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10+ Best Email Hosting Services in 2024 (According to Experts)

Email is one of the best tools for communication and has become the top need for the overall growth and influence of almost any type of business nowadays. Through Email, you can easily build the reliability of your company and can create a  strong impact on your users and gain their trust by communicating with them freely and directly.

To fully harness the power of Email hosting for growing your business and spreading your word, you need to use a hosted Email service. Email hosting services provide you multiple benefits in terms of reliability, storage space, service safety, security against spams and viruses, global coverage, etc. An appropriate selection of Email hosting services can skyrocket your business growth.

This article is a complete guide for Email hosting services. Through this article, we will explain all the basic things that you should know about Email hosting and its selection. When it comes to Email hosting there are multiple options available in the market but we have compiled a list of the best and the most reliable ones. We have also explained those networks briefly.

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So stick to this article and read carefully, you are surely going to find something helpful! 

First, let’s know what Email hosting actually is and why do we need it. 

What is Email Hosting?

Email Hosting is defined as a facility providing hosting that includes a system of renting email servers to its clients. There are numerous email hosting companies in the market that provide free hosting versions. Email facilities are incorporated in many businesses due to their strength and flexibility. Email hosting can be carried out by a dedicated or shared email server that helps in managing both sent and received emails.

What is the purpose of the Email?

Paid hosting is suitable for the majority of email clients but if you have security data like clients’ details, pay bills, and invoices you cannot implement paid hosting by simply getting any random email id like when you have your domain for emails like It becomes very difficult when you cannot bear any loss with regard to your clients, subscribers, and company.

To be more professional, it is highly recommended to update the email hosting having your domain. It is better than saving your data free of cost email hosting services like Google, Outlook, iCloud, and Yahoo mails. A separate portion of the company deals with it in case something does not go correctly.

There are many examples of email cases that result in the loss of business. There are various theft issues regarding emails like any person can hack your email by taking the password, or you can also forget your email details. Later, you can get your details back since you are using a premium email service.

If you own a company it becomes very difficult to manage and support your emails alone. Depending on in-company services not only increases your costs, but it also causes several virus attacks, malicious for both hardware and software. These issues result in not using email for a few days, which is the reason more companies are implementing new email hosting techniques.

Numerous advantages of paid email hosting include using it in case of failure, reliability, and effective help. Providers have their plans, but you can use additional applications like application software like Microsoft Office Online.

Regardless of most businesses and companies that have their own email domains, the majority of the people are unknown to email hosting, mistaking this term with site hosting. Knowing the dissimilarities, they do not know the advantages of paid email for business. Email hosting basics are not difficult. 

Email hosting services are similar to web hosting services. Having access to an email account is simple – for purchasing a web hosting account sign up or log in with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and register the account with google. However, it is observed that free email collections are not capable of providing the quality that professionals require. Email hosting services are more effective and authentic.

The provider of the email host decides precisely what to add in the email, allowing you to support bigger E-mail attachments of 50MB, greater storage space of 50GB, online resource sharing and storing platform, application software like Microsoft Office online, and support of 24/7 in case of any issue. A hosted email contains a customized domain like, and it is very easy to set. Your web host’s administrations can stand in for the email hosting strategy, otherwise, you can make attempts without the hosting.

With the internet, it is very easy to analyze the email hosting market and see quality facilities for less than $1 every month. Whether you want to create your account or for a business, the five best providers are mentioned here to check immediately.

Protocols Used By Email Hosting Services: 

You must know the functional differences of different email protocols for sending and receiving emails. The list compares the sending protocols:

  • IMAP: This protocol stands for Internet Access Message Protocol. It manages and retrieves emails on the server and it is not used for sending emails. Rather, it is used for receiving emails and saving them on a central server.
  • SMTP: This protocol stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This protocol is mainly used by industries for sending and receiving emails regarding the business. It allows you to compose and send emails to users of other mail services like you can send an email from Microsoft StandPoint to Gmail. The SMTP server is used in the email transmission procedure.
  • POP3: This protocol works the same as the IMAP protocol by communicating emails and saving them to the server. It is different from the IMAP in a way that allows you to send and receive mails but it saves your mails to your Personal Computer rather than the server. After saving the mail to your computer server it deletes that from the main server.

Primary Options For Email Hosting: 

When buying and choosing an email the first thing you have to decide is the way of hosting your email. You can choose one of the three options stated below:

  • Shared Email and Web Hosting: This hosting is provided by the majority of web hosting. For instance, if you are hosting your website by InMotion web host, you have the option of free email hosting. You have to subscribe to the web hosting fee and your email hosting is free of cost in such a package.
  • Self-Hosted Email: You can have your email hosting if you own servers, without the involvement of any third event. Such type of email hosting provides you with more controls and personalized mode but it has many negative things as well. The additional server and maintenance admins cost, with the burden of marking your emails for spam, usually supports third-party involvement for providing such facilities.
  • Third-Party Email Hosting: If you want additional services to web hosting, you must go for a hosted email. Such email hosting decreases your self-hosting expenses. To establish your business, email hosting offers various tools like shared resources like contacts/documents/calendars, video communications, and team meetings.

Most people mix the terms email hosting provider and email client. However, it is important to understand that an email host allows you to send and get emails but an email client usually an email application is what you need for composing and reading emails. Both of these are different. For instance, you can write and send emails hosted through G Suite either on the web or Microsoft Outlook mobile app.

What Is The Best Way To Choose An Email Hosting Service?

After implementing email hosting with web hosting services, there are only those features to discover, provided by your web host. In the case of self-hosting, it provides you with user-defined emails and tools to create and customize emails of your choice.

When going for the third-part email hosting facility you have to decide efficiently. You have to check various things and features in this case, and every feature is different for each business. For instance, healthcare and finance businesses follow strict patterns to stick to that might be not useful for the marketing business.

Instead of observing features of the email hosting providers, we select the hosting according to the businesses respectively:

  1. Customizable Email Domains: email hosting services let you create and manage email accounts having your company’s name in the domain address.
  2. Ultimate support: If you have a system server administrator for your organization, you do not have to procure any person for email management. Certain tools and features are available nonstop, so the queries and problems are addressed consistently.
  3. Security Functions: You get online security by marking the spam and virus-infected email through another application, but most businesses prefer using a customized host that has predefined security features rather than a third-party application. 
  4. Emails Storage: For communication in an organization and even with clients on email, there is huge storage space for saving and archiving emails. The storage space varies from provider to provider but most of them provide this of 2GB per person.
  5. Resource Sharing Limits: Email host providers send emails with attachments of a minimum size of 25MB. Various host providers allow you to perform large-sized resource sharing or File Transfer protocol tools.

Best Email Hosting Services 2024:

Here is the list of Best Email hosting services that you can buy in 2023and 2024.

  1. BlueHost – Email Hosting 2021.
  2. Cloudways Rackspace Email Hosting.
  3. G Suite – Best Email Hosting 
  4. Microsoft Office 365 – Top Email Hosting. 
  5. Zoho Mail – Cheap Email Hosting. 
  6. Greatmail – Email Hosting Services. 
  7. Yandex Mail – Free Email Hosting.
  8. FastMail – Best Email Hosting Provider. 
  9. IceWarp – Business Email Services in 2022. 
  10. SiteGround Email Hosting.
  11. A2 Hosting Email Hosting services.

#1 Best Email Hosting – BlueHost


Bluehost has been working as a renowned hosting platform since 2005 and has helped millions of users by providing automated hosting solutions and powerful tools to empower their business.  Bluehost provides you with a  custom email for your domain along with other office applications and tools.

With Bluehost, you can get a professional domain name email for your business which builds and enhances the overall credibility of your business. Their hosting plans start from $. 2.99 and come with multiple other options including email storage, outlook web access, emails, calendars, and much more.

It all varies depending on the plan you are choosing for your needs. But with all hosting plans, they ensure the provision of Microsoft outlook web access, automatic Microsoft updates, security, and disaster recovery which makes sure that your data remains safe and secure and 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Moreover, their intuitive dashboard is user-friendly and does not require multiple logins. 

According to BlueHost, there are no limitations. After creating an email account for unlimited use, you can easily utilize the storage space of the account for unlimited use. However, it is suggested for the email clients to keep dealing with the Terms of Service to make certain the email resources are accessible with complete functionality. Some non-Technical clients face difficulties within the Terms of Services to understand the email working, custom domain email, or website.

Firstly, you get IMAP3 and POP3 protocols for communicating around the clock. Afterward, you have to select webmail applications from Squirrelmail, Horde, and Roundcube. The webmail hosts are similar to the Outlook or Gmail hosts. It allows you to read email offline sent from Windows or Mozilla Thunderbird with a user-friendly interface.

Try Bluehost Email Hosting

#2 Best Email Hosting – Cloudways Rackspace Email Hosting:


This is another useful mail hosting service for businesses running on a small scale. It provides user reliability for dealing with emails. It used Rackspace and Outlook email tools for hosting and costs are variable. A highly effective feature of this hosting is Cloudways managing emails by purchasing for only $2.99 per month for each user.

You can have access to all these features of Cloudways on your desktop app. No matter if you are a small business or Affiliate Marketer Cloudways email hosting is one of the best options for you. 

Try Cloudways Email Hosting

#3 Best Email Hosting – G Suite:

G Suite

This is the most frequently used email service and most people are well aware of its working. It is an advanced email hosting service with highly detailed incorporated features and is an additional version of Gmail. G Suite is a Google cloud-based application that incorporates calendars, drive links, docs, slides, sheets, and sites. It helps you to manage and rearrange your work.

This email service hosts the greatest number of email users around the globe with nearly one billion of strength. In addition to the facilities, you can add third-party applications on this hosting to increase your business efficiency with no extra payments. You must know that G Suite is not a free application and requires minimum pay for its featured applications.

The minimum standard account rate is $6 per user per month and for the professional package, it requires $25 per user per month with 1TB of storage area for Google applications incorporating Google Drive, Gmail, and Docs. Gsuite basic package supports 30 GB of storage space per user per month.

#2 Best Email Hosting – Office 365:


Microsoft Office 365 is the best email hosting facility if you are a Microsoft customer. Office 365 provides a group of important software tools like Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook. There are different Business packages of Office 365 providing email hosting services.

It allows the email hosting service with a customized domain name. The Business Premium Office 365 package provides a storage space of 5 GB with a customized domain name. Office 365 Outlook Package can be purchased for $100 annually.

Microsoft Office 365 also provides additional email services with fewer rates as compared to many email hosting providers. The Microsoft Business Essentials package can be purchased with the minimum rate for supporting 150MB size of resources and attachments. 50GB storage space for each user allows us to save email threads for a long time.

Office 365 applications allow you to work both online and offline. The Office 365 Business Essentials package is purchased for $5 per month and it also allows Exchange accounts for only $4 for each email client annually.

#3 Best Email Hosting – Zoho Mail:


Zoho Mail is an online office suite with additional high-performance features. Various new features incorporated in the Zoho Mail include undo and recall mail, offline mode, bigger attachments of 250 MB storage support, and many more. A free email plan allows you to access twenty-five email accounts with 5GB storage space for each account, attachment support of 20MB, and email access. Other plans can offer you more accounts access.

It supports POP and IMAP protocols, with the basic plan having attachments of 30MB and storage space of 30GB, file storage of 5GB and these features are much more than various premium plans of other hosting services in the market.

The business professional package allows you to have a storage space of 100GB, an attachment space of 40MB, allows Active Directory teams, and several other features. You can have this package for only $6 monthly. Various Email Lite packages are there with not all the mentioned features but the basic functionality and a $1 monthly rate.

Zoho mail acts as an alternative to the Microsoft Office 365 and G Suit email hosting services. It incorporates the same features as many hosting services provide like the email domain, office suite, and various featuring tools for sending and receiving mails. Zoho has a free and paid version of the email hosting facility.

The free version provides the basic tools to its email customers including the web-based customer and receiving mails. With this package, you can only have a personal email account for business account setup or custom domain name you have to select the paid package of Zoho mail.

It implements the IMAP and POP email protocol for communication. It helps you to add third-party applications. This email hosting service lies in the affordable range for business organizations. You can purchase the basic plan for $12 annually, providing 5GB of storage space with this package. Many efficient plans of this mail hosting service are also available providing each user 30GB of memory space with features like Zoho Office Suite and Zoho Docs Cloud Storage.

#4 Best Email Hosting – Greatmail


This is another basic level email hosting service provider with a customized domain address with two plan choices.

The Basic plan can be purchased for only $1 for each month with a limit of 15 mailing accounts and 10GB of storage space for each account. This service incorporates predefined security tools and techniques, access to webmail customers, and POP3, SMTP, and IMAP protocols for sending and receiving emails.

The Groupware plan incorporates and provides greater services like shared calendars, schedules, and contacts with 25GB of online storage space per account. It is purchased for $2 per account per month. It has POP and IMAP protocols and implements Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for communicating with other accounts, accessing your account, adding contacts, and calendars either through a Personal Computer or with a mobile app.

These are very common features but it makes the service the best for its use available at a very low price. 

#7 Best Email Hosting – Yandex Mail:

A search engine used in Russia is also an email host provider. It supports an email hosting server with a customized name for the domain. It has its pros and cons i.e. it is neither expensive than many email host services providers nor quick and flexible.

If you register for a company, you can get a limit of 1,000+ email accounts for free. If you are registering for a website, you can get a maximum of three email accounts and you’ll be paying only $3 for each month. Another thing about this hosting is the unlimited storage regarding the emails.

There are various email tools like calendars, forms, messengers, and wiki provided by this hosting service. Any person can have 10GB of storage space annually with Yandex. It has incorporated its virus scan, anti-virus, and anti-spam techniques for the security of your account and mails, and offers two-factor authentication for implementing online security.

#8 Best Email Hosting – FastMail:


FastMail hosting service is used by many businessmen and individuals for sharing contacts and calendar schedules. It is used on the web and mobile both with strong and quick features that allow email communication to be done efficiently. After customizing your domain you can divide it into domain and subdomain levels to distribute it among your organization staff.

It manages and matches each email according to the department specification. Allowing you to categorize emails by using advanced filter features for composing and sorting your private mails or storing archive mails for consistency.

FastMail primarily deals with the Email consideration incorporating the business-centered group tools. It allows you to share resources and contacts with your organization members, bring customized identification to the mobile app and working screen, and put on the organization’s footer to each mail, allowing you to share storage space through attachments and FTP.

It allows us to publish a website with the same domain as selected for the mail hosting. The extraordinary feature of FastMail is the custom storage according to your requirement for each mail user. For instance, you can select the FastMail’s Basic plan for your customers if your storage space cannot exceed 25GB.

However, if you want more storage, you can purchase another bundle for increased storage space. Hence, you have no extra payments for a separate plane with a different number of employees.

The standard FastMail can be used for $5 per user per month having a customized domain with storage space of 25GB and the professional plan is selected for $9 per user per month with storage space of 100GB for each user with data maintenance features.

#9 Best Email Hosting IceWarp:


If your organization deals with each client with an email account, a web development company like IceWrap provides you with the best features you require for managing and controlling the email accounts and site addresses on many domains. It integrates white labeling that allows you to include your organization’s branding to the email accounts for your customers, or you can even include custom branding for different customers according to the specific marking.

IceWarp provides the complete basic feature plan offered by other hosting services, with an additional service of collaboration features after subscribing to it. You have access to customized documents and spreadsheets, group chat, video conferencing, and presentations.

You can have access to all these features of IceWarp on your desktop app. It allows you to edit your files and documents easily with increased file storage options. The basic plan can be purchased for $3.5 per user per month with 50GB of storage. The premium plan used 200GB of mail storage for $7 per person per month with suitable tools.

Last Words:

Email hosting has become one of the basic needs for the success of any online business. Email hosting solutions provide you with a number of benefits that can collectively boost up your business much faster. Through this article, we tried to provide you with the best available options in the market regarding Email hosting services.

All of the above-mentioned companies are convenient and reliable to work with. You can choose any of the above networks and can easily bring your business to the next level. 

Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali is the founder and CEO of RankingGrow LLC, where he helps his clients build powerful brands through Search Engine marketing. He is a frequent contributor to several other sites. His articles and blogs are featured on some of the most reputed digital marketing forums.

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