20 Best Traffic Exchange Websites In 2024

Are you interested in traffic exchange Websites? Do you want to find out the best traffic exchange networks to boost up your audience and in turn your revenues? You are at the right place.

This article will explain all the basics about traffic exchange websites like what they actually are, what are their benefits, what are their two main types, are safe? etc. We will also explain the best traffic exchange networks and programs briefly.

But first! Let’s find out what the traffic exchange sites actually are and what is the main idea behind the traffic exchange.

Traffic Exchange:

The aim of traffic exchange websites is to establish a platform for internet marketers, for this purpose, Webmasters register for the traffic exchange websites. Anyone who registers his/her websites should visit other sites to grow their viewers. Users can build their referral network for increasing the referral’s numbers of credits by traffic exchange programs.

Many marketers prefer direct ad exchange methods with other websites which means they can post their ad directly on each other’s websites in this way owners have full control of their strategies. Let’s see how traffic exchange works.

Working Mechanism of Traffic Exchange Websites:

There is a central hub site that uses special types of software like HitLeap to run traffic exchange websites. Individuals submit their form to the webmaster and become part of the exchange program then they must browse the other sites which allow their sites to be viewed by others.

These sites provide earnings that catch the attention of the visitor. The publisher who wants to increase traffic makes the list of traffic exchanges and continues to do the same browsing. All this is regulated by the traffic exchange program which tracks the number of views received by the publisher.

There should be a balance between earned views and paid views, usually 1:1. This ratio is known as the listed ratio on traffic exchange websites.

Benefits of Traffic Exchange Programs:

The following are the main benefits of using traffic exchange software:

1. Free Traffic:

Mostly these traffic exchange websites are free to use, which means that if you are low on budget or have no budget, you can still make your website known without spending any money on advertising. But in order to get the premium memberships, they require you to buy their plans.

2. Fast Traffic:

Yes, this is true! Traffic exchange programs insanely boost up your website audience in hours and days. Traffic exchange drives traffic at many crazy speeds as compared to the articles and other marketing techniques

3. Targeted Traffic:

Traffic exchange offers to put the targeted audience into your reach especially if your product is relevant to internet marketing, the relevant people pick your websites.

Drawbacks of Traffic Exchange:

As everything has some pros and cons, traffic exchange also carries some drawbacks.

  • Bounce rate is used to check the search engine ranking by using traffic exchange services if the bounce rate is low then visitors find nothing interesting in the content of a site.
  • The traffic exchange has a very small network for conversion that’s why proper testing is required to get the best results
  • Using traffic exchanges in web pages isn’t allowed
  • There are no new resources to buy products
  • A number of spam backlinks are generated by using traffic exchange sites.

Types of Traffic Exchange:

Mainly there are two types of traffic exchange i.e

  1. Autosurf Traffic Exchange
  2. Manual Traffic Exchange

1. Autosurf  Traffic Exchanges:

Autosurf uses a bot which is a form of software installed in the computer which serves to browse for you. With the help of this software, you can earn credits while you are doing other tasks in the background. In other words, you get something without doing anything. This provides you with little earnings of a few dollars.

2. Manual Traffic Exchanges:

Almost everyone prefers Manual traffic due to the fear of bots which usually provide fake traffic and lack the ability to convert, subscribe, or click the ads. Manual traffic exchange which restricts bot access also often uses captcha verification in order to check whether browsing is done by a robot or a real human. This is a more practical and reliable way.

Let’s have a look at some of the renowned traffic exchange platforms which are the best in the market.

Best Traffic Exchange 2024:

Here is the list of the Best traffic exchange websites that still work in 2023 and 2024

  • HitLeap – Free Traffic Exchange.
  • Otohits – Best Traffic Exchange.
  • SmileyTraffic – Traffic Exchange Program.
  • FeelingSurf – Traffic exchange service.
  • eBesucher – Best Traffic Exchange Network.
  • EasyHits4UTraffic Exchanger
  • StuartXchangeTraffic Exchange Tool.
  • Tezak Traffic Power – Traffic Exchange Platform.
  • Legacyhits – Traffic Exchange Website.
  • Legacy Hits – Online Traffic Exchange.
  • 10KHits – Free Exchange Traffic.

1. Hitleap – Best Free Traffic Exchange:

If you are running an online business then you must need ample traffic to your site. Hitleap is the best auto-surf traffic exchange website which provides a fast and cheap way to bring the visitor to your site. Here you have to visit the site of others and earn credits which are later used to bring visitors to your site. Unlike other websites first, you have to download and install a software named Hitleap Viewer which helps their users to visit other websites and earn visitors back to their sites.

If you don’t want to waste your time surfing then it gives you the option of buying traffic for your site this is the fastest way to grow traffic to your site. They also offer a referral system so you earn money by inviting people to this site.

If someone joins through your link buying traffic or upgrading their membership then you will earn up to 25%. You can withdraw your cash through PayPal but only if your account balance is at least $5.

2. Otohits – Free Traffic Exchange:

Otohits is a free traffic exchange service with a unique engine that works 24 hours no matter how many users are connected with them. Here you are capable to add your sites that offer a good surf and are in constant watching to delete blocking websites.

If you are successful to add your site now the owner provides auto surf through which you earn credits. After starting you have to stay on auto surf you spend enough time on auto surf to earn points that credits your sites and others can easily see your sites. The site is completely free users can enjoy all their options without spending any money.

3. SmileyTraffic – Best Traffic Exchange:

About  197175 members are registered with this website so it can quickly produce a higher audience. This site allows you to promote your referral URL. Credits re-selling is automatically terminated, for free members payout is $20.00 users can take out their payment between 1-72 hours. They allow rotators. For manual and auto surf only one pop-up is allowed.

4. FeelingSurf – Top Exchange Traffic:

About  50,000+ users use this traffic exchange website and have increased the overall traffic on their sites. It provides simultaneous surfing from several locations. This site comes with a French-oriented page having a modern interface.

The duration of surfing time for each visitor on this site is about 10 to 60 seconds. This allows you to choose the maximum credits which you are desirous to allocate to a site per hour or per day. This site provides you, with unique visitors, in 24 hours or in some days by eliminating repeated visitors. They also provide pay to click which means that the members can earn by clicking on ads

5. eBesucher –  Best Traffic Exchange Network.

eBesucher is a program for auto surf and mail exchange that pays its users for surfing websites, reading emails, and referring to others. They claim that users can earn passive income through this method if they do a little effort.

They get payment from different companies and then pay their users for visiting the sites of their customers’ companies. The owners create a new button named “surf now” By clicking this button new browser tab is open which tracks all the websites you have visited.

This new tracker tab simplifies the programs. The points you earn can exchange into cash, each month You can make up to $100. Besides this, they also provide the facility of referrals systems which can boost your earnings further. You will be paid 8% on direct referrals and 5% on indirect referrals.

6. EasyHits4u – Best Traffic Exchange Program:

This site is listed in the top manual traffic exchanges having Ten lac members. This site provides unlimited earnings.  It actually allows a number of visitors to your link. On each visit you get one visitor back to your link, about 1000 visitors can visit your site daily the number of visitors may vary.

You can also make extra earnings through their referral program. It is overall a reliable platform for traffic exchange.

7. StartXchange – Traffic Exchange Service:

StartXchange is also present in top traffic exchange websites. These sites offer three types of membership

1. Free Membership Where anyone is free to join but they must have to visit at least three websites in order to get one visitor to their site. They allow users to advertise only five banners and ten websites. They also give good profits through referrals to friends.

2. Gold membership offers a 30% referral commission to their member if his/her referral buys traffic from these sites. You get a bonus of 250 credits and 20 banner impressions every month. Here you are allowed to advertise thirty banners and fifty websites. If you visit two websites you get one visitor for your sites. For this membership, you have to pay only $6 per month.

3. Platinum Membership has a very minimum surf ratio, you just have to visit one website and you get one visitor for your sites. This membership also permits you to advertise up to 30 banners and 50 websites and gives you a 30% referral commission. You get a bonus of 500 credits and 30,000 banner impressions per month. This membership costs you $14.95 monthly.

8. Legacy Hits – Traffic Exchange Tool:

Legacy Hits also frequently uses websites by TE Racing League and Traffic Monsoon, as it is a widely used website in the market. They offer the following facilities to their users;-

Pay to Click: this means you get money by clicking ads on websites as many times you click the site you will earn,  the earning usually varies from site to site and also depends upon the sort of work.

Traffic Exchange: This allows you to change your traffic with other website owners, you can buy traffic exchange visitors with credit purchase and it saves your precious time. You just need proper planning to receive visitors to your site.

Revenue Sharing Site: This site gives you the option of investment, which might fulfill your dream of earning more than you invest. Besides getting more money you can get advertisement credits instantly to advertise your website or other referral links. By investing in traffic you can share your revenues.

Affiliates Sales: If you refer someone to this website, you get a commission from the website on each reference.

9. Tezak Traffic Power – Best Traffic Exchanger:

Tezak is the partner of the TE command post and it is part of commando surf Is another manual traffic exchange website similar to other top traffic exchange websites with dissimilar graphics and promos, where you can post three websites at a time as a free member.

They provide the facility of the box where you click and post the ad according to your desire although their tools pages are not much better than other sites. This site’s main benefit is that its timer is faster than other sites.

Their bonus packages are very simple if you click any three pictures you will get a bonus. As other websites do they can also convert your credits into website views, text links, and banner views plus the credits and commission are higher here. To earn the credits, you get fewer pages to surf.


This article describes all about traffic exchange websites. These sites are very beneficial to promote your business by driving traffic to your websites. In order to get good results, we must weigh the shortcomings and the benefits.

As everything has pros and cons, to prevent any future inconvenience and remain on the safe side, one should keep groundwork before signup for the traffic exchange networks. Furthermore, for the manual monitoring, bots must be filtered and at least go with quality hosting.

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