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20+ Best Free Image Hosting Sites in 2024 (According to Experts)

In cases when you wish for a place where you can store all of your pictures without the fear of them being deleted or destroyed due to some reason you can’t foresee.

It can be because your device storage got corrupted, or your device was ruined because of some natural disaster, or maybe it was an accidental deletion that caused you to lose your pictures. Whatever may be the case, your files are lost to you forever.

In those exact cases, it is important to have a backup place where you can store your pictures so that they are never removed. And since there are platforms set in place just to provide you with these conveniences, why wouldn’t you make use of them.

And the best thing? These platforms are completely free.

Free image hosting sites are plentiful on the web, and even more, they come with several benefits that can ensure you that your pictures are safe and secure, without you having to worry about losing them in some freak accident. After all, data is data. And yours could be precious to you.

These free hosting sites are, in a word, free and easy to access. They act as backup storage for your images and there won’t be any repercussions or problems caused, since these hosting sites come with external servers that make sure that your data is protected 24/7. Which is the most anyone can ask for, since no one can guarantee your device, on which you have stored these images, won’t perish under some strange circumstances.

Another quality about these image hosting sites is that you can access your data anytime and anywhere, through any device. And that is a major plus point.

But there is the problem of choosing which image hosting site is the one for you. Thankfully we have compiled a list of some of the best and free-of-charge image hosting sites on the internet.

Let’s start.

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What are Image Hosting Sites?

Let us begin by asking what image hosting sites are and what benefits they can provide, other than offering us storage space for our images.

What happens is that image hosting sites provide the option to upload your images, maintain them according to the features provided by the hosting site, and even share them amongst friends or the general public.

These images are stored onto the external servers of these sites, where your data will be kept safe and secure, waiting for your instructions on how to use them. If you wish to keep them private, or if you wish to broadcast them online in the form of forums or blog posts. Since these sites are free of cost, you will be provided with a limited storage space, which you can increase to unlimited if you pay a meager cost.

But underline about these image hosting sites is that they act as storage units for your images and await your instructions on what further steps to take.

Best Free Image Hosting 2024:

The following list shows some of the best free image hosting sites of the year 2023 and 2024:

  • Google Photos
  • Flickr
  • Amazon Photos
  • PhotoBucket
  • ImageShack
  • DeviantArt
  • Unsplash
  • ImgShare
  • Wix
  • Imgur
  • Pexels
  • SmugMug
  • IceDrive
  • Pinterest
  • Pixabay

1- Google Photos:

Google Photos

With the name Google stamped on it, you can just imagine that whatever service you’re going to be provided with is going to be a good one. Because in all the year’s Google has been active, billions across the globe have made use of all that Google had to offer, and none of them were disappointed in the least with what they got. That’s the power Google has. So it is safe to assume that Google Photos, another in the arsenal of Google’s web service platforms, is a great image hosting site.

By using Google Photos you won’t just have access to the services that it provides, but also to the other integrated Google tools as well, like Gmail, Google Drive, etc. Since these tools are also provided with Google Photos.

Google Photos has an easy interface that is pleasant to work with and extremely pleasant to look at. All of your images are categorized into albums. Google Photos provides an event-to-event theme as well, where your pictures will be shuffled, and you will be shown collages of them during anniversaries or other events. So it all feels festive.

The free storage space that Google Photos provides is limited to 15 GB.

You will be provided with a local editor that can help you edit your images according to your needs by using a free toolset.

Another thing about Google Photos is its auto-sync feature, which makes it possible for you to automatically sync your files from your device onto Google Photos. This can be done through their cloud service, or through their mobile app service. Your pictures will be stored in the storage space, waiting for further instructions such as sharing or deletion.

2- Flickr:


Flickr has been around for a really long time, and its benefits are fully utilized by photographers. Since the editing tools that Flickr provides, combined with their picture sharing options, this platform works great for people who wish to expand upon their photography by communicating with others in the communities that are made in Flickr.

Flickr offers a slew of editing features that can help you work on your image by a lot of degrees. You can enhance the images and make them look even more picturesque. You can share them among the online community for people that peruse such arts since most of them know what a gem Flickr is.

The only problem would be the 1000 image limit that Flickr has added, so you won’t get the chance to add more images than that.

3- Amazon Photos:

Amazon Photos

Another hosting site is backed by a huge conglomerate that is known for providing excellent services. Amazon Photos is in conjunction with Google Photos in terms of image storing quality. Just like Google Photos, Amazon Photos also comes in mobile app format as well. And it is completely free of cost.

The storage space offered by Amazon Photos is a lot lower than Google Photos since Amazon Photos offers only 5GB of storage, but that is still a lot compared to others on this list.

Another thing Amazon Photos does in comparison with Google Photos is allowing the use of other Amazon web services, since Amazon Photos allows users to utilize the editing and customization tools it provides to spruce up your images and have them delivered to you, at a small price, but in a wholly different format. This feature comes in handy when you wish to get a printed format of your image that is done in a quality setting.

4- Photobucket:


Photobucket is also a known name on this list of free image hosting sites, as it has some of the best quality pictures available on it. This is to be expected since Photobucket is a great haven for photographers to really express their photographic artistry and showcase it in an environment where others can fully appreciate them.

But the sharing feature of Photobucket does not imply that all of your pictures will immediately become public. You will be given the option to share them however you like or to keep them as a private collection. Both options are given to you.

This platform is known for broadcasting the best and quality images in their original format, without any outside tampering. Users are allowed to make galleries full of their pictures. But there is a catch since Photobucket has an image limit of about 250. You won’t be allowed to upload more photos for free.

5- Image Shack:

Image Shack

Image Shack is also known as a platform for photography enthusiasts, whether that be image purveyors or image uploaders, Image Shack is there to provide a quality experience. As far as image uploading and editing work, you can accomplish that through any device. Just upload your images directly from your device and edit them with the tools that Image Shack provides, after that you can decide whether you want to store them privately or set the settings to public and let the online community have a viewing experience.

The image storage space that Image Shack is also quite large, about 10GB worth of storage space per month for your images. All of this space is free for you after you create an account. After that, you can easily use the image editor tool which has a lot of features to customize your images.

Image Shack is also one of those free platforms that offer a premium package as well, through which you can increase your image storage space, allowing you a multitude of features that you can use to enhance your experience. This premium feature comes with a 30-day trial period as well.

6- DeviantArt:


DeviantArt is a name that is well known among the online community for encouraging some of the best and most creative artists and photography content makers of all time. That platform has some of the best picture bundles out there. DeviantArt also comes with a freedom that other platforms do not offer. Since other platforms have community guidelines that they follow, DeviantArt allows users to upload whatever kind of content they want. The only limiter that DeviantArt offers is that your images can’t be larger than 30MB.

DeviantArt allows users to upload their images to a large audience, in the form of individual images or photo albums. Users can easily create their own online repertoire of images.

7- Unsplash:


Unsplash is another large image repository, allowing great quality photos to be uploaded on it. Unsplash is known best for these two facts, the fact that it showcases high-quality images and that it has unlimited storage.

But with these awesome features, comes a bunch of limitations as well. Such as the fact that you will have to comply with the community guidelines that it lays out, otherwise your images won’t be qualified for Unsplash.

If you are looking for a free hosting site that has the option of sharing and storing of images, and come wrapped in a great package, then Unsplash is just for you.

8- ImgShare:


ImgShare is another option for free image hosting, as it allows users to upload their images and decide whether or not they wish to share them online. The sharing option provided by ImgShare is a particularly good one. But the image can’t be more than 32MB in size. Although users can upload as many images as they want without having to be restricted to a specific number.

As for the sharing options provided by ImgShare, you can easily broadcast them onto their platform for other people to peruse, or you could keep them as a part of your private collection. Arranged and cataloged in organized album formats. You can also share your images onto other platforms such as blog posts or forums by generating an HTML link of the image and posting it on the other site.

9- Wix:


Wix is another popular image hosting website, whose sole purpose isn’t limited to image hosting, but website hosting as well. In that way, Wix is an all-rounder. But where other platforms offered a simplistic approach to uploading and sharing images, Wix is a bit different. As it allows users to host their images through a Wix website that you will have to create, after which you can upload your images on that site alone. But worry not as creating a Wix site is completely free.

The site that you create can be made private or available for the general online public, that is all up to you.

Basically what happens with Wix is that you can create a fully optimized site that can act as a platform for your images that you can not only showcase but can even market off of. This two-for-one option lends to creating a great portfolio for your photos.

10- Imgur:


Imgur is another simplistic platform for image hosting where you are provided with the option to either keep your uploaded images private or public. As Imgur is visited quite often by online communities as it has a collection of some of the best quality images online, there is no wonder that if you wish to make your images public, you won’t find a wider audience for it.

But in the case that you wish for the images to remain private and just for your own use, worry not for you will have an unlimited storage space at your disposal, allowing you to use Imgur simply as a storage platform for your images.

11- Pexels:


Pexels is an image hosting platform that also comes with its own set of community guidelines that you will have to follow if you wish to upload your images. Unlike DeviantArt, there is no freedom to upload any kind of images you wish. If your pictures go against community guidelines, the pictures won’t be allowed on the platform.

But once these guidelines are followed, you can upload your images and even videos to your heart’s content. They can be put on public view option, or just as part of your private collection, whatever may be the case, you can use Pexels as a means for your image storing.

The best thing about Pexels is that it offers you the opportunity to market off of these images as well. You can get recognition if your images are viewed several times by a wide range of audiences, so in a way, if you are willing to put your images on public display, you can create a significant following for yourselves.

12- SmugMug:


SmugMug is another one of those image hosting sites where you can create separate galleries and albums of your images as a means for photographers who wish to create a portfolio of sorts. The image quality in SmugMug is quite high, and creativity flourishes in such a place. Or if you want, you can put the private option for your images as well.

But one thing to be noted is that SmugMug isn’t technically a free image hosting site, as they offer a trial period which is free, after which you will have to pay a monthly fee to get access to it.

So for those people that wish to further avail of SmugMug’s services, they can do so by attaining the paid version of it. Because if they do, they can market off of their images as well.

13- Icedrive:


Icedrive is an image hosting site that provides users with a storage space of 10GB, which is astronomical compared to some others on this list. But calling Icedrive a strict image hosting site would be a stretch since Icedrive is first and foremost, a storage space for your data that can act as an image hosting site as well.

You can easily store your images onto this platform, even better, you can store all sorts of data onto this platform and make it so that no one but you can access them. Or if you wish it, you can share them online as well. Whether to a group of people or through a hyperlink, you can share the content that you have stored onto the Icedrive to others just as easily as well.

14- Pinterest:


Pinterest has become a large platform in the last decade because of its easy-to-use and understand interface that attracts all sorts of people because of how good it looks. It has become a hub for people from all walks of life to upload their photos.

Viewers have a great time going through the catalogs of images, that are arranged in various mood boards or just simple boards that act as albums. You can follow other people on Pinterest that upload your favorite category of images and interact with them as such. Pinterest has become a sort of social media platform as well.

You can upload an unlimited number of images onto this platform and view all sorts of images that are super easy to come by, allowing you free rein to browse images, or even similar images, which can become an experience in and of itself.

This is one free image hosting platform that you do not want to miss.

15- Pixabay:


Pixabay is a known image hosting site that has a good following as well. The images that you upload here are also limited based on the community guidelines that you have to follow. So there is a bit of a restriction. But other than that you can peruse varied images of high quality on this platform, or even upload images of your own.

It is to be noted that users are allowed only 100 images per day and no more. But other than that you will find a great image hosting platform that has a collection of some of the best images online.

Pixabay is truly a great fit for users.

Which Image Hosting Site Should You Choose:

In the end, you are left with the impression that there are plenty of image hosting platforms and a lot of them fulfill your requirements. What those requirements are can range from how many uploads you are given the option for. Or what kind of platform it is, does it allow you the liberty of sharing your images, or if the case is that you wish to keep them hidden as part of a private collection, will you be given that option. And even then, just how good are those conditions.

But amongst those questions arises the fact that all of these platforms are completely free of cost so you can upload your images and share them according to your own needs and requirements.

Even better since most of these sites are provided by some of the biggest and best platforms online, such as Google and Amazon. You are also provided with the option of building a community of your own that follows your content, or you can even market your images, create an online portfolio, or even edit them if you wish.

All of these options are provided to you, and it is up to you which ones you wish to avail yourself of.

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