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15+Best Instagram Growth Services 2024 (Experts Recommend)

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RankingGrow Ranked the #1 Instagram Organic Growth Service Provider in 2024. 

Most Affordable Service

InstaGrov is Award Winning Instagram Organic Growth Service Provider in 2024.

Best Instagram Growth Services:

Instagram was launched in 2010 and has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing images and videos. It has more the 1B monthly active users and over 70M daily shared photos and videos. The platform also offers an excellent ecosystem for businesses & brands to promote their products and services to many audiences.

But to effectively grow your business on Instagram, you’ll require more real and engaging Instagram followers. Gaining followers on Instagram organically is quite arduous, and that’s where Instagram growth services come in.

Instagram growth services help you get more real Instagram followers and grow your Instagram profile. They take the entire burden and let you enjoy all the benefits. But with so many available options in the market, choosing the right Instagram growth service for your business is very hard.

That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best Instagram growth services that you can use to grow your Instagram followers.

Best Instagram Growth Services 2024:

Here is the list of Best Instagram Organic Growth Services that you can use in 2023 and 2024.

  1. InstaGrov.
  2. RankingGrow
  3. Kicksta.
  4. Upleap.
  5. SproutSocial.
  6. Combin.
  7. Jarvee.
  8. SocialBuddy.
  9. Ampfluence.
  10. Instamber.
  11. Mr. Insta.
  12. Instazood.
  13. FlockSocial.

1- InstaGrov – The #1 Instagram Organic Growth Service:

InstaGrov is the #1 Instagram growth service featured on Yahoo! Finance, YourStory, Techco, Forbes, and many others. It is our recommended pick for the top Instagram growth service due to a variety of reasons. The platform provides you with a wide range of solutions to increase your Instagram followers and efficiently grow your business. InstaGrov can be used by new accounts, Instagram influencers, bloggers, brands, agencies, and social media managers.

Moreover, the platform is powered by real people and aims to provide you with 100% real, bot-free. Human-powered Instagram organic growth service to gather the users that are actually interested in your content. Furthermore, it helps to effectively grow your social presence among your preferred audience. InstaGrov, with the aid of advanced targeting techniques, helps to grab the attention of your desired audience and make them interested in your content. Following are some of the targeted approaches used by InstaGrov to increase your organic Instagram followers:

  • Geo-Location Targeting: InstaGrov targets the specific areas with the right users and customers according to your preferences.
  • Hashtag Targeting: Grow your Instagram account with the right hashtag.
  • Competitors Targeting: Channelize your competitor’s audience towards you after knowing their interests.
  • Gender Targeting: If your content is meant for a specific gender, let InstaGrov know your preference so that they can get the desired audience for you.
  • Niche Targeting: The platform helps to target the audience in your preferred niche.

InstaGrov makes your brand more visible to visitors and connects you with real consumers to grow your business in less time via the above-mentioned targeting strategies. Additionally, the platform enables you to set your preferences and select the appropriate hashtags, usernames, and locations according to your needs. Interestingly, InstaGrov regularly interacts with your audience through different strategies to capture their attention.

Besides, the platform ensures a 100% safe environment and focuses on providing the best Instagram growth experience while keeping your data safe from any misuse and third-party interference. Also, they offer 24/7/365 customer support if you need any help regarding their services.

Try 5 Days Free Trial No Credit Card Required


Ranking Grow offers a 5-day free trial and affordable pricing plans:

  • Engagement: $99 per user per month
  • Growth: $149 per user per month
  • Full Growth: $299 per user per month

2. RankingGrow:


RankingGrow is another top service provider for organic TikTok Growth in 2022.

On TikTok, your labors are not always rewarded. This platform understands that fierce competition makes it challenging for your videos to garner interest. You don’t have to be one of the numerous people who give up on their ambitions to become well-known tiktokers since Tiktok is another term for consistency.

Do you want to increase the popularity of your TikTok account or page? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. To assist you in gaining real followers, RankingGrow employs organic techniques. Genuine followers care about your content and are referred to as such.

You would be shocked at how smoothly everything is handled organically, without any scams. RankingGrow assists in getting your material in front of readers actively seeking out stuff similar to yours.


Daily Interactions:

RankingGrow regularly engages with your intended audience.

100% Human Powered:

Giving you a genuine, engaging audience rather than false bot followers guarantees human-powered organic development.

Gender Targeting:

RankingGrow assists you in becoming an authority in your field and attracting the intended market’s interest.

Geo-Location Targeting:

Based on your preferences and interests, RankingGrow targets individuals from the area.


  • Basic – $99 monthly.
  • $75 per month for Growth
  • $299 per month for Full Growth  

Try Rankinggrow

2- Kicksta:


Kicksta is a powerful Instagram growth service that helps you get real Instagram followers with the aid of their advanced growth tool. It is trusted by more than 10,000 influencers and agencies, including Trustpilot, Raindrop, Arcana, Vincero, and more. The platform offers cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to ensure real and bot-free organic traffic.

Kicksta helps you engage with real & relevant Instagram users and get followed by the desired audience in the following ways:

  • Find profiles similar to you and list your competitors, influencers, and complementary brands in your niche.
  • Kicksta will auto-engage with their followers via auto-liking, auto-following, auto-commenting on your behalf.
  • As long as you post high-quality content regularly, some of those people will follow you back because you engage with a similar audience.

The platform helps you grow Instagram followers organically instead of buying them because it’ll increase the risk of getting banned and wasting your time & money as Instagram deletes suspicious activities. You may end up getting banned.

Moreover, Kicksta offers impressive targeting techniques to target your audience via location, hashtags, gender, demographics, and more. It lets you refine your targeted audience to meet the core needs of your brand. One interesting thing about Kicksta is its Actionable Insights feature that provides you detailed analytics about your new followers through a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard.


Kicksta offers 2 pricing plans with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

  • Standard Plan: $49 per user per month
  • Premium Plan: $99 per user per month

3- Upleap:


If you want to easily and effectively increase your Instagram followers and enhance engagements, you might consider trying Upleap. After joining the platform, a dedicated account manager is assigned to engage with the audience on Instagram and grow your followers, likes, and social exposure.

Upleap grows your account via various strategies, including targeted engagement, following preferred audiences, viewing stories, reacting on live broadcasts, and sharing your Instagram profile externally to be indexed by search engines to get extra coverage.

Moreover, Upleap engages with a real and right audience to ensure real results. It allows you to grow with other relevant Instagrammers to get your more natural engagement over time. Interestingly, getting started with Upleap is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Steps involved in account growth are given below:

  • Step 1: Sign up. Once you sign up, you’ll be asked a few questions about your preferred niche.
  • Step 2: After joining Upleap, you’ll get an account manager dedicated to growing your Instagram followers and account.
  • Step 3: Let Upleap know the type of audience you’d like and sit back – they will do the rest.

In addition, Upleap also helps you track your progress and provides actionable insights into your Instagram followers. Besides, if you need any help related to your account growth, your account manager is there 24/7 to solve your issues.


Upleap offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Lite: $59 per month
  • Standard: $79 per month
  • Premium: $199 per month   

4- SproutSocial:


SproutSocial is a leading Instagram management tool used by 25,000+ popular organizations and brands, including Unicef, Havas, DreamWorks, Tumi, Shopify, and more. SproutSocial’s Instagram integration enables brands to manage their Instagram accounts and helps to grow followers effectively. The advanced tools offered by Sproutsocial help to manage tracking, scheduling, publishing, engagement, monitoring hashtags, responding to comments, and much more. Instagram Publishing feature you can easily schedule and publish photos directly from Sprout.

Furthermore, it offers advanced editing tools and a centralized Asset Library to make sure Instagram posts stay on-brand and meet quality. Besides, it comes with a team content calendar with campaign tags and message approval to manage Instagram posts efficiently. Additionally, the social CRM tool helps to engage with and grow your Instagram followers and foster brand loyalty. SproutSocial also offers Instagram reports to help you track your follower growth, identify top-performing posts, and monitor comments, likes, and engagements.

One of the most remarkable features of SproutSocial is the intelligent Instagram Monitoring feature that helps you manage and reply to messages, comments, or mentions from a single inbox to boost engagement. You can also use hashtag tracking to monitor Instagram post captions for valuable engagement opportunities. Plus, it also enables you to create connections with your audience via reposting user-generated content.


SproutSocial offers 3 pricing plans and a 30-day free trial:

  • Standard: $99 per month
  • Professional: $149 per month
  • Advanced: $49 per month           

5- Combin:


Combin is a powerful Instagram marketing tool with advanced features for targeting the desired audience, managing accounts, and increasing engagement to attract new followers to build a loyal community for your account. It lets you track your Instagram followers’ list and see those who don’t follow you back so that you can unfollow them.

Some of the advanced features offered by Combin are given below:

  • Advanced Instagram Search: Combine various search queries to find interesting profiles and publications. Run searches by location, hashtags, usernames, followers, commenters, likers, bio, etc.
  • Excellent Targeting: Define the targeted audience using demographics, gender, language, location, and audience size.
  • AI-Powered User Analysis: Combin offers a unique machine learning technology to identify low-quality accounts, eliminate pointless engagement, and save the limited quantity of daily available actions.
  • Audience Management: It helps you identify who doesn’t follow you back and unfollow them in batches. You can also prevent important accounts from accidental unfollowing.
  • Repetitive Actions Automation: This feature helps you engage multiple Instagram accounts at once instead of interacting with the content of each separate follower manually.
  • Detailed Analytics: Combin helps you get daily, weekly, and monthly activity stats to make data-driven decisions. It provides detailed analytics about your follower’s count, the number of received likes, and comments.

Apart from this, Combin offers a wide range of other features, including Multiple Instagram, accounts management, Instagram stories mass viewing, Checking your Instagram audience quality, planning Instagram posts for auto-publishing, and much more.

6- Jarvee:


Jarvee is another popular Instagram growth service that offers a wide range of features to get you only real and engaged Instagram users. You can even get up to 100,000 new Instagram users with Jarvee. The platform helps you schedule your posts or stories to go live when most of your followers are active, which will help you gain more organic traffic. With the aid of the Hashtag Research feature, you can easily search for related hashtags in your niche. Moreover, Jarvee uses various approaches to capture users’ attention, grow your followers, and increase your influence.

Some of the techniques used by Jarvee to grow your Instagram account:

  • Auto-Repost: Jarvee automatically finds the high-quality posts in your niche and reposts them to your account to expand your circle of influence.
  • Auto-Follow: The platform automatically searches and follows Instagram users to get their attention.
  • Auto Unfollow: Unfollow the individuals who don’t follow you back to keep your following list to a manageable size.
  • Auto Followback: Automatically follow back your Instagram followers to make sure you keep in touch with them.
  • Auto-Like: Search for the best images on Instagram and automatically like them.
  • Auto-Comment: Automatically search for interesting images in your niche and leave a comment.
  • Delete Posts: Delete old photos that could not get proper engagement and keep only highly engaging posts.
  • Contact Prospects: Jarve offers a single place to keep in touch with your followers. It allows you to auto-reply to new messages or sends a welcome message to new fans.

Apart from this, the platform enables you to customize all your messages and posts via the Spin Syntax feature. Besides, Jarvee provides actionable insights into your followers and lets you analyze the results to identify the best performing content and improve your campaigns. Some additional features offered by Jarvee include Find & Extract targeted users, Manage comments,   Proxy support to avoid leaving an IP footprint, Import data from other tools, Save posts, and more.


Jarvee offers a 5-day free trial. Pricing plans are also available:

  • Starter: $29.95 per month
  • Regular: $49.95 per month
  • Professional: $69.95 per month

7- SocialBuddy:


If you want to organically increase your Instagram followers and likes through advanced social media processes, SocialBuddy is a great choice for you. The platform focus on providing you with real and targeted followers. It utilizes advanced targeting to reach a real audience with a real interest in your shared content. The process is very straightforward; all you need to do is sign up, provide the information on your niche, competitors, industry, and relevant hashtags, and SocialBuddy will do the rest.

The platform captures the attention of Instagram Influencers and their followers to further reach within your specific niche. It also takes advantage of your competitors’ followers and channelizes them towards your account. Moreover, SocialBuddy also uses hashtag targeting techniques to find users who are more likely to follow and engage with you.

With SocialBuddy, you can get 10 – 15 new followers per day more organically and naturally. Furthermore, the dedicated account manager assigned to you helps constantly optimize your growth and achieve the best possible results. Besides, the service is very affordable, and you can have a team of social media experts to grow your account for only $3.30 per day.


The pricing plan starts from $99 per month   

8- Ampfluence:


Ampfluence is another powerful Instagram growth service that offers 100% human-powered service focused on growing your Instagram influence. The platform works hard to understand your audience and create a customized strategy to increase your Instagram presence. It works side-by-side on your account to constantly interact and engage with your targeted audience to organically grow your followers over time.

The platform interacts with your audience by leaving comments, liking their photos, following strategic accounts, and much more. Moreover, the platform is 100% compliant with Instagram’s terms of services and doesn’t grow your account via bots, scripts, or automation software.

Ampluence uses the targeted approach to engage with audiences who are relevant to your brand. Some of the targeted approaches include using hashtags, locations, demographics, gender, and much more. Furthermore, the strategic persistence of Ampfluence’s team helps you increase the traffic on your Instagram profile and photos.


Ampflence offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Growth: $249 per month
  • Growth X2: $349 per month
  • Growth & Content Management: $999 per month

9- Instamber:


Instamber is a unique Instagram growth service that offers various solutions to amplify your growth on Instagram at an affordable price. It is a completely web-based application, and there is no need to download and install any software. Plus, your data is totally safe and secure with Instamber.

After joining the platform, an experienced marketing assistant is assigned to you that interact with the target audience on behalf of your account to grow your Instagram followers. Instamber continuously engages with your followers via auto-liking, auto-commenting, auto-follow, and much more. This engagement leads to increased followers, increased loyalty, conversion into customers, and enhanced sales.

Moreover, the platform offers a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard to allow you to grow your IG easily. Furthermore, Instamber targets your target audience accurately via various techniques, including hashtags, geographic location, similar accounts & competitors, language, and gender. Besides, it provides you with actionable insights into your account growth. It helps you track the number of followers so that you can use the data to develop new strategies and make data-driven decisions in the future.


Instamber offers a 3-day trial for $1, and the pricing plans start from $10 per month.

10- Mr. Insta:

Mr. Insta

If you want to get targeted, high-quality, and free Instagram followers, Mr. Insta is a great choice for you. It is a unique Instagram growth service that helps to boost your engagement with free Instagram followers. The process is very straightforward and takes only 2 minutes. Steps involved in getting free Instagram followers are given below:

  • Register and Login
  • Activate the free plan
  • Follow profiles of your preference
  • Get free fans after 2 minutes

To retain your followers, you need to post high-quality content that your followers find interesting. Moreover, Mr. Insta offers a safe and secure environment to grow your Instagram account. Plus, you can cancel your Mr. Insta account anytime you want.


Mr. Insta offers a free plan that runs for 48 hours. Subscription plans are also available:

  • Daily Followers: $20 (15 Followers)
  • Automatic Likes: $20 per day (25 Likes)

11- Instazood:


Instazood is a unique Instagram bot software powered by AI that mimics users’ activities on Instagram, including mass, follow, comment, like, unfollow, view stories, and direct messages. It is a reliable and trustworthy method to grow Instagram followers and boost engagements. The tool guarantees 100% genuine followers that are interested in your posts. Instazood increases your followers through various techniques, such as Auto-Follow, Auto-Liker, Auto-Comment, Auto-Unfollow, and more.

One of the most remarkable features of Instazood is its Social Bridge app that helps Andriod users easily access a huge number of Instagram followers. The process is straightforward; download Instazood’s Social Bridge app, connect your Instagram account to the app through the Instazood dashboard, and leave the rest to Social Bridge.

Instazood utilizes three targeting strategies to get you followers who are related to your business:

  • Account Targeting: The tool finds the more similar accounts to your account and then starts following their followers. This strategy increases the Instagram actions like profile visits, comments, likes, shares, IGTV & highlight views, and direct messages. By targeting others’ profiles, you can easily get followers from any topic you desire.
  • Hashtag Owners & Lovers: This strategy is best for improving engagement. Instazood follows the person interested in a specific hashtag to visit your profile and find common interests.
  • Location Targeting: This strategy allows you to find nearby people using their location. The platform uses Instagram location tags to users’ living area or their activity places and follows them. If they found your business or accounts similar to their interests, they will follow you back.

Apart from this, the tool is very safe to use because its bot service automatically reduces the speed to prevent your account from hitting Instagram limits. Plus, they offer 24/7 technical assistance.


Instazood offers a 5-day free trial, and the pricing plan starts from $14.99 per month.

12- FlockSocial:


This is inarguably one of the most genuine Instagram growth services because they offer 100% real, bot-free, and organic traffic to grow your Instagram business. The platform only targets and engages with real and active users and helps you build long-lasting relationships with your future followers. The process is very straightforward and involves the following steps:

  • Create an account that will take only 5 minutes and answer a few questions.
  • Find similar profiles (competitors, similar brands, and influencers) in your niche so that FlockSocial can target only those users that are genuinely interested in your products or services.
  • FlockSocial will start growing your Instagram followers by auto-engaging with them.

Moreover, the platform uses cutting-edge AI technology that mimics human behavior and brings meaningful engagement by real users. Furthermore, it also offers an easy-to-use and clean dashboard that provides deep insights into your account growth.


FlockSocial offers 2 pricing plans:

  • Instagram Rising Star: $49 per month
  • Instagram as a Business: $99 per month

Final Thoughts:

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that you can use to build your online presence, gain many followers, increase engagement, and promote your business. Choose any of the above-mentioned Instagram growth services to perform all the difficult tasks for you. All the services mentioned in the article are reliable & trustworthy and offer 100% real Instagram followers, with zero spam and no bot traffic. Through this article, we tried to explore some of the best Instagram growth services, and we hope you will find them helpful.

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