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Best CPI (Cost Per Install) Networks For Publishers 2020

CPI Networks:

Are You Looking for CPI Networks to Monetize Your Website or Mobile App? You’ve come to the right place.

Here in this article, we will share with you Best CPI Networks For publishers to earn revenue from your mobile apps or websites.

Before Jumping to the list of Best Cost Per Install networks first you should learn what are CPI Networks and how can they benefit you to grow your apps and increase your revenue.

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Introduction to CPI:

It is known as Cost Per Instal, or CPI is a fascinating, efficient, and famous marketing tool created by mobile app marketer experts. That helps you to get the real people and get high-quality traffic to promote your product and allows you to earn more revenue.

With the help of CPI Affiliate Networks, you can measure ROI (return on investment) for your struggles, techniques, and income stream.

For marketers, it is considered a campaign that should run successfully across the media with a target to drive more traffic and installs for the application.

When the brands or products are launched with a fixed amount. After installing the app, the whole process is called as CPI Campaigns.

Your investment may go -in-vain as you have to pay only when the user downloads the app. The more users download the app, the more amount you will earn. So, with little effort, you can increase your income stream.

How To Market Your Mobile Application:

It is a very technical stage when you have created an app, and then you are trying to promote it. The essential thing in the digital advertising industry is traffic; your whole progress relies on how much traffic you get.

But if you are failed to gather traffic for your application or website, your all efforts will go-in-vain. There are too many apps available on Google and App store; thus, the competition is getting higher day by day. To overcome the issue facing by the marketers, mobile app marketing techniques have been created by the marketing companies to help them.

How Can The CPI Networks Benefit You?

Cost Per Install

CPI networks can benefit you in many ways.

For Advertisers: It allows you to create unique ad campaigns and apps that help you to drive quality traffic to your website. It guides you through generating quality content that attracts several audiences and devotes them to purchase that product or download the apps.

Thus, it enables you to grow up a lot of monthly active users by which you can produce more revenue.

Other than this, CPI networks increase the ranking of your app store because, on every download, your app promotes to the next level.

For Publishers: CPI networks have high integration with CPM and CPC so you can earn money based on impressions. The more impressions you will get per day, the more money you can make every day. Similarly, you can avail of the opportunity to charge an amount based on clicks. So a maximum number of clicks will generate maximum income for you.

You can grow more traffic by marketing your product on social media as social media has millions of active users than other networks.

In this article, you will share with you the list of best Pay Per Install (PPI) Networks. Through which you can select the one that befits your needs and encourages you to move further towards your destination.

Best CPI Networks:

Here is the list of 25+ Best Cost Per Install (CPI) Ad Networks For Publishers to join in 2020 and 2021

  1. TopOffers
  2. Lemonads
  3. NativeX.
  4. AppLovin.
  5. AppNext.
  6. AppLift.
  7. TapJoy.
  8. Adikteev.
  9. Fiksu.
  10. AppsFire.
  11. YeahMobi.
  12. MobFox.
  13. LeadBolt.
  14. MobVista.
  15. PropellerAds.
  16. StartApp.
  17. GOWIDE.

1- TopOffers – Best Affiliate Network For CPI Offers: 

TopOffers Home

TopOffers is the best CPA Affiliate Network that is providing more than 2000 offers that cover more than 150 GEOs. The most converting verticals present in TopOffers are Dating, Gaming, Cams, Sweepstakes, Gambling, and Betting.

TopOffers team is welcoming every new affiliate with a $1,000 Welcome Bonus when they reach $10,000 revenue within their first 3 months for dating vertical. For all the other verticals, they also provide you other alternative bonuses.

You are given $1000 as a bonus if you manage to make $5000 in revenue in the first quarter of verticals like Gaming, Gambling, Betting, etc. They also have a system in place to determine the best converting offers of the week. You can check it out at:

TopOffers is one of the leading Affiliate CPA networks that is providing high-quality CPI offers. They also have collaborations with some of the world’s leading brands which can also help publishers in getting international offers. In this way, they’re not just limited to a single country but they can grow their business across the world. There are a lot of features present at your disposal which can be used to achieve long-term success.

Their traffic system is also very well optimized for all kinds of platforms like Android, iOS, browsers, etc. TopOffers also provides publishers and affiliates with all kinds of offers that are designed to help them in increasing their businesses in the most effective way possible.

2- Lemonads – Best CPI Offers For Affiliates: 

Lemonads is one of the top CPI networks which provides high-quality traffic to its customers. As they deal with international companies and merchants, so their service system also spans across the world with more than 200 countries included. There is no fraudulent traffic or bots involved, instead only the high-quality traffic is brought in to provide the maximum benefit.

They have a really simple signup process and their interface is also pretty straightforward. All of the statistics are available to you. One of the biggest advantages of going with Lemonads is its vast library of offers that are both international and exclusive. With these international offers, you can get the highest payouts possible.

They have also developed their very own in-house proprietary platform which oversees everything. They also have good tracking solutions available if you want to track your progress and all of the trackings is done through Lemonads. So, if there is any kind of error, they can fix it immediately. They also have an excellent support system which is very responsive.

Try Lemonads Affiliate Network

1- NativeX:

The company was created in 2000, located in San Francisco, California, and St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is part of Mobvista, which is one of the leading CPI networks. It is also known as the part of big industry owned by professional game developers and advertisers.

It helps the user to monetize your website or app store through the reward and non-reward ad formats, including in-house promotion, playable videos all in one SDK, and lightning play video.

It has advanced technology that allows you to optimize your ad, make sure its placement, and progress through the use of learning the machine and predictive analytical tool.

You can promote your app and improve your app´s performance as it delivers real active users all around the world to your app or website.

NativeX increases your ROI by promoting your campaigns at a global level. So, you can produce maximum results by using this specific CPI network.

2- AppLovin:

It was founded in 2012; the head office of this company exists in Palo Alto, CA, which is an effective platform where you can interact with your qualitative clients directly without the interface of any third-party.

AppLovin is an ideal platform for the users that helps the developers and professionals to grow at an international level and polish your skills.

AppLovin allows the developers and experts to finance, advertise, promote, and expand your business at a general level simultaneously. Thus, you can reach your goals and give your best to generate an excellent output.

3- AppNext:

AppNext company was created in 2010, exists in London, U.k is a top-rated network specified for mobile app video advertising.

It has high integration with the expertise, developers, OEMs, publishers as well as mobile operators that support them in promoting their newly launched app to generate best results.

The company has more than 60,000 developers and 650million users from all over the world and has built a marketplace to facilitate the developers to link with the advertisers and publishers directly.

These advertisers and publishers guide and help them to use the right strategies and new techniques to monitor the app entirely and analyze its performance.

They value your efforts. So, if you are looking for a network that can help you utilizing your efforts in the best possible way.

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4- AppLift:

AppLift company was established in 2012, located in Berlin, Germany. It is a famous mobile ad technology company that allows mobile app advertisers to control every aspect of the whole marketing process.

It contains an advanced technology named as DataLift 360 that supports them to launch and promote the app as soon as possible and get more active users from a single interface.

With the help of this network, a mobile advertiser has full access and control over his campaigns that provide advanced data integration.

It has particular features that help them to get a targeted audience and encourages them to build audience management capabilities.

5- TapJoy:

The company was launched in 2007, having many branches spread in different countries, but the main office is located in San Fransico, CA.

It is a big company with a broad platform that allows mobile app developers and advertisers to create engagement with mobile apps as well as provides monetization services to experts and professional web developers.

The TapJoy SDK contains more than 15,000 mobile apps, which tend to reach over 520 million active users every month.

The company has a high reputation as it was said that it has worked with 500 quality brands and the top 200 professional web developers who have the right name in the marketing industry.

It is an excellent chance for the mobile app advertisers to work on this platform and polish your skills by utilizing its advanced technology as well as mobile expertise to get maximum audience.

6- Adikteev:

Trademob was launched in 2017 by the French advertising market leader Adikteev, which is a famous mobile advertising company established in 2012, located in Berlin, Germany.

It offers the advertisers an ideal combination of state of the art creatives with big data and machine learning expertise.

Adikteev helps the advertisers and app developers to meet the needs of users in facilitating them for a lifetime.

With the help of Adikteev, you can get high traffic and conversion rates; it guides them to create a unique app and advertise that on such a platform that raises brand awareness in the audience.

You are facilitated to monitor the behavior of the audience and notify them with a message alert as well as give updates about new brands and exclusive offers.

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7- Fiksu:

The company was established in 2010, head office located in Boston Masachetteus that provides the advertisers higher access to the quality audience on mobile.

They target those audiences who are interested in investing money time in the app. So. in this way more people are attracted to the app and all the reward went to you.

It has got a good reputation and won several mobile campaigns related to reputed brands, agencies, and app developers in the last few years and thus consider trustable by the audience across the world.

Fiksu has a link with marked companies and ran more than 500 campaigns of their brands successfully, for instance, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Disney, Dunkin Donuts, and almost 24 top ranking IOS apps, which have a strength to increase the net grossing of company.

8- AppsFire:

Appsfire is a leading global platform for mobile apps that helps the advertisers and publishers to produce and advertise their apps successfully in a short time by providing the right strategies and the guide of expertise.

Its primary focus is on the groundbreaking, highly developed native ad units and technological services for mobile devices.

It encourages the app developers, advertisers and publishers to speed up their user acquisition, interaction with audience and monetization cycle with a unique set of advertising units that supports them to promote their app among a large number of audience globally.

9- YeahMobi:

The company was launched in 2011, located in Xian, Shaanxi, with its other offices in Germany, China, Japan, and the U.S, with a professional team of 400+ employees.

It is one of the best performing platforms that has got the right name because of helping the advertisers and mobile app developers to achieve global growth.

It contains modern technology, innovation, and big data that helps the advertisers and developers to solve the issues, guides them as well as provides them specific marketing solutions including performance network, social, search, display, and offline.

Along with this, the company also offers them an ad-based monetization solution to improve the performance of the created app through API and SDK integrations.

10- MobFox:

The company as established in 2010 with its head office in Vienna, Vienna. It is famous for data-driven mobiles and SSP exchange services.

MobFox provides all the possible tools to the publishers and web developers to manage the app correctly to produce effective results. Such as monetization stack, ad serving, and data were layering to perform the app efficiently and automatically.

It is linked to more than 200 expertise all over the world, and thus its excellent performance makes him support major ad formats like video, visual content, rich media, etc.

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11- LeadBolt:

It is a high-performance company that was launched in 2010, located in Sydney, NSW. Leadbolt is an efficient mobile advertising platform that is famous for providing high traffic and in-app monetization.

It has inbuilt analysis based algorithms that ensure advertisers and web developers with quality traffic and high ROIs.

Leadbolt has a set of high impact solutions, offers to advertisers and mobile app developers to improve in-app advertising performance, and maintains your tremendous progress.

12- MobVista:

MobVista is the world´s largest and best mobile ad technological company in Asia, the most trusted company by the audience, launched in 2013, located in Guangzhou, Guangdong.

It tends to get more and more audience in real-time with a lot of engagements and installments. It has a team of more than 1000 world´s leading app developers and advertisers capable of attracting more consumers from all over the world with the help of performance based-ads and ASO tools.

It contains highly developed technology efficient for diverse native ad formating, has an algorithm, the native video ad platform these features have helped more than 500 developers across the world to increase their ad revenue and growth with the use of Mobvista and its reasonable premium.

13- PropellerAds:

It is one of the best largest Ad networks, a company established in 2011 and located in Limassol, Cyprus.

It has more than 1000 desktop and mobile users daily with thousands of publishing partners and expertise to get more audience and maximize the premium.

Propeller Ads possesses recent technology as well as several ad networks to guide you to get optimal results; for this purpose, it provides you with the best advertising solutions to improve your ad´s performance so you can get more benefits from it.

If you desire high results and more revenue fro your ad campaigns in a short period and less budget; thus, you have the best opportunity in front of you to avail the chance without wasting any time.

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14- StartApp:

It is a big mobile technological company, established in 2010, with its head office located in NewYork, NY. They have created a technology helpful for the partners in fulfilling mobile moments.

Now you have a chance to explore mobile users, identify their behavior, activities, and even being active in responding to their attitudes.

It helps their partners to utilize an innovative creation in the best possible ways and produce an excellent outcome by using the right strategies at the right time.

You can judge its performance by the number of applications it has. It contains more than 350,000 apps that have reached over 1 billion MAUs across the world.


GOWIDE is used by millions of people across the globe, established in 2013, exists in West Vancouver, Canada.

It has the capability of putting all advertising solutions into one category. The company services strongly support app owners and agencies to guide the publishers, advertisers, and app developers to monetize inventory in the best way.

It has a belief that mobile advertising and digital marketing is the best way to deliver your message to the quality audience to bring them in action.

If you want to get a loyal user, then GOWIDE is the best option for you that helps you in getting real people by investing time and effort. In this case, it serves as the best mobile app providing efficient services to produce maximum results.

16- AdCash:

It is one of the largest company founded in 2007, in Tallinn, Harjumaa. It is a technology-driven ad network that provides useful solutions to the publishers and brand advertisers across the world online.

Every month, it offers more than 20 billion ad impressions in all desktops and mobile devices. Thus, publishers and advertisers can monetize their digital content with the help of ad campaigns at industry rates.

It has a network of the world’s leading publishers that approach the target audience globally. So, you can interact with a number of the audience in real-time to produce generate revenue.

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17- Clickky:

Clickky is a vast platform mainly designed for publishers and advertisers. The company was established in 2010, NewYork, NY.

It provides video and performance advertising solutions that help them in developing their SSP and RTB marketplace.

Their objective is to link premium advertisers directly to the right consumers. They make the investments only to improve the technology so they can use it as an instrument to enhance the progress and generate maximum results to satisfy the business partners by meeting the needs of customers.

18- Appbrain:

It is the world´s leading platform, founded in 2009, in Zurich, Switzerland. More than 70,000 publishers are using Appbrain to display non-incentive ads and drive the installments to your ad campaigns.

It has an analysis algorithm that informs you about the performance and the progress of your ad campaigns. So, you can keep a check on your ad campaigns to know the number of audience you got, installment, reports, date, income earned.

It is effortless to use and promote your business in the market.

19- Digital Turbine:

Digital Turbine established in 2011; Austin, Texas, famous for proving the right mobile application to the real person in real-time no matter where the person exists. It delivers services all over the world.

It offers products, services, and high performing solutions not only to the mobile app developers, publishers, advertisers but also to the mobile operators and OEMs to give the best of the app ecosystem.

Their monetization process helps the advertisers and developers to promote their brands among substantial traffic and quality audience to boost up the business on a broad platform across the world.

Mobile operators and OEMs support the publisher’s team to promote the product with the while-label billing and content market places; it has delivered more than 150 million app installs for several popular advertisers.

Approximately 31 million consumers consume their recommended solutions every month through more than twenty global operators to help you in meeting the needs of customers and achieving the targeted destination.

20- Chartboost:

Ït is the world´s leading platform that focuses on mobile games and helps the advertisers, publishers, and web developers to monitor, optimize, and monetize the app properly to make the right decisions.

The company was established in San Franciso, having its branch offices in Amsterdam, and Tokyo also has accessed over 200,000 games and reached 700 million active players all around the world monthly.

They offer direct deals, a mobile ad network, cross-promotions with full transparency and control for the users over the game so they can compete well in the ad campaigns instantly.

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21- IronSource:

IRon Source was established in 2010 with its head office lies in Tel Aviv, Israel. It has the strength and ability to create monetization, engagement, and discovery tools for mobile app developers, mobile operators, and advertisers.

It helps the big marketing companies to promote the business by accessing high traffic globally. It provides efficient solutions to the advertisers and operators to manage the app in a way that they can bring great success to the company.

Iron Source smooths the way of finding, understanding, and interacting with the real audience in a real-time, more than 80 million app developers are using Iron Source for running ad campaigns and marketing their app online.

Their enterprise technology is serving millions of devices all over the world, giving excellent output.

Because of its performance, it has reached over the number of 800 million users who are using Ironource, and thus the company is earning more money by their installments every month.

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22- Mobobeat:

It is also the largest company created in 2008, in Madrid, Spain. It has a specialization in delivering the best eCPM results to the publishers and advertisers

The company creates mobile apps by their own and advertise by their publishers, it works with the direct and premium publishers, advertisers, affiliates, media buyers, etc. which have the qualities to monetize their innovations with the best strategies and helps in promoting their apps at a global level.

It has a programmatic RTB technology that better copes up with the requirement of consumers. It has the power to reach the target audience delivering high CPI, CPM, CPC, and CPD.

23- Appness:

The company was established in 2007 in Nicosia with its head office in Nicosia. It supports app developers and publishers to compete for ad campaigns and other apps and provides them with high-quality solutions to solve the issues that they face while implementing a facebook strategy.

It has a creative team and full platform to access the human cloud, freelance teams, and ad design innovation across the world to meet the goals as soon as possible.

Appness has a specialty to deliver messages and fresh ideas directly to the advertisers through their facebook ad accounts within 24 hours.

24- AppThis:

It is an international mobile ad tech company; founded in 2014, Denver, Colorado.

Its primary focus is on the global app ecosystem and serves over 10 million app installs for professional publishers and app developers.

It is globally increasing its branches based on efficient performance. On the demands of publishers and advertisers, it has opened its office in London and Tel Aviv.

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In this article, I have discussed Top CPI networks that can give you the best results if you make their right consideration.

You can increase your revenue by using these CPI Advertising Networks, so if you are in search of the best CPI networks and the knowledge to know how these networks can benefit you, you have a piece of experience in the shape of this article.

Admittedly, this article will prove the best sample for you while you are advertising your new mobile app or trying to monetize it. In both cases, you will get benefit from it.

At we provide trusted Ad Network Reviews and ratings to help publishers and advertisers to find the best Ad Network.

The Publishers and Advertisers That Are Using Above Cost Per Install Networks Can Share Thier Experiences Below. 

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