleLift is credited with developing an effective alternative to traditional banner advertising and introduced the industry’s first programmatic exchange for premium native inventory. TripleLift goes on to offer great looking ads.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers on a net30 basis.
  • The minimum threshold is $50.
  • Payments are made by wire transfer and PayPal.

9- AdNow:


AdNow is a widget-based native advertisement network having more than 150,000 publishers worldwide. Its RPM rates are comparable with the big players in the ad network market. AdNow can undoubtedly be a good option for monetizing your site with Native Ads.

It enables you to put an ad widget anywhere on your content. They made a hybrid ad format that combined advertisements and other engaging website content to enhance user engagement. AdNow doesn’t require minimum traffic to join, but there should be quality content on the website.

They approve all websites manually, but it is necessary to verify the ownership of the website. You can earn a great amount using the AdNow network from your content ads. Their widgets are highly customizable, and their publishers can create separate widgets for both desktop and mobile traffic.

AdNow pays publishers based on impressions. However, you can also earn more revenue by referring others to their platform, and in return, you will receive 5% of their total revenue weekly for a complete calendar year.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers on a net7 basis.
  • The minimum threshold is $20.
  • Payment is made by PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, and e-payments.

10- Mediavenus:


Mediavenus is a fast-growing native ad network which is started in 2014. They came out with the experience of the Leadbit group, which is one of the prominent CPA networks for EU and Asian publishers. Mediavenus accepts advertisers and publishers from all over the world, serving 110k publishers in 30 countries.

They provide several ad formats such as banner ads, native ads, In-app ads, and interstitial ads. Mediavenusis one of the recommended native ad network for small publishers, particularly because of the low traffic requirements.

They also offer an attractive referral program to their publishers if they invite people to their platform and in return, they’ll likely have 50% of their income.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers weekly.
  • The minimum threshold is $15.
  • Payment is made by various methods, including PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, wire transfer, etc.

Final Words:

Above are some of the best native ad networks for publishers. But I would recommend you to go for Outbrain, Taboola or Revcontent as they are known to be the most reliable and largest Ad networks in the online market. In case if you don’t get approval for these platforms, then try other native ad networks which are also suitable for your website and earn money through them.

The publishers and Advertisers who have used the Above Native Ad Networks can share their experiences below

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